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Michael Jackson Trial: Self-Delusion

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As we await the potentially incendiary testimony of Debbie Rowe, Michael Jackson’s second ex-wife (’96-’99) and mother of his two eldest children (Prince, 8, and Paris, 7), as early as today, I have a few idle observations:

Elton John, who likes most everyone in showbiz, especially those not unsympathetic to an “alternative lifestyle,” and who has known Michael Jackson for 30 years, sounded remarkably equivocal when asked about the King of Pop (a title John might reasonably contest, btw) in a recent interview.

“I don’t know if he’s guilty. I hope for his sake he’s not… but it’s been tragic to see what’s happened to him physically. You look at the Bad cover, you look at the Thriller cover. What a talent, what a beautiful man. I just don’t know what’s gone wrong. I have suffered with low self-esteem in my life and I think that’s the root of his problem too.”

Look at the wording: “I don’t know if he’s guilty”; not “innocent until proven guilty,” not “I have known him for 30 years and can’t imagine him being guilty of such a thing,” nothing about racism, nothing supportive whatsoever. He also doesn’t pass off Jackson’s physical transmogrification as “self-expression” or “personal choice” or anything positive or neutral: “I just don’t know what’s gone wrong.” Clearly John sees the transformation as intentional and disastrous, as an extreme lack of judgment.

I see it as an expression of self-loathing, self-abnegation, and most of all, self-deception. Recall the following from the Bashir doc Living With Michael Jackson that was catalyst for the entire series of events culminating in this trial:

Jackson denied having had any alterations to his face other than two operations on his nose because “it helped me breathe better so I can hit higher notes. I am telling you the honest truth,” he said. “I didn’t do anything to my face.”

click here to see a forensic artist’s rendition of what Jackson would look like without any “interference” – or just look at any of his brothers

Is there anyone alive who believes Jackson hasn’t had numerous surgeries to alter his face? His sister LaToya said he has had as many as eight surgeries on his nose alone. This is so overt a lie one has the impression Jackson somehow believes it.

(Just a reminder of milestones along the way to his current appearance: 1981 – First indication of plastic surgery — slightly more definition on the tip of his nose. 1983 – Around the release of Thriller, more work on the nose, and the first noticeable lightening of his complexion. 1988 – Surgery to install a cleft in his chin. 1995 – More noticeable plastic surgery: a squarer jaw, higher eyebrows and an upturned nose.)

In December of ’03, Jackson claimed in an interview with Ed Bradley of CBS’s 60 Minutes that he had been manhandled and injured by Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department during his arrest. Jackson’s former travel agent Cynthia Montgomery testified yesterday that she witnessed Jackson being taken into custody and that the allegation was false. A subsequent California state investigation cleared law enforcement of any wrongdoing.

This trial has lying liars flying in every direction, but Jackson is surely the most blatant and egregious.

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  • mary

    For 2 months after MJ’s death i was devastated. But now I’m seeing just what a pathelogical liar MJ was. His whole life revolved around lies. He was a delusional man and not the angel he tried to portray. I think the real MJ will soon reveal itself.

  • Paola

    What a jerk!
    What do you say now that he has been proven innocent?
    Is he still guilty for you?
    I guess nothing would ever be enough, right?
    You had already made your judgement, no matter what the law would have said.
    It’s so easy this way…

  • CP

    we know how MJ was in the past, if you are 30 to 50 of age you witnessed the changes of this person in time, also MJ has always been a bit different from other kids and, he was not like his brothers because of his emotional character, who ever was spending some time with him in the 70s or 80s should have had realised, and had a good a chat with him.. talked to him like a friend and clear his mind from a couple of monsters when they were still on time. THIS MAN GREW UP WITH NO ONE TO KEEP AN EYE ON HOW HE WAS FEELING!! also realising that there was something wrong with him and not doing anything to fix it… WHY!!!???. (it’s sad) It was so easy to see that he had something like a split personality, and this always hide some problems, takes to other problems.. people behaving like this was totally normal! WHY ON EARTH NOBODY STAYED BY HIS SIDE??!!
    If any of his ”friends” is now reading this message, please answer.
    thank you

  • katie

    ok alot of you guys are ganging up on mj like ya he did deserve the jail time but hey he didn’t get and i mean he has apoligized in the past for his actions and those actions should not have been excused by anyone but they were so i mean get over it because honestly it’s a waste of your time cause it’s not like he’s going to jail cause you stupid blogs ok so just drop it!

  • BRAD

    We must all keep in mind Michael Jackson’s Psychotic tendancies, that he fits. Promiscuous sexual behavior and extortion. He has THE FACE OF A LOONEY NOW. His child hood affected his onput on children today. He may not be a didler, but we know for sure he does have a fasination with little boys

    P.S Machully Culkin WAS LIEING!!!!!!!

  • Kiba

    Sorry for being late but just want to comfirm that Michael Jackson does indeed have lupus, its a fact that no one knows.


  • Ruvy in Jerusalem


    I agree with you tha MJ was guilty – but he got off scott free and is now calling people like me a leech. That’s justice for you. I think your analysis was right on the mark – unfortuntely, the jury did not see likewise.

  • Eric Olsen

    Brad, we welcome your expression of opinion, but how do you know he would never do anything like that to a child?

  • Brad

    Innocent All The Way. He would never ever do anything like that to a child.


  • aadi sugathan

    haha this is stupid, theres so many paedophile trials going on in the world, how many forums are dedicated to them? everyone has a right to a fair trial, right? surely then we should accept the verdict, whatever it may be. if not why have the frickin trial in the first place. personally i believe he is innocent.

  • kate

    It’s amazing how people can HATE so passionatly, and PRE-JUDGE so swiftly based on fear of what they do not understand. Passionate LOVE..that i understand….but Passionate hate?! Why not just be indifferent? WHy not just throw your hands up and say “i dont know” instead of Bashing a man you know nothing about except what the headlines have vomited over the past 30 years?

    ….The real lesson is that in this nation where we claim to cherish diversity and acceptance of all man kind, we are hypocrites. Truth is, in the US, you better “fit in” you better keep your unconventional ideas to yourself..cuz if enough people don’t understand you, they wil take you down.

    So Not guilty isnt enough for you? The DA lying about past “victims” isnt enough for you? Hetero porn isnt enough for you? 2 marriages isn’t enough for you? ….I mock your logic…you have built yourself up by bringing him down. that is pathetic. “when people try to bring you down, remember, it’s because you are above them”

    NOT GUILTY! Juror: “I question the ethics these children have been taught, I certainly would never want my children to lie for their own gain”

    Don’t be bittter! Just Heal the World!!

  • nick

    If it gives you any comfort then carry onl iving in la la land. Please send us postcards.

  • Eric Olsen

    no, I think the message given was “not proved guilty beyond on a reasonable doubt on the charges presented”

  • nick

    It is all in the eye of the beholder now. But I still think that the message given to his detractors by the jury was “Move on”. So for goodness sake, just do it !

  • Eric Olsen

    very seriously, this verdict does not “vindicate” Jackson’s lifestyle for the last 20 years:

    “Juror Raymond Hultman said the prosecution presented ample evidence that Jackson had a pattern of inappropriate behavior with boys, but not with the boy who had accused him”

  • nick

    hey hey 😉

  • Eric Olsen

    thank God for that

  • nick

    But I’ll mention no names here !

  • nick

    And to all those who were ready to believe him !

  • nick

    1 juror said so not “The jurors”. That is 1 out of 12 people. In percentage that is 8.3%
    The prosecutors with their million dollars case managed to let one juror think that MJ may have molested kids in the past ! What a terrific blow to Sneddon !

  • Eric Olsen

    interesting points all: Nancy, Calif ornia has a special law for child molestatiion cases that allows introduction of evidence of past “bad acts” if it helps to show a pattern. From what the jurors are saying, they bought some past “bad acts” but didn’t think anything was proved about Arviso. If that’s so, then they did the right thing.

  • Nancy

    Yes, I thought that was pretty interesting and a fine distinction, myself. As unsatisfying as it may be to some people (#114), unfortunately (or fortunately, depending) it’s the way the law functions, and the court DID allow previous episode testimony from prior cases, which really surprised me since I was under the impression criminal cases could not admit that kind of evidence; a civil suit, yeah, but not a criminal case.

    If I were Jackson’s family, I’d hustle him off to Europe or better yet Japan, where they like oddballs (one of Japan’s biggest celebrities is a guy who cannibalized his date), and keep him under lock & key w/some trustworthy keepers and staffers (they have GOT to start screening his employees!) and a few good shrinks…but I’m not sanguine. 5 will get me 10 he’ll be back in court on another molestation case within 10 years, 15 at the outside, if not because he actually *does* anything, then thru poor judgement ref: his personal behavior & total lack of ability to judge character. However, the ongoing self-mutilation of his face says to me, at least, that he’s got some really, really serious mental health issues he needs to address asap, and if not on his own, then his family should step in for him. He seems out of control. I also hope that any civil suit filed by those vultures gets thrown out, or awarded $1 or something like that. I do think the mother at least should be charged w/pimping, child abuse, neglect, and intent to defraud, at the least.

