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Defined in Webster's Dictionary as the art or science of government, or concerned with guiding or influencing governmental policy or winning and holding control over a government. Politics can also describe the art of guidance and influence outside the realm of government, such as office politics, industry politics or social politics.

A good rule of thumb for making friends and influencing people is "never discuss religion, sex or politics." But those who hold court in the blogosphere violate such etiquette 24/7. Counter-intuitive to the long-held notion of conversation fit for polite company, politics is a prominent Internet topic specifically because of its controversial nature.

Unfortunately, many who engage in political discourse often feel free to throw etiquette to the wind. Rather than affably promote the free exchange of ideas, such people often resort to personal attacks, diminishing the quality of their opinion and transforming platforms for meaningful exchange into childish free-for-alls.

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You have opinions, and while at least half of them — statistically speak — are simply wrong, the world needs to know them all, so put them out there for the world to see!

Comment about anything related to politics here. The usual comment policy applies (in essence: “Be excellent to each other”), and as long as your comments have something to do with politics, this is the place. It’s a pretty broad subject.

There are also places for you to opine if you have opinions on Music, Video/Film/TV, Books/Magazines, or Culture/Technology.

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  • l96123456789

    It´s made public because brutal coward Government power unable otherwise.
    Fie, all of you who torture me, deform my body and listen my mind. You are all disgusting cowards!!!!!!!!!!
    They whisper into my ears and insult with word “sviňa”.
    Every of you are “sviňa” it’s right word for you, for your mental level.
    Every of you politics and governments members since 1969, who knows about it, like CIA’s Bush´s families or family Clinton or Carter or other
    on the other side from Russia, like Putin or “zdochliny” like Brezhnev or Husák from former Czechoslovakia,
    or some democrats after 1989 from there, like Havel and Klaus and every their Governments.
    Mainly every of you politics and government members from Slovakia, who have direct resposibility of this, like Mečiar, Dzurinda or recently Fico.
    Every of you from Government institutions of first contact, who have to solve the ruin of human rights and refused to do it and falsifyed it like policeman Sivčo, doctors like MUDr. Košťak, ORL and RTG Košice doctors or CT Vranov’s doctors and judges and all others.
    Every of you and your voices which whisper to my ears like “sisedia” Ján Hrin from Udavské 257, Ján Hrin from Udavské 258, Ján Hrin, Jr.from Udavské 258, Rastislav Hrin and Jana Hrinová from Udavské 258, /somebody say you five doing this? with Police help/, Helena Kotusová, inhabitans from Udavské 215, ŠTB member František Jakubo and František Jakubo, Jr., Štefan Gofus, Jr., Cyril Gofus, Monika Gofusová and Novak’s family, Procházka’s family, Ján Koromház, Ján Vološin, Jr., and mayor of Udavské Tomáš Pastirák and others.
    It´s disgustingly coward all against the one.
    All other everywhere, who react on my mind, too.
    This brutal injustice have to be stopped.
    The politics like stated above or Clinton No.2 or Bush No.3 don’t deserve to be selected as leaders and to continue with this brutal injustice, they deserve something else…

  • Martin Lav

    “I’m not the comment editor and I don’t edit comments on principle, as I have previously discussed.”

    #63 — January 30, 2007 @ 18:18PM — Dave Nalle [URL]

    Another un-truth as he apparently has admitted to doing just that.


    Bush’s Iraq Plan – Same Old Same Old

    This is where it all began.

    Comments Originally posted as “Dave Nalle” [ALL sigend at the bottom “Dave”]

    #33 [DN starting to have a minor nervous breakdown of sorts]
    #50 [contains Nalle’s “I’ve seen figures similar to the ones Vox quotes.”]

    Comments Originally posted as “Vox Populi” [NONE signed at the bottom as “Dave”]

    #39 < --[to the rescue vs SHARK! Vox: “It sickens me to see you celebrating the death of our troops and the torment of the Iraqi people. Your attitude and the attitude of people like you are directly responsible for our failure in Iraq. To see you boasting about it like a little child sickens me. You’re a sociopath.”]


    For Eric Olsen, Mark Schannon, Christopher Rose, and anyone else interested in the future integrity of the Blogcritics site:


    Nalle: “On typing and then saving it I realized that I was responding to myself and I then immediately went back and changed the attribution on the comments and once I tracked down the right URL I also changed the text of that one comment.”


    So say Shark adds a comment using the name Guppy.

    A few hours later, I return to the thread, read through the ensuing comments, DON’T NOTICE MY “GUPPY” handle, but DO NOTICE that I provided a pretty good bit o’ data there. And then I decide to expound upon that data, writing, “I’ve seen similar data to that mentioned by Guppy.”


    And when I do, it’s FOUR DAYS LATER and — coincidentally, there’s a huge outcry on the site because I accidentally signed my “GUPPY” comment, “Shark”???!



    This is just unbelievable. Here’s what happened.

    You be the judge:


    In a heated debate about Iraq, a “Vox Populi” says “5% of the population” yada yada…

    NOTE: This is Dave Nalle posting from a laptop at an internet cafe using the name “Vox Populi”

    A few hours later, Dave Nalle, posting from home, types “…”I’ve seen figures similar to the ones Vox quotes.” He then goes on for another FEW PARAGRAPHS and continues to elucidate his point — which, btw, had been ‘first mentioned’ by… Vox Populi, ie DAVE NALLE a few hours earlier.

    He didn’t stop and type: “Whoa! I made that “5%” statement earlier under the wrong name.”

    He continued to add to his point in the ‘debate’.



    Vox Populi participated on Jan 30 and Jan 31 —

    “Dave Nalle” using his real name participated in those threads, in some cases — posted a few comments and a few hours apart from those of “VOX”.

    HE NEVER NOTICED “VOX POPULI” as the author, although I have proof that he read at least SOME of the comments that occurred prior to his “return” as “DAVE NALLE” — since he responded by QUOTING previous remarks of others that occurred between ‘views’.

    Nalle was outted on Feb. 4.

    Nalle went back and changed all the VOX names to Dave Nalle on Feb. 4.

    NOT ON JAN 30 or 31; ONLY WHEN it became public knowledge did he change the name.

    THEN he deleted ONE LINE written ORIGINALLY BY DAVE NALLE: “I’ve seen figures similar to the ones Vox quotes.”


    Here’s a short chronology from the essay “Support the Troops – What a Crock”

    all on JAN. 30

    Vox comment #44 @ 11:13 AM
    Vox comment #50 @ 12:13 AM
    Dave Nalle comment #69 @ 18:11 PM

    In comment #69, Nalle quotes a much earlier comment by some damn liberal and ‘debates’ it — so we know he was reading at least SOME of the previous comments.

    The VOX comment occurred 16 comments earlier, a mere SIX hours before Dave made his ‘next’ appearance.

    There’s plenty more, but the deletion of the self-referential “I’ve seen figures similar to the ones Vox quotes” is the most proof of an attempt to deceive that one needs. Why else would he delete it?


    It’s clear that Nalle created an alternate character to serve two purposes:

    1) to explicitly insult opponents, which is really not his normal style
    2) to provide support, straight lines, etc for his own ‘debate’ points

    It’s clear that Nalle got caught and changed the name “Vox Populi” to “Dave Nalle” on Feb 4 — the day the ruckus became public, and at least four days after Nalle had “MET” Vox in a number of threads. [BTW: Nalle added “Dave Nalle” signature to the bottom of the TEXT SECTION of each “Vox” quote when he made the basic COMMENTOR NAME CHANGE — so one can’t go back and look at the thread to see which were originally Vox comments. Pretty cute. Not necessary to do at the time, but it sure obscures the evidence.

    It’s clear that he deleted a critical line in a Dave Nalle post: “I’ve seen figures similar to the ones Vox quotes” in order to cover up the most damning evidence.

    Without that one line, Nalle’s “I MADE A MISTAKE” explanation could not really be argued.

    With that line, it seems the ultimate in Absurdity to assume that all this was a simple error.

  • “I really don’t think God despises families getting together and sharing a holiday”

    Think again. The Bible is very clear that God let the ancient kingdoms of Israel and Judah go into NATIONAL CAPTIVITY for their “harmless” celebrations and family get-togethers for pagan holidays. We should consider such biblical history lessons a WARNING and take them to heart. God hasn’t changed. Will God Curse Our Countries for Christmas?

    God loves it when families stop despising Him for their vain traditions and start keeping His commandments and holy festivals He gave Israel to share with all mankind.

    Why I No Longer Celebrate Christmas

    Christmas is About Giving – SAYS WHO?

  • Richard J. Palmer

    I have felt like a voice crying out in the wilderness regarding Israel for many years. I am appalled at the way the U.S. has defended the heartless actions of the Israelis toward the Palestinians which have been going on for about 40 years. The most cruel was standing by as Israel bombed Lebanon into smithereens. The massacres in Gaza, destruction of homes, the concentration camps are equally as horrible as the horrors of the Holocaust or does the U.S. think that because the Jews suffered so much during the Nazi regime that they should now have carte blanche to do as they will? We arm them to the teeth, we back up whatever they want, we lament the loss of every Israeli while closing our eyes to the Palestinian plight. Why are we so blind as not to see that it is this attitude which has set the Mideast on fire. When will we wake up to reality? Will it finally come now that the Democrats have taken power in the U.S.? I doubt it. The real problem is George Bush and he is incapable of many things including changing his stupid mindset regarding “victory” in Iraq.

  • Isn’t Germany sick of the Holocaust? It appears some are madly intent on forcing the issue of the Holocaust (this time concerning the horrible part German trains played in transporting Jewish children), pushing the Holocaust in the face of innocent Germans (those who weren’t alive then or too young to be responsible for it) so much so that we must wonder whether or not all Germans will soon want to vomit the Jews out to where they belong (according to Judaism ) – the Jewish Homeland

    Will Germany vomit its Jews out?

  • Nancy

    I don’t understand why political & charity automated phone calls continue to be allowed to persons who have placed their names on the national Do Not Call directory. If anyone has gone out of their way to fill out all the information & jump through all the hoops required to sign up for this, in order not to be bothered by would-be whiners, peddlers, pimps, & panhandlers, then they obviously do not want exceptions to be made for ANYBODY, & that includes politicians either pleading for votes or trying to smear their opponents or perpetrate dirty tricks, as well as various so-called ‘charities’ begging for funds.

    Intruding on personal privacy should ALWAYS be a matter of Opt-In, NOT Opt-Out. The burden should NOT be on the individual wanting to preserve their privacy, but on the organization trying to violate it!

    And once signed up, there should be NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Where else but in Israel could thousands of Jews be forcibly removed from their homes and their property and businesses looted by Nazi-Muslims with covert world approval? Where else but in Israel could Jewish holy sites be utterly vandalized, destroyed and occupied by Nazi-Muslims like Joseph’s Tomb? Where else but in Israel would Jews be violently forbidden to pray or read the Bible at a holy site, even Judaism’s most holy site – the Temple Mount – with successive governments rewarding terrorist threats and punishing innocent Jews against both secular and religious law? Why the woeful neglect and abominable apathy of Jews and Israelis that enables such deplorable conditions to continue?

    Israel’s Betrayal of the Jews

  • Ms spellbee

    SR U DF. Concerning. Corcerning?


    Sister Spellbee,
    Church of the stinking stagnant toilet waters.

    Bingo every thursday 10am-3pm.

    Flying carpet rides on muslim prayer rugs after bingo.

    Refreshments available.

  • sr

    john ketchup kerry. Are we to understand his comments corcerning Iraq and education. So why was the ketchup man in Vietnam? Maybe a lack of effort to apply oneself. The dipstick got purple hearts using heinz ketchup bottles for suspositories.


  • Yitzhak Rabin was sacrificed by the Israeli oligarchy for their German-Jesuit masters intent on occupying Jerusalem.

    Shimon Peres Came to Power Over Rabin’s Dead Body

    Vatican Linked to the Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin

  • Call for Preemptive Strike against Gaza

    The bleeding wound of Gaza should have been cauterized years ago, turned into a crater, and its vile inhabitants destroyed or expelled to their many Arab countries of origin. Israel could have offered overwhelming evidence to the world media of the Gazans preparation and declarations of war, going on the offensive for once, and taking the preemptive strike any self-respecting nation would exercise immediately.

  • democrats, republicans, right, left, conservative, liberal….they’re are all the same. all the problems we had ten, twenty and fifty years ago
    are still around, and all these guys can do is point your finger. this country needs a BIG change. representatives who actually represent the people, not tell the people how to feel about what; candidates that aren’t going to be in government just because they’re rich, or because their family is rich. this country needs a party that doesn’t waste $150 million (republican) or $53 million (democratic) of tax payers’ money on a national convention. Hysteria surrounding drug use and the war on drugs has led to overfilled prisons which serve only as a breeding grounds for violence and sodomy to drug users that may have been recreational users, or may have been nonviolent addicts…not to mention the fact that we still have a serious drug problem and violence surrounding the illegal drug industry is still very much present – making it illegal makes drugs scarce, which drives up profit for dealers. also, we can’t tax it or regulate it, because the only places it exists were driven underground. aaand the fact that when addicts get out of prison, they’re not rehabilitated. because they need medical and psychological help, not punishment. drug addiction is a complex social problem that the drug war turns it’s back on. oh yeah, and the cost. as of right now, october 24, 2006, the government has spent $41 billion dollars in the war on drugs this year.

    a vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil. and in america, we don’t have to choose between two people. let’s get rid of these big suits with their massive funding and the theatrics. america needs a change. it’s obvious.

    this is all how I feel, not how “my party” feels. i’m not speaking for a party. but i have found a party that gives me hope for the future of this country. if you don’t even consider this party by looking at its official website (www.lp.org), then it’s very likely that you’re brainwashed. get some fresh air, take off your bumper stickers and the sign out of your yard for a minute, give yourself a rest from all the bickering, and consider what’s really important. first figure out what’s currently wrong with our government. something is definitely wrong, because the “majority” was only the “majority” by less than one percent in the last election. listen a lot – to every possible candidate, and think a lot, before you give your vote to some guy you think will be slightly better than the other one.

    hitler’s army generals and commanders deserved to die, because they contributed to the evil of his reign. they should have listened to their gut feelings that said that killing innocent people is wrong. in fact, hitler would have been powerless without those people who contributed. it’s absolutely crucial that the people stand up for themselves, and for what’s right. don’t just go along because of what one says, versus what the other says. think for yourself, and speak for yourself, not for some party. just check it out, is all i’m saying.

  • Unclean traditional Christianity teaches the religious lie that Jesus “did away with” the dietary laws, sinning against both God and man. Don’t you believe them! Reject such sloppy swill!

    Both converted Jews, Israelites and Gentiles in the early Sabbath-keeping Church of God faithfully kept the dietary laws God has given for all mankind, recognizing Father knows best, just as the Church of God does today and the whole world will tomorrow.

    Jesus Upheld Jewish Dietary Laws!

  • Eddie Daniels went to Robben Island for sabotage operations – not because he was some harmless philosopher. Some still just don’t get it that despotic black rule destroys everything the white folks built up that benefited everybody.
    South African Traitor Sells Story

  • Zedd


    Why cant they test nucs?

    Why cant they have any?

    Who CAN have them? A list would help and reasons why too.


  • Many traditional ideas are based upon biblical misunderstandings. The “rapture” is one of them. The word isn’t even found in the Bible

    Don’t Fall for the Rapture!

  • Speaking out against radical Islamism and advocating dialogue and diplomatic relations with Israel are apparently “crimes” punishable by death in Bangladesh. Fearless journalist Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is on trial for sedition, a capital offence, because of those stands. His trial begins October 12. That is hardly the worst part of his story.

    Salah was one of the first to warn about the rise of Islamist radicalism in Bangladesh, explaining how it was carefully incubated in Madrassahs and encouraged by corrupt authorities. The world was surprised when bombs began going off all over Dhakka some time later, but Salah was not surprised at all.

    When the US pressed Bangladesh to recognize Israel, Salah supported the move through his newspapers. He established contact with an Israeli dialogue group, IFLAC, and attempted to…

    Muslim moderate journalist Salah Choudhury faces death


    Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin?: The Root & Branch Information Services is serializing the book Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin?, by Mr. Barry Chamish, with permission of the author, to commemorate the upcoming eleventh anniversary of the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin (November 4, 1995 — November 4, 2006).

  • Tradition – even empty, hollow, shallow – has assisted Jewry to preserve this Day, however imperfectly; yet others might dismiss such “worship” as vain and such “devotions” as void. Liberal, Hellenist, humanists who have nothing to do with God and are ignorant of or deny His Word as a general rule, as hypocritical & unacceptable as professing Christianity on the pagan days of Christmas and Easter

    Yom Kippur at Sdot Yam

  • “The power of the executive to cast a man into prison without formulating any charge known to the law, and particularly to deny him the judgment of his peers, is in the highest degree odious, and the foundation of all totalitarian government whether Nazi or Communist.” – Sir Winston Churchill


    That these are worrying times is not argued by many people and yet today, it seems to me that the greatest loss of freedoms is in the countries that pride themselves on the freedom given their citizens, e.g America and Australia.

    This article, on the recently passed Military Commissions Act by the US Congress is a real eye opener. One wonders if the people of America, whom I assumed actually stood for they say they do, realise it’s implications.

    I hope Australians also soon start to realise just what we are losing in the blind trust so many are giving Howard, Ruddock et al.

    Read on:-

    How Did We Sink So Low In Just 6 Years? – By Mike Whitney

    “This is how a nation loses its moral compass, its identity, its freedom.” Rep Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) ? How did things get this bad?

    The “Military Commissions Act” which passed the Republican-led Congress yesterday is a bigger blow to the Constitution and our core values than any piece of legislation in our 200 year history.

    It is 100 times worse than Bin Laden’s crimes on 9-11. ??In a 253 to 168 “party-line” vote, the congress repealed habeas corpus and approved the torturing of prisoners in American custody.

    It is breathtaking assault on human rights and personal liberty and puts the United States well-outside the community of civilized nations. It will ultimately be up to the Supreme Court to decide whether to strike down this “affront to democracy” or let the law stand as is. ??

    If the bill passes the Senate, the administration will be able to arrest whomever it chooses and lock them up indefinitely without due process. Suspects in Bush’s war on terror will no longer have the right to challenge the terms of their detention or to even know why they have been incarcerated. ??

    The congressmen who supported this mockery have put their contempt for freedom on full display. They have rescinded the oldest and most treasured principle in American jurisprudence dating back 800 years to the Magna Carta.

    Habeas corpus is the fundamental protection that the one has from the tyrannical and erratic actions of the state. ??The proposed legislation allows the president to apply the moniker of “enemy combatant” to any terror “suspect” taken into US custody and strip him of all his human rights. The president is under no obligation to file charges or provide evidence of guilt. The arrest is completely arbitrary and depends entirely on the discretion (whims?) of the executive. It is a flat rejection of the basic belief that “men are innocent until proven guilty”. ??

    Here’s what Winston Churchill said about habeas corpus, “The power of the executive to cast a man into prison without formulating any charge known to the law, and particularly to deny him the judgment of his peers, is in the highest degree odious, and the foundation of all totalitarian government whether Nazi or Communist.” ??

    The bill is another example of Bush’s lawyerly “hairsplitting” which is aimed at gutting the clearly articulated provisions of the Geneva Conventions so that he can carry out his torture-regime with impunity.

    There is nothing “vague” about “cruel, inhuman and degrading” treatment. It is a standard that has never been challenged in its 57 year history. Until now. ??

    According to the Washington Post the bill “would give the executive branch substantial leeway in deciding how to comply with treaty obligations that fall short of ‘grave breaches’ of the conventions.”

    Geneva was designed to protect prisoners from physical or psychological harm. It is intentionally broad to prevent any punishment that involves the inflicting of pain on detainees.

    Bush has turned Geneva on its head in an effort to maximize detainee suffering while complying with the letter of the law. To that end, the administration has said that “the term ‘cruel and inhuman’ should only apply to techniques resulting in ‘severe’ physical or mental pain….The abused detainee’s symptoms would have to include ‘serious and non-transitory mental harm.”’ (Wa Post)

    There’s no reason for Bush to pursue this particular track except to expand his personal power and put himself above the law. Injustice only fuels radicalism and undermines the stated goals in the war on terror.

    The congress fully understands the implications of their support.

    They’re giving Bush a free pass to torment and abuse as he sees fit while providing him with the legal cover he needs for his “alternative techniques” (“outrages to human dignity”)

    Their vote makes them equally complicit in the inevitable hooding, sense deprivation, hypothermia, stress positions, isolation and water-boarding of countless victims of Bush’s deplorable war of terror.

    Like Lady Macbeth the Congress’ avers: “I am in blood ??Stepped in so far that, should I wade no more, ??Returning were as tedious as go o’er.” (Macbeth 3. 4)

    The country is in the advanced stages of moral decay.

    The Military Commissions Act is not a law at all; it is an expression of Congress’ intention to carry out war crimes against defenseless victims in their charge. The men who supported this bill should be held accountable for its inevitable and appalling consequences.”

    The question I would ask, as an avid student of history is “Could it be that this is just another nail on the coffin of the world’s shortest lived empire- that of the United States of America and which history may well say lasted just 75 years or so from 1945?”

    Carpe diem


    Tony Fountain

    Professional Speaker, auctioneer and author

    Sydney NSW Australia

  • ModerateTruth

    Olberman gets it right! Keith Olberman has the best Digg of the day, maybe the last 6 years, with his follow up on Clinton’s assertion that is was the Bushies who did not follow on Al Qaeda. You have got to see this!

  • Paul Boisseree

    My,My, McCaine I think its time, you changed your party affiliations, you done as much damage as could be expcted from a politician of your caliber, think democrate and change PLEASE. Paul Boisseree

  • How can the Church of God go forward when so many are running in circles and playing politics, squandering precious time and money as the fascist EU rises?

    Politics in the Church of God Prevents Progress

  • Bittersweet message ignites a national debate and international controversy
    Death to the American, British & Jewish Peoples?

  • Do Jews represent all 12 Tribes of Israel? Are the Anglo-Saxons Israelite in origin? Are Jews merely Khazar converts?

    Not All Twelve Tribes of Israel are Jewish?

  • Germany prepares for more than the EU presidency. Is the world ready?
    Germany to Take the EU Bull by the Horns

  • The American, British and Jewish peoples are in serious trouble. Beyond Babylon: Europe’s Rise and Fall warns that due to our idolatry and immorality, our nations are prophesied to fall and fall hard – if we don’t turn from our ways and remember our Hebrew roots and biblical responsibilities.

    British-Israelites and Jews in grave danger

  • Dean

    The answers:

    1. In today’s wars, there are no morals, and it is clear that mankind has descended to the lowest degrees of decadence and oppression.

    Correct answer: Osama bin Ladin

    In today’s wars, there are no morals, and it is clear that mankind has descended to the lowest degrees of decadence and oppression. They rip us of our wealth and of our resources and of our oil. Our religion is under attack. They kill and murder our brothers. They compromise our honor and our dignity and dare we utter a single word of protest against the injustice, we are called terrorists.
    May 1998 interview, Frontline

    2. America is polluting the whole world.

    Correct answer: Pat Robertson

    God in his great mercy has blessed America, and made this a haven for Christians and Jews alike. But we’ve gone away from our Christian heritage. And God has little obligation at the present time to spare America, because we are polluting the world with our television programs, our movies and so forth, our books. We are polluting the whole world. We’ve made the world drunk, if you will, with the wine of our fornication. The whole world has been affected by Hollywood.
    The 700 Club, December 7, 1995

    3. The government is committed to supporting God’s religion, the country remains a strong bulwark for religion, and the people are among the most protective of God’s religion, and the keenest to fulfill His laws.

