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Breaking News: Jacko a No-Show

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Michael Jackson didn’t arrive on time for his trial this morning and an angry Superior Court Judge Rodney S. Melville issued an arrest warrant and said he would also revoke Jackson’s $3 million bail unless he appeared in court within one hour after the 8:30 a.m. scheduled start time.

Time is ticking.

Jackson’s lawyer, Thomas Mesereau Jr., said, “Mr. Jackson is at Cottage Hospital in Santa Ynez with a serious back problem. He does plan to come in.”

It appears the next “Jacko moment” has arrived.

UPDATE: Hospital spokeswoman Janet O’Neill said Jackson left Santa Ynez Valley Cottage Hospital at 8:45 a.m. (PT) It is about a 35-mile drive from the hospital to the court. O’Neill had no comment on Jackson’s condition.

UPDATE: Still a no-show at 9:33.

UPDATE: Jackson arrives, walking gingerly, at 9:43

And while we’re waiting, what should the caption be for this photo?


Taking a step back from the moment, Tina Brown asks a very fundamental question in today’s Washington Post:

    It’s hard to know if Jackson will one day be seen as a repellent relic of celebrity culture, or another Oscar Wilde or Vivaldi, an artist persecuted for something or other we can’t recall. Even the people who are absolutely sure he’s guilty don’t want to stop listening on their iPods to “Thriller” and “Billie Jean.” That’s a question neither conviction nor acquittal can answer yet — whether Jackson will be remembered for the shame or for the art.

This trial will go a long way toward answering that question.

Accuser’s testimony resumes:

    On the witness stand, the boy testified that Jackson walked nude in front of him and his brother in the singer’s bedroom.

    “He was naked,” the boy testified. “He ran up there and got something and ran down stairs. Me and my brother were kind of like ‘eew.’ We’d never seen a grown man naked before.”

    The boy also testified that Jackson showed adult magazines to him.

    Earlier today, Jackson’s accuser said that the singer first gave him alcohol in February 2003, the same night that the controversial documentary featuring Jackson and the boy was to air on U.S. television. The boy said Jackson later had him brought to a Miami hotel room where he was staying.

    The boy said Jackson asked him, “You know how Jesus drank wine?” When the boy said he did, the witness said, Jackson responded, “Well, we call it Jesus juice.”

    The boy testified that he didn’t like the wine.

    “I drank a little bit and I told him it tasted ugly,” the boy testified, adding that Jackson told him the alcohol would relax him.

    The boy also testified that Jackson later furnished him alcohol on the flight back from Miami, and gave him vodka and wine at the entertainer’s Neverland Valley Ranch near Los Olivos.

    The boy recounted that after drinking a 3-inch cup of vodka, “it looked like the room was spinning.”

    The boy testified that Jackson gave him a jacket and watch supposedly worth $75,000, and also said that during his stays at Neverland, he slept in the same bed as Jackson. [Santa Maria Times]

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  • Eric Olsen

    Jackson: “I bet my nose will fit in your ear”

  • “Tell you the truth, i always fucking hated Home Alone”

  • Eric Olsen

    “How about we audition for Stuck On You 2?”

  • “I’m not wearing any underwear”

  • banana man

    jackson says “what the hell are these kids on!, nevermind jesus juice i want to know where theyr’e geting theyr’e tabs from”

  • Eric Olsen

    “What happens when I pull this string?”

  • “Can we leave early? They’re showing ‘The Elephant Man’ on Bravo this afternoon”

  • Eric Olsen

    (singing) “I’m forever blowing bubbles”

  • bhw

    “You know, the trial is going very well and I’m starting to gain some public sympathy again. I think I’ll go fuck it up by acting like spoiled megalomaniac psycho so I can get more press.”

  • “I really really hope I’m not headed off to prison, even though I’ve been molesting pre-teen boys for well on twenty years now… when’s lunch again? I’ve gots to be getting me a fish taco…”

  • bhw

    “Yes, I said barber pole.”

  • “what if i shake my willy for the jury? it worked for OJ.”

  • HW Saxton

    I used to get royalty checks, now I get
    reality checks…

  • “If I call you ‘Daddy’ can I sit in your lap on the way home?”

  • Eric Olsen

    “Sweet nothings”

  • “Told ya I shoulda gone with ‘the flu’ again!”

  • Eric Olsen

    “At least I didn’t kill anyone at the hospital this week!”

  • “My nose is coming off. You gotta get me the fuck outta here.”

  • bhw

    “I’m dying to put my tongue in your ear.”