  • Christina

    Look on any news site on what the jurors of this case thought, you’ll read that not all of them were convinced that he never molested a boy. They just couldn’t be 100% sure he molested this boy…

    Later, several used their names during interviews with the news media, including Juror No. 1, Raymond Hultman, 62. He told The Associated Press in an interview at his home that he believed Jackson may have molested at least two boys – but not the accuser.

    He said he voted to acquit Jackson in the current case because he had doubts about the accuser’s credibility. “That’s not to say he’s an innocent man,” Hultman said. “He’s just not guilty of the crimes he’s been charged with.”

  • madspirit

    If all Michael Jackson cared about was poor little cancer victims…there would be some girls. That it is just boys…it’s called preferential pedophilia. There would be no other reason…for having a preference…in type of child. The man needs locking up. I would prefer a hospital…but if that cannot be…a prison will do. ANYTHING to protect..the children. …and anyone who turns this into a racial thing…or an eccentric thing…or anything else…is just making an excuse…for this very dangerous….child molester and anyone who does this…cares more about hollering politics than they do about the safety of those too young to speak for themselves…too young to defend themselves….

  • Well, the Jackson 5 Reunion Tour will now take place. I think they should call the show VINDICATION. They could not have asked for a better way to promote the tour. Television networks around the world interrupted their broadcasting to bring the verdicts. Every major newspaper’s website had a headline within 3 minutes of the first verdict. As the chorus sings in Evita, “…the money keeps rolling in…”

  • Logically speaking, if he’s innocent, he’ll make major changes in his life to avoid this sort of problem ever again, while if he’s guilty, he’s obviously living in a delusionary fantasy and will see this verdict as some sort of tacit approval of his continued antics.

    So logically speaking, we should be able to tell whether or not he’s guilty by whether he changes his behavior or not. 🙂

  • HW Saxton

    If he truly is a molester(and charges of
    not guilty does not mean that he isn’t,
    it only proves that the state failed to
    present their case beyond a doubt)then
    it’s only a matter of time before this
    problem with youngsters comes up again.

    I wonder if he’ll try to present a more
    adult image now or: Since he was found
    not guilty will he see this as some sort
    of vindication of his “Peter Pan” styled

  • EC

    Well…..NOT GUILTY….I couldn’t be a happier person. Go ahead sell your book, but now it doesn’t make that much of an impact. Those people that supported MJ are the people that knew that he was a true children’s person. While the court case may not decide the truuth, it makes us believe the truth. Proves he is not as sick as he was made to sound, he is just an emotionally disturbed man. He is a frail man, and he can’t go back to the life he lived, but lets hope he carries on helping the charities he has helped all these years.

  • Eric Olsen

    giving away money to help children is certainly admirable, but as has been said before almost ALL people who make huge sums of money give away some of it for tax, PR, and ego purposes. That in no way contradicts the possibility tha Jackson is a pedophile

  • salmoncatchingbear

    I dunno EC, my father wanted to help children, he wanted to help a lot of people, he had been abused as a child to some extent, which left him scarred and to a great extent deluded and deranged. one hting that he was painfully unaware of was his abuse of people. he could not accept that he too was guilty of physical and sexual abuse.

    some people are very unaware that waht they are doing is wrong, if they are even aware that they are doing anything int he first place.

    MJ seems to be a very naive and childlike figure, but that again is onyl our perception of him. i do hope that he is innocent, but a huge part of me is highly suspicious of his motives and actions thereafter.

    whatever happens, i pray that the correct verdict is reached, i can imagine nothing worse than either an innocent man of his frail physical and emotional disposition being sent to jail, or a cunning abhorition of a man being acquitted and continuing to groom and abuse young boys.

  • EC

    Okay, lets talk about delusion, i hardly think that i’m the one making money and riding off MJ’s misfortunes. Would it be right to compare you to be as immoral as Martin Bushir? Lets talk about His charity work with children, did you know he helps over 36 Charities? A Lot of them to do with children, why would he want to help children if he is abusing them? He’s had a lot of disturbing childhood memories, e.g. being beaten by his father and being forced to perform from the age of 4. Being in the public eye since 10. Losing a childhood. Don’t you actually think that he is trying to regain the childhood he has lost? This is for everyone to answer. In all Michael Jackson’s charity work with the children, do you think this case entirely contradicts all he has done?

  • Eric Olsen

    or, you are seriously deluded – it’s a very difficult decision, I agree

  • EC

    I have just the one thing to say. Whether he be on trial due to racist comments or child molestation, he is like a child himself, i agree that he has had no-one to say no to him, he hasn’t had the nurturing that a lot of people have had. When Michael Did good for the people (still does) with his charity work and his personal involvement in every culture, he revolutionised the music industry, no-one for one second questioned Michael Jackson, but as soon as the accusations came out, the amount of people that turned his back on him is unbelievable. it just goes to show that there are 2 faced people, and it’s unfortunate that a man that has helped people in so many ways has to go through this turmoil. For those of you who believe in MJ now, you are true people.

  • tom

    I believed someone mentioned MONEY HOUND !

    “Secrets and Lies” – Dateline

    Learn the RACKET !!!

    “In the Care of Evil” – Dateline

    I can supply Michael with alot more information then his own attorneys for alot less ………..but how do you contact him…….its impossible !

    “National Organized Crime Operating in Child Protection System” by Roger Brown

    “States Child Protection Agencies Collude to Defraud Federal Government” by Nev Moore http://www.sierratimes.com/02/10/18/ednm101802.htm


  • RJ

    MJ’s appearance bothers normal human beings because it is so freakish, and so different from his earlier appearance. (Like, you know, he went from being an attractive black guy to an ugly white woman…)

    He’s paid good money to mutilate himself. Does this not bother anyone else?

    Oh, yeah, and he chooses to sleep (repeatedly) with little boys who are not related to him.

    Doesn’t sound like a normal dude to me…

  • Mjs 1st

    Perusing someof the responses above, another thought came to mind. Mick Jagger and almost all Hollywood stars have had plastic surgery. Why does MJ’s seem to bother so many people? It’s his face isn’t it?

  • nick

    I completed my sentence with
    “You can either speak a bit about them, speak at length about them or not speak at all about them. It all depends on your character”

  • Mihos

    Actually, Jackson does go to great lengths and energy expenditures to poke fun at the establishment that would have him remain in the caste afforded him by his low birth. The single issue that stands out in everyone’s minds when discussing the man is his appearance. Freddy Mercury and Yul Brenner had very different faces in their twilight years than in youth.
    The difference is obvious.
    Africans and Indigine’ still do not have the permission of the white establisment to be anything without the justification of the cultural imperialist hegemony.

    I dont believe the tabloid reporting about what Jackson has supposedly dont to children. I dont believe that he is as eccentric as the reports may condition some to believe.
    I also dont believe that supporting the American Justice System precludes honoring the civil rights of the accused or the accusor.
    Time and agaim personal prejudices based on misinformation mislead prejudiced minds and results in the polarization witnessed here.

    I see a man who is wasting away before our very eyes attempting to conceal his illl health with wigs and copious amount of makeup and wig. And I see an apathetic public posed to judge- prejudge or assasinate the icon.
    Its sad and true that it marks our age.
    I’ll wager that when Jackson finally dies of what really is eating him, some writers will think back about how much energy and life were wasted on these trials.

    And we can all thank Diane Dimond and Nancy Grace for misleading us with one salacious rumour followed by another.
    And Court TV has no ethical laws of self governence to insure redaction when the hubris accrued news report celebrities hang up their own pancake and powder at the end of the day.

  • DRS


    No matter how much we consider Jackson to be liar, or not, he told truth about that his sleepovers are innocent, non-sexual, and that his “mind does not run that way” towards children.

    Also, Jackson never known to lie for gain, he is not able to scheme, according to Taylor and others. He was protective talking about Blanket’s mother, though, and he lied in one or another version that Bashir got off of him.

  • DRS

    ***sydney***: “I mean, I think it’s obvious that Michael Jackson’ face does not even bare a likeness to his face 20 years ago. Can we all agree on this? I think we can.”

    NO, the face is exactly that except for points I mentioned above. I am studies this matter. Also, my University specialization is synthesis of audio and video, and I know very well how lighting and shooting angles change perceotion of objects.

    Just because mass-media and common people are ignorant about this, it does not change anything.

  • RJ

    “Those are personal issues.”

    And the disfiguring skin disorder “vitiligo” isn’t a “personal issue”???

  • RJ

    “This comment is addressed to Sydney. You are a typical member of what I call the Racist Republican Right (RRR) whose thinking prevails in this country.”

    And this comment is addressed to YOU:

    You’re completely off your rocker. Sydney is about as Left-wing as you can get in the US. He is merely pointing out the disturbing FACTS of the MJ case.

    I disagree with Sydney like, 99% of the time. But he’s dead-on in this instance.

    MJ is a fucking KOOK. Deal with it.