    Correct answer: Osama bin Ladin

    All gratitude to Allah, our relationship with our brother Mujahideen in Afghanistan is a deep and broad relationship where blood and sweat have mixed as have the links over long years of struggle against the Soviets, it is not a passing relationship, nor one based on personal interests.
    They are committed to support the religion approved by Allah, and that country remains as the Muslims have known it, a strong bulwark for Islam, and its people are among the most protective of the religion approved by Allah, and the keenest to fulfil His laws and to establish an Islamic state.
    November 1996 interview, Nida’ul Islam

    4. One-world opinion is taking the side of the Palestinians, not the side of Israel.

    Correct answer: Jerry Falwell

    Since the Antichrist will not be revealed before Jesus comes, I believe conditions are falling in place, i.e., one-world government, so he can rule the world after Jesus comes. But we’re moving toward a one-world government through the United Nations, through the world court and a growing world opinion. The problem is that the one-world opinion is taking the side of the Palestinians, not the side of Israel.
    “What is Next in the End-Time Drama,” 9/9/01

    5. There will never be world peace until God’s house and God’s people are given their rightful place of leadership at the top of the world.

    Correct answer: Pat Robertson

    There will never be world peace until God’s house and God’s people are given their rightful place of leadership at the top of the world. How can there be peace when drunkards, drug dealers, communists, atheists, New Age worshipers of Satan, secular humanists, oppressive dictators, greedy moneychangers, revolutionary assassins, adulterers, and homosexuals are on top?
    The New World Order

    6. The government does not cease to cry over matters affecting religion, without making any serious effort to serve the interests of the religious community.

    Correct answer: Osama bin Ladin

    The external policy of the Saud regime towards Islamic issues is a policy which is tied to the British outlook from the establishment of Saudi Arabia until 1364 ah (1945 ac), then it became attached to the American outlook after America gained prominence as a major power in the world after the Second World War.
    It is well known that the policies of these two countries bear the greatest enmity towards the Islamic world…. The regime does not cease to cry in the open over matters affecting the Muslims without making any serious effort to serve the interests of the Muslim community apart from small efforts in order to confuse people and throw some dust into their eyes.
    November 1996 interview, Nida’ul Islam

    7. We are on the brink of our destruction, and if we do not awaken now, it will be too late. We have been victimized by traitorous behavior on the part of our leaders.

    Correct answer: Jerry Falwell

    In spite of all these outward worldly signs of our national success, we are actually on the brink of our destruction, and if we do not awaken now, it will be too late.
    We have never been so prosperous. Yet, we have never been so secular and pagan. We are becoming both amoral and immoral. We are making secularism our national religion. The government and the courts have become, not neutral to religion as the Founders intended, but openly hostile to Christianity.
    And, as we look with sadness at our internal demise, we cannot any longer ignore that external enemies are growing. This administration has given our military and nuclear secrets to the Chinese and they to other American foes. We have been victimized by traitorous behavior on the part of our leaders.
    “A National Rebirth Needed,” 8/6/00

    8. The media strives to keep the people occupied with minor matters, and to stir their emotions and desires until corruption becomes widespread among believers.

    Correct answer: Osama bin Ladin

    It is not a concealed fact that the police states in the Arab world rely on some foundations in order to protect themselves. Among these organisations is the security organisation as they spend generously on it, and its foremost mission is to spy on its own people in order to protect the person of the ruler….
    The media sector is in the same category as it strives to beatify the persons of the leaders, to drowse the community, and to fulfill the plans of the enemies through keeping the people occupied with the minor matters, and to stir their emotions and desires until corruption becomes widespread among believers.
    November 1996 interview, Nida’ul Islam

    9. There is no way that a United Nations, treaties, or any other human instrument can bring about peace. Such things mean nothing when one nation desires the land and resources of another.

    10. Correct answer: Pat Robertson

    There is no way that a United Nations, a League of Nations, peace treaties, disarmament treaties, or any other human instrument can bring about peace. Such things mean nothing when one nation desires the land and resources of another. A lasting peace will never be built upon man’s efforts, because man is sinful, vicious, and wicked. Until men are changed and Satan’s power is removed, there will not be peace on earth.
    Answers to 200 of Life’s Most Probing Questions

    11. We have allowed rampant secularism…. We have insulted God at the highest levels of government.

    Correct answer: Pat Robertson

    [on the September 11 terrorist attacks] We have allowed rampant secularism and occult, etc. to be broadcast on television. We have permitted somewhere in the neighborhood of 35 to 40 million unborn babies to be slaughtered in our society. We have a court that has essentially stuck its finger in God’s eye and said we’re going to legislate you out of the schools. We’re going to take your commandments from off the courthouse steps in various states. We’re not going to let little children read the commandments of God. We’re not going to let the Bible be read, no prayer in our schools. We have insulted God at the highest levels of our government. And, then we say ‘why does this happen?’ It is happening because God Almighty is lifting His protection from us.
    “The 700 Club,” 9/13/01

    12. One particular report described the gaps and the shortcoming in the philosophy of the government, the situation of the law within the country and the arbitrary declaration of what is lawful and unlawful regardless of divine law as instituted by God.

    Correct answer: Osama bin Ladin

    One particular report, the glorious Memorandum Of Advice, … described the gaps and the shortcoming in the philosophy of the regime and suggested the required course of action and remedy. The report gave a description of …. the situation of the law within the country and the arbitrary declaration of what is Halal and Haram (lawful and unlawful) regardless of the Shari’ah as instituted by Allah.
    The Ladenese Epistle: Declaration of War, Dec 1996

    13. Priorities of spiritual work are lost while blasphemy and polytheism continue its grip and control. We should be alert to these atrocious plans carried out by the government.

    Correct answer: Osama bin Ladin

    In the shadow of these discussions and arguments truthfulness is covered by the falsehood, and personal feuds and partisanship created among the people increasing the division and the weakness of the Ummah; priorities of the Islamic work are lost while the blasphemy and polytheism continue its grip and control over the Ummah. We should be alert to these atrocious plans carried out by the Ministry of Interior.
    The Ladenese Epistle: Declaration of War, Dec 1996

    14. America is in imminent peril… rotting from within.

    Correct answer: Jerry Falwell

    I do not believe the Republicans or the Democrats have the solution to America’s moral and spiritual dilemma. Only a pervasive and national spiritual awakening can prevent us entering the post-Christian era as we go simultaneously into the 21st century. I believe America is in imminent peril. We are rotting from within.
    “Rebuilding America’s Walls,” 7/6/97

    15. The American people have put themselves at the mercy of a disloyal government, and this is most evident in Clinton’s administration. The American government is leading the country towards hell.

    Correct answer: Osama bin Ladin

    I say to [the American people] that they have put themselves at the mercy of a disloyal government, and this is most evident in Clinton’s administration … . We believe that this administration represents Israel inside America. Take the sensitive ministries such as the Ministry of Exterior and the Ministry of Defense and the CIA, you will find that the Jews have the upper hand in them. They make use of America to further their plans for the world, especially the Islamic world….
    The American government is leading the country towards hell. … We say to the Americans as people and to American mothers, if they cherish their lives and if they cherish their sons, they must elect an American patriotic government that caters to their interests not the interests of the Jews.
    May 1998 interview, Frontline

    16. The termites are in charge now, and that is not the way it ought to be, and the time has arrived for a godly fumigation.

    Correct answer: Pat Robertson

    It is interesting, that termites don’t build things, and the great builders of our nation almost to a man have been Christians, because Christians have the desire to build something. He is motivated by love of man and God, so he builds. The people who have come into (our) institutions (today) are primarily termites. They are into destroying institutions that have been built by Christians, whether it is universities, governments, our own traditions, that we have…. The termites are in charge now, and that is not the way it ought to be, and the time has arrived for a godly fumigation.
    New York Magazine, August 18, 1986

    17. If America is not suffering the irrevocable judgment of God, she is dangerously close.

    Correct answer: Jerry Falwell

    America is living by a standard of relative morality. Young people who do not know what is right will follow their animal nature. If young people do not believe in absolute truth and absolute morality, they will fornicate, rob and indulge their selfish pleasures. Absolute truth and absolute morality are the basis of the Declaration of Independence. These are selfevident truths and inalienable rights.
    If America is not suffering the irrevocable judgment of God because she has broken her covenant with God, then I believe she is dangerously close.
    “America Made a Deal with God,” 7/6/97

    18. Americans have committed unprecedented stupidity. We anticipate a black future for America.

    Correct answer: Osama bin Ladin

    We are certain – with the grace of Allah – that we shall prevail over the Jews and over those fighting with them. Today however, our battle against the Americans is far greater than our battle was against the Russians. Americans have committed unprecedented stupidity. They have attacked Islam and its most significant sacrosanct symbols…. We anticipate a black future for America. Instead of remaining United States, it shall end up separated states and shall have to carry the bodies of its sons back to America.
    May 1998 interview, Frontline

    19. If the judges appointed by man will not deal with those who take innocent human life, then God is going to enter in and bring justice. And when that happens many of the innocent will suffer along with the guilty.

    Correct answer: Pat Robertson

    [on abortion providers] The word I got is that if the judges appointed by man will not deal with those who take innocent human life, then the Lord is going to enter in and bring justice. And when that happens many of the innocent will suffer along with the guilty.
    “The 700 Club,” January 1, 1996

    20. All these crimes and sins committed by Americans are a clear declaration of war on God.

    Correct answer: Osama bin Ladin

    All these crimes and sins committed by the Americans are a clear declaration of war on God, his messenger, and Muslims. And ulema have throughout Islamic history unanimously agreed that the jihad is an individual duty if the enemy destroys the Muslim countries…. On that basis, and in compliance with God’s order, we issue the following fatwa to all Muslims: The ruling to kill the Americans and their allies — civilians and military — is an individual duty for every Muslim who can do it in any country in which it is possible to do it, in order to liberate the al-Aqsa Mosque and the holy mosque [Mecca] from their grip, and in order for their armies to move out of all the lands of Islam, defeated and unable to threaten any Muslim.
    Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders, February 23, 1998

    21. A condition like this will bring about the destruction of your nation. It’ll bring about terrorist bombs; it’ll bring earthquakes, tornadoes and possibly a meteor.

    Correct answer: Pat Robertson

    [on Gay Day at Disney World] “I would warn Orlando that you’re right in the way of some serious hurricanes and I don’t think I’d be waving those flags in God’s face if I were you, This is not a message of hate; this is a message of redemption. But a condition like this will bring about the destruction of your nation. It’ll bring about terrorist bombs; it’ll bring earthquakes, tornadoes and possibly a meteor.”
    “The 700 Club” June 6, 1998

  • Dean

    Two prominent Christian Zionists are Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson.

    Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and Osama bin Ladin have a lot in common. Take this quiz and see if you can identify statements made by these men.

    In today’s wars, there are no morals, and it is clear that mankind has descended to the lowest degrees of decadence and oppression.

    Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson

    Osama bin Ladin

    America is polluting the whole world.

    Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson

    Osama bin Ladin

    The government is committed to supporting God’s religion, the country remains a strong bulwark for religion, and the people are among the most protective of God’s religion, and the keenest to fulfill His laws.

    Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson

    Osama bin Ladin

    One-world opinion is taking the side of the Palestinians, not the side of Israel.

    Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson

    Osama bin Ladin

    There will never be world peace until God’s house and God’s people are given their rightful place of leadership at the top of the world.

    Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson

    Osama bin Ladin

    The government does not cease to cry over matters affecting religion, without making any serious effort to serve the interests of the religious community.

    Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson

    Osama bin Ladin

    We are on the brink of our destruction, and if we do not awaken now, it will be too late. We have been victimized by traitorous behavior on the part of our leaders.

    Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson

    Osama bin Ladin

    The media strives to keep the people occupied with minor matters, and to stir their emotions and desires until corruption becomes widespread among believers.

    Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson

    Osama bin Ladin There is no way that a United

    There is no way that a United Nations, treaties, or any other human instrument can bring about peace. Such things mean nothing when one nation desires the land and resources of another.

    Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson

    Osama bin Ladin

    We have allowed rampant secularism…. We have insulted God at the highest levels of government.

    Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson

    Osama bin Ladin

    One particular report described the gaps and the shortcoming in the philosophy of the government, the situation of the law within the country and the arbitrary declaration of what is lawful and unlawful regardless of divine law as instituted by God.

    Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson

    Osama bin Ladin

    Priorities of spiritual work are lost while blasphemy and polytheism continue its grip and control. We should be alert to these atrocious plans carried out by the government.

    Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson

    Osama bin Ladin

    America is in imminent peril… rotting from within.

    Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson

    Usama bin Ladin

    The American people have put themselves at the mercy of a disloyal government, and this is most evident in Clinton’s administration. The American government is leading the country towards hell.

    Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson

    Osama bin Ladin

    The termites are in charge now, and that is not the way it ought to be, and the time has arrived for a godly fumigation.

    Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson

    Osama bin Ladin

    If America is not suffering the irrevocable judgment of God, she is dangerously close.

    Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson

    Osama bin Ladin

    Americans have committed unprecedented stupidity. We anticipate a black future for America.

    Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson

    Osama bin Ladin

    If the judges appointed by man will not deal with those who take innocent human life, then God is going to enter in and bring justice. And when that happens many of the innocent will suffer along with the guilty.

    Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson

    Osama bin Ladin

    All these crimes and sins committed by Americans are a clear declaration of war on God.

    Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson

    Osama bin Ladin

    A condition like this will bring about the destruction of your nation. It’ll bring about terrorist bombs; it’ll bring earthquakes, tornadoes and possibly a meteor.

    Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson

    Osama bin Ladin

  • The Vatican again exposes its inherent hostility towards Jews and Israel

    Vatican Envoy Bares Teeth Against Christian Zionists

  • Understanding the relationship between Christian Zionists, Jews and Israel

    Christian Zionists, Jews, and Israel

  • What is wrong with Black America? The African-American community is not only facing a crisis, they are in a crisis and too many don’t seem to care and get angry whenever someone dares to disturb their complacency with calls for necessary change; Whenever someone expects more of them than less than mediocre performance or attitude, and encourages them to stop just moseying along to nowhere and develop a proper sense of direction, mission and purpose with R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

    Black to Africa (Facing the Crisis in Black America)

  • The defeatist Kadima party of LEFTIST criminals, bought and paid for by foreigners, is the furthest thing from balance and horribly reflects this harsh reality: Israeli society is mentally and spiritually unbalanced and about to fall under EUROPEAN OCCUPATION, having been sold out by the likes of Shimon Peres, Ariel Sharon, Yossi Beilin and other traitors.

    Shimon Peres plots with Rome against Jerusalem

  • The way the public was decieved was stupid, childish. I’m talking about the way that the Bush crime family managed to convince enough of his constituency (not very well informed Red Staters) that Saddam Hussien was involved with Nine Eleven and Al Queda.

    Here are but four examples of speeches given. To the unattentive ear (those who would get bored in class)it would certainly sound like there was definitely a relationship, prior to our invasion and occupation of Iraq. Bush got his panties all in a twist at the press conferance yesterday, over this, loudly declaring no one implied the relationship. Read, just these segments of official speeches, just from Bush. Remember; Cheney, Rice, Wolfowitz were all over the media, droping the same kind of nuanced teasers.

    “On September the 11th, 2001, the American people saw what terrorists could do, by turning four airplanes into weapons. We will not wait to see what terrorists or terrorist states could do with chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear weapons. Saddam Hussein can now be expected to begin another round of empty concessions, transparently false denials. No doubt, he will play a last-minute game of deception. The game is over.”

    Note: Same paragraph, as if same subject.


    “The threat comes from Iraq. It arises directly from the Iraqi regime’s own actions — its history of aggression, and its drive toward an arsenal of terror. Eleven years ago, as a condition for ending the Persian Gulf War, the Iraqi regime was required to destroy its weapons of mass destruction, to cease all development of such weapons, and to stop all support for terrorist groups. The Iraqi regime has violated all of those obligations. It possesses and produces chemical and biological weapons. It is seeking nuclear weapons. It has given shelter and support to terrorism, and practices terror against its own people. The entire world has witnessed Iraq’s eleven-year history of defiance, deception and bad faith.

    We also must never forget the most vivid events of recent history. On September the 11th, 2001, America felt its vulnerability — even to threats that gather on the other side of the earth. We resolved then, and we are resolved today, to confront every threat, from any source, that could bring sudden terror and suffering to America. ”


    “We know that the regime has produced thousands of tons of chemical agents, including mustard gas, sarin nerve gas, VX nerve gas. Saddam Hussein also has experience in using chemical weapons. He has ordered chemical attacks on Iran, and on more than forty villages in his own country. These actions killed or injured at least 20,000 people, more than six times the number of people who died in the attacks of September the 11th.”

    “Some citizens wonder, after 11 years of living with this problem, why do we need to confront it now? And there’s a reason. We’ve experienced the horror of September the 11th. We have seen that those who hate America are willing to crash airplanes into buildings full of innocent people. Our enemies would be no less willing, in fact, they would be eager, to use biological or chemical, or a nuclear weapon.”

    “Members of Congress are nearing an historic vote. I’m confident they will fully consider the facts, and their duties.

    “The attacks of September the 11th showed our country that vast oceans no longer protect us from danger. Before that tragic date, we had only hints of al Qaeda’s plans and designs. Today in Iraq, we see a threat whose outlines are far more clearly defined, and whose consequences could be far more deadly. Saddam Hussein’s actions have put us on notice, and there is no refuge from our responsibilities.

    We did not ask for this present challenge, but we accept it. Like other generations of Americans, we will meet the responsibility of defending human liberty against violence and aggression. By our resolve, we will give strength to others. By our courage, we will give hope to others. And by our actions, we will secure the peace, and
    lead the world to a better day.


    “Our mission in Iraq is a great undertaking and part of a larger mission that the United States accepted now more than two years ago. September 11, 2001, changed everything for this country. We came to recognize our vulnerability to the threats of the new era. We saw the harm that 19 evil men could do, armed with little more than airline tickets and box cutters and driven by a philosophy of hatred. We lost some 3,000 innocent lives that morning, in scarcely two hours’ time.

    Since 9/11, we’ve learned much more about what these enemies intend for us. One member of al Qaeda said 9/11 was the “beginning of the end of America.” And we know to a certainty that terrorists are doing everything they can to gain even deadlier means of striking us. From the training manuals we found in the caves of Afghanistan to the interrogations of terrorists that we’ve captured, we have learned of their ambitions to develop or acquire chemical, biological or nuclear weapons. And if terrorists ever do acquire that capability — on their own or with help from a terror regime — they will use it without the slightest constraint of reason or morality.”

  • I can no longer maintain respect for my fellow humans who would fight and kill innocents to maintain a foothold on a piece of land. There within their minds, washed by religious teachings, they remain motivated to stubbornly stake themselves deep into the sands. Stuck in their positions like pride ridden children they consistently fail to make peace and perpetually cast blame at each other across high political walls, challenging the nuances of each sides’ histories. Haphazardly they kill children and other innocent and helpless bystanders with their actions. Decade after decade the world watches and debates and voices raise over each other in simultaneous fume, desperate pleas, gratuitous questions The reign of human stupidity in the Middle East must end soon.

    Israel upon being violated, Muslim Arabs upon being violated, for some fifty-three years have been at each others’ throats in a seemingly never ending war motivated by the occupation of that same chunk of desert, that “holy land.” Eighteen hundred years ago believers fought for these same sands. Their battles reoccurred over centuries. Their weapons were more discriminate than bombs and machine guns. With their spears and swords, and arrows and clubs of the bloody Crusades, they saw each others’ faces and heard each other cry out in pain as they wrought death and received mortality.

    So here we humans are centuries later, lessons not learned, never taught. The big picture never realized. The real problem never addressed: our ridiculous beliefs. Now the weapons are indiscriminate and kill innocents for whom an entire war is their oppressor, not just their fathers’ enemy with a different uniform. The weapons now used, the result of designs made to kill more people with less effort, are clumsy and slaughter children and women. These are the aerial bombs dropped without bravery or honor from safe above, the helicopter launched missiles targeting apartment buildings to attempt to kill one man, machine guns fired from above sway back and forth are used for “crowd control,” mortars with inexact targeting, clumsy rockets exploding somewhere near their targets. In the Crusades women and children would flee Jerusalem proper and hide in the desert, while Arab women and children remained at their encampments, safe from the deadly specific goals of their brave and honorable, yet religiously motivated men.

    I propose a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian and Arab dilemma. Four years ago, I wrote and published an opinion titled Where the Red Stripes Are (Liberal Oasis, 2002). When I showed the piece to my Jewish wife, she reacted with incredulity, and with amusement that implied I could not be serious. She clearly did not understand that I had contemplated the proposal for years and was serious. My idea was extreme and I admit it. But four years later my wife turns to me and says “you might be right about that.” I surmise that only an Atheist could come-up with such a proposal, not because an Atheist holds little respect for religious belief (that is the case with most of us Atheists, if we are being direct and honest) but because an Atheist remains neutral between religious parties – I want peace and prosperity for all Arabs, and all Jews with zero favoritism. I want the horrors to end for all sides.

    Where the Red Stripes Are: The Forbidden Zone:

    I propose that every man, woman, and child, and all livestock and pets, from north of the Red Sea, to the western banks of the Dead Sea, north and east to Damascus and an approximately three-hundred mile selection of the Mediterranean coast be evacuated to separate corners of the Earth, to new lands apart from their warring factions and their religious differences. Not one human will be left in the area. Most inhabitants would leave voluntarily upon realizing their dilemma. As the evacuation proceeds to its’ end, many will stubbornly want to stay behind, they would have to be removed non-lethally but with force if need be. The evacuation would take years to conclude. Painstaking effort must be taken to insure that not one human is left within the “zone.”

    Post evacuation the entire quarantined area would be irradiated with low altitude radiation dispersing weapons. This action would preserve all land mass, all religious symbols, shrines, churches, synagogues, mosques, the Wailing Wall, the Dome of the Rock, every building, every wall, every sacred object, but the purpose would be realized assuredly: rendering that historically blood soaked region uninhabitable by humans for a thousand years.

    The region demarcated with red strips on every map,would sit as a forbidden zone, but more importantly as a monument for the benefit of humankind future to the ineptitude and violence inspired by religious dogma, symbolism and zealotry. A monument to religious humankinds’ preponderance for stupidity. A lesson for every child in a geography class, who will learn by no choice (when faced with broad red stripes on a map), of the stupid people who could not get-along, who warred like frothing dogs for generations, over religious icons and perceived sacred possessions.

    Thou shall not carry graven images. Thou shall not worship false idols. Sound familiar? To Christians and some Jews it does, they are pronouncements from the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount. The Christians’ Philosopher in Chief knew that he nor anyone wishing to follow him needed anything (any building, any statue or carved image) to worship his god and practice his teachings. He knew these materialistic things would corrupt his message. He wanted genuine faith requiring only body and “soul.”

    If Jesus did exist, (contrary to the predominant lack of historical evidence from all historians and writers of that time and place) he seemed to be predicting what might happen if “false idols,” and “graven images,” became the norm of his following. Point in fact those multiple battles spanning centuries over possession of the “Holy Land,” the hundreds of thousands that have laid dead from those battles over fictitiously deemed “sacrosanct,” land.

    Consider that if Jesus Christ, Abraham, or Mohamed were alive and witness to the Middle East today, they might very well agree and recommend the same solution.


