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Catholic Organization Calls for Da Vinci Code Warning

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Controversial Catholic organization Opus Dei is understandably a bit touchy about its markedly unflattering depiction in Dan Brown’s mega-selling novel The Da Vinci Code, and in the Ron Howard film version starring Tom Hanks, set for release in May.

The organization — a Roman Catholic prelature founded in 1928 by St Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer to “spread the message that work and the circumstances of everyday life are occasions for growing closer to God, for serving others, and for improving society” — wants you to know that, contrary to Brown, it is NOT made up of avaricious, misogynistic, self-flagellating, homicidal maniac cultist monks, thank you very much, and its feelings are rather hurt by such intimations.

In fact, such is the organization’s concern about certain “misconceptions” that late last week the Information Office of Opus Dei in Japan sent an open letter to the shareholders, directors and employees of Sony Corporation, which owns the studio releasing The Da Vinci Code film.

The letter reads in part, “In recent months it is possible that you may have heard about Opus Dei, in the context of the aforementioned film. It is likely that for many this was the first time that you have had occasion to hear the name of this institution of the Church … the essence of its message is that their professional work, whatever it may be, is a way to holiness, or in other words, it is a suitable place to live the Christian faith.”

We are NOT avaricious, misogynistic, self-flagellating, homicidal maniac cultist monks – just an FYI.

“As you already probably know,” it continues, “there are some aspects of The Da Vinci Code novel that distort the figure of Jesus Christ, and which affect the religious beliefs of Christians. Moreover, in the book it is said that the Christian Faith is founded on a lie, and that the Catholic Church has over the centuries employed criminal and violent means to keep people in ignorance.”

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain – he is absolutely NOT a direct descendant of a mortal Jesus of Nazareth and Mary Magdalene. Swear.

And finally after much flattery and talk of corporate responsibility, the bottom line: “Some of the media have specifically written that Sony is considering the possibility of including at the start of the film a disclaimer making it clear that this is a work of fiction, and that any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence. An eventual decision of Sony in this direction would be a sign of respect towards the figure of Jesus Christ, the history of the Church, and the religious beliefs of viewers.”

Just in case anyone thinks it’s a documentary.

The PG-13-rated movie will open this year’s Cannes film festival on 17 May, two days before it is released worldwide.

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  • Sorry, Eric — I saw We are NOT avaricious, misogynistic, self-flagellating, homicidal maniac cultist monks, and flashed on Monty Python’s chanting, self-flagellating monks.

    Pie Jesu Domine, dona eis requiem!

  • Eric Olsen

    DrPat, you’re alive! I had a similar vision.

  • Fr Michael Azkoul

    the Christian God, Christ incarnate, crucified,risen; hence, Church doctrine — the Faith, divine revelation, etc.— please leave us alone. Hate what you want, love what you want, think what you want, believe what you want,eat, drink and be merry, but leave the Christian Faith alone.

  • Nancy

    The problem is, Mike, that the Christian faith refuses to leave others alone. Or rather, its practitioners & putative adherents refuse to let others live & let live. In fact, the very foundation & first tenet of that faith is to try to impose it on others, & has been from the inception.

  • Paul Martinez

    Buying tickets to the Da Vinci Code movie is like donating money to the anti-christ. Will somebody please stand up and lead a campaign to boycott this film?

  • I disagree to P. Martinez’s comments #5. I have spent the past several years researching various religious organizations and sects, cults, seminary briefings, incorporated into historical studies…and while some facets of the DaVinci Code may be stretched; Dan Brown has done some research. Anti-Christ. (?) No. Martinez promoting Catholic Doctrine (?) Yes.