  • HW Saxton

    Sydney’s a He? The Canuck part figures.
    All Canuck’s seem to more about our own
    country than we do somehow, has anyone
    here in the states,ever noticed this odd
    phenomenon besides me? Just curious.

  • >>This comment is addressed to Sydney. You are a typical member of what I call the Racist Republican Right (RRR) whose thinking prevails in this country.>>

    OMG I’m laughing my ass off now. Not only is Sydney about as leftist as they come, but he’s from Canada.


  • Mjs 1st

    This comment is addressed to Sydney. You are a typical member of what I call the Racist Republican Right (RRR) whose thinking prevails in this country.

    “Can we all agree that mj’s behavior is BIZARRE? No. Not if you look into the entire set of circumstances. MJ is a superstar–in and of itself, this entitles him to his eccentricities. He has been a member of the superrich which also entitles him to some of his own unique behaviors Add that to his childhood, an unbiased mind might understand and forgive these antics. If MJ were white, I am willing to bet you would. The jury in the Robert Blake case is an example of this.

    MJ was not raised in a typical African American environment. He is not tainted by American ghetto characteristics and may not be familiar with how the different strata in this country think.

    From the Living with Michael Jackson Documentary, I saw an innocent, naive young man who honestly spoke his mind. America is about the only country in the world where a persons verbal honesty could lead to prosecution.

    After the so called babydangling incident in Germany, idots like Gloria Allred were calling for the removal of his children and prosecution for misconduct. The German authorities had the sense to shoot the uproar down and ignore the incident. American values regarding attitudes toware Blacks seem to be discordant with the rest of the worlds human values. Yours included.

    MJ has earned the right to do thigs the way he sees best without adhering to criticisms from malicious, uncaring americans.

    The resto fo the world is watching this case and does seem to have a good sense of what is going on here. This is evident from reading just this blog.

  • sydney

    ya I realize.. just havin some fun…

  • Eric Olsen

    that’s a bit more harsh than I would go but not without merit and logic

  • sydney

    This is one of the most fucked up posts ever. I feel like printing it off and framing it.

    I can’t, for the life of me, understand what makes people feel they have to defend Michael Jackson to the point were they have blinded themselves to the obvious.

    I mean, I think it’s obvious that Michael Jackson’ face does not even bare a likeness to his face 20 years ago. Can we all agree on this? I think we can.

    Take a look at the pictures and ask yourself, if you hadn’t seen the transformation over the years, and you didn’t know who Michael Jackson was, would you think these two faces belonged to the same person? The answer is clearly no. There is not ONE feature of his face that bares a likeness to his former visage.

    So did he have more than two surgeries? Who cares.

    Whatever he did, he made drastic, and purposeful, changes to his appearances. Even if he had some medical disorder, a person’s appearances do not change to that degree, without intention.

    Micheal Jackson is fucked up in the head. He is bizarre and his bizarreness has ruined his career and probably his life. He had a Choice! He could have prevented all this by making wiser decisions, but he was incapable of changing his behavior. All the MJ fans need to quit feeling they have to defend his bizarre behavior. He is VERY VERY VERY bizarre. Can we all agree on this?

    Did his strange behavior leave him in the predicament he now finds himself in? Can we all agree on that point as well? Yes I think so.

    Perhaps he didn’t molest children but if his bizarre behavior in every other facet of his life is any indication, it is possible that he is capable of molestation.

    Clearly he is incapable of making choices that would prove to the world he is sane (not that he has to prove this, but it would be in his best interest to do so). He constantly is doing things that are totally insane. Showing up to court in his pajamas, acting like he has the emotional development of a 5 year old (and I’m serious here…not being sarcastic), dangling babies off of high rise buildings, parading his children around in Halloween masks, isolating himself from the world, on and on…. [this is just the tip of the iceberg as you well know…]

    These are not the choices a sane person makes. Had these been the life choices of a regular joe, he would be in a hospital, diagnosed, put on medication, getting treatment…. and his children would have been removed by Childrens Aid . Can we all agree on this?

    So did he have sexual relations with children? I don’t know… but why must MJ fans argue that he is perfectly normal and incapable of acting that way? Do you know something we don’t? Because based on the evidence we have, we know that this man has made stranger and more bizarre choices in his life.

  • Eric Olsen

    yes, I can and do call MJ a liar for the reasons stated

  • DRS

    I mean, Eric, You can not call Jackson seriosly liar. In case of Blanket’s mother, he also was simply trying to protect her and his privacy.

  • DRS


    1) La Toya wrote about surgies in her tabloid book Jack Gordon orchestrated. She refused of this later, and anyway she never knew how much surgeries Jackson did, because last time they lived together was in 1987.

    2) Jackson did nothing to his face eccept for nose, lower lip’s protrusion (not volume), and dimple on his chin. No eyebrows, no bone chin, no cheekbones. This was proven in court with UK tabloid Mirror back in 1997, which asserted Jackson redone his face.

    3) Jackson said about only two nosal surgeries because there were indeed only two significant shape/design changing surgeries. Others were minor corrections, which did not change his nose’s design — Micky Mouse-type, snug nose.

  • nick

    Those are personal issues. You can either speak a bit about them, speak at length about them or not speak at all about them.
    There is no inconsistency there, it all depends on your character !

  • RJ

    “If Mike really has some mysterious disease, why would he go to such lenghts to make himself look so freakish? Why not repair the damage more normally? Some serious self-image issues there.”

    Right. He’s willing to go on Oprah and whine about his supposed vitiligo, but he can’t admit to lupus or cancer?

    Gimme a break…

  • HW Saxton

    Thanks Eric.I was going to note that the
    two started dating(with Miss P’s folks
    permission)when she was at a young age
    but it didn’t seem worth the bother to
    mention it as it wasn’t the actual topic
    at hand. Now I can see that I should’ve

  • Eric Olsen

    meeting and marrying aren’t quite the same thing, however

  • james mclafferty

    Not being funny Mr saxton,but priscilla was indeed 14 when elvis met her,it’s well documented.

  • HW Saxton

    Mihos for the record: Elvis NEVER had a
    14 yr old wife.Priscilla was 21 when she
    married the Big E in 1967.

  • nick

    There is no denying that black people are not treated the same way as white people are.
    Those who say the contrary are just plain dillusional.
    MJ has vitiligo and that is a notorious fact. If you cannot accept facts, it’s tough…

  • Mihos

    Terri, I doubt you’ve given this much thought until now. Elvis had a Graceland, a pet Chimp and a fourteen year old wife. Charlie Chaplin had all the trappings and more. Vitiligo is not something siblings generally share. It shows up every other generation or so. It is common enough in Jackson’s mother’s family to have earned the specific family line the moniker of Whitehead.
    I don’t buy the proclivity for little boys as I’ve followed the press coverage of Jacksons career on academic assignment of late. I think that he and his handlers have utilized eccentricty and its trappings to remain in the press.
    But his behavior is so similar to other luminaries of that proportion I have a hard time believing that he couldnt have afforded to purchase some foreign boy lovers from a country where the practice if perfectly accepted.
    COnditional bias is one factor that is impossible to make go away. For or against forget about equal…

  • Eric Olsen

    in addition to Terri’s quite reasonable points, I simply don’t buy mihos’s exceptionally cynical and negative view of “the press.” First, there is no such thing as “the press” – there is a collection of thousands of individual print, broadcast, cable, and now, Internet outlets that compete with each other. While I deplore the increasing corporate media consolidation that has gone on over the last 20 years, there is still no monolithic “media.”

    I have seen how “the press” operates over the last 30 years from the inside, and the notion that there is some pristine white elite looking to keep the darkies down is just utter fantasy.

  • Terri


    First, MJ did not create Neverland to benefit children. He created it for HIMSELF, to relive his own missed childhood. The fact that he allows others to enjoy it gives him a nice tax write off. Yeah, maybe he feels bad for those kids, but there are few truly altruistic people in this world, and MJ is not one (IMO).

    If MJ really has vitiligo, why do none of his siblings or parents? It’s an inherited disease – he would have at least one relative with it, no? I’m still not buying it, sorry.


    If you notice, every little injury by any celebrity is rarely reported by the media unless there is some other significance. Jackson’s race has little to do with it.

    As far as him dying; his appearance has been this way for at least 10 years. He has been on tour in that time. Touring in itself is a very stressful and tiring thing. Add that to the amount of dancing that MJ does, and it’s damn exhausting. What doctor in their right mind would ok a dying person for that kind of activity? Sorry, not buying that either. Doesn’t explain away his proclivity to young boys either.