  • Gush Katif – Like You’ve Never Seen it Before!

    The following photos and words are shared with us from Israeli Yuval Zaliouk (who is from Haifa but also has a home near Toledo, Ohio). See for yourself how the Israelis, by the grace of God, have made the desert blossom as a rose.

  • Strangers in our own Land?

    A revealing message from Israeli Yehoshua Friedman.
    Rabbi Friedman and his wife Janet are among the original founders of Kochav HaShachar, a Jewish Pioneering Community in the Israelite Tribal Territory of Eretz Binyamin (Land of Benjamin), located in what is today known as the Shomron (Samaria).

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    @ comment 225.

    The attack on the USS Liberty was not an accident. There was a unit on board passing coordinates to the Egyptians about our military movements in the Sinai. So our gunships attacked the ship and destroyed the communications section, in particluar.

    There was a time when our military would not tolerate crap from anybody, a time that has passed, unfortunately.

  • Germany mulls sending troops to Lebanon

    Germany looks increasingly likely to agree to send troops to Lebanon with debate already raging in the country about the merits of the move six decades after the Holocaust.

  • Was the war in Lebanon fought over oil?

    By Joel Bainerman
    In the second week of July 2006, Arab Knesset member Talab El-Sana told the Israeli press:

    “The war in Lebanon is an American war. Israel is nothing more than a US subcontractor, doing America’s work in the Middle East. The United States is using Israelis and Lebanese to further its own ends. The US has nullified Israel’s ability to make independent decisions.”

    Could the war in Lebanon had more to do with protecting oil pipelines than and America’s geo-strategic goals than Hezbollah shooting rockets into northern Israel?

  • The Israelis are on the frontlines in the “war against terrorism,” but can the Jews save the world?

    God Save Us From Islam and Europe!

  • I want to write about the encouraging diplomacies over the weekend…

    …inspite of Russia’s hatred of us, and China’s investments in Iran that they could use a healthy Iran to pay off, its possible that Rice convinced them that it might be in their best interests, while they are more in missle range to the Islamic extremists than we are and might, in the long run… for one thing Islam teaches is patience even when a plan of world domination might take multigeneration to fruit… find themselves swallowing the same ChineseRocket RussiaWarhead venom that they would now supply the snake with, to instead side with the USA…

    …so if Russia and China get on board with us, maybe WW III can be avoided… maybe the immediate post-coldwar vision can still manifest, that of simple economic wars in a world of business…

    …unless Syria gets nuts with their chemical missles and destroy TelVi/Jerusleum and Israel retaliates with nukes… but we’d probably even survive that as long as the big 5 stick together…

    I’m not crazy about guys who make points with sarcasm, and the dumbest form of sacrasm, name-calling, over information…I love the art of comedy to get past people’s defensive-opinion-walls, but political times are too critcal nowadays to simply use comedy as distraction… finding the truth should be the only importance when the flame is at the fuse..

    …did Iran supply the misleading charts that convinced the USA that Iraq had WMD capible of deployment within 48 hours?

    I hear over and over, in regards to the USA occupying Iraq, “how would USAers feel if some foreign power occupied our USA, wouldn’t we hate/resent them and want to fight them off?” To which I ask, “What if, in some fantasy scenario, President Bush found a way to dissolve the Congress, Senate, Judicial Courts, etc., and have himself declared Dictator for life, and the military and police backed up his power and all USA citizens lost their rights and privacy etc. … and then the British and/or French invaded the USA to liberate us from the Bush Dictator… would we hate/resent the British and/or French occupying our land and try to fight them off? or would we, as did France for the British and Yanks, welcome their efforts to free us?

    I think some guys try to come off as serious commentaries while at the same time, so that they will be memorible and gain fame, use theater, costumes like cigars and sunglasses, and little red bowties and baseball caps… which is fine if you own up to the fact you’re doing theater and not serious news, the way that Stewert and Colbert own up to the fact that they are doing theater, but once you try to pretend that you’re a serious news guy when your not, you’re misinforming and doing damage, since many people would much rather get their news as entertainment if they really believe they are getting their news, which they’re not… so, as always, the main problem with our country is the misinformed voters… and today Liebermann showed his colors when, prior to having any evidence to why his website crashed, he got his people right on the news networks to accuse, to millions of tv viewers, his opponeunt of being an unscruplous sabeteur…

  • Tony Blair revealed, in his speech to the Los Angeles World Affairs Council, he just doesn’t get it (or is at least ordered to appear that way like President Bush). The war on terrorism is a war against Nazi-Muslims, plain and simple.

    Tony Blair’s speech concedes defeat

  • so my take on the jewishwar at this point is… about a year and a half ago I wrote an essay about Iran being the stronghold of the anti-USA movement, so its no surprise to me that Iran is behind Huzzbulah… and that the anti-American movement is successfully accomplishing with Israel/Huzzbalah exactly what they accomplished with 9/11 (and the Cole, Embassy, MarineBase, etc., attacks leading up to it)… they created a PR move…

    as important as PR was at the beginnings of mass communications, during WW II , in our modern world of mass communications PR is the main ingredient…

    and the PR move the anti-Americans meant to accomplish with 9/11 is/was… make the Americans seem to respond inappropriately disporportionately… so that thousands and then millions of bodies will join the original hundreds of bodies of the anti-American movement… and throw a little jihid in for added stimulation…

    the end of the Moslem Empire’s glory days ended in 1912… their last empire, the Ottomon Empire, died… and from its remaining territory, about the size of Texas 6X, the western powers carved out the countries of Iraq, Syria, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia… these countries didn’t exist before that (the territory of Iran was there but it was called Persia)… and that process we call Empirialism, and it led into 1914-16 which we refer to as WW I… which co-incided with the British, whose powers relied on its waterway abilities, being challenged and replaced by Germany when waterway abilities gave way to the advantages of that new entity ‘the railroad’…

    ok… I’m getting off track here (track, railroad, get it?)… ok, 9/11 was orchestrated to make USA respond in a way that would get more bodies to enlist into the anti-American movement… that was trap #1… and along down the line we site Trap #5: get Israel to seem to respond inappropriately disporportionately…

    (on this chessboard, with Israel being essentially America’s fort in the MiddleEast, America and Israel are the same color, let’s say white… Iran and Huzzbalah (Huzzbalah being the anti-Americans’ stateless puppet so that no state, in this case Iran, can be directly blamed and attacked… it’s become clear to the anti-Americans that their militias must be shadow militias possessing no state location for counterattacks) are the other color, let’s say black…

    and Russia is probably black too, since its unlikely Huzzbalah nor Iran are manufacturing some of the equipment their using, its likely Iran’s oil money is purchasing it off Russia… you know, Russia was so pissed at the USA when Reagan refered to them as the Evil Empire that they had to restrain themselves from attacking us then and there)

    …so to get Israel to seem to respond inappropriately disporportionately… Huzzbalah stands behind Lebannon human shields and fires rockets into Israel… so when Israel finally can’t take it no more and fires back, Huzzbalah/Iran rolls out the video cameras and says “look at the innocents Israel slaughtered”

    …and Israel realizes if they cease fire those innocents will have died for nothing, because Huzzbalah will re-arm and everything will go back to square one… so Israel tries to finish it once and for all believing that as horrible as the collaterial damage is it is less than will occur if Huzzbalah gets to re-arm…

    …and Israel announces to the innocents to evacuate, get out of the way, and for one reason or another they won’t and can’t (I heard one Labanese woman on the BBC saying “we are poor farmers, we have no way to get out of town, the taxis are charging too much to take us to Tyre”… can you imagine? a taxi driver, or anyone with a car, wanting to charge more than the price of a tank of gas to evacuate innocents?)

    …until finally Huzzbalah rolls out mobile rocket launchers into the streets surrounding a building where a half hundred innocents huddle in a basement… and when Israel fires upon the location where Huzzbalah is firing from, and the building goes down, Iran/Huzzbalah score their biggest PR move yet, they get a halfceasefire, a lotta video footage of slaughtered children, and the entire world hating Israel…

    …at this point, if WW III does go down (if it hasn’t, as Newt suggests, already started… do you know WW II wasn’t declared WW II until 1945) I’m thinking maybe it will go down like this… the Sunnis are basically to the west of Iraq, the Arab countries and so on, who are still allied with USA and who the USA are going to want to hold onto as allies… while the Sheites are basically to the east of Iraq, Iran and so on… so the civil war between sunni and sheite in Iraq would make a natural dividing line, with USA behind the Arab Sunnis and Russia behind Iran Sheites etc. …

    …except, its nuts for the Sunnis and Sheites to so divide themselves if the goal is to bring back the glory days of the Moslem Empire (prior to Ottomon’s 1912 demise, with its tales of Armenian marches and Young Turks, I think but I’m not sure that the height of the Moslem Empire’s glory days was around the 1600s… Ali Baba and Aladdan and flying carpets over Bagdad and mighty Sultans and all those white steed turbined tales… the Moslims accepted their Empire was over until they came to know, upon causing the demise of the USSR Superpower with the Afgan war, that with courage and faith in Allah they can cause the demise of superpowers, so the committment to bringing down the West and the USA superpower was actualized…)

    …I think the theory behind USA attacking Iraq was good… show great strength/power to the MiddleEast, shock and awe, but with that great power liberate a people under dictatorship, then show compassion/mercy/generousity by giving the country and its resources back to her own people… a great PR move against those who would create an antiAmerican movement… “the USA is good, it is a friend, be friends with the USA”… only the administration and pentagon etc. proved inept to accomplish it successfully… so with insurgents pouring into Iraq from Iran and Syria instability arrived/arrives and good ol’ colateral damage escalates (the last few weeks collaterial damage in Iraq has been in the thousands, dwarfing the collateral damage in the jewish war, though not as widely covered)… USA looks evil and the anti-Americans look righteous…

    …at this point I suppose we are going to have to attack Iran… possibly the overall war would actually become easier for the USA if the Iran stronghold/safehouse is eliminated… trying to stabilize Iraq while Iran exists is like trying to fill with water a bucket that has a hole…

    …except, at this point, maybe the anti-American movement has been too successful, maybe there are too many territories now willing to offer their space as safehouses for insurgency agents, maybe even Russia will offer itself as an anti-Americans’ safehouse…

    …are you aware of the selffulfilling prophesies in your own life?… when I was in grammar school I use to put myself to sleep with a character tale about myself… in the tale I was the strongest boy in school but no body liked me and no body talked to me and so no body really knew me until one day a certain girl noticed me and joy was realized as we danced down the armrail of Two Guys From Harrison’s escalator but then I lost her and so… anyway, don’t analyze that too deeply since I left out a lot of details… I’m only trying to make a point that we are aware of a script about ourselves because we wrote the script and then we live it out and one day we realize we are just a story we created… can you so put your finger on your self furfulling prophesy? Basic Shakespear psychology oh player on a stage…

    …so everyone thinks its strange that the Biblical prophecy, the Biblical script for endtimes, seems to be playing out today… but it couldn’t be otherwise, humankind indoctrinated its self with this script… and if we continue to selffulfill it, our next steps are to irradicate the farm land so that we all starve, and to release germ warfare so that there are plagues, and then the bugs will feast…

    (heck, if there’s little enough food, and every one is diseased, it might even resemble the zombicannabilism we romantisize in our wasteland movies… I remember when RoadWarrior was released, it was a scary thing to me, I knew it was a script everyone would embrace to fulfill, the breakdown of law and order, the gangs and violence, the gasoline…)

    …but the problem with the Biblical script… besides all the horrors of Armageddon it promises… is that the only portion of the script we don’t control is the end… leading up to the end, the fire and diseases and famine and war, heck even the globalization mark of the beast crowning of a proclaimed Anti-Christ, all that we can make happen, all that we can control… but that end part, the part where, after everything has become just too too horrible and painful, you know, the big finale where the Savior Messiah comes riding down on a cloud from Heaven to fix everything, that part is out of our control, that part we can’t make happen, that’s when we’re finally going to admit we should have chosen a different script to fulfill…

    maybe the only culture on earth who doesn’t have some version of that endtimes script is the Chinese… maybe when its all over they’ll pick up the marbles… which might be a good thing if it helps us avoid Albert Einstein’s prophesy: “I don’t know how WW III will be fought, but I do know how WW IV will be fought: with sticks and stones.”

    …and even if there is a God up there… heck, even if the fanatics who believe the gods were spacemen and advanced civilizations are hovering up there watching us… even if there is some great higher power in the sky with the power to fix everything… I don’t think they, or He, will… because we all know what a human’s purpose is… the age old question “Do I have a purpose? Do people have a purpose? Does life and the Universe have a purpose?” We all know the answer to that question every day when we raise our children… a human’s purpose is ‘to grow up.’ And humans grow up when they face their own problems and, without any help from mom or dad, solve their own problem, no matter how uncomfortable or how much it might hurt. And I reckon any Eye in the Sky, like any good parent, like any good authority figure, will not take away from us our opportunity to grow up.

  • PM Olmert gushed to Suddeutsche Zeitung, the German daily newspaper, that he would welcome the rush of German soldiers in a stabilization force to occupy South Lebanon.

    Can you believe it? Asking the fox to guard the chicken house!

    Ehud Olmert Playing with German Fire

  • Police Bar Non-Muslims From Temple Mount Despite Court Order
    13:23 Aug 04, ’06 / 10 Av 5766 by Ezra HaLevi

    Despite a Supreme Court decision, Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, Judaism’s holiest site, was closed to Jews on the Fast of Tisha B’Av, which mourns the destruction of the Holy Temple.

    According to Professor Nahum Rakover, former Deputy Attorney General of Israel:

    Jews Must Demand Rights to Temple Mount.

  • I received this strong warning from Jerusalem by my Jewish friend and Israelite brother, Aryeh Gallin, and felt compelled to share it:

    Tel Aviv and Washington, D.C. put on warning

  • Dave Gotwald

    I just heard that the White House Press Room is closed for renovations for the next nine months. Here is the real story for when it reopens. I am predicting that the remodeled press room will not be able to accommodate as many reporters as the current press room. A physical result from the conscience efforts by this administration to destroy any attempts of real questioning by the American people. They want the American people pacified. Control the major news outlets and corrupt the field of journalism, so that the reporters minds are fat and lazy. News reporters won’t have an investigative bone in their bodies, but they will look great, and will be ready to accept the biggest pile of bullshit you could ever think of from the Public Relations of the holiest king of kings since Jesus Christ. They are in the process of MTVifying the news. Turning it into a ratings bonanza of infotainment full of glitz, glamour, suspense, explosions, and war. But not gory war; make it PG so as to not offend the delicate senses of the blessedly peaceful people whom Bush convinced to vote for him by feeding on their fears about being labeled a gay lover. They fill the news director’s chair with Bush’s own policy makers, and redefine news model from providing the truth on matters that affect the viewers’ lives to the stories Bush wants you to believe is the truth, stories that titillate, and stories that scare you into submission. And boy are they doing it well. Fox News is their illegitimate mouthpiece, and the rest of the networks, except for PBS, have been neutered to look good enough for airing on TRL. The neuter-resistant PBS has to be choked to death because it’s an MTV world, people. No time to really care about anything anymore because there’s so much bullshit to pass off as news now. 24 hours of waiting for the next video of a rocket exploding, or that all-too-important footage of Jacko in his pajamas walking into court. It’s replacing the stories that do affect our lives, which are now considered liberal. Unless you recite the crap Bush’s crew spews word for word from their bullet points, you must be a liberal. We might as well be back in the 1950’s labeling them communists. It keeps the media on the defensive because, gosh, they wouldn’t want to be thought of as opinionated. I guess they don’t want to be thought of as smart enough to come up with any real questions for our government on any real matters or thought of as having the guts to ask the real questions, like “With the way our political system is currently organized, it takes an outrageous amount of money in order for anyone to wage an effective campaign for office. With most of that money coming from big money corporations and special interests, what incentive do you, [insert politician’s name here], have to side with the voters’ wishes over your donor’s interests when your donors’ interests conflict with those of the American people?” That could have been worded better, but you get the point. Our government has taken away the checks and balances in our Constitution, and continues to do so with the news media, one facet of that being my prediction of their press room. Fewer seats will mean fewer chances of real questions from ever-more dumber and spineless reporters. While they’re at it, they might as well go ahead and change the name from Press Room to Please Room. Am I a liberal conspiracy theorist making all this up? I quote our faithful leader speaking to a relic of the olden days of journalism on the last day of the old press room. On 8/2/2006, Bush said, “Is that Sam Donaldson? You’re a has-been! I don’t have to answer to has-beens.” Mr. President, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • In a undisguised plea for participation, please note that Bush currently enjoys a 2.73 out of 10 rating on a live web poll. Your review of current rating and vote are respectfully requested, ww.truthandrumor.com

    Thank you

  • Jerry & Dotty Vilhotti

    The ‘ 67 massacre:

    It’s very strange that no one is mentioning the tragedy that happened on us during spasms of insanity called war. Talk about getting dumber and dumber. When nations and their so-called leaders are about to get real dirty nasty anti Geneva Convention rules nasty – they kill eyes so as to not see what is about to happen – like a war-like nation whom we give two billion dollars a year and currently missiles to kill innocence and we don’t forget the innocence dying on the other side either. In ; 67, we lost many navy personal killed to death by Israeli gun ships. That too was an “accident’ as was the four UN observers just recently killed and for those newscasters who don’t understand what they are reading unarmed observers are our eyes watching not peace keepers since no peace is going on! Is it any wonder we are “stuck on stupid”? Jerry & Dotty somewhere in the Litchfield Hills July 27 ….

  • The German-EU Grows Restless Over Mideast Crisis

    Michael Shtender-Auerbach offers a convincing argument in the EUOBSERVER that NATO is dead, the UN is ineffective, and categorically states Europe must rise to the occasion and exert world leadership in the Middle East and fill the power vacuum that is becoming clearer with each crisis that merely evokes a slow and tedious response after much haggling…

  • A Warning For America From South Africa

    South Africa may be the grim model of the future Western world

  • Germany’s “conversion” from Nazism to democracy was forced on it by the victors of WWII.

    We left it up to the Germans to “deNazify” their country! Now Germany appears to be backsliding as the Nazi German spirit is beginning to stir again, getting ready to…

    Is Germany in Danger of Backsliding?

  • It’s quite telling that Germany was the first to be told that Israel will accept their NATO wolves in sheep’s clothing, “peacekeeping” troops, ready to enter Israel and ultimately provide an alleged buffer zone around Jerusalem…before brutally betraying Israel and occupying Jerusalem. How deaf, dumb and blind can the Israelis be? God help us to warn them!

    EU to Conquer Anglo-Saxons and Jews

    UN Resolution 181: Blueprint of the Beast?

  • Germany Heads Rescue Efforts to Find Kidnapped Israeli Soldiers


  • Did Jesus Call Jews Children of the Devil?

    “Doubtless you are our Father, though Abraham’s unaware of us and Israel doesn’t acknowledge us: You, O LORD, are our Father, our Redeemer; your Name is from eternity” (Isa. 63:16).

  • sr

    David I see them on CNN. You are correct concerning Roman wolves in sheep’s clothing. You see it as I see it. The world only see’s what they want to see and hear. The ferocious bite is forthcoming and the eyes will see and the ears will open. As for whats is face JPII. Did you mean Saint Louis Missouri. O Lord, my lack of respect. Excellent comment David. sr the village idiot.

  • Pope John Paul II Was No Saint
    By David Ben-Ariel

    Beware Roman wolves in sheep’s clothing!

  • sr

    What is it with BC on Sunday night. Just seems like a laid back atmosphere. Almost fun.

  • I met Ariel Sharon (when he was in his right mind) at a rally in Hebron against Oslo 2. He was also given an autographed copy of my book, Beyond Babylon: Europe’s Rise and Fall, by Shmuel HaLevi, the chairman of the Likud who reelected him (not knowing the great betrayal on its way). General Sharon, not fond of the plain truth, returned it. Now he’s past the point of no return.

    Ariel Sharon: Return to the Temple Mount!

    Ariel Sharon: From Zionist to Traitor

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    sr # 208:

    No meaning, just the first couple of lines of “Jabberwocky” from “Alice In Wonderland”. Seemed to fit the way the thread was going at the time?

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    #207 Clavos. ????

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    “‘Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
    Did gyre and gimble in the Wabe:…”

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  • Put de lime in de coconut, drink ’em both up, put the lime in de cococnut an drink dem boat together, and call me in de morning…

  • Clavos

    Actually, I think I understand–scary!

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    Clavos, Jet bothers because he’s sincere. No I dont agree with you or Jet. Yes I joke around a little to much maybe. For sure I wouldn’t leave him on Mt Everest like those assholes did with a climber recently. And no I would not climb up Broken Frecken Mountain with him. Couldn’t take his NUKE stories. For you senor Jet. NUKE THE UNBORN GAY SEA TURTLES.

  • Because I CARD Clavos DAMN IT I care that my beautiful wonderful friends might get their delicate feelings hurt by that [sensored] spreading his [sensored] lies and disinformation.

  • Clavos

    Jet, why do you bother?

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  • They’re coming to take you away-ha ha
    They’re coming to take you away-ho-ho he-he ha-ha

    to the funny farm
    where life is wonderful all the time
    and you’d be happy to see those
    nice young men in their clean whits suits

    They’re coming to take you away-ha ha

  • FBI on the Fourth of July!

    By David Ben-Ariel

    Today, ironically July 4th, 2 FBI agents knocked on my door and said they wanted to question me.

  • Them damned Jewish Hetrosexuals! They’s sturrin up trouble aginn!-They aughts to be a law!!!

  • By the way DBA just how is your boyfriend Mr. Phelps doing lately, I heard you two split up!

  • Howard Dean

    FDR said it best. One may seek the arena of politics with blind ignorance only to falter at the alter.

  • Luci

    what would some of the more important issues be worthy of educating young adults on in politics?

  • sr

    Bad day, much rum makes for a kind of fuck you all day.

  • Germany’s Fourth Reich is forming with partnerships around the globe, its Assyrian eagle looking both East and West as its talons are determined to clutch countries as prey and enslave all to their system.

    Germany’s Fourth Reich Spreads It Wings Over the World

  • The evil powers that be did flirt with the idea of Eurabia but it has backfired on them. Now the fascist EU will totally conquer Islam and let the bloody RCC rule under their wannabe divine emperor.

    The coat of arms of Pope Benedict XVI of a Moor (Muslim) and a Bear (Orthodox Russia) reveals his intentions to wield the German-EU to conquer and convert both (scallop) and annex them into his counterfeit kingdom of God.

    Europe Swings Both Ways

    Europe to take out Iran for Jerusalem

    Europe Misses the Mark – Will It Return as the Sign of the Cross?

  • sr

    Dan, The republicans could have stolen the election. Hell, I dont know Dan. What do you think? For me I prefer reading my toilet paper over rolling rocks. It’s always a clean white issue until used.

  • Dan

    Hey did anyone read the article in Rolling Stone about how the republicans could have stolen the election? Well anyways it made a pretty good case for that being a possibillity.

  • sr




  • sr



  • I have been known to tease friends on the left by saying, “Liberals are so damn self-righteous. I ought to know. I used to be one.”

    Just so you know, I have never voted for a Republican in my life, and have no plans to. But although I was once a ferociously committed liberal Democrat, I have in the last 10 years become completely disenchanted with nearly all political rhetoric, from both the right and the left. The pitiful state of affairs is typified by last week’s vote on the anti-gay-marriage amendment, forced by the pitiful and desperate Republicans for nakedly political reasons (soon to be followed by….flag burning, that must-discuss issue)….and by the fact [reported on in the latest New York Observer] that neither of the Democratic senators from New York, one considered a leading presidential candidate, has anything coherent to say about Iraq that distinguishes them from the Bush administration.

