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The Current Situation

Recent (and arrant) administration blunders. Read More »

America’s Thorniest Foreign Policy Challenge

110 nuclear weapons. On trucks. In a third-world country. Not good! Read More »

2012: How It Looks

If the 2012 is all about looks and the Tea Party, Romney wins. Read More »

Terror, War, and Diplomacy; Where Does Expediency End?

Obama may have fallen from grace, a victim of political expedience. Read More »

Should America End The Fed?

America's central bank has been the government's vanguard in the recovery effort with QE and open market operations. But is it time for something new? Read More »

The Final Obama/Romney Presidential Debate

The third presidential debate ends successfully. Read More »

Moderate Mitt Tries to Hug It Out

Obama and Romney tangled in the final debate of the campaign, but did Romney play it too soft? Read More »

Subsidies and Tax Credits Are Not The Same Thing

Tax credits are not subsidies. Read More »

Russell Means Has Left Us to Fight on for Ourselves

Russell Means was an inspiration to all people who yearn to be free. Read More »

The America They Believe In Part 3: America’s Slide To Socialism?

Peterffy argues a Democratic victory in November and sets the stage for 'socialist takeover' in the U.S. Should we heed his warning? Read More »