  • nick

    Very pertinent and to the point. I couldn’t agree more

  • Mihos

    Doctor client privacy is no small issue in this country. But since it sells papers to believe that Jackson is a pedarest and none of these tabloid reporters has any real interest in Jackson’s genius, his family’s ethnicity, the significance of their cultural contributions, they sell papers with the same dog shit that people in Missisipi used to justify the poverty of blacks. They do with it their children, they do it with animals, they are animals..
    Let’s face it, the press has never had any real lasting interest in Jackson, save to impeach, marginalize, vilify, sensationalize or trivialize. Health matters the sort that kept Liz Taylor in press long after her movie career was long over are only interesting for people when they care about a luminary.
    The press plays the gossipy hair dresser crowd’s sympathy to sell papers on liz Taylors health because they all feel Liz Taylor’s pain. They have empathy for Liz Taylor they want to be her.
    Jackson on the other hand has such a Barnum and Bailey thing going on to even get press coverage we lack empathy for him. But then generally speaking we don’t have many examples of carrot and stick empathy for non Caucasians.
    Diana Ross is a deranged drunk with an overblown ego but Liza Minelli is an exciting drunk with a pedigree damnit.

    britney Spears fell and hurt her knee after her last album failed to chart demonstrably and her pr machine told her she was overexposed. But we learned about her knee and the insurance case.
    Janet jackson’s nipple is exposed for four seconds and that makes the press.
    But Janet’s injury during the Janet tour never made the press. She slogged herself with a numchuck.

  • Eric Olsen

    if he was dying you would think SOMEONE would have reported on it, or there would at least be rumors. A secret such as that would be exceptionally difficult to contain, perhaps impossible. Why nothing from Friedman’s “inside sources” on this?

  • Mihos

    Eric, i agree with you. Jackson is self serving in a great deal of what I’ve seen.
    At the same time, perfectionism in the creative process is something we know Jackson is obsessed with versus guess he is obsessed with based on tabloid reporting.

    The lyrics have to be read carefully to appreciate. The last lyric to victory was a shitty attempt at humour in reference to pinball.

    Stupid or Obsessed?
    I posit that he is dying and desperate to
    live his last days in a manner of his choosing.

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks for the absolution

  • nick

    Yep and that would be decades spent in this extremely self seeking society that would have made your mind work this way.

    You are not to blame.

  • Eric Olsen

    Nick, I truly do believe what you say is an element of it, but I also think he is obsessed and that is self-serving as opposed to being altruistic

  • nick

    For me the answer is quite simple. He feels that he is helping out those kids. But we live in a world where generosity is not very common hence easily misunderstood or misinterpreted.

    Very sad isn’t it ?

  • nick

    1. Vitiligo is a disease that will change somebody’s looks dramatically.
    It cannot be cured and is irreversible.
    2. He was burnt during a commercial very seriously.
    3. It is not unconceivable that two drastic nose operations will also change your looks.

    It is obvious that he looks very different now than 20 years ago. Some of it is due to his own willing, and some of it is not.

  • Eric Olsen

    which brings up the question: is he immensely stupid or just obsessed?

  • nick

    1.If he has done nothing wrong with any child, why would he stop inviting them over to his ranch. May I remind you that the purpose of the estate is to give the opportunity to thousands of deprived children to spend a day out of their deprived suburbs. And yes, out of the thosands aof kids who did visit his place, it seems like a handful of gold digging people saw a very good opportunity there. I think the fact that he carried on with his life as it used to be is a clear sign that he has nothing to be ashamed of.
    2. To be able to put forward those claims and make millions out of it.

  • Terri

    I really don’t get the point of all the lyrics here – what are you trying to prove?

    I think you’re losing the original point of the post: MJ has had physical alterations performed and denied them. His denial of that and other things puts his honesty in question.

    There’s no question that the prosecuting witnesses are questionable, at best. Let’s see what the defense produces.

    My two big problems with all of this:
    1. After the 1993 allegations, wouldn’t you think MJ would chill his child-involvements? If you get caught speeding on the highway, don’t you tend to drive slower?

    2. Again, after the 1993 allegations, why would any mother allow their child to be alone with MJ at any time? Being a parent I have a really hard time with that one.

    If Mike really has some mysterious disease, why would he go to such lenghts to make himself look so freakish? Why not repair the damage more normally? Some serious self-image issues there.

  • Mihos

    Flash’s Theme Reprise (Victory Celebrations)

    He’s for everyone of us
    Stand for everyone of us
    He’ll save with a mighty hand
    Every man every woman every child
    He’s the mighty flash
    No-one but the pure in heart may find the golden grail
    Oh oh – oh oh

  • mihos

    Under that pancake is a red faced man.
    I have never seen his entire epidermis.
    Have you?
    And pinball can be entertaining.

    In this instance, my intention is to present a few alternative hypothesis as a more useful waste of time than speculating on the crap that a regiment of full time klan writers are creating for court tv.

  • HW Saxton

    Mihos, I’ll bet you’re great at pinball.
    A wizard,even.

  • RJ

    “Not all skin-coloring melanocytes are lost uniformly over the body.”

    Yet…MJ is almost uniformly WHITE!

  • RJ

    “Lupus is a chronic inflammatory disease that can affect various parts of the body, especially the skin, joints, blood, and kidneys.”

    Lupus also gives the sufferer a red face. Which MJ doesn’t have…

  • Mihos

    “There Must Be More To Life Than This”

    (Freddie Mercury)

    There must be more to life than this
    There must be more to life than this
    How do we cope in a world without love
    Mending all those broken hearts
    And tending to those crying faces

    There must be more to life than living
    There must be more than meets the eye
    Why should it be just a case of black or white
    There must be more to life than this

    Why is this world so full of hate
    People dying everywhere
    And we destroy what we create
    People fighting for their human rights
    But we just go on saying c’est la vie
    So this is life

    There must be more to life than killing
    A better way for us to survive
    What good is life, in the end we all must die There must be more to life
    than this

    There must be more to life than this
    There must be more to life than this
    I live and hope for a world filled with love
    Then we can all just live in peace
    There must be more to life, much more to life
    There must be more to life, more to life than this

    Come on baby.
    You gotta be mine,
    ‘Cause your so fine.
    I like your style.
    It makes me wild.
    You take it to me good.
    You like it; Know you should.
    You get me on my knees.
    Well, please, baby, please.

    She looks so great.
    Every time I see her face,
    she puts me in a state,
    a state of shock.

    She put me on my knees.
    Please, baby, please.
    I know you like to tease.
    Please, baby, please.
    You take it to me good.
    You like it; Know you should.
    I love the way you walk,
    And talk, baby, talk.

    She’s so great.
    Ev’ry time I see her face,
    She puts in a state
    a state of shock.

    Now come over here,
    (No come over here)
    Talk, talk to me
    A state of shock.
    You put me in
    You know I really love you baby
    A state of shock

    You know I really want you mama,
    you got me paralysed
    (you got me paralysed)
    You got me catatonic
    (you got me catatonic, baby)
    You got me supersonic
    (you got me supersonic, baby)
    Baby, you know I’m deep fried
    (you know I’m deep fried)
    A state of shock

    Yeah, look what you’ve done to me
    look what you done to me
    look what you done to me.
    Yeah, I can hardly move
    (A state of shock)
    You know I need mouth to mouth resuscitation
    come on baby.

    You know I really love you baby
    State of shock
    You know I really want you mama
    yeah baby, yeah baby
    Just look at me, look at me
    State of shock
    You got me in
    you got me in a state of shock
    you got me in, look at me
    look at me, look at me.

  • mihos

    Susie by Elton John

    I got frostbitten in the winter
    Ice skating on the river
    With my pretty little black-eyed girl
    She’d make your darn toes curl just to see her

    I got a fringe front on my buggy
    I got a frisky little colt in a hurry
    And a pretty little black-eyed Suzie by my side

    Well she sure knows how to use me
    Pretty little black-eyed Suzie
    Playing hooky with my heart all the time
    Living with her funky family
    In a derelict old alley
    Down by the river where we share a little loving in the moonshine

    I’m an old hayseed harp player
    I’m the hit of the county fair
    With my pretty little black-eyed girl
    Living proof as she swirls
    She’s a dancer

    Found some interesting nonsequitur references to Freddy Mercury and Michael Jackson collaborations:

    State Of Shock: a Michael Jackson track from 1983. This demo was recorded with Freddie and Michael. It was later re-recorded with Michael and Mick Jagger.
    Due to copyright and ownership problems it’s hard to tell when and how this track will be released. But Jim Beach, Queen’s manager, has some kind of plans for the unreleased Mercury/Jackson tracks.

    There Must Be More To Life Than This: a demo with Freddie and Michael Jackson, recorded somewhere 1983. It features Freddie on piano plus giving lyrics directions and Michael singing the song.
    Due to copyright and ownership problems it’s hard to tell when and how this track will be released. But Jim Beach, Queen’s manager, has some kind of plans for the unreleased Mercury/Jackson tracks.

    There Must Be More To Life Than This (Remix): a 1996 remix by… John Deacon. I don’t know if it’s good and why it was remixed, but it was withheld from release, probably because the information about this track came out of the EMI office without permission. This sounds like a lame excuse to me, there has to be another reason.

    Victory: originally a Queen track, but later re-recorded by Freddie and Michael Jackson in 1983. It was never released and some time later (re-)re-recorded by The Jacksons.
    It is rumoured that Brian and Roger recorded backing vocals some time ago (early 2002) for this track.
    Due to copyright and ownership problems it’s hard to tell when and how this track will be released. But Jim Beach, Queen’s manager, has some kind of plans for the unreleased Mercury/Jackson tracks.