  • “are you the president?”

  • “honestly, Moonwalker was NOT my idea”

  • Eric Olsen

    “Can you point the way to the nearest tree?”

  • RJ

    “It doesn’t matter if I’m black and you’re white. Wait, I’m white now too…”

  • Eric Olsen

    (singing) “Just look over your shoulder, honey …”

  • Eric Olsen

    accuser’s testimony resumes after MJ shows up in his jammies

  • geezuz! can this get any more surreal?

    what’s next? jackson disrobes? or begins to play with himself in the courtroom?

  • Somehow a quote from “My Cousin Vinny” comes to mind – “Are you mockin’ me with that outfit?”

  • Eric Olsen

    classic! and great lines all the way through

  • It looks like he’s being carried. Over the threshold perhaps? Did that grey haired man finally make an honest woman of michael?

  • “I’m placing a homing beacon on your neck. If you don’t get my ass acquitted it will self-destruct, ‘kay?”

  • There’s a key to the homing beacon in the gut of the prosecutor – from the forthcoming movie Saw2

  • “From the makers of…

    I’ll call you Blanket, you call me Gammy…”

  • Sandra Smallson

    Sorry to break up the infantile games going on but I just wanted to point out that one thing we’ve learned during this case is that MJ is not all that wierd after all..He looks at porn sites, like most of you men do. He was looking at only FEMALE sites as the “accuser” has stated. Gals b/w 15-25..he is witty when he sees a naked breast saying “got milk”. So, actually, he is not the asexual or homosexual guy playing with dolls we’ve all imagined. He does look at porn mags, porn sites, loves naked women…ofcourse the question is whether he shared all this with children or children saw MJ and Frank enjoying themselves and chose to check it out themselves when left to their own devices.

    Gavin seems to have come prepared unlike his brother and sister, though this story of ONLY two times as opposed to the four time molestation they have been bandying about or the three times his brother said, is confusing to me. Also, the colour of the wine and Gavin finally admitting that he and his brother did get into the wine cellar without MJ being there contrary to his brother’s testimony. Other than those 3 things I noted, he’s stuck to Sneddons script.

    Sneddon was daft enough to let Mesereau have 30 or so minutes with the boy and it’s already looking like come Monday, he will go the way of his sis and brother.

    Clearly he has shown that he is adult enough to be the driver of this extortion bus with his mother. Trying to spar with Mesereau? He is not the young, naive, cancer survivor from an abusive home anymore is he?! It took 30 minutes to show we are dealing with a juvenile delinquent who is his mother’s son and therefore, quite likely a calculating liar.

  • sam fields

    “Jackson: “I bet my nose will fit in your ear””
    Do not give mj any ideas! Now he, I mean
    she, will want a nose job so her little boyfriends can use her nose for a really good time, with their one inch

  • Eric Olsen

    Sandra, the porn stuff is hardly a revelation, and we have no idea what he really does or does not respond to; and I wouldn’t exactly say behaving that way with young boys is cause for praise.

  • Eric Olsen

    we now hear Jacko “tripped and fell while getting dressed” injuring his back in the process – this is the gamine moonwalker?

  • I thought he wore pjs because he was going to ‘blog live’ the trial.

  • Eric Olsen

    nice one Steve

  • Eric

    All the evidence points to jacksons guilt,but I believe in giving people the benifit and saying they are innocent till proven guilty,but as for showing up in his pj’s lol the man may or may night have raped young boys,but he certianly should have been put in a psych hospital a long time ago the man is nutts

  • Eric Olsen

    specifically, the charges are of improper touching (and providing alcohol and conspiracy to kidnap)

  • You’d have to think that if Jackson is (somehow) innocent of the charges, he walked right up to the edgy edge.

    By the way: did anyone see reports from “insiders” that Jackson is contemplating suicide, not so much over the trial but over the “fact” that he’s flat broke and is trying to borrow money from family/friends to pay the Neverland staff?

  • Eric Olsen

    I heard the rumor about borrowing to pay the staff, but there’s broke and then there’s “broke.”

  • Sandra Smallson

    Eric Olsen, my post in no way implied that behaiving “that” way with young boys is something to be praised. As you are aware, I do not believe a word out of any of the Arvizo’s mouths so you must know that I do not even believe MJ showed them any porn sites. In Britain, a 12 year old boy was just jailed for raping his teacher. These days, my friends, 12 year old boys are not the train loving, action man, Xboz playing kids they used to be. They know quite a lot about all the “adult” stuff and the Arvizo boys are obviously no different.
    The other Eric, how all the “evidence” is pointing to MJ’s guilt is only something you would know. You must be following another case. I hope it is just as interesting as the MJ case I am following in the Santa Maria Courtroom presided over my Judge Melville. I am thinking, you can’t possibly be following the same Trial..nah! C’est pas possible!