    All is finger-pointing and name-calling, nothing is substantive. We need an eloquent hero! Please?

  • DBA You’re so full of it!

  • Further exchange between an Israeli who voted for the defeatist Kadima party of criminals and a staunch Christian Zionist.

    For the first time in 100 generations Jews have their own turf and are calling the tune on it. The last thing they need is half ***** Christians telling them what to do.

    Israeli Jews could Learn from Christian Zionists

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  • Re 177 Thank God your addition isn’t an addiction!

  • sr

    Jet just made a donation of $1,000. Send me your credit card # and I’ll fill in the rest. Will then foward to Senor Jet and send him NORTH TO ALASKA. NORTH TO ALASKA THE RUSH IS ON. WAY UP NORTH, NORTH TO ALASKA THE RUSH IS ON.

    Big Sam

  • Operators are stand by to take our donations now….

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  • Javier Solana: “The EU continues to be the most important donor to the Palestinians… We will not let the Palestinians down.”

    The world is insane. The “Palestinian” pricks have let the world down (Numbers 33:55). Therefore, why should the EU or anybody other than maybe the many oil-rich Arab countries care to foolishly continue to be WELFARE DONORS to sworn enemies of the West? The Nazi-Muslims would rejoice if Europe or the United States were starving to death and dance in the streets. Their plight is of their own making. To “hell” with them or at least use all that money to transfer them to their many Arab countries of origin and set them up there.

    Meir Kahane was right: “They must go!” Instead, useful idiots continue to reward their terrorism, cover for their criminal leaders who bilk them of billions after the tradition of Herr Arafat, and perpetuate the problem. They must receive some pretty big kickbacks.

    Daniel Pipes: Can the Leopard Change Its Spots?

    Stop Welfare for “Palestinian” Terrorists!

  • Neither can my cat

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  • Lumpy asked on another string how Arch could possibly drink Kools, so I gave him my recipe…

    First you remove the filters from two packs, then put them in a blender with half a bottle of gin, one sprig of mint, a pinch of garlic salt, and one whole stalk of celery. Ad one cup of ice and run it through till it’s a fine pulp.

    Strain it through a coffee filter and server over more crushed ice with a cherry on top. I’ve heard some people use purple food coloring too.

  • It tried that once, it made me burp all night…

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    Good night

  • Put de lime in de coconut and drink them both together…

    Put de lime in the coconut den you fell better!

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    Jet, Im not clear on anything. My advice is to avoid the demon rum. sr’s words of wisdom just for you.

  • Sorry SR, that deserves a much more thought out response, I’m sorry. To quote myself… “everything depends. if a Chicken hawk is attached to either a doohickie or a wachamcallit it’s worse, if it’s glued to or underneath a thingamabob or a Hickamajigger it’s better.

    I hope that cleared that up…

  • … Uh huh

  • sr

    Jet, I always find life so interesting. You being a gay liberal and me being a straight conservative. I believe you love this country like I do. A simple uh huh… from your last comment is enough to make this old fool start laughing. Just wonder what the world thinks when they read this. What say you senor Jet in Columbus?

  • Uh huh…

  • sr

    Jet, The answer is nothing. Just wanted to give you a laugh. Go to BC(When men are at the receiving end of a woman’s scorn) by swingingpuss’s April 8 06. Things that Bang. See the first comment. All about goat cheese and Outer Mongolea. Could have given you the clickon or would that be Clingon. My thumb is stuck in me rum so have fun.


  • Unless the goat was running for governor, I’m not sure what that has to do with this string???

  • sr

    Looking for a recipe that incorporates Yak goat cheese. Think it’s origin maybe from Outer Mongolea. Read about a cheese factory in NY that may sell this. Did a Google search with no results.


  • It’s certainly true that someone can hold incorrect, insane and bigoted beliefs in one or more areas and still be correct in another. I have no reason to doubt your shared opinion of Shimon Peres The guy never did anything for me.

    But everything DbA has to be looked at with skepticism because of his other beliefs. If you’re nuts, you’re nuts, even if you sound rational on alternate sundays. I’m pretty sure he didn’t get kicked out of Israel just because he didn’t like Peres…


  • Unfortunately Ruvy he may have damaged is own credibility beyond repair, and defending him may be damaging yours. Have you considered scribing an article on the subject instead?

    It would be a lot better coming from you, because coming from him is falling on a lot of deaf ears who’s hearing he himself damaged….
    In blessing

    Solus mei sententia

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    I want something clear here. David ben Ariel’s beliefs are his beliefs. Take them how you will. But what he has been writing about Shimon Peres is fact based on news reported in the Hebrew press. That is why it matters so much to me to defend this message of his. The other messengers who have been able to bring out this news are slowly being taken out of the game. When I say that the government here is run by gangsters and killers, I am not joking, exagerrating or making things up.

    When I heard that Yoram Rubin had again become part of the prime minister’s personal entourage last October, I knew that Sharon’s days as premier were numbered. And it turned out that they were. It was Yoram Rubin who killed Rabin in the prime minister’s vehicle as it drove away from Kings of Israel square in Tel Aviv.

    Yigal Amir shot two blanks and several people shouted that the bullets were blanks immediately after he shot them. Rabin entered Ichilov Hospital twenty minutes after Amir “shot” him with two bullet wounds. His vehicle was filled with blood after he was seen entering his vehicle unhurt. He died with a medical report showing three bullet wounds.

    Getting this uncovered and commonly known is extremely important.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    David ben Ariel is friendly to his friends and nasty to his enemies – like most people, Dave. In any event, I’m talking about specific messages that need to be paid attention to – not David’s position on gay rights or, nor his specific ideas on religion. I’m talking about the truth that he is bringing forward about the evil going on in my country.

    The message, Dave, not the messenger, is what counts here. Not because you or anybody in the States can do a hell of a lot to change thngs, but awareness of what is really going on here gives a clear picture of what your country is doing as well. Changing things here is our responsibilty, not yours.

    David was kicked out of Israel because the government is afraid of his views, and he will not be allowed back in for the same reason. So his contribution to the welfare of my country is essentially on the level of informing you – until we here can effect some real “régime change”.

  • DbA isn’t going to be polite or benign. He’s a cultist and a fanatic and that’s not going to change.


  • troll

    ben Ariel’s abreactions are relatively benign considering his ‘story’…

    (but wondering – couldn’t he find a more palatably polite path to sublimation thru a Hindu text or something rather than this present fixation on radical biblical conspiracy theorists and their holier-than-thou pontificating – ?

    I guess the support system just wouldn’t be the same without G-d whispering the true meaning of things in his ear)


  • Ruvy, regardless of whether he’s spot on or not, he’s been posting links on a lot of my articles aledgedly supporting gay rights, but after about the third paragraph it turns into a religious serman against gays.

    I will not read or click on any of his comments or links.

    Burned too many times.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Jet, regarding David ben Ariel’s link at comment #144, it appears to be an answer to another comment at ezinearticles.com. The paragraphs in italics are what he is anwering with his own commentary. The third paragraph is in italics. He is arguing aginst its content. It took a second to figure out, but once I did, it all made sense to me.

    Go back and read it again if it isn’t too painful for you (David, Jet has been having severe vision problems lately – that was not sarcasm on my part). You’ll see what I mean.

    David is spot on in his assessment of Israelis tending to be sheeple. That is painful for me to admit, but it is so.

  • if there were no corporate or personal deductions of any kind it would.

    Thank you for reading “Bush Guts Critical Science Projects And Outsources NASA Projects To India To Further His Ambitions” even if you only skimmed it…

    I guress that’s all I can expect (snif)

    did you see my Memorial balcony at my URL? You’d almost think I was a republican!

  • Bush has a moonbase? Cool. Are there frozen Nazis?

    As for the tax proposal, not a bad one for debate, but 5% wouldn’t even begin to cover the federal budget or pay off the deficit.


  • Okay Dave, I propose a debate about a flat no deductions five perecent federal income tax, with no deductions with an amendment making it illegal for states to raise their taxes the moment the fed lowers theirs, offsetting any benifits we might have gotten.

    I also propose a debate on taxing any church that has an operating budget of more than $500,000 a year. I say anyone who heads a major corportation, lives in a mansion, drives around in a big limo, and makes big bucks deserves to pay income taxes, you know, like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson.

    Speaking of debates, you haven’t given me a cruel descenting and cutting remark on my article on Bush’s moon base yet?

  • I have a policy of ignoring DbA, because he’s a religious nutbag who belongs to a dangerous, racist, apocalyptic cult. But aside from that he’s a fine fellow.

    Now, how about the idea of politics topics of the week?


  • The problem with ben Ariel is deceptive advertising. You make the mistake of clicking on his links thinking he’s saying one thing when actually it’s the opposite three paragraphs in.

    This damages his credibility when he’s being serious or is correct about something.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    I know that a lot of you do not like David ben Ariel, but when he writes about Shimon Peres being reponsible for the murder of Yitzhak Rabin, he is dead right, and when he condemns Israelis for not taking their enemy at their word, he is also dead right.

    I would pay close attention to the link he provided at comment #144. He anbd I do not track on everything, but on a lot of this, we do agree.

  • SR-Just for you, I’ve posted photos of my memorial day balcony, just click my URL


  • sr

    Since Im retired, old, and married, Friday Night is just another day. Jet, no excuse for you playing on your PC. If you respond back this night, well get a life.


    See Ya.

  • sr

    Jet, You always make this old fool laugh. Maybe you might be a nice guy after all. Shit. Just dropped my flashlight slipping on the floor with my dam bunny-wabit slippers you sent me for Christmas. Also broke my $300.00 bottle of virgin rum. Also a gift from you.

    Such is life living in my wabit hole.

    Ever wonder if the Hilda-beast reads this crap?

  • Jews and Israelis appear to enjoy chanting the mindless mantra of “NEVER AGAIN” – and yet the majority continue to repeat the same mistakes the Jews made just before the Holocaust: refusing to take your enemy at his word.

    Israeli Sheeple & Nazi-Muslims

  • Can’t go wrong with that topic.


  • PETA should hold more nude protests of meat-eating: discuss!

  • Dave Nalle

    Dave, at #133. If you throw out topics to be chewed, on remember two points. One is that they can’t all be about American politics – it’s a big world out there. Americans need badly to learn about the world around them that’s not in the boob tube.

    Absolutely. I think we’d mix it up about 50-50 between US issues and broader issues with international or universal significance.

    The other is that the news cycle can tear your topic to shreds…

    Always, of course. Nothing we can do about that.

    The third point – illusrated too well by comments 131 & 132 – is that some people have only one axe to grind… I do not have to explain this further.

    I wouldn’t be expecting Peter and his Ilk to be major participants in generating topical articles.


  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Dave, at #133. If you throw out topics to be chewed, on remember two points. One is that they can’t all be about American politics – it’s a big world out there. Americans need badly to learn about the world around them that’s not in the boob tube. The other is that the news cycle can tear your topic to shreds…

    The third point – illusrated too well by comments 131 & 132 – is that some people have only one axe to grind… I do not have to explain this further.

  • Well don’t forget to use your bunnyrabbit slippers and your flashlight!

  • sr

    What would you expect from me. Now I need directions to my rum and frosted flake’s.

  • Sr that was posted last January! A little behind in the mail?

  • sr

    alibaba#79. Who in the frecking hell would read all your shit. Thanks for the toilet tissue anyway.

    Jet#139, Ya right my funny friend.

    Jet, just curious, did you read all of alibaba’s bull shit?

    Do you read all my bull shit?

    Im gone. Rum time and frosted flake’s with heavy wipping cream, and a hint of choc-o-late.

  • Dave you’re feeling neglected? I was hoping you’d make a snide remark on my article on Bush vs Science, and you haven’t said a wrod (snif)…

  • I feel like I’ve been neglecting this area, but it’s so easy to forget about it off here out of the main stream of the site.

    As politics editor I’m always looking for suggestions on how to make the section more interesting. Perhaps this could be a place to discuss them.

    One idea which has occured to me is to throw out a topic every week for people to write on and see what kind of results we get from different sides of the political spectrum.

    For example we could throw out common themes like Executive Power (as mentioned in the last comment) or Espionage or Imperialism. Or we could go more specific with particular controversial individuals or ongoing events, like Hugo Chavez or Jesse Jackson or Internet Privacy. Hell, we could even link it up to polls and such.

    Any thoughts?


  • Forget Iraq! Forget the price of gas! Forget Iran, Tony Blair, global warming everything, yea, even the American Idol! I know that’s asking an awful lot from some of you, American Idol means that much to me too! Just for a moment though, let’s back off of those subjects and concentrate on the REAL problem. The one that creates and perpetuates all of the others.

    The Bush Administration. Creator of all that is wrong in this country today. Why do I say all? Because it would be too difficult to sift through this mess to find anything right!
    But what’s wrong with the Bush Administration, you may ask?
    In a sentence; “A ruler having absolute authority and supreme jurisdiction over the government of a state”.
    George Bush is just that ruler.
    That sentence is the definition,as you will find it in the dictionary, of a dictator!
    Early in his tenure George Bush admitted publicly that he likes a dictatorship, so long as he’s the dictator.

    What is wrong with the people in this country? Had any other president ever said such a thing he’d have first, been hanged in the press and second ,been thrown out of office,as Bush would probably say, faster than a slick pig through the arms of a cracker!
    What has this guy got,,just what in God’s name do people see in him. Having grown up ‘on the streets’ my very first impression of him was ‘sneak’ One word. But that’s all I need, that one word defines where I would place someone in my world.’Sneak’! He’s a sniveling, pompous, smirking, beligerant sneak. Cripes I could go on forever!
    He’s a Dictator. He and his entire Administration need to be taken out now, before one more bill gets passed, before one more day goes by, before one more soldier dies, now! He has to be shown that the American people are a power to be reckoned with. He’s been getting away with so much for so long he just thinks we’re a bunch of rubes, easily distracted by his genius!

    If I have to listen one more day to Democrats begging money I’m gonna puke! Why the hell do they think we should pay them to do the job that they should have done six years ago! We elected them to represent us. They failed in their jobs. Now they want to be paid to do what they should have done long ago! They let him in,they need to do their jobs now and impeach him and his cronies. Forget more money! Just do your jobs.

    We have midterms comming up and if George Bush is still in office I myself will not vote a single incumbant back and I would hope that the rest of sane America would do the same!
    Let’s not let it come to that.
    Any Democratic leader who is using this as a platform for election or re-election should be shamed and blown out of the water. This is NOT a platform for elections, this is what’s RIGHT!

  • Democratic leaders have been running around shouting’Impeach’for so long now they sound like the little boy who cried wolf!(or was that the little girl who yelled ‘Fire’?) No matter, Enough is enough! Quit baying and DO it! For Christ sake, look what they did to Clinton for getting a little ‘magic face’! Now,you people can’t put an end to the results of a 2ooo coup d’etat by a group of power grubbing, murderous stooges! What the hell is YOUR problem? All I hear is ‘more money, more money, more money! You sound like a bunch of Catholic priests!

    Warning obstinate criminals time after time to stop their unlawful malfeasance, only to have them keep on and on with total disregard for the law AND their constituents has gotten to be the biggest circle jerk perpetrated on the American people in History! It is now time to stop calling for Impeachment and to NOW begin Impeachment procedings against the ENTIRE Bush regime including court martial of any military officials who partake (now, or in the past) in this unmitigated assault on the rights and freedoms of the people of the United States! Bush and his cronies have shown a total disregard to even the existance of anyone not involved in their despotic control of power.

    Our Country is in grave danger so long as these criminals are allowed to continue! These deeds represent no less than an out of control dictatorship! I believe that we have paid more than enough lip service to the initiation of these procedings and should put an IMMEDIATE stop to their actionable conduct before this administration creates a dilemna of unfathomable consequences,if it hasn’t already!
    To all of you whiney Democratic leaders out there who e-mail me everyday asking for donations to help get Bush impeached, I don’t have any money!Bush is in office and I’ve had to spend any little extra cash I had on gasoline!So,Quit talking about it and DO it!

  • Shimon Peres has No Clothes: Where’s the Peace?

    By David Ben-Ariel

    Shimon Peres has misled the Israelis to fall for a deadly peace, even over the dead body of Yitzhak Rabin. It’s past time he’s taken to task for it.

  • troll

    can anyone tell me what % of Fed expenditures are on wages/benefits/retirement packages for federal employees – ?


  • Heckler

    More note to self: don’t drink from the same punch bowl as David above.

    “same dark powers”

    and “betray Jerusalem to the Germans and the Jesuits”

    best…comedy line…of….the…day

  • The same dark powers that murdered Yitzhak Rabin, the vulture Shimon Peres and criminal company, continue to sell out Israel and betray Jerusalem to the Germans and Jesuits.

    The fascist EU prepares to occupy Israel.

    Vatican Linked to the Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin

  • Note to self: don’t try to support a spouse and two children in a two-bedroom apartment on a single minimum-wage income. Thanks for the tip!

  • The whole minimum wage issue is a joke!! Do the math. If it were to go even as high as $8.00 an hour and an employee is lucky enough to land a 40 hour a week job he/she would earn $320.00 a week. Take out SSI, FICA (and some states state tax) and hopefully ,insurance the worker would go home with approximately $225.00 to $250.00 a week! In the general vicinity of $900. to $1000. a month.

    It’s difficult to find a rental appartment with two bedrooms for less than $600.00 a month.Consider utilities, telephone, transportation, groceries and incidentals at, oh, if you squeeze real hard, $500.00 and that leaves you with ,what ? a negative $100. !

    Maybe there’s a partner involved! That may give a bit of an edge on the rent but they still carry whatever transportation, groceries,incidentals etc. they may have. In a perfect scenario,about a hundred dollars between them to try to hold on to.

    How would you like to throw 2 kids into the mix? 2 Kids will cost about 600. to 800. a month for daycare and more food, clothes,more insurance and medical bills.I don’t know how anyone could survive in that situation!

    Come on!! Why should anybody in this great land of opportunity have to try to juggle this crap week after week,, month after month ,their entire life? Never having so much as the luxury of having all of their bills paid on time and having just a bit of money for a savings account!Never buying a new car. Hell, never buying anything new! This is just out and out bullshit !!

    Would you want your children to have to face that ‘existance’??
    We have CEO’s and some professionals making 800 times that pitiful income !800 TIMES !!!
    Shame on them! Can they be shamed? I don’t believe so!

    They’ll have their 4 month vacations, their trips around the world several times a year,, their enormous gas guzzeling SUV’s,their nannys, housekeepers, yachts, whatever the hell else they want and don’t even really need and not feel one iota of guilt! They worked hard for that money, that stature, that power!BULLSHIT!! Most of them wouldn’t even know the meaning of work !

    Do you want to see how a fair and just Corp. treats their employees ?
    Get on the internet and look up ‘BEN and JERRY’s ICE CREAM’. Check out their corporate structure,, see how their employees are treated, compensated, valued!
    Why can this work for an Ice cream company and not be considered the norm by every corp. in America?

    Now, do you want to hear my ‘Trickle Up’theory of economics? Well,I’m gonna give it to you anyway !

    All of the lowest paid ‘legal’ workers in America (and there are millions) start making a fairly reasonable salary. Say $20,000.a year.That’s not really very much money at all! But what do you think they’ll do (aside from start saving and investing and stimulating the economy from the inside out)?
    Why they’re going to start spending it. New cars, new t.v.s, new sound systems, clothes, they’re going out to the movies , to dinner , travel, and much more. Now, not everyone will be able to have all of this but overall there will be a huge sales increases all around!

    Well, you might ask,what’s that going to do for all of those greedy fat bastards who had to give up a little of their wealth.
    Here you go!! Their sales wil skyrocket, break all kinds of projections, get themselves big fat bonuses, insurance execs and real estate sales agents will be making great commissions,they’ll have to increase production so they’ll need to employ more people, build more houses, contractors will be swooning,developers going out of their minds, more factories,more,more,more ! Don’t you see where this is going ? Don’t you see even a potential plus for all concerned?
    Would you even give it some consideration?
    Then your just plain stupid and greedy and you’ll never be part of the solution, you’ll always be a bloodsucking leech and you should just do society a favor and throw a rope over a door!

    I really hope I didn’t hurt anyones feelings!

  • We will be coming into mid-term elections very soon. We need to get Bush and his administration out of office now.
    The only way this can be accomplished is for our leaders in the Democratic party to initiate Impeachment procedures immediately!
    If they insist on being derelict in their duties to perform in the best interest of the people who put them in office then it is our duty to remove all incumbents from their seats and vote for qualified leadership in Novembers elections!

    We have never needed the strength in representation in the Democratic Party than we do now. Our future as citizens and as a respected World Power is totally dependant on how the Democratic leaders respond to our plight NOW.
    No excuses, no ‘let’s try a different approach’, nothing other than impeachment.
    This administration has demonstrated time and time again it’s inability to be truthful to the American public (at the cost of thousands of lives) or to take to task issues which are critical to America’s future such as a well balanced economy, ending our involvement in war in the Middle East, addressing environmental issues and enforcing the laws on immigration.

    These issues only scratch the surface of the subterfuge this administration has engaged in from the beginning of Bush’s bid for the Presidency in 2000.

    Until we wake up and realize the quagmire in which we’ve become steeped we will only sink deeper in dispair. You may not feel it’s full effects now but when the proverbial ‘shit hits the fan’ the only umbrellas will be had by people or entitys with a high 7 to 8 digit net worth !

    We can do only one of two things at this junction.
    Demand our Democratic leaders do the job that we elected them to and initiate procedures to remove (Impeach) the entire Bush administration, as there is no longer just ‘1 bad apple’ or remove Democratic incumbants from their seats !

    Comics are having a lot of fun with this administration and it’s endless supply of comedic material. It’s really been a hilarious six years. I’m afraid that within the next two years we may all laugh ourselves to death ! Since the comedians have such great insight to our problems some should either consider running for public office or throwing their strong support for whoever they may consider right for the job ! (I’m not being glib, I’m dead serious, we’ve had an actor President, a wrestler for governor, a weight lifter/actor governor, the male half of a 60s singing duet in the Senate,an ass for President,,,etc.)

    Maybe with the combination of Actor, Singer, Comedian support and finding a way to get that other 50% of the public who don’t vote off of the couch, watching ‘The Amazing Race to Eat Worms and Marry My Sex Addict Dad’ and get them out to vote ,we may have a shot at some true leadership representing the majority lower and lower middle class people of our Great Country !

  • After listening to Tony Snow, ‘W’s new press secretary, I have come around. I can see the light. This is all just a little misunderstanding.
    ‘W’s cool, he’s fixing some things, y’know! He can’t tell us right now but History (long after he’e dead) will show what a phenomenal man he was.

    Everything is really all right. Unemployment is the lowest it’s been in years (if you forget about that other 15% who’ve exhausted their un-employment compensation and are no longer counted in the polls).
    Everything is going according to plan in Iraq.
    Why, just the other day he asked a soldier, a young boy barely out of High School, how it was going and he said “Great Mr. President, everything is going according to plan and as soon as I get home and get me some new legs” I’m commin right back”!
    We’ve got Terror on the run,, they can run but they can’t hide.

    Tony Snow sounds like Bush with a brain. I don’t yet know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.
    As I was listening to him I thought ‘what audacity,comming out with this pleasant demeanor, using his ‘charm’ to convince the people that George Bush is not resoonsible for ‘Anything’.I was totally Pissed !The problem is ,as I see it ,is that there are many people susceptable to this sort of banter.