    So it is possible that Jackson’s lyric may be a form of juxtaposition. Perhaps he writes as Freddy Mercury so the lyrics pasted above have nothing to do with Jackson and more to do with jackson imagining himself as his old friend suffering.. just a thought

  • Mihos

    What we see as wasting syndrome may also be an eating disorder or a syndrome of cancer.
    jackson may be suffering from cancer himself.

  • Mihos

    I have no idea of the relevence of any of the hypothetical maladies suggested.
    I do know that court tv reporters could have theorized about Jackson’s health status with the same kind of ambitious persistence that they have positing about jackson faking healthh crisis, hating his own racial identity or sharing his days with young people to the exclusion of adults.

    Lupus is a chronic inflammatory disease that can affect various parts of the body, especially the skin, joints, blood, and kidneys. The body’s immune system normally makes proteins called antibodies to protect the body against viruses, bacteria, and other foreign materials. These foreign materials are called antigens. In an autoimmune disorder such as lupus, the immune system loses its ability to tell the difference between foreign substances (antigens) and its own cells and tissues. The immune system then makes antibodies directed against “self.” These antibodies, called “auto-antibodies,” react with the “self” antigens to form immune complexes. The immune complexes build up in the tissues and can cause inflammation, injury to tissues, and pain.

    For most people, lupus is a mild disease affecting only a few organs. For others, it may cause serious and even life-threatening problems. More than 16,000 Americans develop lupus each year. It is estimated that 500,000 to 1.5 million Americans have been diagnosed with lupus.

    Vitiligo Causes & Autoimmune Disorders

    Many autoimmune disorders present alongside Vitiligo, indicating the possibility of a causal connection. These autoimmune disorders include thyroid disease, diabetes mellitus, Addison’s disease, pernicious anemia and multiple endocrinopathy syndrome.

    At the same time, it must be considered that the frequency of vitiligo is high enough that an association with any of the above diseases may occur by chance.

    Congenital nevi may be found more commonly in patients with vitiligo than in the general population.

    Not all skin-coloring melanocytes are lost uniformly over the body.

    Perioral Areas of affected by Vitiligo: areas around the mouth, eyes and genital orifices are regrettably more likely to suffer loss of melanocytes than other areas.

    Interfollicular Areas affected by Vitiligo: skin-coloring cells around hairs and pores are also lost (this is effectively the entire body), but generally to a lesser extent than in perioral areas.

    Follicular Melanocytes affected by Vitiligo: hair-coloring cells, present in the hair bulbs, are the least likely to be affected by Vitiligo. This factor is important for repigmentation by surgical transplantation of melanocytes as these cells serve as a reservoir for replenishing areas of skin devoid of natural color production.

    Surgical transplantation is an expensive and time consuming vitiligo treatment and is not suited to restoring color to areas naturally devoid of hair growth. It is also not especially successful if pigment transplantation is attempted to areas suffering from loss of hair color.

    Other easier treatments are available and have their own benefits and shortcomings.

    Genetics appear to play some role in Vitiligo with some studies indicating that up to 30% of patients reporting Vitiligo in other family members.

    Vitiligo inheritance does not follow simple Mendelian genetics and probably involves a coming together of multiple genetic factors.

    Other Causative Factors: Vitiligo, Emotional Stress and Severe Illness

    The onset of Vitiligo is often attributed to major emotional stress or severe illness. A severe illness may also be emotional.
    Skin Trauma

    Many Vitiligo patients develop color loss at local sites of skin-damaging injury or trauma.

    Exacerbation of any disease at sites of trauma (of any kind) is known as Koebner’s Phenomenon and is also seen in psoriasis and lichen planus.

    Wasting syndrome refers to a loss of body mass or size, most notably muscle mass (sometimes referred to as “lean body mass”). Very often, both occur at the same time. However, this is not always the case. It is possible that someone who is losing weight might not lose muscle mass. It is also possible that someone losing muscle mass might not lose a lot of weight. For example, some HIV-positive people lose a lot of muscle. Yet they may experience an increase in fat. This can cause weight to stay the same, even though muscle wasting is going on.

    In people who do not have HIV, weight loss is not usually a serious problem. For example, someone who goes on a diet will eventually lose weight. To make up for the lack of food being eaten, the body will naturally burn fat – either in the blood or stored in cells – to help meet its energy needs. At the same time, the body works to protect protein during periods of dieting or physical activity. Protein is needed to build muscle, cells, and organs in the body. In other words, most people can afford to lose fat. They cannot afford to lose protein.

    In people with HIV, especially during periods of illness (e.g., MAC or tuberculosis), the energy demands of the body increase. Turning fat into energy also requires a lot of work in the body. To help save energy, the body may go after protein to fuel its energy needs. This is because protein is much easier to convert into energy than fat. Also, protein is needed to help repair damaged organs and to replace immune system cells lost during periods of illness.

    If there isn’t enough protein in the blood – which might occur if someone is not eating all the protein they should during times of illness – the body will go after a major source of protein in the body: muscle. Depending on the energy needs of the body, which depends on how severe or how long the illness lasts, either a little or a lot of muscle can be lost. And while the loss of small amounts of muscle is not usually serious, losing large amounts of muscle can be dangerous.

  • Eric Olsen

    so, does all this imply AIDS? You are too subtle for me.

  • Mihos

    It seems that a great number of regular visitors to Studio 54 are no longer with us. Young people free from prying eyes and parental authority tend to act out and experiment with their lives irregardless of consequences.

    He may be suffering from Lupus, or cancer or any number of life threatening illnesses.
    These are some intriguing lyrics that failed to garner intellectualization.

    “I am the damned
    I am the dead
    I am the agony inside
    The dying head
    This is injustice
    Woe unto thee
    I pray this punishment
    Would have mercy on me

    And she promised me forever
    That we’d live our life as one
    We made our vows
    We’d live a love so true
    It seems that she has left me
    For such reasons unexplained
    I need to find the truth
    But see what will I do!

    “And it doesn’t seem to matter
    And it doesn’t seem right
    ’cause the will has brought
    No fortune
    Still I cry alone at night
    Don’t you judge of my composure
    ’cause I’m bothered everyday
    And she didn’t leave a letter
    She just up and ran away
    (who is it? )”

    “Will You Be There

    Hold me
    Like the river Jordan
    And I will then say to thee
    You are my friend

    Carry me
    Like you are my brother
    Love me like a mother
    Will you be there?

    When weary
    Tell me will you hold me
    When wrong, will you mold me
    When lost will you find me?

    But they told me
    A man should be faithful
    And walk when not able
    And fight til the end
    But I’m only human

    Everyone’s taking control of me
    Seems that the world’s
    Got a role for me
    I’m so confused
    Will you show to me
    You’ll be there for me
    And care enough to bear me

    (Hold me)
    (Lay your head lowly)
    (Softly then boldly)

    (Hold me)
    (Love me and feed me)
    (Kiss me and free me)
    (I will feel blessed)

    (Carry me boldly)
    (Lift me up slowly)
    (Carry me there)

    (Save me)
    (Heal me and bathe me)
    (Softly you say to me)
    (I will be there)

    (Lift me)
    (Lift me up slowly)
    (Carry me boldly)
    (Show me you care)

    (Hold me)
    (Lay your head lowly)
    (Softly then boldly)
    (Carry me there)

    (Need me)
    (Love me and feed me)
    (Kiss me and free me)
    (I will feel blessed)

    In our darkest hour
    In my deepest despair
    Will you still care?
    Will you be there?
    In my trials
    And my tribulations
    Through our doubts
    And frustrations
    In my violence
    In my turbulence
    Through my fear
    And my confessions
    In my anguish and my pain
    Through my joy and my sorrow
    In the promise of tomorrow
    I’ll never let you part
    For you’re always in my heart”

    Some years later after the 1993 accusations:

    “Blood On The Dance Floor”

    She got your number
    She know your game
    She put you under
    It’s so insane

    Since you seduced her
    How does it feel
    To know that woman
    Is out to kill

    Every night stance is like takin’ a chance
    It’s not about love and romance
    And now you’re gonna get it

    Every hot man is out takin’ a chance
    It’s not about love and romance
    And now you do regret it

    To escape the world I’ve got to enjoy that simple dance
    And it seemed that everything was on my side
    (Blood on my side)

    She seemed sincere like it was love and true romance
    And now she’s out to get me
    And I just can’t take it
    Just can’t break it

    Susie got your number
    And Susie ain’t your friend
    Look who took you under
    With seven inches in
    Blood is on the dance floor
    Blood is on the knife
    Susie’s got your number
    And Susie says its right

    She got your number
    How does it feel
    To know this stranger
    Is out to kill

    She got your baby
    It happened fast
    If you could only
    Erase the past

    Every night stance is like takin a chances
    It’s not about love and romance
    And now you’re gonna get it

    Every hot man is out takin’ a chance
    It’s not about love and romance
    And now you do regret it

    To escape the world I got to enjoy this simple dance
    And it seemed that everything was on my side
    (Blood on my side)

    It seemed sincere like it was love and true romance
    And now she’s out to get me
    And I just can’t take it
    Just can’t break it

    Susie got your number
    And Susie ain’t your friend
    Look who took you under
    With seven inches in
    Blood is on the dance floor
    Blood is on the knife
    Susie got your number
    You know Susie says its right

    Susie’s got your number
    Susie ain’t your friend
    Look who took you under
    She put seven inches in
    Blood is on the dance floor
    Blood is on the knife
    Susie’s got your number
    Susie says its right

    It was blood on the dance floor
    (blood on the dance floor)’

    this last song was dedicated to Elton John

  • Eric Olsen

    okay, so you keep positing this theory of a deadly disease: what makes you think so? what is it? where did the idea come from?

