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Jets’ Season Over If They Lose to Dolphins

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The NY Jets (3-4) are close to the brink right now, and their whole season depends on winning this week’s game against the Miami Dolphins (3-3) at MetLife Stadium. Head coach Rex Ryan has been busy explaining things this year. There’s a reason for everything in Rex’s world, and while some people may call some of these things excuses, Rex is very creative at spinning things his way.

We are supposed to understand the rationale of how he has used (or under used) Tim Tebow; we are supposed to believe Mark Sanchez is the anointed one; we are supposed to believe Antonio Cromartie can fill Darrelle Revis’s cleats, and it goes on and on. Most of all we are supposed to believe that Rex believes this team is not struggling and is much better than its record indicates.

Well, we long suffering Jets fans don’t buy any of it. Right now Rex can’t sell his spin because we are facing the middle of the season and a bye week. It really all comes down to this: the Jets must defeat the fish at home this week; if they do not, the season is ostensibly over.

If the Jets win, they will be 4-4 and have the bye week to work on things for the second half of the season in a positive light. Having a five hundred record in this division is not an impediment this year. Who would have thought the mighty Patriots would be 4-3? The Jets almost made them 3-4 last week, but that’s like saying someone almost hit a home run. In the end it’s just a long out, and the Jets had a loss in game they should have won.

If the Jets lose on Sunday, they fall to 3-5, and they can basically kiss the champagne dreams and playoff wishes goodbye. At 4-4 there is a distinct chance to end the season well enough to contend, but at 3-5 they would have to win seven of their last eight games to have a chance. With five of their last eight played on the road that is a tall order, and I believe one that will be impossible with the 3-5 record.

The Jets have to win against Miami. The whole season depends on it, and maybe so does Rex Ryan’s job (and Mark Sanchez too). Tim Tebow was not brought here for his good looks nor to play catch with the punter, and this game may be Sanchez’s last chance to hold on to starting QB. If the Jets lose, anything goes in the second half, and some personnel may be gone as well.

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  • RJ

    If the Jets don’t give Tebow a chance to start under center after the bye week, then the season is definitely over.

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