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Music Review: Band of the Week – The Crash Moderns

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This week’s Band of the Week, The Crash Moderns, are a five-piece, power-pop band from New York City. Together they — Danny Roselle (vocals & guitar), Jon Matias (guitar), Joe “Don Juan of Evil” Merrigan (bass), Jimmi Kane (drums) and Tommy Eichmann (keyboards) – have created an exciting, accessible mix of retro-pop – The Cars, Cheap Trick and Elvis Costello – and modern pop-rock – Bowling For Soup and Blink-182.

The Crash Moderns' self-titled EP is the absolute essence of flirtatious, effervescent, sublime pop music. With their fresh pop hooks and the synth high in the mix they have created an energetic, effortless and playful sound. The Crash Moderns frisky, mercurial brand of music is due in no small part to the perfect three-minute pop songs written by Danny and Jon.

The kinetic first track “This Time” is a high energy rock-pop love song but it is no sappy ballad. This is a bouncy, unflagging, danceable track with harmonies and guitar riffs that work together to bring you the ultimate in listening pleasure.

“Everybody Hates Me” is a slightly down tempo – well, for The Crash Moderns – track about the end of a bad relationship. With those same great synth hooks, guitar riffs plus a bit of happy clapping, TCM make what could be a really down song feel upbeat and fun.

EP CoverTCM are currently working on a new full-length album and were nice enough to let me have a couple of demos to review (both are available on their MySpace page). “Pimp My Life” is another perfect pop-rockin’ track a la Blink-182. With just enough guitar to make you feel the rock and their perfect, earthy vocal melodies so you feel the pop. It’s lively, lusty and vivacious!

TCM do the sweet and sentimental love song in “Be All That”. And as with everything TCM this animated, melodious and cheeky number is perfect in its uncomplicated guitar riffs and harmonies all enhanced with just the right amount of synth. But then everything that The Crash Moderns do seems to be absolutely exquisite pop-rock.

You can purchase their EP and other merchandise at their online shop. And you can listen to The Crash Moderns, including the two demos that have been reviewed here, at their MySpace space.

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