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Jon Sobel is an Executive Editor of Blogcritics as well as lead editor of the Culture & Society section. As a writer he contributes most often to Culture, where he reviews NYC theater; he also covers interesting music releases. Through Oren Hope Marketing and Copywriting at you can hire him to write or edit whatever marketing or journalistic materials your heart desires. Jon also writes the blog Park Odyssey at where he visits every park in New York City. And by night he's a part-time working musician: lead singer, songwriter, and bass player for Whisperado, a member of other bands as well, and a sideman.

Theater Review (NYC): ‘Sarah Flood in Salem Mass’ by Adriano Shaplin

Photo by Hunter Canning

A new take on the run-up to the Salem witch trials proves a gripping work with echoes of Shakespeare as well as 'The Crucible.' Read More »

Music Review: Patty Griffin – ‘Silver Bell’


Recorded for A&M Records in 2000 but never before released, Griffin's "lost" album finally sees the light of day. Read More »

Dance-Theater Review (NYC): ‘A Rite’ at BAM


"The Rite of Spring" descends on Brooklyn in an exciting new context. Read More »

Theater Review (NYC): Basil Twist’s ‘Dogugaeshi’

Dogugaeshi, pictured Yumiko Tanaka (c) Richard Termine, courtesy of Tandem Otter Productions

Most shows have backdrops. But what happens when the backdrops are the show? Read More »

Music Review: Wild Ponies – ‘Things That Used to Shine’


You can feel the raw emotion in these well-crafted songs, and especially in Telisha Williams's voice as she sings songs of experience, but not of innocence. Read More »

Theater Review (NYC): ‘The Life and Sort of Death of Eric Argyle’ by Ross Dungan


Hit by a car and killed, 58-year-old Eric Argyle awakens into a bewildering procedural nightmare. Read More »

Theater Review (NYC): ‘Brendan at the Chelsea’ by Janet Behan

'Brendan at the Chelsea' starring Adrian Dunbar, photo courtesy of Lyric Theatre

A scintillating play explores the time Brendan Behan spent in New York's Chelsea Hotel in 1963 shortly before his early death. Read More »

Theater Review (NYC): ‘Night Blooming Jasmine’ by Israela Margalit


A well-told tale of Jews and Israeli Arabs proves Romeo and Juliet never really died. Read More »

Theater Review (NYC): ‘The Awake’ by Ken Urban


Three dream-and-reality dualities reflect our topsy-turvy, almost fantastical post-9/11 world of secret prisons and climate disasters. Read More »

Theater Review (NYC Fringe): ‘Track Twelve’ by Emily Comisar

Photo by Matthew Reber
Mike (Charlie Gorrilla) and Jenny (Keelie A. Sheridan) bond over a beer.

Strangers on a train. Read More »