  • Sandra Smallson

    Now, about this back problem. MJ has had a back problem for a while. He has cancelled concerts because of it as well as many other appearances. It started many years ago in Munich when he slipped off a high level of his set. He has been under a lot of stress for over a year now if not more. He has had to sit on those hard chairs that Courts have and listen to all sorts of humiliating and embarassing details about his life. Whatever you think about the allegations, anyone in the same position would be under severe stress. Anyone following the case closely will see that Mj has been looking thinner and paler(if that’s possible) each day as the trial goes on. It is no wonder that when the main accuser finally shows up and starts babbling, the stress probably got too much.

    Is MJ a big baby? Possibly. Did he really have back problems? Most likely. Stress and tension can re-activate back problems.

    People were always likely to believe that he was putting it on. I think MJ should feel no shame at all in appearing fragile and stressed. if he is in pain, be it a mini-headache, he should say it. After all, he must be given credit for not doing a Polanski. He could have easily flown the nest. Many countries will take him in and refuse to send him back to America just like Polanski. The fragile drama Queen that is MJ, has stayed on to face the music when he could be sipping pinacoladas on a lovely beach in Brazil or Venezuela where the Governments have little or no time for the American Government and will do as they please even if that means protecting MJ.

    Try to give the man the benefit of the doubt and a little credit. He is HERE and in Court everyday, even prepared to attend motion hearings and anything that has to do with his case unlike Polanski.

  • james

    What are people thoughts on gavin arvizo’s statements so far?, i think he has been way to unemotional, espeically when he was describing what jackson was supposed to of said to him, if somebody had done those things to me i would be a jibbering wreck when not only facing him in court, but when i was having to describe what had gone on. And what about this supposed bankruptcy mj’s record sales in february have been amazing! considering all this is going on.Created: Friday, 11 March 2005
    For chart watchers and music lovers, the month of February is generally anticipated for two reasons; The first being the annual Grammy Awards telecast which showcases both established and breaking artists on a national stage for one night. The second being the pre-Valentine’s week sales surge which finds a number of consumers flocking to the record stores in pursuit of gifts for their romantic loved ones.
    For Michael Jackson, it was the latter which largely contributed to the artist’s notable increase in domestic February sales as his platinum* Number Ones album shot back up the Billboard 200 during the pre-Valentine’s weeks while other titles in his catalog similarily experienced a sales boost.
    In other news, the United Kingdom yielded even more accolades for the King Of Pop as three of his music videos landed at #1, #7, and #12 respectively on Channel 4’s nationwide vote to find the 100 Greatest Pop Videos of all time. Likewise, in a separate poll conducted by BBC Radio 1, Michael Jackson landed a Top 3 placing in the search to name the Greatest No.1 singles ever in the UK. The month ended on an even higher note as, according to figures released by Channel 4, Michael Jackson was named the 6th Best Selling UK Singles Artist ever.
    Elsewhere around the world, the Number Ones project lengthened it’s durable chart run in Australia as the CD and DVD each amassed their 66th and 62nd week on the charts respectively.
    With cumulative February sales of over 75,000 units**, Michael Jackson’s catalog of Epic material scored a 25% increase over the previous month. Thanks to a renewed interest in the artist’s Number Ones album, Jackson re-entered the album charts on January 20th and posted four consecutive weeks of increased sales climbing evenutally to #122 and #66 on the Billboard 200 and Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart respectively. With combined CD/DVD sales of approximately 40,000 units for the month, Number Ones’ healthy resurgence gave the artist and his multi-platinum endeavour another reason to smile.
    Elsewhere on the charts, Thriller remained locked inside the Top 20 of the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Catalog Chart selling over 17,000 copies for the month. It’s worth noting that the biggest selling album of all time has now amassed over 320 weeks on the R&B chart.
    Honorable mentions must also go to both Jackson’s Bad and Dangerous which, thanks to BET’s Michael Jackson: Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough eight hour marathon on February 20th, posted a 39% and 25% sales increase respectively the following week. Combined, the albums shifted approximately 3,000 units for the month.
    On February 7th, the King of Pop received even more good news as twenty-two years after it’s groundbreaking release on television screens worldwide, Thriller was once again voted the greatest music video of all time according to a nationwide vote conducted by Channel 4 ranking the Top 100 Greatest Pop Videos ever. With three films eligible to compete, Jackson not only topped the chart but also placed two other videos in the Top 20 with Billie Jean at #7 and Scream (Jackson’s legendary duet with sister Janet Jackson) at #12.
    Likewise, after the 1000th #1 single was notched up in the UK, a separate poll conducted in January by BBC Radio 1 to find the Greatest #1 singles ever resulted in a #3 placing for Michael Jackson’s classic “Billie Jean” (only to be outdone by Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and Iron Maiden’s “Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter”.) Of the 25,000 votes counted, Jackson was the most voted for male artist.

