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Gums and Roses: Axl Rose Bites Hotel Security Guard in Sweden

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Axl Rose — whose vocals were the worst thing about a pretty darn good, slashy, riffy, melodic, ambitious, Hollywood hard rock band about 20 years ago — was arrested by Swedish police early this morning for biting a security guard on the leg outside the Berns Hotel in Stockholm.

The 44-year-old rocker was all drunk and whatnot after a night of partying at popular Stockholm nightclub Cafe Opera following a "Guns N' Roses" performance at the Globe Arena in town. Rose is the only remaining original member of the group that recorded the seminal Appetite For Destruction album back in 1987, which has now sold about 20 million copies worldwide.

RoseStockholm Rose "was arrested this morning and taken to a police station to sober up and be interrogated," Stockholm police spokeswoman Towe Haegg announced. According to reports in Sweden's Aftonbladet paper, Rose got into a spirited argument with a woman in the hotel lobby. "A security guard intervened, and Axl Rose hit and bit him. He also destroyed the decor of the hotel lobby," Haegg said. Rose also acted "aggressively" toward the police and had to be "handcuffed and restrained," according to Aftonbladet

Although Rose faces up to four years in jail if charged and convicted of "violent conduct," he'll "probably just get a fine," Haegg told AFP.

Rose06 Regardless of the final adjudication of this episode, the trauma will doubtless delay the release of the band's mythical Chinese Democracy album for another ten years or so.

In May, big bad Axl got into a scuffle with 55-year-old fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger at NYC nightclub The Plumm: NOTHING says TOUGH like standing up to Tommy Hilfiger.

GNR 2006 Tour Dates

06/28/2006 – Oslo Spektrum (Oslo, Norway)
06/29/2006 – Roskilde Festival (Roskilde, Denmark)
07/01/2006 – Hallenstadion (Zürich, Switzerland)
07/02/2006 – Goffertpark (Nijmegen, Netherlands)
07/05/2006 – Hartwall Areena (Helsinki, Finland)
07/06/2006 – Hartwall Areena (Helsinki, Finland)
07/08/2006 – Oslo Spektrum (Oslo, Norway)

07/10/2006 – Rockwave Festival (Malakasa, Greece)
07/12/2006 – Kurucesme Arena (Istanbul, Turkey)
07/14/2006 – BilbaoLive Festival (Bilbao, Spain)
07/15/2006 – Natural Music Festival (El Ejido-Almeria, Spain)
07/18/2006 – Hallam FM Arena (Sheffield, England)
07/19/2006 – Metro Radio Arena (Newcastle, England)
07/21/2006 – Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (Glasgow, Scotland)
07/23/2006 – Manchester Evening News Arena (Manchester, England)
07/25/2006 – NEC Arena (Birmingham, England)
07/27/2006 – Nottingham Arena (Nottingham, England)
07/29/2006 – Wembley Arena (London, England)
07/30/2006 – Wembley Arena (London, England)
09/23/2006 – Hyundai Pavilion (Devore, California)

Current lineup: Rose, Robin Finck – lead guitar, Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal – lead guitar, Richard Fortus – rhythm guitar, Tommy Stinson – bass guitar, Brian "Brain" Mantia – drums, Dizzy Reed – keyboards, Chris Pitman – keyboards

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  • It might be worth noting that in the Hilfiger melee, Axl was actually the calm one according to many witnesses.

    OK, so it’s not worth noting.

    This stuff might have been cute 15 years ago. It’s a little sad now.

  • Eric Olsen

    you’re right – that’s a good point. It does make a difference, although …

  • it’s the braids.

    they’re too tight.

  • I just can’t get over the plastic surgery. I find Axl very difficult to look at these days. Someone I know who went to a Guns show on this current mess of a tour said Axl sounded much worse than usual; at times his voices was barely audible and he seemed to be almost croaking out the notes. I’m thinking my children’s children might get to hear the much delayed ‘Chinese Democracy,’ as I’m sure the lineup will change at least a dozen more times before the albums release.

  • Scott Butki

    The plastic surgery does make him look pretty freaky.

    Good piece, Eric. I wrote my own take of it

  • I read somewhere that at some point later, on stage, Axl dedicated “You’re Crazy” to “my good friend” Tommy Hill.

    Great stuff EO — you should publish a book comprised of your coverage of celebs doing no nos.

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks all!

  • Eric Olsen

    love to hear from anyone who has seen the current tour

  • Loving the braids! Is this Axl in his “Venus Williams” phase? I hope he does something more artistic and less shite next.

    Have you ever thought about braids Eric?

  • Greg

    Saw two shows at hammerstein. Nothing embraces the legacy of gnr better than the current line up. Gnr has always been over the top, if not the benchmark for true to spirit rock n roll. Doesn’t matter what Axl does off stage, “Better” is one of the best rock songs in years and Axl’s live performances are still a sight to be seen.

  • Brycenet

    Saw GNR play in Glasgow the other night.
    True to form GNR were late, Bullet for my Valentine went of the early side of 8:30 GNR arived at 10pm and it was a hot night, and an overcrowded venue.
    Still the 1st hour was awesome and i was thinking Axl was gonna prove a lot of people wrong, then he seemed to lose interest! I believe there were 4 solos that night (including axl on piano playing some jazzy thing (spinal tap anyone?) and some of them up to 10mins. I can appreciate the skill in a solo guitar version of Don’t Cry but that ain’t what i paid my money for.
    The whole evening degenerated after that with Axl increasingly not giving a damn about the audience and basically just going through the motions. It was boring!
    There was obviously some interation with the crowd after this with Axl announcing that he was sure there was a bus home if they wanted it, no-one was making anyone stay.
    I eventually took his advice, gave up and walked out after the end of the set not waiting for the Paradise City encore.
    Maybe after 11 years Axl has forgotten its the audience that matter not him!! The most dangerous rock n roll band in the world, don’t think so…. waste of £40

  • gareth hannan

    i loved the way thet playEd in men arena thats the first time i ever saw axl rose livE im his biggest fan and i hope to mEet him one day but likE the othEr guy said i didnt likE axl attacking hilfiger and i didnt know he had plastic surgery on himsElf thats news to me

  • jamie hannan

    this is to eric olsen i love the tour but i just cant wait for there nEw album chinesE democracy write mE back if you can

  • alice colburn


  • jude

    i saw axel at download festival last year i thourghly enjoyed it even when the guitarist threw his toys out of the pram. some people deserve to get a guitar on their head!!!! rock on axel i still love your performances of what ever nature !!

  • jake cooper

    who cares what axl dose he’s axl fuck the fashion designer poof how dose anyone no that he didn’t start it and deserved a punch in then mouth. Axl is a brilliant singer and he can make anything look good

  • alice colburn

    he is better now then before i live you axl

  • Katelyn

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    1. Your reading my comment
    2. Now your saying/thinking thats a stupid fact.
    4. You didnt notice that i skipped 3.
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    6. Your smiling.
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    12. You didnt notice there are only 10 facts
    Copy and paste to 1 video, tomorrow will be? your best day ever! no matter wha