  • mihos

    If your combined publishing has a net worth
    of well above three billion dollars, and you have a fatal disease, leukemia, cancer, hep c what have you, you may go to great lengths to conceal anything that might suggest weakness to competitive interests.
    In an aggressive corporate take down for example, companies have trade secrets that are protected part and parcel. But in this instance, we are talking about an individual entity that happens to be the breadmaker.
    Underestimating Jackson’s genius is easy
    he paints himself a fool.

    Here is an interesting lyric:
    Lisa Marie Presley

    You said I seem so grim and
    You said it just wasn’t when it fell down on me there
    Darling do you forgive me
    I went out on a limb
    Cause I needed to be
    Near the fireflies flying high above me
    Then I hit the sky and it fell down on me
    You said it wasn’t sharp but I cut my finger
    You said it just wouldn’t burn and I scarred my face
    You know I bite my nails my skin and my fingers
    And I’ve heard that’s my liver my nerves and my brain
    I said I just like to bite on my fuckin fingers
    Do you have another intelligent answer for me today
    You said it wasn’t sharp but I cut my finger
    You said it just wouldn’t burn and I scarred my face
    You said it just wasn’t ? when it fell down on me
    Well I’m just a son of a bitch no matter what you say
    I lost my trust in you
    You were dangerous and scary
    And you poisoned me with the fruits everyone was intrigued by
    And I finally got buried
    You said I won’t forget and I don’t remember and
    You said I’m something I’m not and I fell on my face
    You said I wouldn’t rot but worms are crawling on me
    I’m just a son of a bitch no matter what you say
    I’m just a son of a bitch no matter what you say

  • Eric Olsen

    excellent points Jay, but what the jury decides will still be opinion, but hopefully very well informed opinion

  • Eric Olsen

    mihos, if this were true: what if Jackson is suffering from Wasting Syndrome and his dramatic paint job, wigs and surgeries are an attempt to conceal his health condition

    I would feel differently about his transformation. It would make even less sense for him to lie so blatantly about that transformation, however.

  • nick

    hey hey 😉

  • james Mclafferty

    And nick well said:-)

  • james Mclafferty

    Thanks mihos,abit of sanity at last,i might not be putting my post’s across properly,so i apoogise but do you understand where i’m coming from mihos?

  • nick

    The prosecution is evidently betting on the public perception of MJ, who, after having been loved by the public is now completely rejected and dragged through the mud by every piece of trash out there.
    It takes more than having had plastic surgery and being eccentric to make a man guilty.
    The public, helped by the reckless media, constantly simplifies the issues.
    We should all keep in mind the fact that the purpose of the media is not to inform us but to make money, especially in the anglo-saxon world.
    THIS is the reason why you lot are persuaded that he is guilty. Because he has been portrayed as such by the media. And if he has been portrayed as such it is because it sells papers, it makes $$$$$$$$$ and tons of it.
    Why doesn’t anybody speak about how the prosecution is looking incredibly ridiculous with their case ? Because it will NOT sell as many papers as when they print “Michael Jackson had a shower with an 8 year old boy” or any other extravagant claim from dodgy witnesses.
    What is being discussed here is not the truth of what happened but the perception by a clueless public about an Extra-ordinary man, with extra-ordinary talent who has had an extra-ordinary life.
    I believe in his innocence but I will accept the verdict of the jury whatever it is and I would be glad to hear others say the same.

  • “Would it bother you if you woke up tommorow and heard that Jackson died in his sleep to complications of some awful disease? Would a light suddenly come on in your head that perhaps Jackson was being blackmailed in 1993 to keep his health status a secret? ”

    No and no.

  • mihos

    When standing beside his parents, Jackson’s
    cosmetic tampering can be readily appreciated. But what are you reacting to?

    If anyone of us regardless of ethnicity were to apply a base pancake to their facial skin ie Charlie Chaplin, Kabuki, Trent Reznor and apply kohl to the eye brows and eye lash base and have a look in the mirror they might be suprised how different they will appear.
    Take a photo and the flat appearance of the skin boost the features dramatically presenting a still more shocking divergence.
    Jackson’s nose has been worked on several times that is no mystery.
    But there are no cheekbone implants, jaw implants, or lip reductions!

    The eye brows are tattooed just like James Brown’s. It is very likely that severe burning during the eighties pepsi
    commerical resulted in an eventual scalp reduction and this surgery is likely responsible for the raised eyebrows.

    But i think that most of what people are noticing is a phenomenon of heideger principle= you want to see a complete new face constructed under scalpel so you do.
    The obvious work is enough as it is and you dislike it as do I.
    But fundamentally it is Jackson’s prerogative to sculpt himself any way he sees fit. It is another form of a creative outlet and we should applaud that as we have for marilyn monroe, elvis presley, barbara walters and Angeline jolie.
    I asked earlier and no one answered,
    what if Jackson is suffering from Wasting Syndrome and his dramatic paint job, wigs and surgeries are an attempt to conceal his health condition?

    Does his skin colour bother you more than the deep furrows on either side of his face which he is attempting to hide with carefully placed wig pieces?

    Would it bother you if you woke up tommorow and heard that Jackson died in his sleep to complications of some awful disease? Would a light suddenly come on in your head that perhaps Jackson was being blackmailed in 1993 to keep his health status a secret?

    What if we learn today that Debbie Row was paid upwards of ten million dollars to act as surrogate mother to Jackson and Lisa Presley’s children, risking her own life by carrying them full term?
    In effect, a surrogate is obliged to take medications to keep the children and herself from inheriting the fatal disease?
    What ifs each and all but the sort of alternative hypothesis that any intellegent person without bias can accept as readily as any of the sensational presuppositions we are obliged to accept piece meal out of the mouth of Diane Dimond and Nancy Graceless the only real experts on Jackson and this trial evidentally.

  • james Mclafferty

    If how he looks, is more important to people than “did he do it?”,then you lot are sad,i’ll say to you matt what i’ve said to everybody else i “currently” think he is innocent note the word currently,and am also open to the possibility that he’s guilty,but it strikes me people come up with phrases like “mj apoligists”,which i am not i’m just a big fan,because they can’t find anything else more intelligent to respond with,as iv’e said before who’s to say i’m wrong and who’s to say your’e wrong,either way we do not concretely know what has gone on why the hell do people find the need to personally attack somebody because they don’t write what you want them too,ridicoulus!(sp?)

  • Pete Rivard

    MJ isn’t the only one making up reality as he goes along, although maybe this is just a small error. But someone brings up Pete Townsend as someone who was forthcoming. He wasn’t. He claimed he was looking at child porn to investigate the problem. Never admitted he got off on it; never admitted he had a problem; never apparently considered that in the real world people might not believe such a ridiculous excuse. It seems like he was lying to himself about that last part, even if, against million to one odds, he wasn’t lying to the rest of the world about the first two.

    As for sharing a bed with a kid being an absolute wrong, well, there are entire countries that would disagree with you; indeed the US not so long ago would have been one of them. In Japan, girls take baths with their fathers–and go into male public baths with their fathers–sometimes right up to and a little past the first signs of puberty. That’s considered normal–and it’s a lot more intimate than sharing a bed. In America 150 years ago, it would have been normal for a small businessman, if single, to share a bed with his young boy apprentice to save money and conserve heat. It’s on record that some people who went on to become American presidents (Republicans, even!) felt that way.

  • james Mclafferty

    I’m on about the fact both have been misjudged because of their apearance don’t you ge that matt?

  • Stop it James. Jacko and The Elephant Man are 2 completely separate issues. Jacko chose to look like a freak.

  • james Mclafferty

    Eric absolutely,Yes but we are wrongly judging him on how he looks,has anybody seen the film the elephant man,john merrick was put into a circus and mistreated because he looked “different”,has nobody got any sympathy for the mental processes he was going through when he made these terrible changes to himself?.Just cause somebody’s had as extensive plastic surgery as he has remember eric he had to have plastic surgery on his scalp when he burnt it so that was neccesary,and being of the african american persuasion?,he would of had scars from the burning that would of changed his apearance slightly anyway,please correct me if i’m wrong i don’t want to come across racist cause im not,caucasion people are probably more able to hide scars because scars tend to be white,so mj would of had an unsightly amount of scarring from his forehead upwards,hence the corrective plastic surgery,but also remember that it is stated that he has vito ligo(sp?),so what ever happened to don’t judge a book by it’s cover?

