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I am a proud dork and loser.

Dogs Die In Hot Cars – Please Describe Yourself Review

Dogs Die In Hot Cars’s debut album Please Describe Yourself is part of the recent new wave music that has been hitting the radio airwaves along with Frank Ferdinand and Interpol. Dogs Die In Hot Cars resembles Interpol because of the distinct sounds of the lead singers. DDIHC’s lead singer, Craig Macintosh, can easily be distinguished as Interpol’s lead singer, ... Read More »

Nouvelle Vague – Nouvelle Vague Review

Nouvelle vague is the French term for “new wave.” Nouvelle Vague is a band whose sound connotes French life and the nonconformist ideals of the 1960s and 1970s. The melodies describe a carefree life of taking long walks on the countryside, swimming in the ocean, and eating and drinking to the heart’s content. Nouvelle Vague’s self-titled album is filled with ... Read More »

Burning Brides – Leave No Ashes Review

Leave No Ashes is the latest album from Burning Brides. After their debut album, Fall Of The Plastic Empire, Burning Brides comes back its second album – the end result is the often misunderstood genre of alternative rock. Or maybe I just don’t understand the genre. The problem with alternative rock is that there shouldn’t really be a median between ... Read More »

Moby – Hotel Review

This is Moby’s most recent album after reaching mainstream popularity with his 1999 album, Play. Moby’s 2-CD album is an evolution to both Play and his 2002 release, 18, both of which resembled compilations with the abundance of guest artists. Both were fine albums, but Hotel brings out the mystic combination of electronic sounds and melodic words. What stands out ... Read More »

This Past WonderCon 2005 And Elisha Cuthbert

I didn’t need to see House of Wax (2005) this weekend in order to see Elisha Cuthbert. I got to see her in person this past February at a comic book convention called WonderCon. In it, you’ll find your stereotypical nerd with glasses the size of car windshields, and if you look hard enough you’ll find one of those nerds ... Read More »

Mean Creek Review

What motivates us to do things? Why does the whole world seem to befall us? It seems that we all need to believe in the idea that the world revolves around us, and that every action will eventually come to affect us. As children, we think egocentrically, but as adults, it seems more complicated. Well, maybe, it isn’t. We remember ... Read More »

NBA + Age Limit = Good For Basketball

Last year, most basketball talk involved how good LeBron James of the Cleveland Caveliers was. This year, it is how amazing LeBron James is. What separates LeBron from the rest of the National Basketball Association superstars is that LeBron is only 20 years old and entered the NBA straight out of high school. Not many players in all of sports ... Read More »

Women =//= Professional Sports

If women want a league, how come women don't go in droves to the WNBA or WUSA games and salute their sisters-in-arms? Read More »