  • gonzo marx

    first…repeat after me…Rule number 1

    “it’s only a movie”

    if the content or things it may bring up bother you at all, see rule number one above

    after comforting yourself with rule number one, take a look at if for the entertainment that it is….for those who consider themselves “devout” check rule number one again…

    i still just don’t get what bothers folks about this book/film….

    is it just that some of it shakes up the dogmatic assertations they have taken for granted as…heh…”gospel”?

    i mean, so much of the book/film’s speculation are pure unadulterated horseshit that it’s all going to be about the performances as a film

    no..methinks the difficulties revolve around the kernels of Truth that are brought up, even just looking at some of the subject matter from a different Angle is threatening to the political entity of the “Church”

    and that’s not a bad thing…

    you get things like comment #3…to be “left alone”….

    ya know, that’s all the Cathars wanted….or all those little old ladies who lived in the woods, or the herbalist mid-wives….or the landowners who were sent to the Inquisition and their propperty confiscated…or Jerusalem for the first and second Crusades…

    so many folks who just wanted to be left alone…

    but i digress…

    see rule number 1

    nuff said?


  • Nancy

    The RC church has always been great at dishing it out, but they can’t take it. First lick of their own medicines, they run screaming, whining, & whimpering bloody murder about how persecuted they are.

  • Eric Olsen

    yet, does anti-Catholic bias expain any of Da Vinci’s Code’s success?

  • Nancy

    It might, some, back in the recesses of people’s minds. You know: you go see something because you know it would enrage your parents that you do, but there’s nothing they can do about it, and all of you are well aware of it? Kind of like giving the church a smack on the nose, reminding them they are NOT the ultimate authority for most of us, including an awful lot of their own flock.

  • Nancy

    And of course, the more they squeal, the more everyone wonders what the problem is, so they go see it just to check out what the church is bitching about – which is usually nothing.

  • It’s “Life of Brian” all over again! Can’t wait to crash the picket lines to go see this movie!

  • Nancy

    LOL – just make sure your Latin is correct!

  • I do remember having to walk through a picket line here in VA to see that movie back in the day…and the only reason I went to the theater to see it was to walk through the picket line!

  • Eric Olsen

    but they only want to warn and educate the unwary, right?

  • yeah yeah…that’s the ticket.

  • Eric Olsen

    will we see an Islamic Da Vinci Code, or was that Satanic Verses?

  • troll

    answer the Pope’s call for the best ‘educational warning’ now…1st prize is 1 divine dispensation card free

    here’s an example showing proper format –


    it has been determined that viewing heretical films causes an eternity in hell


  • Eric Olsen

    therer can be only one ghost in this machine

  • Whoa! Hold on. Are you trying to tell me this book is fiction?

  • Ron Ron

    Jesus clearly taught that there are two kinds of people in this world: His own (predestined), and the devil’s own (reprobate). I don’t know which classification I belong but I sure noticed a lot of reprobates contributing to this blog.

  • gonzo marx

    Ron sez…
    *Jesus clearly taught that there are two kinds of people in this world: His own (predestined), and the devil’s own (reprobate).*

    this is completely fallacious to the point of absurdity…and smacks of unthinking adherance to puerile dogma

    but that’s ok…to each their own…

    which is why i remain, apostate and heretic


  • troll

    and I a coarse reprobate…all hail Sophia’s spawn


  • Ron Ron

    To Ron Ron:

    Thanks for the explanation, South America salutes you! We love Jesus too.

  • Ron Ron

    By the way, t’was a message from my friend in Argentina.

  • troll

    (my preemptive apologies to the sensitive reader)

    Ron Ron – we reprobates love Jesus too…washed down by that fine sacramental wine


  • Bernard Carino

    Filipino saying: “Kamong mga yawa-a mo gahalhal lang mo, tag-as kaayo mo ug sungay di pa gyud mo moangkon nga yawa mo.”

    Translation: Angels and demons don’t have similar taste

  • Eric Olsen

    unless they do, of course

  • I am expressing my feeling about this movie, with 3 domain names I have purchased. For those who don’t know, domain names at the address of a website, such as above.

    My 3 names are:



  • Fr Michael Azkoul

    To Nancy: an adjustment of thinking: leave the Christian Faith alone, that is, do not profane, defile, distort it. Despise it, if you will, but despise the real thing, not your “picture” of it. Let you language correspond to the facts.
    You must have read Francis Thompson’s “The Hound of Heaven.” Expose, not impose; implore, not compel. Do not confuse use with abuse. Tough life, eh? Christianity does not need a secularized revision. Leave us alone!

