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Poll: House, M.D. — Is “Huddy” Inevitable?

As you all know, Dr. Gregory House (the inimitable Hugh Laurie) and Dr. Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) have been pursuing and sniffing each other out for nearly two seasons (or longer, if you count the years since the pilot). They are clearly into each other, and even Chase (Jesse Spencer) is asking about the relationship (he asked Cuddy in last week’s “Saviors” if she is in love with House). Wilson and Cameron have both nudged encouragement from the sidelines and several recent patients have remarked about the clear attraction between Dean of Medicine Lisa Cuddy and Dr. Gregory House (most recently in “Unfaithful” and “Locked In”). Interviews with David Shore, Katie Jacobs, Hugh Laurie, and Lisa Edelstein have all pointed to the inevitability of something significant happening between Drs. House and Cuddy (collectively known as “Huddy”).

House has courted Cuddy in his own unique fashion by restoring her medical school desk anonymously and coming to her after she lost the adoption (which ended in that passionate broken kiss in “Joy”). He pined for her in “The Itch,” almost finding the courage to knock on her door, but losing his nerve at the last minute, and in “Unfaithful,” he played “Cuddy’s Serenade,” as he sat in his lonely apartment during Rachel’s simchat bat ceremony.

Cuddy’s attraction is even more obvious, and had House not stopped himself at the end of “Joy,” the deed, as it were, would have been done already.

So, just for fun—and, as we await the concluding House episodes—I throw it open to you, my brilliant readers (and anyone else who happens by this space): do you think House and Cuddy will have sex by the end of the season? And if so… how, where, when? This poll simply asks where the deed will happen (if it does), I want you to tell me how, which episode, and under what conditions: is it a moment of emotional turmoil for House? Does comfort turn to passion? Are they both drunk (or stoned)? Is it an innocent embrace that spirals out of control? A tentative and awkward kiss that runs away with them both? Let the speculation begin!

And because you are very, very nice readers, I have a few clips for Monday’s episode to share courtesy of the also very nice people over at FOX programming! But beware, do not click “play” if you are staying spoiler-free.

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