    I suppose that you can call this
    ‘America’s Biggest Snow Job”! (pun intended)The problem is ,is that there’s not one godamn thing funny about it!

    Forget about Tony Snow, don’t even pay him any mind. Ignore anything that this Administration has to say and keep pushing hard to start Impeachment procedures for the whole Administration.

    Send a signal that “We’re mad as Hell and we’re not gonna take it anymore !!!

  • Heckler

    Wonderful, even more insane faith based politics with just a dash of hypocritical conspiracy theory tossed in.

    David, just convert and do us all a favor, go Luddite and kill your computer, after all the arabs invented algebra, and we all know that you need algebra to create programming algorythyms, hence the entire digital revolution is just a plot to keep you from heaven.

  • The Toledo Blade Hides Behind “Palestinian” Children

    The Toledo Blade continues to bash Israel, aiding and abetting terrorism.

  • I’ve just listened to our president, George W. Bush, tell us what we already know: he refuses to enforce American law; he wants virtual amnesty under guise of a deceitful “guest worker program” – he asks Americans not to resort to what the illegal demonstrators have already done – in our face – regarding political manipulation, hostility, race exploitation, etc.

    As the Promised Land of Manasseh, the son of Joseph – with all our birthright blessing being sold out to foreigners – this is a sad day in the United States when our president refuses to do whatever is necessary to uphold our laws – not bend them to accommodate criminals who are not “guests,” having never been invited into OUR country that we’re losing….

    May 1: Illegal Immigration Day Defused!

    The Plain Truth About the “Lost Ten Tribes” and Why You Need to Know!

  • Yitzhak Rabin was murdered by Shimon Peres and criminal company. The Kempler video of the Yitzhak Rabin assassination proves Yigal Amir couldn’t have acted alone in the Rabin assassination plot. Shabak agent Yigal Amir was part of the plot for a staged assassination using blanks. Yigal Amir didn’t realize Rabin would be murdered. The Yitzhak Rabin site seeks justice for Yitzhak Rabin and to expose his murderers continue to backstab Israel for Europe.

    YOU can help seek justice for Yitzhak Rabin and protect Israel by getting the word out: share the paragraph above with your forums, blogs, and email addresses. Thank you.

  • I wrote the following after reading an article in The Atlantic Times (an excellent newspaper from Germany in English) about all the contributions of German-Americans and how many basically became so integrated in the United States because of persecution or to prove their patriotism after WWI (not just after WWII). It reminded me of how my Grandma Vivian Hoover was adamant that we’re English – and not German…and why.

    German-American Israelites?

    By David Ben-Ariel

    Did Providence sift Israelite tribes through Germany en route to the United States of America?

  • Here I go Eric, I think this may be a bit longer than your looking for but I feel it deserves the space. Im sure you’ll let me know.

    The whole minimum wage issue is a joke!! Do the math. If it were to go even as high as $8.00 an hour and an employee is lucky enough to land a 40 hour a week job he/she would earn $320.00 a week. Take out SSI, FICA (and some states,tax) and hopefully ,insurance, the worker would go home with approximately $225.00 to $250.00 a week ! In the general vicinity of $1000.00 a month.

    It’s difficult to find a rental appartment with two bedrooms for less tan $600.00 a month. Then consider utilities,telephone,transportation, groceries and incidentals in the modest vicinity of $500.00 and that leaves you with,what? A negative $100.?Maybe there’s a partner involved,that may give a bit of an edge on the rent but they still have the regulars plus higher utilities, groceries and any personal debt the roomate may have,so,in a perfect scenario,about a hundred dollars to try to hold on to.
    How would you like to throw 2 kids in the mix? 2 Kids will cost about 600. to 800. a month daycare and more food and more insurance and medical bills.

    C”MON,, should ANYBODY in this GREAT land of OPPORTUNITY have to try to juggle this crap week after week,, month after month ,ad nauseum ?? This is just out and out bullshit !! Would you want your children to have to face that ‘existance’??

    We have CEO’s and some professionals making 800 TIMES that!800 TIMES!
    SHAME on them!Can they be shamed?I don’t believe so !They’ll have their 4 months vacation, their trips around the world several times a year,, their ENORMOUS gas guzzeling SUV’s, nannys, housekeepers, yachts, whatever the hell else they want and don’t really need, and not feel one iota of guilt !

    Now ,I know some of your argument, They worked hard for that money, that stature, that power!They obviously are worth that kind of money!
    BULLSHIT!Nobody is worth that kind of money in a society where most citizens struggle to make ends meet,Most of them wouldn’t even know the meaning of work !

    Do you really believe that they’re worh THAT much more than your Father who, because of the disosable employee system THEY created(so that they could make more money)bounced from one tough job to another his whole life,trying to nail down that elusive job,work hard for fourty years,retire and live comfortably the rest of their life?

    Do you want to see how a FAIR and JUST Corp. treats their employees ?
    Get on the internet and look up ‘BEN and JERRY’s ICE CREAM’. Check out their corporate structure,, see how their employees are treated, compensated, VALUED!Why can this systemwork for an ice cream factory and not be considered a standard by EVERY company, CEO, in America?

    Now,do you want to hear my’Trickle Up’theory of economics ? Well,I’m gonna give it to you anyway !
    All of the lowest paid workers in America (and there are millions) start making a REALLY reasonable salary. What do you think they’ll do (aside from start saving and investing and stimulating the economy from the inside out)?
    Why they’re going to start spending it. New cars, new t.v.s, new sound systems, clothes, they’re going out to the movies,to dinner,travel and much more.

    Well,you ask,what’s that going to do for all of those greedy fat bastards who had to give up a little of their wealth? Why you silly you! Their sales wil skyrocket,break all kinds of projections, get themselves big,fat bonuses,insurance execs making great commissions,developers will be orgasmic,they’ll have to increase production so they’ll need to employ more people, build more houses,more factories!

    Don’t you see where this is going? No? Then your just part of the problem and you’ll never be part of the solution,you’ll always be a bloodsucking leech and you should just do society a favor and throw a rope over a door !!

  • Life is a Trek: Do You Know Where You’re Going to?
    By David Ben-Ariel

    “Courage is not the absence of fear but the mastery of it” – especially when you’re off hitch-hiking thru Europe or South Africa or launching some new expedition of sorts.

  • This excellent article by Shelby Steele, a brave black American man, underscores the CURSE that we are experiencing for disobedience, a broken will, half-hearted efforts, just as prophesied: “And I will break the pride of your power…” (Leviticus 26:19).

    “And I will break the pride of your power…” doesn’t only mean we would begin to lose battles or wars, but that we would lose confidence in our God-given power and moral authority to pursue justice with all of our might, to right the wrong, to defend our land and loved ones without apology; to break the pride in our power means that we would begin to hesitate and so become lost in chaos and confusion, bogged down in bemuddled thinking, unsure of ourselves, no clear sense of purpose, no clarity of mind and mission. In effect, we would become ashamed of our power and begin to retreat, in essence, by FEELING GUILTY for having dared to use it! The retreat is fast becoming a rout.

    May God bless our Israelite family of nations to confess and forsake our NATIONAL SINS that we may reverse the curse of political and military confusion (Daniel 9:11); that God may restore our minds as we restore His law and order in our lands and lives.

    Shelby Steele: White Guilt and the Western Past

  • I’ve had dealings with Jerk 112 myself and I wholeheartedly agree. By the wasy was that a recorded announcement or a live announcer?

  • Blue Meanie

    The comments expressed by a certain David above not only do not reflect those of the Management and staff, but in actuality bear no resemblance to either sanity nor reality as most know it.

    This has been a public service announcement brought to you from the Yellow Submarine Service

  • Israelis, Jews and Christian-Zionists worldwide ought to give thanks to God for fulfilling His promises to restore Judah first to our ancient Jewish homeland, the Promised Land of Israel, to be followed in God’s good time by the “Lost Ten Tribes.”

    Israel Independence Day: Yom Ha’Atzmaut

  • Hopefully these links will work:
    There is more than compelling evidence to indict Shimon Peres for the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin for those who aren’t afraid to face harsh reality.

    Shimon Peres Charged with the Murder of Yitzhak Rabin?

    The Yitzhak Rabin Murder Video (the Kempler Video)

    Shimon Peres Came to Power Over the Dead Body of Yitzhak Rabin

  • There is more than compelling evidence to indict Shimon Peres for the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin for those who aren’t afraid to face harsh reality.

    Shimon Peres Charged with the Murder of Yitzhak Rabin?

    The Yitzhak Rabin Murder Video (the Kempler Video)

    Shimon Peres Came to Power Over the Dead Body of Yitzhak Rabin

  • Heloise

    With the rise in gas prices do you think they will bring back government cheese programs?


  • We call upon the Israeli and world media (such as Dateline, 20/20, Nightline) to BROADCAST THE KEMPLER VIDEO and focus on this reopened cold case of Yitzhak Rabin’s murder (that refuses to rest until justice is served), in what Israeli political analyst Joel Bainerman predicts will become “the biggest scandal in Israeli history. “

    Shimon Peres Charged with the Murder of Yitzhak Rabin

  • Doesn’t the Economist know that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel? Doesn’t the Economist know that Israel is the Jewish homeland? Doesn’t it stand to reason, then, that the capital of the Jewish homeland should be a large Jewish city?

    The Economist Assaults Jerusalem

  • AIDS & gays…Frightening statistics about who is infected with the HIV virus, showing disproportionate numbers for practicing homosexuals, however accurate, are one more reason to avoid the self-destructive practice of homosexuality, but such statistics against abortion, divorce, adultery, stds, etc. could be produced as evidence as why some should avoid heterosexuality like the plague too!

    God’s Word should be sufficient to those whom He is working with at this time. Fear of consequences, unless they’re immediate, usually doesn’t work. May we love God and want to serve and obey Him, trusting Father knows best. I say this as a Christian who is convicted practicing homosexuality is a sin, and as a Christian who has AIDS and looks to the future when the saints will be given glorious, holy Spirit bodies at the resurrection!

    Scarlet Letter: A Christian With AIDS

    Does God Heal Today?

    Brokeback Mountain Blues

  • Doesn’t the Israel Project seek justice for Rabin? Does the Israel Project have any official comment on the Kempler video? Or has the Israel Project been bought off like so many other kapos?

    David Ben-Ariel Beyond Babylon

    Our mission is to educate journalists concerning Israel and the Arab-Israeli conflict before they write their stories. To do this well, we have to focus, which means saying “no” to many other topics/issues. This video is outside our scope of focus.

    Jack Zigon Senior Advisor for Strategy and Media
    The Israel Project | 2020 K Street, NW, Suite 7600 | Washington, DC 20006-1806
    Winning the war of words and images, to make a safer world for our global Jewish family

  • Need more Human Rights Issues,Cuba

  • Jerry & Dorothy Vilhotti

    This do nothing nothing congress is indeed scamming most of all the people. If they were as concerned as they say they are then why did they never secure our borders? Are they prohibited in doing so? And if they really respected the illegal immigrants – manifesting heaps of compassion on a group of people who thought by pandering to panders though would always remain hyphenated- Americans as the rest of us have always been and when does European-American gobble-gook talk kick into our “thought processes? Why not impose their fines not on the workers but instead on the many employers who took them in for exploitation purposes and the Mexican government who can not provide for all its people? Talk about corporate welfare. Now we’re into giving other countries welfare. We were just wondering; echoes from somewhere in the Litchfield Hills Jerry & Dorothy ….

  • Europe’s Bitter Roots
    Pope John Paul II called upon Europe to rediscover their roots. Will this Bavarian pope see to it that they do? Will Germany again become “Protector of Europe?”

  • Europe Misses the Mark – Will It Return as the Sign of the Cross?

    Europe needs a figurehead and symbols to rally around. Will the pope soon present them with both? Will the cross drive out the crescent?

  • Kadima train to Auschwitz borders: Don’t get on board!

    Ehud Olmert leads the Israeli political party of Kadima that threatens to drive Israel to self-destruction and Auschwitz borders. May the Kadima train get stopped before it leaves the station!

  • Europe to take out Iran for Jerusalem

    Even as the United States had Israel lay low during Operation Desert Storm, EUROPE will offer Israel guarantees of peace and security to let them strike Iran.

    Such a Mideast move by the EU rapid deployment FORCE is most dangerous, because it’ll only whet Europe’s appetite for blood and they’ll have their evil eye on Jerusalem.

  • again?

  • gonzo marx

    no Andy…yer all alone…


  • anyone releasing politics posts today?

  • Fortunately, all comments show up on the Fresh Comments page, so all pages are always “active.” Comment away!

  • Stan

    Sorry. Last comment was 2-21-06.

  • Stan

    I notice the last comment was posted 2-26-06. Is this still active or did the cows head for greener pastures?

    Would comment on gun control but why waste my time. Who would see it, let alone comment. The heard moved on.

  • “The track record on concealed carry and the reduction of crime is fantastic.”

    Perhaps you would enjoy the fantasy of the last twenty years in Northern Ireland. They had concealed permits available for those who “Qualified” to have them.

    Worked out well for the Orangemen for a while, till the rest got fed up and then it didn’t work out so good.

  • Thanks for making me aware of this bill, Jodie. I’ll look into it and maybe write an article on it. Great news for Kansans. The track record on concealed carry and the reduction of crime is fantastic.


  • I for one would hate to see this law pass in Kansas:

    A concealed-carry bill is back again in the Kansas Legislature. It’s SB 418 (PDF), and it permits the Attorney General, beginning next January 1, to authorize a Kansan to carry a concealed weapon, provided:
    · The applicant is a resident of the county in which the application is made, and the applicant has lived in Kansas for at least six months. “Resident of” is commonly understood to mean “pays property taxes in”.
    · The applicant is at least 21;
    · The applicant is physically able to safely handle a weapon;
    · The applicant has never been convicted of a felony or placed on diversion for one — even if the applicant was a juvenile when the crime occured;
    · The applicant has not in the last five years been mentally ill as defined by statute or convicted — anywhere — of an offense, whether misdemeanor or felony, involving drugs, alcohol, or domestic violence;
    · The applicant completes an eight-hour weapons safety course; standards for the course are outlined in the bill.
    These are the basics; other restrictions apply: for example, those with dishonorable discharges from the military or are contempt of court in a child support proceeding are disqualified. All costs of the application and course are paid by the applicant. Not carrying the license with the gun would be a class B misdemeanor. Applicants are also required to be fingerprinted and subjected to a state/federal criminal history check.
    Under this bill, currently in committee, Kansas will be a “shall-issue” state, meaning anyone who meets the qualifications and completing the application will be issued a license. Some states are “may-issue” states, meaning that the licensing official there has latitude in denying licenses to qualified applicants.
    Governor Sebelius vetoed a similar bill in 2004, but this time votes to override exist.

  • I for one would hate to see this law pass in Kansas:

    A concealed-carry bill is back again in the Kansas Legislature. It’s SB 418 (PDF), and it permits the Attorney General, beginning next January 1, to authorize a Kansan to carry a concealed weapon, provided:
    · The applicant is a resident of the county in which the application is made, and the applicant has lived in Kansas for at least six months. “Resident of” is commonly understood to mean “pays property taxes in”.
    · The applicant is at least 21;
    · The applicant is physically able to safely handle a weapon;
    · The applicant has never been convicted of a felony or placed on diversion for one — even if the applicant was a juvenile when the crime occured;
    · The applicant has not in the last five years been mentally ill as defined by statute or convicted — anywhere — of an offense, whether misdemeanor or felony, involving drugs, alcohol, or domestic violence;
    · The applicant completes an eight-hour weapons safety course; standards for the course are outlined in the bill.
    These are the basics; other restrictions apply: for example, those with dishonorable discharges from the military or are contempt of court in a child support proceeding are disqualified. All costs of the application and course are paid by the applicant. Not carrying the license with the gun would be a class B misdemeanor. Applicants are also required to be fingerprinted and subjected to a state/federal criminal history check.
    Under this bill, currently in committee, Kansas will be a “shall-issue” state, meaning anyone who meets the qualifications and completing the application will be issued a license. Some states are “may-issue” states, meaning that the licensing official there has latitude in denying licenses to qualified applicants.
    Governor Sebelius vetoed a similar bill in 2004, but this time votes to override exist.

  • This is a shameless plug for my own blog that features political rantings. Go to LobeSpew for unapologetically liberal rantings. Thanks for letting me comment!

  • Extreme (and effective) politics: Antanas Mockus, the future leader of Latin-America

    Perhaps the name “Antanas Mockus” is unknown outside Colombia where he was Major of Bogota (two times).

    Now he is runnning for President (2006 -2010). Being a Philosopher and a Mathematician, he has shown how Politics can be done with brain over traditional politics.

    To know more, visit:

  • Mario G. Nitrini 111

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    And just IN-CASE someone at LAPD Doesn’t Quite Understand:

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    My OJ Simpson Case Legal Documents

    Mario G. Nitrini The 3rd

    Joined: 11 Jan 2006
    Posts: 26
    Location: Reseda, california
    Posted: Sat Jan 14, 2006 3:40 pm

    I Hope this works:


    Mario G. Nitrini 111

    The OJ Simpson Case

    Mario G. Nitrini 111

    Mario G. Nitrini The 3rd

    Joined: 11 Jan 2006
    Posts: 26
    Location: Reseda, california
    Posted: Sun Jan 15, 2006 11:41 am

    On The 2nd scan, The Los Angeles Police Department Complaint of Employee Misconduct, right after Bill Wasz’s E-mail to me, in the Location of Occurence, I have where the Savage Beating that was Purpotrated on me by Guiterrez and Hart (Their Assassination Attempt on me) Occurred. Apporximately at 15300 Victory Blvd, at a Place that was called Bourbon Square. It was Actually Carried out in Bourbon Square’s Parking Lot. That’s in Van Nuys, Califormia, in The San Fernando Valley.

    On the 5th scan, LAPD’s letter to me in response to my First Complaint, the Place of Occurence that they have, signed by Richard C. Wemmer, it is stated it’s “an Incident that occurred in West Los Angeles Area.” (NOT QUITE).

    What’s going on here?????

    Also, the date that I made this First Complaint on was 12-2-2000, and brought to LAPD’S Internal Affairs Department
    on 12-5-2000 along with My Second Compalint, which was signed (The Second Complaint) by Alice Appel. But yet in this First LAPD Letter to me, it says I made the Complaint on December 18th, 2000. WHERE in the World is the Date December 18th, 2000, shown on this first Complaint that I made???? Well it’s NOT. This was an Illegal Lame FORGERY Attempt by LAPD because of My Personal Involvement in The OJ Simpson Case. One HUGE Reason for this Illegal Lame Forgery Attempt by LAPD, is that some of it goes to LAPD’s Internal Affairs Person Lieutenant Jeri Weinstien.

    To Be Continued………

    Mario G. Nitrini 111

    Mario G. Nitrini 111

    Mario G. Nitrini The 3rd

    Joined: 11 Jan 2006
    Posts: 26
    Location: Reseda, california
    Posted: Mon Jan 16, 2006 11:50 am

    In the first letter LAPD sent me, it says in the first paragraph, last sentence, “The complaint has been given appropriate attention and did not identify misconduct.”

    In the second letter that LAPD sent me, it says in the first Paragraph, second sentence, “The Department completed a thorough investigation into your concerns and interviewed all available witnesses.

    Since I received both of these letters, and then compared them, I ALWAYS wondered what the Term “APPROPRIATE ATTENTION” meant in the first letter, yet in the second letter, LAPD says they Interviewed ALL????? available witnesses.

    But here’s the Problem. I listed MANY witnesses in my first Complaint.

    I tried to find out what was going on with my complaint’s with The Office of the Inspector General on June 1st, 2004. The Lady who was handling my Case at the time, Julie Jaramillo, said it would take 2 months to dig up my file. Well, as of today, January 16th, 2006, I haven’t heard a WORD from The Inspector General’s Office. WHAT A COVER-UP concerning me, Mario G. Nitrini 111 in The OJ Simpson Case.

    Mario G. Nitrini 111

    Mario G. Nitrini 111

    Mario G. Nitrini The 3rd

    Joined: 11 Jan 2006
    Posts: 26
    Location: Reseda, california
    Posted: Tue Jan 17, 2006 10:57 am

    On the second Page of my 1st Complaint, I name William Wasz as a Witness. The 1st LAPD Letter to me says My complaint got Appropriate attemtion.

    Bill Wasz was in Prison at this time, and LAPD KNEW where he was. It would not have been hard for someone to go interview him regarding my complaint. I would Still like to know if Bill Wasz, among other people, got a visit from someone working for THE LAPD regarding my Complaint Concerning this situation from The OJ Simpson Case.

    Mario G. Nitrini 111

    Mario G. Nitrini 111

  • Actually, Mr Parr, they get their stuff from us – but you stick with their version of reality, you wouldn’t like it here 😉

  • I haven’t read much here yet, but what I have read is all a bunch of liberal lies, i.e. “plamegate”, “Bush lied”… “Iraq has nothing to do with the war on terror”.. Do you people actually believe this stuff? Get a clue. Go to Powerline or Drudge Repot and read some actual FACTS, why don’t you? Get a clue.

  • Assata Shakur Slain Rapper Tupoc Shakurs Aunt and 12 to 15 Ex-BlackPanthers are said to in Cuba. Last May. Castro Spoke out Stateing that he wouldnt Give her up,for a Terrorist who Blew up a Cuban Jet.Nor would he take a Milliondollar Bounty Placed on her Head.she is late 50s now.the Forensic evadence already Proved she didnt fire a gun at all to kill a New Jersey Trooper in a shootout.or otherwise.and that she had her hands Raised when the troopers shot her in the Back twice leaving her for dead.After almost 30 years,in exile,The Vindictiveness of the NJ Troopers amazes me.a Blck panther Died and a trooper died in a shhot out on the New Jersey Turnpike.Cnt they just let it Rest?whith their attatude and Money.I also makes one Wonder ”Who”Killed TUPOC.

  • unbeliever

    Chris, Don’t you think there should be some reasonable limit on the length of a comment? This was several times as long as all the other 80 comments on this thread combined! It could have been shortened to the following 20 words:

    “My Great Peace Plan is to have the rich countries give half of their GNP’s to the poor ones.”

    Period. End of Story. [Deleted]

  • For the same reason that I don’t delete other people’s ramblings either, rrrrrr-iiiii-ght?

  • unbeliever

    [Deleted. It’s not a good idea to post contact info. Comments Editor.]

    I don’t understand why you didn’t delete this rambling egomaniac’s entire post.

  • aghadilbar

    Name: Agha Dilbar

    Website:No-1 aghadilbar No-2 aghadilbar2

    Location: Lahore, Pakistan

    Topic: Peace Comments Change the World with Peace and Prosperity 10-Million Urgent Peace letters to Head of States, UN, Parliaments, Political Parties, TV News Channels, International Newspapers, Magazines, Universities, Think tanks, Amnesty International and Welfare NGOs, all over the World

    Subject: Friendship, Progress and Prosperity for peace throughout the World I Agha Dilbar Founder International Revolution Movement have sent10-Million research Peace Letters to International Community from 11-September 2001(9/11) till today about War on Terror.

    Our NGO International Revolution Movement (IRM) has 3-Principles, Friendship, Progress and Prosperity all over the World. Our NGO, s programmed is for The Welfare of International Community and to save the Human Being from 3rd World War and World Terrorism.

