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Music Review: Diana Ross — I Love You

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Unfortunately I wasn’t around when Diana Ross was in her prime and kicking butt as the centerpiece of one of Motown’s killer talents, the Supremes. Add to that the fact that Country music was the one and only acceptable choice in my parent’s household, and my discovery of Diana and her golden voice didn’t truly take place until I was in my early twenties.

With everything that has been written about her and the Supremes as well as all the various reissues of their work (as well as her acclaimed solo work following her departure from the group), I’ve had plenty of time to get to know and fall in love with the voice of Ms. Ross.

That’s why I was both pleased and excited to have the chance to sit down and listen to her newest release, a collection of love songs entitled, simply, I Love You.

From the first slow and sweet melody of the opening track “Remember,” to the soulful swagger and swing of my favorite track on the album “More Today Than Yesterday,” to the luxuriously languid vocals on “The Look of Love,” to the prayerful vocals on “To Be Loved,” all the way to the sweet and soulful version of “You Are So Beautiful,” I loved it all.

In a world where glitzy television shows try and tell me who does and doesn't have true talent and deserves to be an idol, it is nice to know that there are still true idols out there capable of delivering proof that it was no fluke they achieved stardom.

Were she just a young singer starting out, the music on this album of carefully chosen covers  would be enough to make people sit up and take immediate notice. Hopefully, because she is a known star that many people have (perhaps) pushed into the dustbin of history, people will not outright dismiss what is a wonderful collection of songs and music.

And on that note, I think I’ll simply finish this by stating again that I loved everything about I Love You, except perhaps that it was only a single album and not a double.

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  • Donald King

    What a great review. I WAS lucky enough to experience Diana Ross when hers was “The Sound of Young America”. Well, we’ve all aged together, and I think her album is beautiful. Romantic, fun (More Today than Yesterday) and simply melodic: you can never go wrong with a Diana Ross disc, and this is no exception!

  • Jeff

    “I Love You” is amazing. I can not believe it is not all over radio. Maybe radio dismissed it well if that is the case maybe I should dismiss radio. Clearly, we have different priorties. Nevertheless, The great news is that this new music from Ross surely will stand the test of time. Incidently, everyone I have played the CD for has fallen in Love with it too.

    Come on radio, get it together.

  • Rick

    What a voice…..so beautifully sung songs that made me go way back…..Love you Diana

  • this album is one of Miss Ross’s best, even if your not a Diana Ross fan you will surely love to sit and listen to this remarkable ablum,

    The Crystal clear voice of Miss Ross on the I LOVE YOU CD is truly amazing.. I just can’t UNDERSTAND why the record companies EMI (UK ) and MANHATTEN (USA) are NO releasing any singles from it, as there are at least 4 top ten tracks on there.

  • The I Love you album was really worth waiting for, from begining to end it is beutifull, my favourite 2 songs from the album are Remember which has a beutifull sound and I absolutely adore I Want You which was written by Miss Ross’s brother T Boy. This is a must for everybody not just Diana Ross fans.


    this album is one of Miss Ross’s best, even if your not a Diana Ross fan you will surely love to sit and listen to this remarkable album,

    The Crystal clear voice of Miss Ross on the I LOVE YOU CD is truly amazing.. I just can’t UNDERSTAND why the record companies EMI (UK ) and MANHATTEN (USA) are NOT releasing any singles from it, as there are at least 4 top ten tracks on there.

    If you want to see the WORLDS GREATEST ENTERTAINER IN CONCERT see a Diana Ross concert this year

    April throughout the USA and May throughout Europe…

  • delmar

    i would say i was taken back by a seat or 2 when i first heard the album ..i love you by diana ross
    it took some time to get used to ..but after lsitening to it 100 times how can i ever doubt a woman who has been a idol since i was alittle boy who my aunt who is 10 years older then me used to play the supremes album -more hits by the supremes.

    when i saw her smile on that album i was like in another world..shes beautiful and a great singer.

    i love you is a great cd and know miss Ross isnt going anywhere.

    one thing i can say she always suprises us just when things go down for her she picks her self back up and move on.

    i give i love you cd by Diana Ross a 10
    just love the cd



  • R. Mark Desjardins

    I first saw Diana Ross when she was with the Supremes at Expo ’67 in Montreal. Florence Ballard had just left the group so Cindy BIrdsong was being broken in and performed along with Mary Wilson. The group performed two sold out show a night at the Expo Theater over three evenings. My buddy Eric Pressman was the President of the Supremes Fan Club of Canada at the time. I’ve seen Diana perform in large halls over the years and I’m excited about seeing her on May 31st, 2010 in Toronto, the only Canadian stop for her current tour. Eric scored some tickets and it will be 43 years since we saw her for the first time. Hopefully we can see Diana backstage for a few minutes.

