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BCRadio Podcast – August 8, 2006

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We had an unexpected one-week hiatus but the show returns and we are bursting with news, gossip, analysis, and more inane babble from Sussman.

I should stop picking on Sussman, but he actually deserves it this week. He tried to deny David Ortiz.  Fear not, for he is vanquished.

This week also marks the return of both Erics, Berlin and Olsen.  It has been a long time since Olsen joined us and I grilled him well.  Berlin stops by to talk about Blogcritics' foray into MySpace.

Joan Hunt has more Joe speak – with a profile and a personal encounter – and Ken "Gameboy" Edwards has E3 on the brain.


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  • Eric Olsen

    thanks Josh – I missed our talks and was great to have an ear to muse upon the next steps for Blogcritics, especially ahead of the mini-convention this week

  • I’ve been known to crush an eephus in my day.

  • You can’t hit a curveball, that’s why they want to pitch to you.

  • That they would rather take on Manny Ramirez rather than take on David Ortiz speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

  • Because they walked him with a runner on second and two outs in the ninth?

    Cause, you know, they would have done that to me.

  • My own bar-b-q… that’s an idea.

  • Not to pile on the debate, but I also think it is interesting the way teams are starting to treat Ortiz because of the way he is regarded as a clutch threat. Suss, you’re just all wet on this one. Ortiz is the premier clutch hitter in the game today.

  • Not to pile on the debate, but here are Pujols’ and Ortiz’s postseason statistics. Given the data, I’d like to have either one hitting third for my team. I’ll leave off the names so as to not invite bias:

    38 games | 143 at bats | .301 average | 8 HR | 32 RBI
    37 games | 137 at bats | .336 average | 10 HR | 29 RBI

  • Will DJ have a barbecue and not invite us?

  • If I did it, it was not intentional. I would love to say it was but…

  • too band…just kinda cool to have that song fragment right after e.o talkin’ about the growth of blogcritics.

  • Probably. After the intro, it was all Guster in every bit and I did use “Manifest.” Just can’t remember where. I uploaded the show sometime around 1 am.

  • was that “Manifest Destiny” after the e.o. segment?

  • It’s close to an actual word.

  • is schlacking an actual word?

    hey, i thought you were in a meeting.

  • I can see how the schlacking you took might render your memeory a bit fuzzy, Suss.

  • I did a segment this week?

  • Thanks for a great show, Josh! Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to snag a BC Exclusive with our Featured Artist. Maybe. It doesn’t hurt to try.