    Wrapping up the month, Michael Jackson was also named Britain’s 6th Best Selling Singles Artist ever based on another Channel 4 ranking which counted down the definitive list of the 50 biggest-selling artists of all time, drawing on UK singles sales from the past 50 years. It’s worth noting that Jackson’s cumulative single sales total of 11,310,958 units excluded his work with the Jackson 5/Jacksons leaving one to wonder exactly how much higher Jackson would have placed had his entire career of single sales been considered.
    Knotching it’s 66th week on the ARIA Urban Album Chart, Michael Jackson’s triple platinum* Number Ones continued it’s Top 20 trajectory charting as follows: 17-18-18-17. Likewise, the 8X platinum* Number Ones DVD exercised it’s endurance on the ARIA Top Music DVD Chart ringing up it’s 62nd week on the chart and performing as follows: 19-24-31-15.
    From the 40,000 Number Ones surge in the United States to the numerous UK polls/listings in which Jackson placed ever so prominently to the uninterrupted 60+ week Australian Number Ones chart run, February was indeed a feverish month for the King Of Pop. Looking ahead, March has already begun with two Jackson albums entrenched in the UK Top 200 Album Chart along with the Number Ones DVD holding firmly in the Top 20 in both the USA and Australia.
    And the record continues to spin.
    Source: MJJSource
    By: Amit Khanna

  • Sandra Smallson

    James, I think the emotions or lack of emotions by the Actor that plays Gavin is not something we should read too much into. We must remember it is a reconstruction.
    His argumentative stance in his 30mins of cross examination raises more doubt.

    Just as an aside and totally unnecessary to state since it has nothing to do with anything and you may not like it because I have come to find that some MJ fans dislike Madonna because of a certain comment she made about Janet and Janet is MJ’s sister, blah blah blah…

    However, I am happy to mention that Madonna was placed 4th in that UK best selling UK singles list you mention. I believe it was Cliff Richard, Beatles, Elvis and my girl Madonna. Not sure if I am right about the order of the first three but I am pretty sure that Madonna was 4th. I thought MJ was fifth? Who was fifth? Must be Diana Ross.

    I agree with the point you are making though. Of course MJ is not going to have another 40million plus record like Thriller. Times have changed. However, his recent releases are still selling pretty well worldwide and the only reason they are categorised as “flops” is because people compare the sales figures to his peak(Madonna has the same problem). You will find people with worldwide sales of 3 million being called hits and Mj would have a 7 million selling Album and it would be called a “flop”. That’s just life!

    I always say about Madonna, people are still buying and singing and dancing to Like A prayer, Vogue etc..The immaculate collection is still in the top 200 Album charts in the Uk since it’s release, so the longevity and timeless nature of the music speaks for itself. The same thing with MJ. People are still buying Thriller and all his other classics and will continue to do so. Let’s see how many of these Eminems and Timberlakes et al have people buying their music or even singing along to it 20 years from now. Will they even still be in the public consciousness?! Doubt it.

    Mj broke? Surely not in the sense we here know it to be. His back catalogue still exists and doesn’t he won the Beatles catalogue.

  • Sandra Smallson

    coorection..meant own not won

  • james

    Hi again sandra believe it or not i’m just as big a fan of maddonna as i am mj and also mariah carey.So no offence taken.Yes he does own the beatles catalogue and it’s worth a barmy 400million so all he’d have to do is sell it and he’d be quids in, he’ll be a millionaire till he dies.I’ve got all maddonas albums she’s the queen of pop and he’s the king.Hope to talk to you and others about the coming weeks trial it’s 00:25 so i’m going to retire ttfn:-))

  • james

    Has everybody got bored of the trial already?.Or is it just coz it’s the weekend?

  • luis

    michael is the best king of pop before
    all was jackson period