  • R. Mark Desjardins

    Return of the Boss

    By twist of luck, this reviewer caught a glimpse of Diana Ross backstage, or more accurately, her legendary massive trademark mane of hair, long before the curtain dropped at her May 31st Toronto appearance at Roy Thomson Hall.
    Sitting on the left stage balcony which was actually situated above and behind the white curtain, I was able to have a bird’s eye view of the musicians doing their countdown on stage as the intro music was blaring. Miss Ross was clearly visible at the bottom of the elevator shaft of her stairway prop giving her coiffure a last second fluffing. A glimpse of her arm encased in a lime green feathery creation foreshadowed the flamboyant entrance she was about to treat her fans to.
    As the elevator rose and the words “Are You Ready?” were beamed on the huge teletron behind her, the white curtain fell onto the stage and two stagehands quickly removed it as La Ross sailed down the stairs, bobbing to the throbbing beat of “The Boss.”
    The last time Ross hit the concert tour trail she skimped on live backing musicians, some reviewers commenting on sax solos when no such instrument was visible on stage. For this current tour de force, Diana Ross was backed by a hotshot 17 piece ensemble who obviously were having fun on stage. Their enthusiasm motivated Ross to dig deep and give her all, and what an aural trip down memory lane it was.
    Five Supremes number one hits were given the full treatment with “Love Child” morphing into an updated latin arrangement, giving this signature song a new and dynamic excitement. The five piece string section gave Ross’ solo career ballads the dramatic sweep the original seventies recordings had.
    With no less than six costume changes that flowed seamlessly into the musical journey, Ross provided eye candy to compliment the ear candy she treated her fans to. Looking decades younger than her 66 years, Diana Ross hasn’t sounded in such good voice in live concert in recent memory. During her 27 song set, which along the way eased on down the road with a nod to her fellow Motown alumni, singing “It’s Hard For Me To Say Goodbye”, a stop along the way to acknowledge Billie Holiday, her Chic inspired Disco era dance hits and a sincere tribute to fallen pal, Michael Jackson combing her classic recording, “Missing You”, with his “You Are Not Alone.” Ross still possesses the chops to prove she why she has become a musical legend, and a constantly changing backdrop photo montage of her over the years with the Supremes and clips from her music videos acted as a primer for new fans not familiar with her five decade spanning career.
    Roy Thomson Hall’s acoustics are best suited for orchestral performances and at times, Ross’ backing band seemed to overpower her vocals. Aretha Franklin, who also performed in the same venue recently, suffered the same fate. Ross’ fans in the upper nosebleeds initially seemed the most enthusiastic and she graciously acknowledged them. Thankfully for Ross, the sound mix issue were quickly resolved and the audience in front of the stage came alive as the evening progressed.
    While perhaps not possessing the best voice in pop music, Diana Ross is one of the most distinctive musical icons of her generation, and if provided with worthwhile material, still has the potential to ignite the air waves and burn up the pop charts one more time. She certainly has the stage presence and energy to show the current crop of Divas in waiting why she still reigns Supreme!

  • X, Emmett

    I was very sick all through this century’s first decade. I have every recording Diana Ross made, solo and with The Supremes. I didn’t remember someone giving me the “I Love You” CD when it came out. I didn’t know it existed until June 2010 when I found it in a drawer, still gift wrapped. This is Diana Ross at her best, listen to her sing! I can’t and won’t stop listening to it, ever. I saw her in May at Radio City,
    she was, is outrageous. I wouldn’t care if she came out and sang in her bathrobe…and finding the “I Love You” cd is the best thing that has happened to me in over ten years…..”DON’T EVER GO….”