    I Agha Dilbar have a Great Peace Plan for Kashmir, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Middle East and Iraq to stop and eliminate Suicidal Bomb Attacks all over The World. Some Powerful Underground Groups want to begin 3rd World War for their worst intentions. World should remember that religion Islam is a religion of Peace Security, Fraternity and Love. We Muslims are not concerned with any sort of Terrorism; Terrorists are only using the name of Islam. Likewise people using the name of Islam to pretence are not Muslims. They are only Terrorists.

    I, Agha Dilbar on emergency ground want to present solid suggestions to International Community, regarding their policies on War against Terrorism, Can be saved from Economic Crisis, I should be given a chance to make Open Speech and Dialogue, on the leading TV News Channels to eliminate Poverty, Unemployment and Lawlessness at International level. I am warning the International Community that according to my previous Research spread over a period of 4-years; it is evident that sufficient Intentional or Unintentional efforts have not been made to eradicate The Root Causes of Terrorism in all its forms and manifestations (Suicide Bombing and Destructive Tendencies). As a result thereof it is quite possible that there may be dramatic hundred times (100%) Increase in the Incidences of Terrorism and Suicide Bombing in the near future.

    For the sake of World Peace, I therefore request the International Community to provide me an Opportunity to explain to them, the root causes of World Terrorism and Suicide Bombings as to take bold steps to put an end to its basic causes. In Nutshell instead of using Brute Force, try to solve the matter through Table Talk. I should convince those who are on the wrong track that they are their Well – wisher and are interested to develop Friendship for mutual Progress.

    In the Reward of my Sincere Services, I please be given a chance of Official Visit to Interested Countries for Elaborating my Great Peace Plan before the Head of States and other concerned Higher Authorities. Regards Please Donate Funds for International Peace Campaign for conveying message of Peace through Friendship, Progress and Prosperity by International Revolution Movement in a better way 1000 times more, We Need Funds on Urgent Bases. Please send your Donations [Deleted. It’s not a good idea to post contact info. Comments Editor.] (website:aghadilbar) Thanks for using this service.

    Please E-mail these peace letters to your friends, for the welfare of Humanity. Thank you for your participation. We appreciate your contribution for Humanity (Live with Dignity and Dye with Grace. Guide Line from Agha Dilbar)

    Agha Dilbar,s Urgent Peace Letter No.2)
    Subject: Agha Dilbar request for a chance of Open Speech and Dialogue To World Community for Peace.

    We want Peace not War. I Agha Dilbar have a Great Peace Plan for the World Community. This is A Great Treasure for Humanity. After following my Great Peace Plan, War on Terror will fight through UN Principles. I request to all the Head of States, UN, Parliaments, Political Parties, TV News Channels, International Newspapers and Magazines, Think Tanks, Universities, Amnesty International And Welfare NGOs, Please invite me in your Countries, Institutions, TV Shows, Media Forums to give me a chance of Open Speech and Dialogue about my Great Peace Plan. Thanks .

    I am sure that my Great Peace Plan will protect the Impending 3rd world War. After following the instructions contained in my Great Peace Plan, People of The World become Prosperous and Developed according to the latest Scientific Era. I Agha Dilbar have a Great Peace Plan, which depends upon, Friendship, Progress and Prosperity throughout the World. I hope that World Community will favor my Great Peace Plan quickly. Any question about my Great Peace Plan? Write directly to me. Thanks and Regards

    E-mail Agha Dilbar,s Urgent Peace Letter No. 3)
    Subject: Make the UN Peace Force strongest force of the World to save The World coming from on 3rd World War and State Terrorism,

    I Agha Dilbar warns the World Community that Israel should be Stopped from genocide and atrocities committed in Palestine. In the wake of these Atrocities there must be more Suicidal Bombing and many other Horrible Incidences like 9/11 Attacks due to revenge, which can cause 3rd World War Any time.

    1) To break the coming 3rd World War the owners of many Armament producing Factories are playing their roll very actively; so that they can get New Orders after the old stock get exhausted during the 3rd World War. I am putting on alert, UN, Head of States, Parliaments, Political Parties, TV News Channels, International Newspapers and Magazines, Universities, Think Tanks, Amnesty International and welfare NGO,s all over the World, that after The 3rd World War the Progress and Prosperity of all the Rich, Developed, Under Developed, Poor and Backward Countries of the World will become a dream In the wake of their Economic Crisis.

    3) Current Powerful, Rich and Developed Nations should keep in mind, That Even if they conquer the Weak Poor and Backward Nations their Armies Will Have to face an upended Gorilla War in the occupied regions for the Next Five, Ten or Twenty Years, which might result in the destruction of? Their Defense Power and Economy. Here is a live example of Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, Afghanistan and Iraq.4) According to Agha Dilbar strategy, the entire giant disputes of the World Like Palestine, Kashmir Chechnya, Afghanistan and Iraq could only be solved Through UN Peace Force, after making it the strongest force in the World. I am positive that instead of using the wrong tactics of power in solving The above mentioned disputes of the World, will try to solve these amicably Through Friendship, Progress and Prosperity can avert World Terrorism and 3rd World War. Agha Dilbar,s Urgent Peace Letter No.

    4)Subject: Agha Dilbar,s request to Rich and Developed Nations not to crush Underdeveloped and Poor Nations with State Terrorism or by starting 3rdWorld War .As per my research the State Terrorism in Kashmir, Palestine, Chechnya, Afghanistan and Iraq may cause of 3rd World War and Hundred Times Suicide Bombing all over the World. My message to UN is to crush the State Terrorism Through UN Peace Force in Kashmir, Palestine and Chechnya.

    Also in the war affected areas. UN Peace Force should make practical efforts to solve Disputes with Table Talk, through Friendship Progress and Prosperity; All over the World .I hope the UN would be successful by implementing my Great Peace Plan, Friendship, Progress and Prosperity in disputed countries all over the World. If UN failed to bring Peace in these countries then 3rd World War and World Terrorism would be resulting in death of Twenty Crore People and Complete destruction of World Economy.

    Remember as per my research the next 3rd World War would not be an Atomic War, but it will be fought through traditional newly invented Dangerous Weapons. There will be no doubt that Developed and Rich Countries Forces Equipped with newly invented Dangerous Weapons will win the 3RD World War. In case of starting 3RD World War, Developing Countries and their Survival Countries involved in the long Gorilla War for their survival. Resultantly the World Community will totally collapse.

    Therefore in view above stated positions, the Developed Countries, possessing Fatal Weapons Should, instead of conquering the Under Developed, Poor Countries by Force, May achieve the goal through Friendship, Progress and Prosperity with the help of UN, so that permanent World Peace should be brought.

    Agha Dilbar s Urgent Peace Letter No.5)
    Subject: New Revolutionary Planning to eradicate the worst Economic Crisis at the International Level

    I Agha Dilbar present new revolutionary planning to the World Community to Eradicate the worst Economic Crisis. After the implementation of these Suggestions all the Developed Rich Countries and Underdeveloped Poor Countries will enter in a new golden era of Friendship, Progress andProsperity.

    1) According to new business strategy of Agha Dilbar, all the Developed and Rich Countries of Europe, America and Asia will contribute 1% of their Annual National Budgets as a free aid to the Underdeveloped, Poor Countries for their Education, Health and Agriculture projects.

    2) In future all the Developed Rich Countries will make a final Decision to Produce commercial loans in Agriculture, Industry, Trade and Education at The rate of 1% Interest.

    3) In future all the Developed Rich Countries of the World will get the50%Profit of all the commercial projects installed in Agriculture, Industry, Trade and Education fields, of poor and underdeveloped countries. Rest of the 50% profit will be spent on the welfare projects of Underdeveloped Poor Countries in the fields of Health, Education, Agriculture and Industry etc.

    4) Moreover Developed Rich Countries of the World will bound to pay 50% of their earnings in Gas, Oil, Electricity and in the projects of minerals like Coal, Steel, Jewels, Gold as royalty to the Underdeveloped Poor Countries of The World.

    5) In future Developed Rich Countries of the World will make a treaty Through BOOT, according to which Under Developed Poor Countries will Provide Free land on 20 years lease for the commercial projects in Agriculture, Industry, Trade and Education etc. Under the BOOT_ Treaty all the Investors of Developed Rich Countries will Hand Over their Business Assets, Buildings, Machinery and Transport to the Undeveloped Poor Countries after 20_Years Free of cast.

    5) After above said business strategy, introduced by Agha Dilbar in Future may avoid World Terrorism and 3rd World War on its implementation. This Plan requires the Rich Developed Countries to invest on big commercial Projects In the fields of Agriculture; Industry and Trade in Under Developed Poor Countries to promote Friendship, mutual Progress and Prosperity.

    Agha Dilbar s Urgent Peace Letter No.6)

    Subject: Agha Dilbar Great Peace Plan to give the command of forces of All The countries UN Peace Force to decide War against any TerroristCountry.

    1) Under the resolution of UN Security Council, to control the coming 3rd World War and World Terrorism, to make the UN Peace Force the most Powerful Force of the World. Following rules and regulations will be acted upon.

    2) In future UN Peace Force would be given the command of forces of all The Countries and UN Peace Force will decide whether to wage a War against any Terrorist Country or not.

    3) In future UN Peace Force will be Independent to take any timely Action against Terrorist Country.

    4) Under the UN Security Council Resolution, UN will take the charge of all Armament Producing Factories of the World in future. And in the said Factories the production would be curtailed to 25% only, and the rest of 75%Production would take place in the form of Cars, Buses, Trucks, Tractors, Trains, Ships, Aero Planes and Latest Machinery.

    5) After tacking the charge of all the International Forces, UN Peace Force will convert 25% of army into UN Peace Force, and rest of the 75% will be? Be Appointed to build, Dams, Canals, Roads, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, Sports Complexes, Heavy Industries and projects of Oil, Gas and Minerals.

    6) UN Security Council will pass a resolution, under which it will take of all the Weapons of Mass Destruction into its custody and will dispose of gradually in future, peaceful use of Atomic Power would be promoted In all the countries.

    Agha Dilbar s Urgent Peace Letter No.7)

    Subject: The Powerful, Developed countries should not initiate the 3rd World War. The rich nations in spite of their victory will have to face the Destruction of their Defense Power and Economy in the Long Gorilla War.

    1) According to Agha Dilbar s research on War against Terrorism Rich and Developed Countries of the World should never take an emotional step of Initiating the War on the bases of their Defense and their EconomicPower

    2) If their exist such few Terrorist Countries, then to destroy such Countries War should be fought from the platform of UN Peace Force .

    3) Rich and Powerful Countries should remember that due to state Terrorism In Kashmir, Palestine, Chechnya, Afghanistan and Iraq the bloody events Like 9/11 could take hundred times in revenge.

    4) If Rich and Powerful Nations do not take a positive and strong step To Stop the State Terrorism in Kashmir, Palestine, Chechnya through UN Peace Force and instead they start aimless 3rd World War, then their would be Hundred Times more Suicidal Terrorist Attacks in revenge.

    5) According to Agha Dilbar s research, in the wake of 3rd World War, Twenty Crore innocent people will fall prey to death .

    6) In the wake of expected 3rd World War Rich and Powerful Nations in Spite of becoming victorious will have to face a worst Gorilla War in theNext5, 10, 20 years, which will destroy the Defense and Economic Power of Victorious countries.

    7) According to Agha Dilbar s Research, World Terrorism and Suicidal Bombing Should be rooted out through UN Peace Force or through Table Talk.

    8) It is the best Advice to Rich and Powerful Nations from Agha Dilbar That Instead of staging 3rd World War they should keep the veneration of the Global village and its people and try to solve the disputed problems Through UN Table Talk and take the step of Friendship for mutual Progress and Prosperity.

    Agha Dilbar s Urgent Peace Letter No.8)
    Subject: A New Plan of Agha Dilbar for solutions of disputes between Enemy Countries instead War or Terrorism and convert them to promote, Friendship Mutual Progress and Prosperity

    1) The disputed issues should be resolved through Table Talk instead of War or Terrorist Activities, between enemy countries.

    2) The enemy countries should launch mutual Cultural Shows on permanent basis.

    3) The disputed enemy countries start on large scale mutual Import /Export Facility on BarterTtreaty.

    4) The Disputed Enemy Countries should provide mutual Scholarships to their Talent Students on equal basis.

    5) The disputed enemy countries should sign Mutual Pacts to construct Schools, Colleges, Universities and Hospitals for welfare purposes.

    6) The disputed enemy Countries should sign pacts for reducing the Arms and Engaging their Armies for construction of Dams, Canals, Highways, Bridges, Sports Complexes, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, Airports, Sea Ports and Heavy Industries.

    7) The disputed enemy countries should co-operate to finish Terrorism In their countries on equal basis.

    8) The disputed enemy countries should start mutual Economic Programmed for giving Jobs to Doctors, Engineers, Mechanics, Electricians and Labor on equal basis in their countries.

    9) The disputed enemy countries should sign mutual pacts to construct Dams, Canals, Motorways, Bridges, Five star Hotels, Airports, Seaports and Heavy Industries. With the help of above Agha Dilbar plan the disputed enemy countries would be able to solve disputes and stop War and Terrorist Activities.

    Agha Dilbar s Urgent Peace Letter No.9
    Subject: According to Agha Dilbar s research, what type of acute? Horrible and dreadful problems, World Community will have to face during and after The coming 3rd World War.

    1) If UN fails to avert the coming 3rd World War, which would be fought with Traditional Weapons, under these circumstances, World Community will have to Face the following expected terrible results.

    2) Powerful and Rich countries after making continuous attacks and Capturing At least four countries within the next few months, the 3rd World War would start Formally and it will continue for the next one year.

    3) In the coming 3rd World War, the allies of Powerful Rich Countries would Be Hundred in Number, and the Weak and Poor Countries against these Would also be Hundred.

    4) In the coming 3rd World War, around 20 Crore Innocent People would fall Prey to death, and about 50 Crore would get crippled.

    5) Due to the 3rd World War, about One Billion People homeless and Jobless after destruction of their cities, and they will have to live a Nomadic Life In the open places for the next 5, 10 or 20 years.

    6) During and after the 3rd World War there will be a 75% decline in The Business of Agriculture, Industry, Trade, Tourism, Import and Export in The Next 5 years.

    7) After the 3rd World War, there will be a chain of Bloody Revolutions In The Rich Develop Countries and Poor Underdeveloped Countries due to Inflation, Unemployment, Lawlessness and Corruption.

    8) To avert all these terrible consequences of the 3rd World War, I Agha Dilbar request UN and World Community to instead of making the Global Village a Fire, Terrorism and War, they should try to solve the burning Issues through Table Talk or UN Peace Force in a Friendly, Progressive and Prosperous way .

    Agha Dilbar s Urgent Peace Letter No.10)
    Subject: A Grate Peace Plan for UN and International Community to save The World coming on 3rd World War

    I Agha Dilbar put a Great Peace Plan, War against Terror, for the sake of World Community. I appeal UN to act upon my Great Peace Plan Unconditionally for the sake of World Peace.

    1) All countries of the World should make the strongest UN Peace Force.

    2) UN Peace Force should be given full authorities for the sake of World Peace in Kashmir, Chechnya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Sari lanka and Nepal etc where Peace Plan may be implemented war effected areas and all administrative authorities may allotted to the UN Peace Force till the Peace Restored completely

    4) I Agha Dilbar am afraid that the World Community may enter into the3rd World War, because of such disputes among the above mentioned Nations, are Acting may induce the bloody war. Which can increase losses of life and Economy Hundred Times.

    Agha Dilbarâ?? s Urgent Peace Letter No.11)
    Subject: World Community must support the Great Peace Plan of Agha Dilbar to stop the horrible, dreadful 3rd World War and World Terrorism1)

    For stopping the 3rd World War, which may erupt as a result of? Retaliation in Philistine, Kashmir, Chechnya, Afghanistan and Iraq State Terrorism, the World Community should support Agha Dilbar s Great Peace Mission.

    For this purpose, peace rallies should be organized in all big Cities as the next 3rd World War may take 200 Million innocent human Lives, besides crippling 500 Million People and starving, homeless One Billion People in addition to carrying inherent danger of Economic Crises.

    2) The World Community should awaken International awareness for making The UN Peace Force as the strongest Peace Enforcing Body having its control over Armies of all UN Member Countries.

    3) Apparently, Agha Dilbar s Great Peace Mission is a weak but truthful Concept, which with the help of World Community will compel the strong And Superpower armies to surrender before UN.

    4) The World Community should keep in mind that their support of this Great Peace Mission will change the 3rd World War and World Terrorism into Friendship Progress and Prosperity then the World will enter into a new Golden era.

    Agha Dilbar s Urgent Peace Letter No.12)
    Subject: Next 3rd World War is the Oil and Economic Interest War, which Will Bring numerous International Revolutions between the Conquers and Concurred Nations

    1) World Community must remember that next 3rd World War is represented Religious War. Infect above mention war is the Oil and Economic Interest War.

    2) Next 3rd World War is the Oil and Economic Interest War, which will bring Numerous International Revolutions between the Conquers and Concurred Nations.

    3) International Anti-war demonstrations will play historic role to Stop the 3rd World War.

    4) The beginning of 3rd World War will prove strong grip of bureaucracy on the Democratic Institutions.

    5) The suspension of 3rd World War will crush the strong grip of International Bureaucratic Institutions.

    Agha Dilbar s Urgent Peace Letter No.13
    Subject: Agha Dilbar,s Practical Steps for Peace Mission and International Community Awareness

    1)All the vehicles throughout the World should affix a sticker saying “Peace not War”

    2) Posters with the same slogan,” Peace not War” should be displayed at all Public Places, like Shops, Showrooms, Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals and Factories.

    3) World famous Singers, TV, Film and Stage Artists should present Songs, Stage Shows, Dramas and Films with this theme,” Peace not War”

    4) World Fame commercial and industrial organizations, Banks, Mills, Import Export and Insurance Concerns should advertise with this slogan: “PeaceNotWar”

    5) At International Level, Amnesty International and all the welfare NGO,S should organize public rallies of “Peace not War”

    6) The affected classes of World would be affected, 3rd World War, like Laborers Farmers Students, Women and Children should hold rallies in support of” Peace not War”

    7) The Social and Political Activists Teachers, Advocates, Politicians Intellectuals, World Famous Players and Social Workers should send E-mails(With a copy through International News Papers and Magazines) for Stoppage of War to those Head of States who are preparing for War.

    8) According to Agha Dilbar s Thesis, the only solution for preventing The Next 3rd World War is that the UN should be converted into the Worlds Strongest Peace Force instead of baseless speech forum.

    Agha Dilbar,s Urgent Peace Letter No.14
    Subject: To stop the 3rd World War all the Anti-War Countries should make use full strongest Media Radio, TV, Internet and Newspapers

    1) Anti-War Countries should make appeal for Peace not War the peace Loving People of the World.

    2) Anti-War Countries should prove their propaganda; the Superpowers of the World are fighting for the security of their wrong Economic, Oil andPowerInterest.

    3) Anti-War Countries should tell to the people of the World through their Media that next 3rd World War will become the cause Death of Two Hundred Million Innocent People and make Five hundred million People disabled.

    4) Anti-War Countries should tell the International Community that next3rdWorld War will become the cause of One Billion People Homeless and Unemployed. In this way they will live in Nomadic Life for the next5, 10 or20 years.

    5) Anti-War Countries should tell the International Community that next3rdWorld War will become the collapse of 75% International Business of Agriculture, Commerce, Industry, Tourism and Import Export. In this way all Rich and Poor Countries of the World will become the cause of Inflation, Unemployment Lawlessness and Corruption with consequences of Bloodshed.

    Agha Dilbar,s Urgent Peace Letter No.15
    Subject: A few Powerful Developed Countries want to Enforce Law of Jungle (Might is Right) after Conquering the World, International Community should Stand against it, Like an Iron Wall

    1) For controlling the Oil Resources of World, a few Developed Countries are Planning to enslave the International Community through next 3rd WorldWar.

    2) World Community should resist this move of Powerful Countries, who are Launching 3rd World War through false propaganda of Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction.

    3) The recent announcement of these countries has proved their Falsehood That they will not hesitate to form a new International Organization, if UN Security Council does not support their War Mission.

    4) The World Community must continue Peaceful Rallies for stopping the3rdWorld War, so that 200 Million People can be sued from Death, 500Million>From being Crippled and One Billion from Starvation and becomingHomeless.

    5) The World Community should act upon Agha Dilbar s Great Peace Plan by Establishing Anti-War Peace Force under UN Control.6) Agha Dilbar appeal to International Newspapers, Magazines and TV News Channels that my Great Peace Plan is printed / broadcast on urgent Basis, so that World Community must know it for stopping the 3rd World War.

    Agha Dilbar,s Urgent Peace Letter No.16)
    Subject: Stop War against Iraq for the World s Peace).

    1Aghd Dilbar am warning the Developed Powerful Countries to stop the War against Iraq, which can Cause of next 3rd World War any time.

    2) UN to make strong action to stop the War against Iraq or UN will Break any time.

    3) World Community should start Peaceful Demonstrations immediately against War on Iraq otherwise 6-Billion People will become the victim of Worst Economic Crisis.

    4) Developed Powerful Countries after winning the War against Iraq, will be Engaged in long Gorilla War next 5, 10 or 20 years which will destroy their Defense and Economic Power.

    5) If the present War against Iraq continues 100% Suicidal Attacks can Take Place in Revenge.

    6) To stop the present Iraq War, it is Agha Dilbar s Great Peace Plan UN Peace Force goes in Iraq immediately for World Peace.7) In case War against Iraq continue, there can be 100% Increase World Terrorism and Suicide Attacks which can cause the complete destruction of International Economy.

    Agha Dilbar,s Urgent Peace Letter No.17
    Subject: World Community must help War Effected, Injured Iraqis

    1) Agha Dilbar appeals to UN, Head of States, World Red Cross that on Humanitarian grounds practical steps should be taken to help thousands of War Effected Iraqis.

    2) World Community should send Doctors, Nurses and Medicines to Iraq on Large scale and on Urgent Basis.

    3) Immediate Food is needed for thousands of War Effected Iraqis.

    4) Immediate steps should be taken for provision of Employment Resources to Hundred of Thousands of People in War affected Iraqis.

    5) UN and Red Cross Aid distributing Teams should be immediately sentToIraq.

    6) Human Rights Missions should be sent to Iraq for inspecting Prisoners of War are being dealt according to Geneva Convention or not.

    7) UN Network should be immediately established in Iraq for Distribution of Aid, Medicines, Food, Drinking Water and Tents etc.8) Agha Dilbar specially appeals to all Muslim Countries and International Welfare NGO S that immediate help to Iraqis be given in shape of Food, Medicines and Tents etc.

    Agha Dilbar,s Urgent Peace Letter No.18)
    Subject: Collation Forces after ceasefire in Iraq must go back to their Homeland, in other case Collation Forces after conquering Iraq will Back to Their countries with fifty thousand Dead bodies (Research by Agha Dilbar

    1) After horrible and dreadful bombardment of Collation Forces in Iraq the Worst sentiments of International Community can take place against Collation Forces all over the World.

    2) Continuous horrible and dreadful War in Iraq will cause deaths of 5-Lakes Iraqis and 50_ thousand Collation Forces in a long Gorilla War.

    3) Agha Dilbar advise Collation Forces they should not conquers Iraq for Iraqi Oil, in this way they can loose their Defense Power and Economy.

    4) Collation Forces can conquers Iraq after killing 5-Laks Iraqis, in Consequences, 100% Suicide Attacks can burst throughout the World against Collation Forces.