  • Eric Olsen

    but James, there is “cosmetic surgery” and then there is what he has done over the years

  • james Mclafferty

    I don’t wish to comment any further on this post but PLASTIC SURGERY WASN’T INVENTED FOR MJ,HOW MANY COUNTLESS STARS HAVE HAD VERY VISIBLE PLASTIC SURGERY TO LISTEN TO YOU LOT!,HE’S THE ONLY PERSON ON THE PLANET,oh and before you put me down as an apologist, eric knows exactly my position on this case,i think he’s innocent “BUT”,i am also open to the fact he may be guilty.

  • Eric Olsen

    I agree with all that the trial is a mess, that the witnesses are all deeply flawed one way or another, but following the case as closely as I can, I keep coming back to what Bill Maher said a month or two ago: it appears that he is guilty AND he is being railroaded

  • nick

    OFFICIALWIRE.COM: Sneddon’s finale a lesson for America

    Created: Wednesday, 27 April 2005


    Editorial: Sneddon’s finale a lesson for America
    If this isn’t Judge Melville’s last case, it should be…

    by Jennifer Monroe

    SANTA MARIA, CA — (OfficialWire) — 04/22/05 — I have intentionally left this story alone because I recognized the sensitive nature of the charges, believing that reporting the story at its conclusion would satisfy any obligation we have toward our readers.

    But enough is enough.

    For far too many years, California District Attorney Tom Sneddon has sought to capitalize on both the popularity of some and eccentricities of others, including pop legend Michael Jackson, in the furtherance of his own career. In the case of Jackson, Sneddon is clearly motivated by personal animosity toward the singer.

    Enough is enough.

    It’s time for Judge Rodney Melville to call an end to this exercise in libel masquerading as a trial, while there is still a chance for him to reclaim some of his integrity.

    When this most recent Sneddon-debacle began in December 2003, Hattie Kauffman, national correspondent for The Early Show speaking about the District Attorney, said: “I think people do feel that he is a man on a mission. You know, this is going to be the signature case of his career.”

    Sneddon has said the Jackson case will be his last, before he retires to perform pro-bono work with children.

    The problem is that Sneddon has a history for pursuing cases that should never have been brought to trial. One such case was against defense attorney Gary Dunlap.

    Dunlap said: “…I was wrongfully prosecuted for a number of crimes, crimes I did not commit.”

    Sneedon had charged Dunlap, a frequent critic of the DA’s department, with perjury and witness intimidation.

    “We went to a jury trial and I was acquitted on all counts,” Dunlap said.

    Dunlap continued, “He said he had a very strong case against me. The problem was that his whole strong case was manufactured.”

    On January 30, 2005 Jackson made a court-approved video statement, saying: “Please keep an open mind and let me have my day in court. I deserve a fair trial like every other American citizen. I will be acquitted and vindicated when the truth is told.”

    With no credible evidence, a case supported by no end of lies advanced by a woman who is so obviously mentally ill, no other American would have to suffer such an injustice.


    Maybe some of you will see the light one day…

  • Claire

    I wish I could say he is not guilty. Mainly because i have too many CDs by him!! I just couldnt support someone (talent or not) if they were convicted of such a terrible crime against children.
    I was convinced for the first few days after his arrest that he was innocent, and it was simply another way of making money from a very rich man. But how can anyone be sure. Whether or not he did molest a child, its TOTALLY out of order for a 45 year old man to be sharing a bed with children (and not even his own whats the story there??)In this day and age why would someone take the risk. I think also that the parents of the children have alot to answer to. The whole trial at this stage is a shambles anyway. Sleazy lawyers with witness who cant stick to stories on both sides. If he is convicted or not(god help him if he is!) I dont think justice will reflect it.

  • HW Saxton

    I’ve got to agree with ya RJ on the fact that the witnesses against MJ have been found lacking in credibility. No doubt on that.

    On the same hand it wouldn’t seem like
    MJ would be the kind of person who would surround himself with mature, responsible people either. All of these idiots seem to deserve each other.

  • RJ

    This is perhaps one of those few cases where a guilty man should be found innocent. The witnesses for the prosecution have been, by almost all media accounts, horrid liars.

    Of course, this doesn’t mean that MJ is an innocent victim here. He could still be a deranged child-predator.

    So. My hope is that MJ “gets off” (pardon the pun) because of the lack of substantial proof in this case. But I also hope this case leads him to STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM CHILDREN in the future…

  • I cannot believe how many people give Jacko a pass. The world has gone absolutely fucking mad.

    There are 2 sides to this:

    1. Michael is a child at heart, and he has been persecuted his whole life, and he loves children. Did we mention he loves children? Oh yeah, and people try to extort money from him all the time.

    2. Jacko is a complete freak who sleeps with children and cannot relate to anyone over the age of 10. Sleeping with children is wrong, even if you keep your hands to your self.

    Thank God a couple of us prescribe to the latter.

    If you Jacko apologists want to stop your precious King of Pop from being persecuted, may I suggest sending him some fan mail that implores him to close down his amusement park/zoo/house of horrors and get some serious counseling. Oh yeah, and stay away from kids. All kids. Even his own kids. For his sake and theirs.

  • RJ

    My opinion is, MJ will walk. But he’s still a sicko, and probably a pedophile.

  • Selim Begicevic

    It is really hard to belive that someone who obviously is following this trial from Day One, like the author of this article, still thinks that Michael Jackson is guilty of charges.
    I came across on this article in search for today’s trial update and wonder how someone who could be considered as intelligent person as mentioned author is not able to see obvious true, if one followed closely this trial. I do not wonder for people who get the information from partial media reports and articles like this one…
    It makes me think that for some people it’s not important at all anymore what really is true here, but how to write an article and sound like some smart a.s.s.
    It is really sad thing with this (mis)information age.. to see second-class writers writing about first-class things.. and writing it however they like and, what is more sad, yet being read… It makes me sick what garbage I have to read to really find something worth reading..

    P.S. Sorry for my English…

  • Just spent an entire week on jury duty. i can tell you from experience those 12 people on the Jackson trial that will each likely see and hear things (testimony and evidence) quite differently from each other. They have the benefit of seeing and hearing every ounce of testimony and they will still have an extremely difficult time deliberating. We hear and see small bits that the media thinks we should be exposed to. From what i’ve seen and heard, MJ is one sick (non)human being! However, what we think has absolutely no bearing on the case. to wit: OJ Simpson trial! Mark and the other members of the MJ fan club should practice what they are preaching: We should all wait until the jury verdicts are in and official. Regardless, isn’t this far more entertaining than anything else on TV these days?

  • To answer Mark’s question, I think the answer would be “It’s a bathroom, deal with it.”

    The thing to remember here is that MJ may be telling the truth – in his mind he did nothing that he saw as harming the children. He really does not seem to have a strong grasp of reality – I think it’s entirely within reason to seriously question any grown man that invites children to stay with him and doesn’t expect that at some point his intentions towards those children is going to come under scrutiny. This is not the way a normal adult behaves. And mature, responsible adults also would have discontinued inviting kids over after the first accusations came out. Again, any person not expecting something bad to come of continuing such behavior when you’ve already become the focus of intense scrutiny is foolish and, frankly, dangerous (no pun intended.)

    I can point people toward the Pete Townshend childporn case for an example of how different this could have been had Jackson simply been smart about it. Townshend was forthcoming and honest about every single aspect of the investigation – he offered up his computer to police, he didn’t skirt around the issue in public, and he readily admitted his own stupidity. MJ, on the other hand, has done any number of deceptive and questionable things at every turn in this case.

    I would like to stand behind MJ on this not because I like him or his music – he’s a creepy freak, no bones about it, and I just don’t like his music – but because he deserves the chance to be innocent. It’s very difficult, however, to maintain my “innocent until proven guilty” stance when the guy continues to act like the whole thing’s a game. If you’re truly innocent, Jackson, stand up and say so, loud and proud, and do everything you can to help the investigation. Any cowering and disingenuity only makes you look more and more guilty.

  • Eric Olsen


  • RJ

    “Macauley Culkin has maintained that there was never any wrongdoing yet some bloke says he saw misdeeds. Surely you have to believe the alleged fondling recipient is telling the truth. why would he lie?”

    Uh, because admitting to having been sexually molested by someone of the same sex is incredibly humiliating, especially for a heterosexual public figure, and especially for a male?

  • Lee Stone

    I am fascinated by people’s desire for this blatant freak to be innocent. “I sleep with children…it is really quite innocent, quite charming.” Liar after liar with the same story eventually starts to become believable. The 24 year old Youth Pastor with no axe to grind or monetary motive seemed pretty damned convincing. Yes we want to hear the whole story but we have to be realistic along the way.

    BTW, how did George Bush get into this discussion?

  • lil’ KW

    Gimme Jackson anyday… when he gets in the yard, somebody’ll put a little color in them sassy cheeks of his… oh my, oh my, butter them yams!

