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Google had a humble beginning in early 1996 when two PhD students from Stanford University, Larry Page and Sergey Brin began a research project trying to prove if looking at the ties that sites had to each other would produce a better search engine. Within the next decade,Google's hypothesis would be proven, developing a key tool called PageRank, and their company would take off arguably faster than any company has in the past century.

Within that decade, Google has taken over the vast majority of searches done by Internet users worldwide, released an IPO in 2004 which was offered at $85/share, a mark that has not been seen since that first day, and created numerous products that have helped bring in millions of dollars, including AdSense and Orkut. They also began a selection of offerings to the IT world which have been well received.

Google also has a humorous side to it, producing April Fool's Day hoaxes that border on the line of ridiculous, but still seem like a possibility to those who know what Google can do. Past jokes included Google's MentalPlex, PigeonRank, and Google Romance.

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