    5) Collation Forces decision to double their army in Iraq for their Victory will prove them a next Vietnam War.

    6) Collation Forces, keep in mind that Palestine, Chechnya, Kashmir, Afghanistan and Iraq cannot solve with Brute Force, in this way 9/11Type Incidences can take place against Collation Forces all over the World.

    7) Above-mentioned international disputes, Collation Forces should solve these disputes with the help of UN Peace Force, through Friendship, Progress and Prosperity.

    Agha Dilbar urgent Peace Letter No.19)
    Subject: According the rule of Might is Right, Collation Forces Conquered Iraq and than threatened Syria, Iran and North Korea.

    1) Collation Forces are blaming Syria, Iran and North Korea to Collecting Weapons of Mass Destruction and Terrorism.

    2) Now Collation Forces have started horrible and dreadful planning to Attack Syria and than Iran for their oil Resources interest.

    3) UN can become helpless, if Collation Forces kept on capturing many Weak and Undeveloped Countries one by one.

    4) Collation Forces want to make slave all the countries of the World with The new Jungle Law. (Might is Right)

    5). World Community should Convert such Collation Forces to UN Peace Force as Strongest force of the World.

    6) Peace Loving people of the World should solve their disputes not with Brute Force and Terrorism. They should solve their differences through Friendship Progress and Prosperity with the practical help of UN Peace Force.

    Agha Dilbar Urgent Peace Letter No.20)
    Subject: The dream of Collation Forces to enforces Law of Jungle in World through use of power/cruelty will be resisted by World Community, as People all over the World have arisen and by becoming united they will crush Collation Forces in Iraq.

    1) For capturing oil resources of Iraq, the Collation Forces have started Aggression and worst bombing. People all over the World should condemn It.

    2) The aggression and cruelty, which the Collation Forces have started In Iraq is a plan to enslave the poor and weak nations. The World Community should take practical steps to stop this in Iraq.

    3) Agha Dilbar advises the Collation Forces that World can be conquered through Friendship, Progress and Prosperity instead of aggression andCruelty.

    4) The dangerous plan of Collation Forces to dissolve UN, which they have Prepared under influence of force, barbarity and cruelty, UN should Resist It with the help of World Community.

    5) The Collation Forces, for capturing oil resources of Iraq have started Mass Killings of thousands of Iraqis. Iraqi soil will revenge it and The World Super Power will get humiliating defeat like Russians in Iraq.

    6) World Community must condemn the false propaganda of Collation Forces that they are doing it for freedom of Iraqi people.

    7) The Collation Forces must remember that in retaliation to state Terrorism against Philistine People, a tragic incident like suicide attack of 9/11Took place. It is possible that in revenge of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq, many such like incidents may reoccur and never ending process may start.

    Agha Dilbar’s Urgent Peace Letter No.21
    Subject: The Collation Forces through massive War Power trying to Enslave of Poor World. How to stop them?

    1) Recently the Collation Forces have started War in the name of Iraqi Freedom its only solution is that the World Community by making a UN Peace Force the most powerful body should take immediate steps to control the Plot of Collation Forces for starting 3rd World War.

    2) The World Community, through powerful media, i.e. Radio, TV Internet, Newspapers, Magazines, should start media propaganda for Public Opinion building.

    3) The World Community through Economic Boycott of Collation Forces, should Hit their Economies through Media.

    4) The War Crimes of Collation Forces in Iraq should be made publicThroughMedia.

    5) The World Community should move to Intl Court of Justice against Collation Forces for damage to Iraq, People of Iraq and for withdrawal from Iraq.

    6) The Poor Countries, especially those with Oil Resources who will be First Targets of imperialist motives of Collation Forces, should start Campaign Through UN and other international Forums for their immediate Withdrawal and Establishing Democratic Govt in Iraq.

    Agha Dilbar’s Urgent Peace Letter No.22
    Subject: A new plan by Agha Dilbar to curb World Terrorism, Suicidal Attacks And for permanent restoration of Peace.

    1) The present strategy of Collation Forces to fight against World Terrorism and for stopping of Suicidal Attacks by attacking on Poor Countries, is resulting in further 100% Terrorism.

    2) The sufferings people of Poor Countries, massive killings of their Innocent people, loss of proprieties and source of livings is making them Customized to Suicidal Attacks.

    3) This strategy of Collation Forces to attack on Poor Countries one by one In the name of curbing Terrorism, may result outbreak of 3rd World War at any time.

    4) The Collation Forces must remember that their continuous attacks on Poor Countries are generating Bloody Rebellions, Civil Wars and long Gorilla Wars with possibility of devastating World Economy.

    5) According to Agha Dilbar’s Great Peace Plan, the Collation Forces And all Countries of the World should hand over their Army High Command to UN_PeaceForce.

    6) According to this Great Peace Plan proposed strongest UN_ Peace Force of the World should resolve International Disputes (As such Kashmir, Philistine, Chechnya. Afghanistan and Iraq etc.) Through Friendship Progress and Prosperity instead of Military Actions for curbing Terrorism and Suicidal attack.

    Agha Dilbar,s Urgent Peace Letter No.23
    Subject: Agha Dilbar s new plan “United States of the World” should Immediately adopt this Plan for Defense of Poor Nations and Welfare of Their People.

    1) The World Community with the help of France, Germany, Russia, Japan, China, other European, Asian, Arab, African, States should form an Institution like Nato and European Union.

    2) The Headquarter of this proposed Institution (USW) should be based at France or Germany and its Head should be elected annually through Voting of Member States.

    3) This Institution (USW) will take all actions including Military, Economic, Industrial, Agricultural, Commercial, Educational and Cultural under the Principles of UN.

    4) USW will ensure Regional Safety and Defense of its Member States.

    5) USW will take immediate and practical steps for assurance of SingleCurrency.

    6) By abolishing Travel Restrictions, USW will encourage Tourism among Member States.

    7) USW will encourage Free Trade by abolishing Tariffs.

    8) For Economic, Industrial Agricultural Commercial and Educational Development of its Poor Member States, USW will provide technology and Confessional (@1%) Long Term Loans.

    9) USW will establish Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, and Sports Complexes, Motor Ways, Dams, Canals and heavy Industries in its PoorMemberStates.

    10) USW will take measures to control Environmental Pollution in itsMemberStates.

    11) USW will resolve Regional Disputes of its Member States through Table Talk, Friendship, Progress, Prosperity instead of War and StateTerrorism.

    12) USW will take steps for reduction of Armaments and Atomic Weapons throughout the World.

    13) The Member States of USW will establish common banks, Airlines and Shipping Companies.

    14) For making Brotherhood among USW member States, Govt Level Concessions will be provided to Cultural Groups for Traveling, Hoteling and Entertainment Shows.

    Agha Dilbar Urgent Peace Letter No.24
    Subject: Collation Forces should remember that by their conquest of Poor Countries People of the World, instead of getting Peace, will become Victim of Suicide Attacks.

    1) By following Agha Dilbarâ??s principles of Friendship, Progress and Prosperity the World Community can establish permanent Peace in theWorld.

    2) Instead of relying on Supper Powers, the World Community should Hand Over, Command Forces of all countries to UN Peace Force, after making It the Mightiest War Power. In this way the UN should be the Global VillageSupperPower.

    3) USA, UK, Russia, India and Israel must remember that use of Indiscriminate and continues State Force in Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnya, Kashmir and Palestine will result in 100% Increase in Terrorism instead of Curbing it.

    4) The Collation Forces must forgo their dream of Capturing the World Through use of Force-they should remember that in this age of I.T. when World Is becoming A Global Village, the outdated rule of “Might is Right” of Previous 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th Centuries will not successes.

    5) I Agha Dilbar sincerely believe that only by adopting Principles of Friendship, Progress and Prosperity the Dream of World peace will Become a Reality after 5, 10, 50,100 years.

    6) The Collation Forces should not be mistaken that they will become a Cause of Peace and Progress after Conquering Poor Countries one by one; Rather Suicide Attacks World Over including Collation Countries, long Gorilla Wars will destroy World Economy.

    7) Collation Forces also remember that controlling World Terrorism by Enslaving Poor Countries (as Afghanistan and Iraq etc) Through War Machinery, killing of thousands innocent people, destruction of cities and Villages and eliminating employment sources, a new greater series of Suicide Attacks has started which can be controlled by abandoning use of BruteForce.

    8) World Community, Collation Forces, UN and Head of States all over the World Powerful Media, Radio, TV, Inter Net, Newspapers, Magazines should Propagate Principles of Friendship, Progress and Prosperity for Establishing of World Peace.

    9) Collation Forces must remember that capturing Poor Countries one by one will start 3rd World War. Collation Forces overseas consists of 2 Million Army, Fighters, Aircrafts, Navel Ships, Airfields, Latest Destructive Armaments, Is destroying World Economy. In retaliation to this, a never-ending Chain of Suicide Attacks will start engulfing the whole World Economy, Especially in USA, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Australia.

    10) UN must stop This Indiscriminate Use OF Force by Collation Forces of the World it will have to face a fate like its predecessor the “LeagueOfNations”.

    10)The Collation Forces should not forget that naked use of Military Force The World Over is 100 times destroying World Peace and Economy. For get Rid of World Terrorism and Suicidal Attacks, only Principles of Friendship, Progress and Prosperity can make this World a Haven.

    Agha Dilbar’s Urgent Peace Letter No.25
    Subject: The World Community has started March towards Peace in the Light of Agha Dilbar’s Principles of Friendship, Progress and Prosperity.

    1) It is a pleasant news that Pakistan-India are preparing for talks to resolve Kashmir Dispute.

    2) Israel and Philistine are going to hold talks as per President Bush’s Road Map instead of War and Suicidal Attacks.

    3) Russia has also agreed for talks with Chechens Gorilla Fighters.

    4) Keeping in view these facts and for strengthens peace process in the World. Agha Dilbar Appeals to Collation Forces to gradually withdraw>From Afghanistan and Iraq and under an International Agreement, UN Peace Forces should be deployed there till Normalcy.

    5) India, Israel, Russia, USA and UK must remember that as per research of Agha Dilbar in present Global Village Age, Peace is not possible by Conquering Weak countries on the pretext of Weapons of Mass Destruction and by State Terrorism, Mass Killings and destruction of Means of Production, rather use of Brutal Force will increase Suicide Attacks 100 Times resulting in Failure of World Economy.

    Agha Dilbar’s Urgent Peace Letter No.26
    Subject: UN Peace Force should be displaced till Restoration of Peace In Internationally Disputed Arias of Kashmir, Palestine, Chechnya, Afghanistan and Iraq.

    1) As per Research of Agha Dilbar for stoppage of Guerilla War in Internationally Disputed Arias like Kashmir, Palestine, Chechnya, Afghanistan and Iraq and for fully resolving other disputes. These Disputed Areas should be put under control of UN Peace Force.

    2) After taking control these disputed areas and bringing Army, Police and Administration under Command of UN Peace Force should resolve all Issues Through Table Talk in the light of Principles of Friendship, ProgressAndProsperity.

    3) UN Peace Force after taking charge of Kashmir, Palestine and Chechnya, Will order Indian, Israeli and Russian Armies to Vacate these DisputedAreas.

    4) Similarly it will Order Collation Forces to Withdraw from Afghanistan and Iraq and go back to their Homeland.

    5) UN Peace Force, after taking Control, will conduct Free and Fair Elections in Afghanistan and Iraq within 2-years and will Handover Govt to Winning Political Parties. However UN Peace Force will remain thereTill3-year for full Restoration of Peace.

    6) According to Proposed Plan of Agha Dilbar, UN Peace Force will Remain in Deployed in Kashmir, Palestine and Chechnya for 5-years after signing of Peace Agreements Disputed Parties Groups and it is expected Normalcy will Return that Period.

    7) It is hoped that UN Peace Force will succeed getting rid of Long Gorilla Wars and Suicide Attacks in the lights of Golden Principles of Friendship, Progress and Prosperity with the help of UN Peace Force.

    Agha Dilbar, s Urgent Peace letter No.27)
    Subject: UN Security Council, through a Resolution for permanent World Peace will Order to Reduce 75% in the Defense Budgets of all Countries.

    1) UN at the International Level will Order the following Solid Steps To Maintain Peace and the Removal of Poverty.

    2) Under UN Orders, all the Nations of the World will renounce officially in the Reduction of their Defense Budgets 75%.

    3) Under suggested Defense Budget Plan, all the States will Reduce 75%InTheir Armies Sea, Air War Fare in the Production and Buying of Ammunition.

    According to Suggested Agha Dilbar s Revolutionary Plan, all the Nations will be bound to Spend their Savings made by Reduction of 75% in their Defense Budget in the following Plans.

    A) According to UN Order all the States will be bound to Provide Free Medical Aid Facilities to each and every Person.

    B) According to UN Orders all the Govt. Will Provide Free Education Facilities to each Person in future.

    C) According to UN Orders all the Govt. will Provide UN Employment Allowance to each Person till the age of 60-Years.

    D) According to UN Order all the Govt. Will Provide Old Age Allowance To Each Person after 60-Years till Death.

    E). According to UN Order all the Govt. Will Provide 20-Years Soft Bank Housing Loans to each Person.

    F) According to UN Orders all the Govt. Will Provide 1%Interest Bank Loans for Trade, Agriculture and Industrial Projects.

    EmailAgha Dilbar, s Urgent Peace Letter No.28
    Subject: Throughout the world, UN should install, autonomous Institutions, UN Privatize Commissions (UNPC) to remove Poverty, Unemployment andCorruption.

    1) To privatize all the Govt Institutions in a transparent manner, Under the following rules and regulations of Autonomous Institutions will beEstablished.

    2) Suggested Institutions (UNPC) in all the countries will perform their duties as autonomous bodies.

    3) All the Executive Employees of suggested institutions (UNPC) will be recruited on Merit from other countries.

    4) Suggested Institutions (UNPC) during the next 5-years shall Privatize all the Banks, Water and Power, big Industrial Projects Health, Education, Agriculture and City Corporations etc in a TransparentManner.

    5) Throughout the world all the countries will not Privatize their Defense. Currency and Telecommunication. And they will run under GovtControl.

    6) Suggested Institutions (UNPC) shall be Privatize on such terms and Conditions that they will have to carry the same Businesses. In case of Violation of Rule, UNPC will take back these Institutions without anyPayment.

    7) Suggested Institutions (UNPC) shall be bound to sell all the Govt And Semi-Govt Institutions through their Stock Exchange in Shares.

    8) To bring forth the Suggested Institutions (UNPC) Decisions shall be Taking By Voting in the UN General Assembly.

    9) By establishing the Suggested Institutions (UNPC) at the International Level, the Privatization of all Govt and Semi-Govt will help in Alleviating the Poverty, Unemployment and Corruption all over the world.

    Agha Dilbar’s Urgent Peace Letter No.29
    Subject: According to UN Security Council Order, all countries would Allocate Two Present (2%) of their National Budget for UN Development Fund (UNDF).

    1) Suggested UNDF would be used for the following Development Programmed to Eradicate Poverty and Unemployment from the Developing, Backward andPoorCountries.

    2) Through UNDF Dams, Canals, Railways, Motorways, Heavy Industry and Five star Hotels will be built in the Backward and Poor Countries.

    3) UNDF will be spent on Oil, Gas and Mineral Projects in Backward andPoorCountries.

    4) UNDF will be spent on Schools, Colleges, and Professional Institutes, Universities, Hospitals and Sports Complexes will be Constructed in Backward and Poor Countries.

    5) Under Suggested UNDF Latest agriculture Farms, Poultry Farms, Cattle Farms, Fish Farms and Export Processing Zones would be built in Backward and Poor Countries.

    6) Suggested UNDF would be spent on Population Planning in Backward andPoorCountries.

    7) Suggested UNDF would be install Airways, Banks and Shipping Companies In Backward and Poor Countries.8) Under UNDF following Basic Industries would be installed in Backward and Poor Countries.1. Steel Mills 2.Car, Bus, Truck, Tractor industries 3.Textile Industry 4. Tires, Tubes and Shoes Industry 5. Medicine Laboratories 6. Engineering Industry 7.Electronic Industry 8. Computer Industry 9.Dry Milk Industry 10. Tin Pack Fruit Industry.

    Agha Dilbar, s Urgent Peace Letter No.30)
    Subject: To abolish Kick Backs at International Level, UN Anticorruption Commission (UNAC) should be established.

    1) Under the UN Resolution UN Security Council would be established, UN Anticorruption Commission (UNAC).

    2) Suggested (UNAC) would be authorized at the International Level to Take Stern preventive measures to control the Contacts of Kick Backs.

    3) Suggested UNAC would be authorized to take Hand over the Kick Back Cases Of Govt Officials, Ministers, Govt Contractors and Head of States to The International Court of Justice.

    4) Suggested UNAC would be authorized to charge Govt and their Head of States who would be found guilty of taking Kick Backs in the big Govt Contarcts.

    5) Suggested High Power International Institution (UNAC) would Confiscate All the Black Money made through Un-Fair Means, and giving all such Cases of Inappropriacy to International Court of Justice, it would help in Awarding The severe punishments to all Head of States, Ministers, High Officials, Smugglers and Traders who are found guilty in Corruption.

    6) Through the suggested UNAC, by eradicating Kick Backs and Black Money, it Will keep to remove Poverty, Unemployment and Terrorism immediately Throughout the World. Please Note: Donate Funds for International Peace Campaign for conveying message of Peace Through Friendship Progress and Prosperity by International Revolution Movement, in a better way 1000-Time more. We need Funds urgent basis. Please Send your Donations [Deleted. It’s not a good idea to post contact info. Comments Editor.] Lahore, Pakistan

    Thanks for using this service

    Please E-mail these Peace Letters to your friends for the Welfare of Humanity Thank you for your Participation. We appreciate your Contribution for Humanity (Live with Dignity and Dye with Grace. Guide Line from Agha Dilbar) __________________

    Please see our Message in internet search Website No-1 aghadilbar No-2 aghadilbar2

  • Tom DeLay apologists – you’ve been had.

    A cents worth ::: I remember when people here and elsewhere were saying those who attacked DeLay were the enemy; that Mr. Earle and others were on a witchhunt with no proof and even less of an understanding of the law.

    Seems DeLay has finally realized he’s been a self-apologist and resigned. Well, I give him the benefit of the doubt. It’s just as easy to think he still doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong but those around him have said he’s now useless to them politically. Was it Dick Cheney who went to a fundraiser for this highly corrupt person. Really, why would he do that? Is he stupid. Or did he just not care?

  • Mario G. Nitrini 111


    I Don’t Know why some of my Words are Jumbled. I don’t think it’s on My end.

    It MUST be The OJ Simpson Case JINX?????LOL

    Sorry LOL

    Mario G. Nitrini 111

  • Mario G. Nitrini 111

    That’s Cool!!!!!!

    I thought it was something that I said.

    The Reason I put those stars in, is because of my Personal involvement in The OJ Simpson Case, there have been SO MANY DIRTY Tricks Played on me.

    The E-mails that were sent to me by Michael Hahn and Aphrodite Jones Are not in The Original Form of how I got them, and That’s the way I NEED it to be, For Reasons.



    Mario G. Nitrini 111

  • Mario: All I removed were your redundant + symbols, not any words.

  • Mario G. Nitrini 111

    Comment Editor,

    Why have you Deleted some of what I’ve said. I have said “NOTHING” Objectionable.

    Mario G. Nitrini 111

    The OJ Simpson Case

  • Mario G. Nitrini 111

    MORE, with The OJ Simpson Case.

    This is an E-mail I received from Aphrodite Jones:

    “Mario —

    I will look at your website and would like to talk with you after the holidays.

    Perhaps there’s some format of TV we can bring this explosive information to. I will check with FOX news and NBC news to see if there’s interest.

    Thanks for writing —
    Sincerely —

    Mario G. Nitrini 111

    [Mario, please leave out all the formatting stuff such as I have removed if you post here again. Comments Editor]

  • Mario G. Nitrini 111


    I wasn’t thinking.

    I was/and still am Personally Involved in The OJ Simpson Case, and Cases that it Touches.

    Michael Hahn, Kim Goldman Hahn’s, I suppose now it’s Estranged Husband, sent me this First E-mail on December 12th 2005. It’s the one I Posted here on Blogcritics a few hours ago.

    I will tell you this Christopher, THERE ARE Legal Happenings other than this Kim Goldman Hahn/ Michael Hahn Divorce Proceeding connected to The OJ Simpson Case, BIG TIME.

    Mario G. Nitrini 111

  • Mario, if you must post these long stories, please try to make them more organised and understandable. Thanks.

  • Mario G. Nitrini 111

    The OJ Simpson Case:

    subject: Michael Hahn, Kim Goldman, Fred Goldman, Me (Mario), MORE AND The OJ Simpson Case

    This is Michael Hahn’s (Kim Goldman’s Husband) “FIRST E-MAIL” to Me. There was MORE in this “FIRST E-MAIL” that Michael Hahn Sent to me, but some of it I WILL NOT DIVULDGE, FOR REASONS:
    Here is some of it,
    Dated Monday, December 12th, 2005 at 9:20 AM.
    in Michael Hahn’s OWN WORDS,

    Sent To Me, Mario G. Nitrini 111:

    “Dear Sir,

    I made the unfortunate mistake of marring Kim Goldman in 2001
    and am now involved in a brutal divorce case trying to salvage the right to see my Son and retain any money that is owed me.

    New Paragraph:

    I have seen your posts were you publicly state your negative opinions
    about Fred and Kim Goldman and am interested in any information you can offer me.

    New Paragraph:

    I am trying to get my Son away from those awful people and anything that would be helpful I would appreciate very much.

    New Paragraph:

    Fred Goldman, his daughter and their circle of friends are despicable people, I will do everything in my power to destroy them.

    Please contact me, I look forward to talking with you.

    Michael Hahn”

    Michael Hahn says he’s Involved in a “BRUTAL DIVORCE CASE.” So, according to Michael Hahn, he wants to retain ANY “MONEY” $$$$$$$$$$$$ that is owed him. According to Michael Hahn, he is trying to “SALVAGE” the Right to see his son.

    WHO??? is Michael Hahn Referring to in Being Fred Goldman and Kim Goldman’s “CIRCLE OF FRIENDS”??????

    Michael Hahn says he is trying to get his son away from these AWFUL PEOPLE. WOW!!!!!!!!!


    I broke this “FIRST” E-Mail up that Michael Hahn sent to me SO NO ONE CAN FORGE ANYTHING.

    I have The ORIGINAL E-MAILS that Michael Hahn sent to me in 3 Safe Places where ONLY MYSELF and a Few People can get to them, FOR REASONS!!!!!!! They are ALSO Posted Securely.

    Check me if I’m Wrong, but I have heard “NOTHING” in The Media about this, NOTHING. Is this ANOTHER COVER-UP with a Connection to The OJ Simpson Case?????? SURE LOOKS LIKE IT TO ME.

    Mario G. Nitrini 111

  • Well, bearing in mind that you would still have the limousine liberals and the ACLU protecting them, I would still say that you are two decades too late. More based on the size of the stink that they would raise. THEY would cite 6 million Moslems and the good boys at ABC, CBS, NPR and the AP would repeat their lies, just like they repeat the other lies the Arabs feed them.

    You get the idea. A guppy turned into a blowfish.

    And don’t ever underestimate the enthusiasm of a convert. You should hear some of what the Jewish converts here say about the Christianity they’ve left…

    It’s a daunting fight – but you are welcome to it. Start those phone trees going.

