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Music Review: We Are Ardent – ‘Bright Shadows from Dark Lights’ EP

We Are Ardent Bright Shadows From Dark Lights

We Are Ardent have chosen their band name very well. Read More »

Music Review: Samuel Claiborne – ‘Love, Lust and Genocide’

Samuel Claiborne's "Love, Lust, and Genocide"

‘Love, Lust and Genocide’ comes off as a meditation on America’s current condition. Read More »

Music Review: Debris of Titan – ‘On the Home Slope’

Debris of Titan 'On The Home Slope'

The well-crafted tracks on ‘On the Home Slope’ were built on a good creation story. Read More »

Music Review: Rabid Young – ‘EP 1’

Rabid Young

The band has a clear sound within which are enough fluctuations to grab and keep listeners’ attention. Read More »

Music Review: Nick de la Hoyde – ‘Passion’ EP

Nick de la Hoyde's 'Passion'

‘Passion’ marks a strong beginning for singer-songwriter Nick de la Hoyde. Read More »

Music Review: Alden Penner – ‘Canada in Space’ EP

Alden Penner's 'Canada in Space'

‘Canada in Space’ is meant to be experienced, not just listened to. Read More »

Music Review: Nashaat Salman – ‘Universal Melodies, Vol. 1’ EP

Nashaat Salman Universal Melodies

Nashaat Salman’s EP might fill many a Yanni-less void. Read More »

Music Review: Skittish – ‘Two Legs Bad’

Skittish 'Two Legs Bad'

Skittish brings together well-crafted melodies, talented vocals and instrumentation, and thought-provoking lyrics. Read More »

Music Review: Just Walden – ‘From a Distant Land’

Just Walden From a Distant Land

Just Walden mix electronic pop sounds from the 1970s with futuristic ones with ambiguous results. Read More »

Music Review: The Liquorsmiths – ‘This Book Belongs To’ EP

The Liquorsmiths' 'This Book Belongs To'

The Liquorsmiths take listeners on an emotional ride. Read More »