  • Mark Harrington

    Eric, this might seem like a strange comment, but if you used the toilet at work, and left an unsavoury aroma, on questioning, would you say?,

    a: I haven’t been to the toilet (thus saving face)


    b: Yes I went to the toilet, but that aroma isn’t one of mine.

    You would discount the perspective that you did the nasty by completely disassociating yourself from the incident. ie you would say you hadn’t been to the toilet.

    Totally different concept but same thought process. MJ would deny that kids went anywhere near his bed to dispell any association with wrongdoing.

    (I’m British by the way. I say toilet or loo, but you probably say something like bathroom or closet in usa.)

  • Eric, why don’t you post an equal number of photographs of yourself taken over the last thirty years- a few of your siblings or close relatives?
    Perhaps the people who unwittingly fall into your hit trap will be thusly enabled to assert accrued hard facts on your character :

    In the 18th and 19th centuries, physiognomy was used by some of its proponents as a method of detecting criminal tendencies. Many bigots and racists still use physiognomy to judge character and personality. This is not to say that there are not certain physiognomic features associated with certain genetic disorders such as Down’s syndrome or Williams Syndrome. The advocates of physiognomy, however, probably wouldn’t know what a genetic disorder is.

    People with thin, soft, looser or porcelain-like skin tend to be more impressionable both emotionally and physically….Those with thin, fine hair are refined emotionally….A thick, full lower lip indicates spontaneous generosity to friends and strangers as well as talkativeness….A ski-slope upturned nose person will usually be…a poor money manager.

    Or more rigorous thinkers will recall:
    confirmation bias

    “It is the peculiar and perpetual error of the human understanding to be more moved and excited by affirmatives than by negatives.” –Francis Bacon

    Confirmation bias refers to a type of selective thinking whereby one tends to notice and to look for what confirms one’s beliefs, and to ignore, not look for, or undervalue the relevance of what contradicts one’s beliefs. For example, if you believe that during a full moon there is an increase in admissions to the emergency room where you work, you will take notice of admissions during a full moon, but be inattentive to the moon when admissions occur during other nights of the month. A tendency to do this over time unjustifiably strengthens your belief in the relationship between the full moon and accidents and other lunar effects.

    This tendency to give more attention and weight to data that support our beliefs than we do to contrary data is especially pernicious when our beliefs are little more than prejudices. If our beliefs are firmly established upon solid evidence and valid confirmatory experiments, the tendency to give more attention and weight to data that fit with our beliefs should not lead us astray as a rule. Of course, if we become blinded to evidence truly refuting a favored hypothesis, we have crossed the line from reasonableness to closed-mindedness.

    Numerous studies have demonstrated that people generally give an excessive amount of value to confirmatory information, that is, to positive or supportive data. The “most likely reason for the excessive influence of confirmatory information is that it is easier to deal with cognitively” (Gilovich 1993). It is much easier to see how a piece of data supports a position than it is to see how it might count against the position. Consider a typical ESP experiment or a seemingly clairvoyant dream: Successes are often unambiguous or data are easily massaged to count as successes, while negative instances require intellectual effort to even see them as negative or to consider them as significant. The tendency to give more attention and weight to the positive and the confirmatory has been shown to influence memory. When digging into our memories for data relevant to a position, we are more likely to recall data that confirms the position (ibid.).

    Researchers are sometimes guilty of confirmation bias by setting up experiments or framing their data in ways that will tend to confirm their hypotheses. They compound the problem by proceeding in ways that avoid dealing with data that would contradict their hypotheses. For example, parapsychologists are notorious for using optional starting and stopping in their ESP research. Experimenters might avoid or reduce confirmation bias by collaborating in experimental design with colleagues who hold contrary hypotheses. Individuals have to constantly remind themselves of this tendency and actively seek out data contrary to their beliefs. Since this is unnatural, it appears that the ordinary person is doomed to bias.
    –George Roman, personology expert

  • Eric Olsen

    Mark, I don’t disagree with anything you said other than the part about knowing right from wrong, and the logic that we wouldn’t tell the truth about sleeping with kids if he had anything to hide.

  • Mark Harrington

    Ok Eric, but the things that matter most with regard to the current situation, are things that MJ has been the most open about. When questioned whether kids had slept in his bed, he said yes (and he on the floor). He didn’t say no, to cover it up.
    I don’t care what anybody says, if MJ molested a child, he would know that what he was doing was wrong. He was brought up by a religious mother and even chastised by the Jehovahs Witnesses for his portrayal of the dead in the Thriller film. He has had right and wrong emphasised to him throughout his life.
    For this reason, would you not believe that if someone was doing something that they knew was wrong, would they not cover up those things that are periphery to that activity, such as allowing a child to sleep in his bed.
    Not to mention the fact that he was supposed to have molested the child just after the Bashir documentary was aired, at a time when the world was baring down on him.
    I would agree that MJ has a complex (or even an illness) with regard to his looks, and I think this is why he lies about it. However the man is not stupid, just unaware of how people may view him through his behaviour. He has had a peculiar life after all.

  • Eric Olsen

    Mark, yes, I agree that virtually all witnesses are tainted one way or another, and this is getting a lot of press. Tht is why I thought it prudent to remind people that MJ has severe truth issues as well.

  • Mark Harrington

    Sorry Eric,

    I just seems that everywhere you look, there is huge negativity about Michael Jackson.
    If you are drawing no conclusions, perhaps you could have tossed in the other side of the story. The accusers in this case have lied continuily over the last few years for monetry gain.
    The witnesses that said they saw lurid sexual acts in the early nineties are, by default, liars. Somebody must have asked them in the past if they had seen anything strange during their time at the ranch. And even if they weren’t asked, it would be morally correct to tell the authorities.
    Macauley Culkin has maintained that there was never any wrongdoing yet some bloke says he saw misdeeds. Surely you have to believe the alleged fondling recipient is telling the truth. why would he lie?
    I could go on for a while regarding the flaws in this case about MJ, and maybe I should, everyone else seems to want to overlook these details.

  • Eric Olsen

    yes, pretty flippant – how would you respond to these particularly absurd comments?

    I am drawing no conclusions other than MJ is a liar and is probably self-deluding, which calls into question anything he might have to say, such as his innocence for example.

  • Mark Harrington


    Your replies to these posts, seem very light hearted.

    Are you saying that because MJ lied about his appearence,this means he’s a child molestor?

    Michael Jackson has worked hard all his life not just through his career but through his charity work.

    There are too many people who are ready to simply write MJ off as a pedofile. Perhaps it’s time to stop proclaiming his guilt and wait for the outcome in court. The jury decide, not the media.

  • Eric Olsen

    TP, unfortunately for her, one of them is a girl, although she still got “Michael” as a middle name

  • nick

    Good luck for the future. Hope you will find other innocent people to bash when Jackson is proved innocent.

    2003: You killed innocent Iraqi people
    2005: You put on trial a (black)man who is likely to be innocent given the credibility of the prosecution’s witnesses.
    What for 2006 ? Oh yes you will probably imagine yourself another public enemy number 1 to bring down. Big question it who will it be ? Let me guess… He will be either black or arab !
    And the other question is how much more blood does the great US of A need to satisfy its thirst ?

  • Eric Olsen

    and by “you people,” do you mean “people named Eric”? “male Americans”? “fathers of four”? “Ohioans?” or “people not named Michael Jackson”?

  • I shudder at the apologists who proclaim every MJ action as “for the children”, when no one seems to be asking a simple question – Mr. Jackson has three children of his own. Having three kids is very much a full-time job, yet Mr. Jackson consigns his kids to a nanny, while constantly cavorting with other people’s children. There’s a bit of a disconnect here from my perspective.

  • Eric Olsen

    OJ-MJ, no difference there

    and I see myself as more of a money-gibbon than a hound

  • David

    Jackson reminds me of the child on the Twilight Zone episode who has the power to change reality … everyone around him is so frightened that they give in to his every immature whim. Only with Jackson, it’s about the money. He lives and behaves like an immature kid who never had anyone to tell him “no” or help him grow into an adult. So when he lied, his sycophants said, “Of course that’s true, Michael.” When he invited young boys to his bedroom, his sycophants said, “Isn’t that beautiful, Michael.” It’s sick, and it isn’t surprising that such a world unleash a pedophile on unsuspecting children and the irresponsible parents who might be greedy enough to leave their children alone with him.



  • Eric Olsen

    hey, you got me there: pro-war, anti-child molestation

  • Nick

    Nothing surprises me from a people who has such a low IQ that it is capable of electing George W Bush as their president. That speaks for itself.

    Long live Michael.

  • Eric Olsen

    I know Matt, how dare I?

  • Watch out Eric, here come all of the freaky Jacko apologists to castigate you for dissing some guy who sleeps with kids. Priceless.

  • Eric Olsen

    which part of my research do you dispute?

  • seany

    Your article on Mr. Jackson is bollocks. You should really do your research into the current trial before you go running your mouth. Let’s see if you write a follow up when Michael Jackson is vindicated and cleared of all accounts.