  • Ruvy,

    The figure 6 million needs to be understood in light of the fact that 3 million of those are black “muslims”.

    The true muslims are always trying to inflate these numbers. On the one hand Farakhan’s bunch are rejected as being completely unacceptable doctrinally, and yet they always include them in their head count!!!

    Actually Elijah Muhammed’s followers are a considerably more benign group that I don’t worry about, unconnected to the more virulent Middle Eastern based strains.

    And many of the remainder are converts still partially infected with Judaeo-Christian value baggage, who can’t quite stomach things such as adultery stoning, honor killing, humanless art, the ban against women being heard speaking in public or, Allah forbid, singing, etc.

    So maybe we’re not really a full two decades too late. And how many years late do you consider TOO late, anyway?

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Now now, boys, behave.

    Aaman, Noanchorbabies does not have an unreasonable proposal. Something very similar to it was in force in the US from 1922 to 1965. Jews, wops and wogs were unwelcome. That is why my cousin had to go to La Habana, Cuba with her husband when she left Poland in 1928, instead of New York. She didn’t make it to the US until 1955. She shoulda gone to Eretz Yisrael straightaway, but I digress.

    Foreigners don’t get protected under the US constitution.

    The only problem with his solution, Aaman, is that it is two decades too late. Moslems have enough of a minority in the US to raise an awful stink if his policy were proposed, and an even bigger one were it passed.

    And the liberal Jews there, ever attempting to put someone on the “up for slaughter and persecution list” in front of them, would be backing the Moslems all the way.

    What idiots.

  • mere evasive taquiya

  • mere casuistry

  • more anti-Muslim hatred

    No. More anti-Islam hatred. Big difference. I’m not calling for extermination, like Hitler did with the Jews. I don’t hate individual Muslims. I feel sorry for Westerners who get sucked in as converts, as well as for those born into Islam who can’t get out of it without risking a Koranic death sentence.

    I favor a policy of starting with a lower bribe, say $20,000 that would thin out those who have the least desire to be living here. Then raising the ante to the point where Muslim ranks are pared down to some manageable fraction of a percentage point of the total population – along, of course, with a complete ban on any further Muslim immigration.

    Just having an official policy that says “You are not wanted here” would go a long way toward encouraging many to leave, thereby reducing the possibility that through continued immigration and a high birth rate, the 50% mark could be reached. For at that critical point Muslims could and would use democracy to destroy democracy by voting away whatever laws and constitutional protections might be standing in the way of their dream of turning the United States into a caliphate governed by Sharia Law – which of course would ignite an apocalyptic civil war such as the world has never seen before.

  • more anti-Muslim hatred


  • Iraq will betray us. Just as Kuwait will someday. An anti-American movement has been growing fast in Kuwait. Muslim extremists could someday be in power in Kuwait.

    I agree 100%. Iraq has been a huge waste of American money and blood. Treachery has always been Islam’s SOP, and always will be. The American Muslims are no different than the Iraqi or Kuwaiti ones. They will turn on us too, as soon as their numbers have grown sufficiently large.

    We should be concentrating on getting the enemy out of our own midst. America and Europe had better start expelling them before the threat of Islamicization gets even worse than it already is.

    There are currently 6 million in the U.S. The hundreds of billions wasted in Iraq could have been put to so much better use paying a hundred thousand dollars a head for every Muslim in the country to relocate elsewhere.

    When Palestine was ethnically cleased of Jews we didn’t hear any cries of “Xenophobia! Racism! Ethinic hatred!” did we? So let the same hypocrites keep their fucking mouths shut while the Muslims are ejected from the United States, Britain, France, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, etc.

    Do it now, or be prepared for costs and body counts that will dwarf to insignificance those we’ve experienced in Iraq. Learn the lesson of Katrina, spend a hundred million beefing up the levies, or spend hundreds of billions rebuilding after the disaster for which we will be unprepared.

  • reading about the race riots in in australia,they claim to be be the great melting pot. no racism racism here. they treated the aborigines
    as lower class citizens for a long long time and probably still do

  • Why America should get out of Iraq / they will betray us

    Iraq will become another Iran. It does not matter how much money we spend. It does not matter how many people will send over there to die. There is nothing we can do to stop it. People of Iraq will betray us. Just as Kuwait will someday. An anti-American movement has been growing fast in Kuwait. Muslim extremists could someday be in power in Kuwait.

    Shi´ites and the Kurds, are both pro-Iranian. Three of the most powerful figures in the Iraq government, Shi´ite leader Abdul Aziz al-Hakim and Kurdish leaders Jalal Talabani and Massoud Barzani all received military backing and shelter from Iran during Saddam´s rule. Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Ja’fari, lived for years in exile in Iran. Iraqi Ambassador to Tehran Mohammad Sheikh has called for expansion of current ties with Iran. All of Iraq´s great clerical leaders have been Iranian or studied in Iran. There has been a large-scale return of Iranian pilgrims to Shi´ite holy sites in the Iraqi cities of Najaf, Karbala, Baghdad and Samarra. The Iraq government voted to oust from Iraq the Mujahideen Khalq, an Iraq-based Iranian guerrilla group opposed to Tehran´s clerical regime. Iran and Iraq have also set up a committee to study linking the two countries´ oil, gas and electricity networks, which could be the first step towards turning the two nations into one.

    Muqtada Al-Sadr

    Saddam City, as it was known before the fall of the regime, was renamed Al-Sadr City. Former Iranian President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani praised Muqtada Al-Sadr and the Sadriyun Movement. Muqtada Al-Sadr , or someone like him will one day become President of Iraq. One day the people of Iraq will vote to turn Iraq into a Shiite – dominated Islamic republic just like Iran.

    And there is nothing the United States can do to stop this.WHY?

    This is what the people of Iraq want. They want to trunk Iraq into a Shiite – dominated Islamic republic just like Iran. The United States can not force or give our idea of freedom to Iraq. No one gave the United States our freedom. The people of the United States had to fight and die for our freedom. The people of Iraq will have to fight and die for the freedom of Iraq. There has to be a change in Arab society and culture. And this has not happen yet. The people of Iraq and the people of the Arab world have to pay the price for freedom.

    (This is the price of freedom: Your every drop of courage, ounce of pain, pint of blood. Paid in advance.)
    – Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda


  • It doesn’t matter

    I am not surprise that African Artists that performed and was the best of whole show still does not get a credit or recognition.Soukousstar did very well and i never saw a clip of them or a picure saying they won a ward or something.Maybe i am not looking at the right place,so please correct me if i am wrong but, this is a bout Jaimaicans and Caribians show not international?

  • Some palm trees were recently installed very close to the edge of cloverleaf offramp in Oceanside. Shortly after I first noticed them I saw that one of them had been knocked over. Fortunately they had not firmly take root, so there’s a chance that the hapless driver might not have been killed.

    This got me to thinking. There must be millions of such trees installed all over the country. So I’m sure there must be an occasional fatality, that wouldn’t have happened if they had not been there to collide with. So as a society we are willing to accept this risk, the only benefit of which (other than some nursery company’s profit) is the esthetic pleasure of having a decorative landscape to look at while driving.

    This got me to thinking further. Of the millions of people who have taken Ephedra, there is some (inconclusive) suspicion that one or two such users may have died from ingesting that particular herbal supplement. Immediately the FDA pounces and imposes a nationwide ban. Every person who used it was willing to take the (infinitessimal) risk, not for some abstract esthetic benefit, but because they were convinced that doing so would benefit their health.

    So think about the contrast here. The first time someone crashed into a tree, did the government immediately require that all such trees be removed? And if not, why not? There is certainly considerably more justification to remove the trees than there is to ban Ephedra – for two reasons: first, the connection between hitting the tree and being killed is undeniable, in contrast to the deaths supposedly attributable to taking Ephedra; and second, removing the trees, and replacing them with some less lethal decorative landscaping, would deprive no one of anything that they could object to, while banning Ephedra deprives millions of people of something they might very well strenuously object to not being able to obtain.

    I smell a rat somewhere, and I’m pretty sure that rat is the pharmaceutical industry, using well meaning but stupid liberals who think that the government’s job is to constantly chase the chimera of a completely risk free existence – and by doing so eliminate a small negative (MAYBE preventing a very small number of people from dying of an Ephedra overdose) while at the same time creating a very large negative (adversely impacting the health of millions benefitting from the proper usage of that particular herb – thereby making it less likely that they will get sick and need to purchase drugs).

  • Anthony Grande

    “Where’s Osama Bin Laden?

    Where’s Osama Bin Laden?

    Where’s Osama Bin Laden?”

    Well if he’s still alive he is living a sad, lonely, miserable and powerless life.

  • Good questions, Mike. Where?

    Haven’t heard from him in… well, it seems like a long time. Is he dead? Sick?

  • Mike

    Where’s Osama Bin Laden?

    Where’s Osama Bin Laden?

    Where’s Osama Bin Laden?

  • Ok, that’s what I need to know.


  • We try to edit and publish all articles the day they’re posted, but generally get to them on a first-in, first-out basis. I don’t think an email would really help.

  • Ann/Phil: A dumb question perhaps but I’m full of those this week…

    When I write the media reality check pieces I want you to have time to edit it – cause God knows I’m not perfect – but I also consider them more timely in nature than some other posts I wrote like book reviews?

    What’s the best way to let editors know it’s ready without being pushy?

    Is an email to an editor(s) appropriate? I just want to avoid it getting stale.

    Please advise and thanks for the past, current and future editing help.

  • This blog is pretty interesting, will add a bookmark, thanks.

  • Cardinal47

    Do Snow Birds going to Florida need to arm themselves?

    Shoot First, ask Questions Later?

    Florida’s new Shoot First law exemplifies the power of the National Rifle Association which knows no shame in its pursuit of the right to bear arms anytime, anywhere for any purpose.For a good discussion of the gun control issue in the U.S., read Richard North Patterson’s Balance of Power

    Florida’s “stand your ground” law, which took effect Saturday, means that people no longer must attempt to retreat or defuse a threatening situation before using violence in order to later claim they were acting in self-defence. People already had that right in their homes, but the law now allows them to meet “force with force” in any place they have a legal right to be.

    The right does not apply if the person is confronted by a law-enforcement officer.

    Proponents of the measure, pushed by the National Rifle Association, say it will make Florida a safer place, not more dangerous.

    Governor Jeb Bush has repeatedly pointed to a 34-year low in state crime statistics to demonstrate that Florida is not a haven for violence.

    “It’s pure, unadulterated politics,” Mr. Bush said last week of the Brady Campaign’s tactics. “Shame on them.”

    The Florida tourism industry, however, is taking the campaign seriously, with Visit Florida — the state’s official tourism-marketing arm — issuing a statement calling Florida “a very safe and secure destination that excels in caring for its visitors.”

    “We believe that Americans and international visitors are smart enough to understand that the Brady Campaign is one group’s political agenda and not a real safety issue,” the statement said.

    Florida greets more than one million visitors on any given day, with nearly 80 million tourists visiting the state in 2004, Visit Florida said.

    The Brady Campaign leaflets, which the group intends to hand out for about a month at the Miami and Orlando airports, call the measure the “Shoot First” law and urge people to “take sensible precautions” while visiting the state.

    “There is no other state in the nation — and no other civilized nation on Earth — that has a law like this,” Brady Campaign spokesman Peter Hamm said. “It could cause the most aggressive people in society to overreact.”

    The group also has taken out ads in major Detroit, Chicago, Boston and London newspapers about the new Florida law.

    Several people who got the leaflets at the Miami airport on Monday appeared taken aback by the new law.

    “It’s a little scary,” said Melissa Vosberg, on her way home to the Chicago area after a cruise in the Bahamas. “It’s ‘shoot first, ask about it later.”‘

  • Tinman

    How about a nation wide boycott of Carnival Cruise Lines. Here is corporation with ship registry outside the USA taking advantage of FEMA, and us, do to the problems in New Orleans. Let them enjoy their six month contract, then enjoy the outrage of the American tax payer through a 12 month boycott.

  • Jerry Vilhotti

    What if the divided states of America unites in this idea: people decide that since gas is going to go up to around $6 dollars a gallon – they did not rive their vehicles nor go to work for a few weeks would the profiteers then finally get a heart and slash their billions of dollars of profits to perhaps half and cut profits to let’s say half and or our “leaders” put a freeze on the gougers and say – enough all ready!

  • Jerry Vilhotti

    If no one is responsible and no one willing to accept fault – human errors that are occurring all about us thanks to Katrina and Iraq will continue to be repeated and many more innocent lives will be sacrificed to the gods of greed, power and indifference. Speak about dumber, dumber and dumber! Where indeed did native intelligence go? Jerry V. ….

  • Steve

    Re. comment 43,
    The US Democrats are like the Labour party (UK), the US Republicans are like the Tories (UK). There is no party like the Liberals (UK), though moderates from both Reps. and Dems. and the tiny number of Independents currently elected might fit with the UK Libs. on at least some social/political issues. Though I grew up mostly in Scotland, I’m Canadian myself, but it took me a while to understand Canadian politics!

  • with karate ill kik ur ass


  • In the US, right and left have nothing to do with which side of the House (Parliament) your guy sits on, that’s why it’s confusing to Brits.

    Rule of thumb:

    • argues against Bush = left
    • argues against ACLU = right
    • argues with self = moderate


  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    could some 1 tell me what groups are right wing ang left wing and if they r the same as the british 1’s coz its kinda confusing.

  • D.C.

    Yeah. Thats Santorums book. He wrote it to help goofy dummys like you. Go watch your Daily Show as John Stewart strains for a laugh easing up in his chair like he is constapated. Thats the best part of his show. When he strains for a laugh so his audience gives him one.

  • Liberal

    “Politics for Dummies?”

    Is that Rick Santorum’s autobiography? Check out the part about the man/dog sex.

  • I think I’ve stumbled across another BlogCritics mental asylum here. Why do the crazy people all gravitate toward the general threads?

    That is all.

  • Heloise

    Even if you are not a baby boomer what happened in the Kennedy White House still matters–I don’t mean just the fooling around.

    Seriously, here is a press release from today August 25 of newly declassified tapes:

    The timing is interesting and so is the subject: China and India. I heard on NPR just today that these two countries together make up one-third of mankind.

    More tapes will be declassified but for researchers and political watchers check out the timeliness of these tapes.


  • Have you seen the blog of the Libertarian party? It’s more press-releases than blog-posts, but still…

  • A Case for Clemency…Should Tookie Live?

    For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Story of Stanley Williams, I encourage you to view the movie made about his life called Redemption and to visit his Tookie.com. Stanley is currently awaiting execution on Death Row at San Quentin State Prison.

    Let me first say that I am a firm supporter of the Death Penalty. But one cannot read the story of Stanley Williams and not question whether or not it would be better for him to continue his work in prison rather than be put to death.Read More…

  • Hmm – Novak apologists seen his “I admit” column today?


  • Anthony Grande

    I am a Italian Mafia expert and I know as a fact that many Democrats take bribes and favors from the mafia.

  • Stan

    the coordination between left wing fund raising organizations, the network reporters, and left wing congressmen is truly revolting.

  • A simple joke does not equal satire whether funny or not. Satire has a much finer tradition.

    Please if you are going to post a satire piece it needs to be given the Culture: Satire subcategory.

    Also there is a place for those short almost thoughts that should not be separate posts at blogcritics. That place is the open comments thread under each section – http://wp.blogcritics.org/culture / music / books etc.

    Thank you. Temple

  • Nancy

    Very sorry. Not that words can do much to help ease the pain.

  • HW Saxton

    I’m in a kind of sad stupor this morning
    about the war in Iraq.It was brought to
    me in a very personal way last night.

    I flipped on the Evening news and a good
    friend of mine who I’ve known for many
    years was the latest casualty in Iraq.

    His name was Stanley Lupinski and he was
    killed in a roadside bombing. I couldn’t
    believe it.It left me in such a state of
    shock.Last night,when I found out,it did
    not seem real. But when I woke up this
    morning to see his name flash across my
    TV screen on CNN, it made me break down
    in tears. I could not hold them back if
    I tried.I’d seen him last,in the fall of
    2004 when he was home on leave.I never
    once thought it would be the last time.
    The next time I see him it will be at
    his funeral this weekend.I’m devastated.

  • Nancy

    Politics is (are?) loathesome, yet fascinating, like a snake. Probably because they affect us all. Or maybe it’s just the politicians that are loathesome. I think it’s most important to have a clean and honest government. To that end, IMO lobbying should be completely eliminated. No lobbyists, no influence-peddling. That’s a start. Make the rules totally strict: NO gifts, nothing paid for under any circumstances, for either an incumbent or his/her staff – not food, travel, seminars, nothing, nada, zip. Pretty hard to ‘misunderstand’ or ‘confuse’ those rules, as some current incumbents are claiming, what? No relatives on payroll of the incumbent or anyone even remotely connected to the incumbent, including fellow incumbents. Accusations of violations may be made by any citizen or group of citizens, through an independent ethical oversight committee which will vet said accusations for validity before presenting same to an independent prosecuter’s office which handles only political chicanery charges. Congress will NOT be left to police itself, which makes a farce of every standard of justice and common sense known to humanity. Plain language will be used: lying will not be called ‘mis-speaking’ or any other smoothed over, watered down euphamism, etc. And the penalties for violations should be tough enough and humiliating enough to make it painful enough to deter any of these people from even thinking about straying from the straight and narrow: perhaps being paraded naked thru the city in portable stocks or at the cart’s tail, and their name posted throughout the nation on TV labelled “liar” or “thief” or whatever is appropriate, followed by disbarment from ever holding public office or a public job again. Draconian? perhaps. Needed? obviously. Warranted? beyond question.

  • Any chance we could arrange for Danny Glover to stay there?


  • Marianela

    Havana, Jun 6 (Prensa Latina) The 4th International Congress on Culture and Development begins Monday in this capital, with the attendance of some 500 national and foreign figures.

    The aim of the event, to run until June 9 at Havana´s International Conference Center, is to analyze cultural policies, diversity and heritage.

    The forum will be divided into six professional groups, in which attendees will analyze folklore, popular culture, neoliberal domination, diversity, gender, race and minorities, as well as the role of heritage and culture regarding tourism.

    Foreign figures attending the meeting include US actor Danny Glover and political scientist James Cockcroft, Italian novelist Valerio Massimo Manfredi, Venezuelan narrator Luis Brito and Brazilian actress Leticia Spiller, among others.

    Among the Cubans are Roberto Fernandez Retamar, Lisandro Otero, Marta Arjona, Miguel Barnet, Julio Garcia Espinosa, Reynaldo González, Eduardo Heras, Eusebio Leal, Rogelio Martinez Fure, Eliades Acosta and Desiderio Navarro.

    The International Congress on Culture and Development comes from a document signed in Mexico in 2003, which called for reflection on problems related to survival of the human species and its culture.

  • Above is my “application” to Eric Olson to join Blogcritics; I couldn’t log in on the “join” site. Thx.

  • Satire and its politix: rulers, beliefs, actions, folks,
    Events, bastards, bitches? Tokes
    Can rhyme or blend with urban beat.
    Read aloud? Leap to your feet!
    Def jelled, couplets, limericks
    About the news that MAKES ME SICK!
    Being HEARD’s what makes me tick
    And it’s YOU can help me DO IT!

    These blues can add “quickies” to your menu
    (something borrowed, something blue)
    And I’m prolific too!
    Posting far and wide, I do
    Ten, twelve a week, so if you wish
    I’ll focus here when I gotta dish.

  • Theo van Gogh: Two Chechen men arrested in connection with his death. Dutchman Mohammed Bouyeri is awaiting trial for the murder (AP).

  • Maybe you could throw in a Schlesinger book for good measure?



    I could google it up, but isn’t it about the 80th anniversary of the Scopes Monkey Trial?

    I love letting other people look smart.

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks Shaun, we would enjoy doing it I’m sure

  • Great site I hope to have you on my program Subject To Discussion to talk about Blogcritics and politics.


  • Um, that was 20% of the commentary, not 20% of the brain.

  • Oh Dr. Pat, how you exagerate so…20% for the conscious mind. Such wishful thinking. However, maybe that was just a typo–maybe you meant 2%.

  • based on nothing more than wildly firing neurons and unconscious impulses

    Oh, well said, Mark! That covers 80% of the Politics commentary, right there. ‘Course, there is that other 20% to keep the conscious side of the brain occupied!

    I think you know my leanings, Phillip, but that ASIN line-up looks pretty well balanced to me. Not sure if you need two “copies” of the Dummies book, however. And for a classic, you might throw in Machiavelli… (0553212788)

  • Hey Sharon, welcome to the land of lunatics, hyperbole, personal insults, and truly inspired debate…most of which supported by significant visits to the baths of Dionysis. I myself visit the John Jameson’s room there.

    For example, Phillip, of what value are “opinions” when one has outrage? It’s surely enough to hold a point of view based on nothing more than wildly firing neurons and unconscious impulses.

    I think that’s guaranteed by the constitution, but I’m not sure of what country.


  • whats this i see? another Duke? dear lord…

  • The Duke

    Philosophy, Theology, Lobotomy, BottleInFrontOfMe……

    Yep, all here

  • The following are some of the ones I found at Amazon under ‘world politics’ and ‘global politics’:

    0534574424 – World Politics : Trend and Transformation (with International Relations Interactive CD-ROM and InfoTrac)
    032120946X – Conflict After the Cold War, Updated Edition (2nd Edition)
    0312149905 – World Security: Challenges for a New Century
    0300102526 – Why Globalization Works
    0521606144 – Global Crises, Global Solutions

  • Hi folks !

    This is my first time to post on ‘Blogcritics’ so …. I’ll just post re my own blog !
    I run a blog from Dublin , Ireland , commenting on our history and politics ; might sound a bit ‘dry’ , I know , but I have over 35,000 ‘ hits ‘ so far and dozens of comments in my ‘Guestbook’ , so I must be doing something right ! The blog is written from an (Irish) Republican view-point , and I make no apologises for that !
    Check it out , if you have time , and maybe leave me a message in the ‘Guestbook’ ?
    The URL is –

    Slan go foill anois ,


  • Hmm, I tried to stay balanced, partisanship-wise, but I think the Wilson book might push even more to the left than I already had it.

  • that’s a start:)

  • 0764508873,0140444211,078671378X,074325547X,0805068848

  • Um, look over on the right, at the bottom of the “Hot TOPICS” section. 🙂

  • Eric Olsen

    is there a way to have the comments simply display on the page somewhere?

  • Indeed, I tried to think of keywords that might get me some interesting international political themes to post, and foudn nothing not related to “the war,” which is still pretty US-centric in most people’s mind.

    Got any suggestions for ASINs?


    Well, Aaman, that is because, like it or not, US politics is what gets more people around the world fired up to post or respond. I am interested in world politics, that is to say politics in other countries, but I have “No dog in the fight” when it comes to German political parties, Indian parliamentary procedure and the like. So people are free and encouraged to post away about world events, but my response will usually be, “Thanks for the info, I didn’t know that”, not out of disinterest, justout of unfamiliarity.

  • Yes, they will, I’m in-process. 🙂 The Music Section page already has it.

  • Eric Olsen

    I also thought these would show up on the section pages

  • I’m trying to figure how do people reach this page? Will this be on the section page?

    The selections are somewhat US-centric. Politics is a global (problem?) phenomenon

  • Are the Amazon selections balanced enough? They’ve got to be in *some* order, after all. I suppose they skew, just slightly, in one direction, but hopefully it will go unnoticed.