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Mac Game Review: Burning Monkey Solitaire

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Who ever thought you needed a monkey’s help to play solitaire? That is exactly what the gang of monkeys in Burning Monkey Solitaire are there to do. Oh, they also insult you and keep you entertained with jokes.

Burning Monkey Solitaire is a package of 26 games of solitaire, some are the classic favorites we have all become addicted to, but there are new variants thrown in to keep our interest. Those blasted monkeys want to keep you coming back for more. I guess leading a productive life isn’t an option when a mob of monkeys are hanging around, is it?

With an Internet connection, Burning Monkey Solitaire keeps the jokes fresh so you aren’t reading the same ones over and over. Want to click on a monkey? That’s cool, too, because each one performs a different action, or series of actions, when clicked. In addition to keeping the jokes fresh, there are tons of alternate decks and backgrounds to choose from so every game you play can be an entirely new experience.

Perhaps you are more of a cheater. No worries for those of you who can’t stand to lose a game of solitaire, there is an extensive cheat mode. Or maybe you’re a purist, or dirty gambler, and want to keep casino scoring with detailed statistics I wouldn’t know what to do with. That’s a possibility because they’re all there too.

It comes with music, but with only seven tunes that get repetitive. But lucky for you, you can play your favorite MP3s or QuickTime audio files to really customize your solitaire playing experience. Or you could simply disable the tunes for some silence or to play whatever other music device you so desire. What is this — fresh jokes, plenty of decks or backgrounds to select, and you can add any variety to the music you want — heaven? Hell yes it is. This is like dangling some candy in front of a baby. I want it all, and I want it all now!

Maybe you are more like I was and didn’t know there were 26 different solitaire games. But much like the extensive cheat mode, there are handy guides describing each game and how to play. There really isn’t any human way you won’t become addicted to Burning Monkey Solitaire, unless you don’t like solitaire. But you wouldn’t really be playing Burning Monkey Solitaire if that were the case now, would you?

Another reason to love Burning Monkey Solitaire could be all the damned Easter eggs. I get that Easter is actually around the corner and all, but I’m no bunny and can’t keep up. Sure, the monkey antics ensue when you click on them, but typing a few random words (try “burn” or “steve”) will provide you with even more entertainment.

Ok, so what if someone wants to just play some simple solitaire and not be assaulted by some 32-bit graphic monkeys? That’s doable since you can turn off the sound and ignore the monkeys. They don’t really get in your way unless you’re trying to make them do their tricks.

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