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A proud dork and loser, Tan The Man writes mostly about film and music, and has previously covered the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival, South By Southwest and WonderCon.

Top 5 On-Screen Beauties

It is every man’s fantasy to be able to get with a female movie star (or a male movie star if that’s your preference). Here is my list of the top five (most beautiful) actresses that I would not hesitate to do anything if one of them came up to me and said I was cute. Heck, I’d even settle ... Read More »

WARNING: Milk Is Dangerous!

WARNING: AMONG THE MANY FOODS AND DRINKS THAT HELP CAUSE CHILDHOOD OBESITY, MILK HAS JUST BEEN ADDED TO THE LIST. Here’s the link from Yahoo! – (Can’t link for some reason) Well, it hasn’t been added to the list, but this study does try to scare parents into lessening their children’s intake of milk – specifically skim milk and ... Read More »

Thing Of The Week: The French Open

One of the least mainstream sports in America is tennis. But this week, the world has enjoyed one of tennis’ Grand Slam events: the French Open. Late spring is the most dreaded of tennis seasons because most of the big tournaments are played on clay courts leading up to the French Open. Why do tennis players hate clay? One word. ... Read More »

Howie Day – Stop All The World Now Review

Howie Day is who John Mayer wishes he was musically. John Mayer relies too much on voice inflection and sap to convey emotion through his songs. Howie Day relies on the words and instruments more. Although since John Mayer is more popular than Howie Day is, I don’t think Mayer is going to change his style anytime soon. Day doesn’t ... Read More »

Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson

What do you do behind closed doors? How do you feel? How do you really feel? We all have two lives&#8212a public life, which we have with friends and family, and a private life, which we have only to ourselves. Why do we close off our real selves from the ones who care for us? Maybe we are all alone ... Read More »

Neil Sedaka – Love Songs Review

It’s always nice to reminisce with past artists through greatest hits compilations. This isn’t one, but it is darn close. It’s titled Love Songs, and if it included “Calendar Girl” it would be closer to a hits compilation. But I could’ve sworn that “Calendar Girl” was a love song. Neil Sedaka is a breath of fresh air from the possibly ... Read More »

Mr. Anonymous – Mr. Anonymous Review

The original drummer Jeep MacNichol of The Samples traveled to Jamaica to record with the island’s leading musicians. The result of the many collaborations is relaxation music. One can easily vision being on a sandy beach overlooking the ocean while listening to Mr. Anonymous. The opening track is called “Mr. Anonymous” and helps to kick start the album with the ... Read More »

Le Concorde – Universe And Villa Review

This is as close to Emo as you’re going to get without it being Emo. Le Concorde mirrors the band Creeper Lagoon in terms of both sound and style. Although I site Creeper Lagoon as a similar band, I never really categorized them into a genre. I just called them alternative, but it doesn’t seem to apply to Le Concorde. ... Read More »

Figurine – The Heartfelt Review

Electronic music seems to be headed toward the mainstream limelight. Moby is the poster-boy for electronic music, and new bands seem to be popping up all over the place. Figurine is a new band whose music resembles The Postal Service, Stereolab and Air, but all in loose terms. The style resembles The Postal Service; the sound resembles Stereolab; the mood ... Read More »

Aimee Mann – The Forgotten Arm Review

There have reviews already written about Aimee Mann’s most recent album, The Forgotten Arm. So I’ve decided to not review it as an album straight-through but more as a collection of songs. I’ve decided to listen to the songs randomly on my CD player and just let the music play. This might be odd, but I’ve been listening to Aimee ... Read More »