  • S.T.M

    Father, according to the simple message of Christ, we shouldn’t be telling Nancy to leave us alone, we should be loving her to death … and not literally, of course.

  • Amanda

    Holy Crap! Wait a minute! Are you trying to tell me that this is a FICTIONAL book??? I had no idea. Although, now that I think of it, there should have been a few tip offs. First, when I bought the book, I found it in the fiction section. ANd that disclamer thingy at the front. Which is basically what the church wants, right? If the disclamer goes for the book, what the hell wouldn’t it go for the movie that is based on the book?! That’s like saying that the Lord of the Rings books are fiction, but everything in the movies is 100% fact and are historically accurate. Come on. The Church needs to stop moaning about every little thing. We’re not all Catholic and we shouldn’t have to be. I respect others religous belief, they have the right to practice whatever beliefs their heart desires, but don’t shove it down my throat. And don’t act like it’s the only religon out there. It’s not. Every single religon (with a couple exceptions) promotes peace and nonviolence, yet more people die from religon than anything else. Think about the crusades, people like Eric Rudolph, suicide bombers, 9/11 and the Holocaust (which basically led to WW2, just to name a few. All in the name of religon. Atheists are always criticized for being terrible people, but honestly, I think they’re the most peaceful religous group out there. Like I said, I’m not aiming to attack anyone’s beliefs, just pointing out that basically, all these religous groups are killing each other in order to prove thaqt they are the most peaceful and civilized. Wonder what all the religous figures would say about what people do in their name. Bombings and murders, all in the name of god. I’m sure he’s proud.

  • Why Many fear the book and movie Da Vinci Code?

    Answer is very clear.Fear of reemergence of Gnosticism.

    Why they fear Gnosticism?

    Since it has to do more with Hinduism than with Christianity.

    It is speculated that organizations such as “Opu Dei” in Latin means “work of God” took birth in Catholic religion to challenge everything associated with “Gnosticism.”

    There are two set of Gospels in the world.

    First set of gospels which one can read in the Holy Bible are called Synoptic Gospels which consist of Gospels of Mathew, Luke, John etc.

    Second set of Gospels are known as Gnostic gospels. They were written by Thomas [doubting Thomas], Mary Magdalene, Stephen etc. Church destroyed these gospels since it has more to do with Hindu Upanishads than accept beliefs of early Christian church.

    But Gnosticism came back to life when fifty-two ancient texts were found buried in an earthenware jar near the Egyptian town of Nag Hammadi in 1945.

    “Gnosis” is a Greek word meaning “knowledge” like Vedas means “knowledge”. Veda is derived from the root “Vid”, which means, “to know”

    1——-The Gnostics claim to have inner knowledge of God like Hindu Rishis.

    2——Like what is taught in Upanishads, Gnostics believed God is not a separate entity to be prayed to, but God is within every one of us as well as around us. Like Hindus, Gnostics also believe God has male as well as female attributes.

    3——Gospel of Mary Magdalene reads: “Take care that no one deceives you by saying “Look over here”, “Look over here”….For the true child of humanity is within you. Follow it. For those who seek it will find it.”

    4—–In Gospel of Thomas Jesus said,

    “Whoever drinks from my mouth will become like me; I myself shall become that person, and the hidden things will be revealed to him.”

    5——Amazing it may sound an important statement of John 1:1 in the Bible

    “In the beginning was the Word (In principio erat Verbum), and the Word was with God (Et Verbum erat apud Deum) and the word was God (Et Deus erat Verbum)

    is a repetition of Vedic statement

    “Prajapathi Vai Agre Aseet”
    In the beginning was Prajapati, The Brahman, The God
    “Tasya Vag dvitiya Aseet”

    with whom was the word:
    “Vag Vai Parama Brahman”

    and the word was verily the Supreme Brahman