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Formerly known as The Masked Movie Snobs, the gang has unmasked, reformed as Cinema Sentries, and added to their ranks as they continue to deliver quality movie and entertainment coverage on the Internet.

DVD Review: Flash Point

As a cop thriller/action flick, Flash Point is just kind of middle of the road. Read More »

Music Review: The Kooks – Konk

Konk is one of those albums that I can play over and over again Read More »

Book Review: Pot Culture – The A-Z Guide to Stoner Language & Life by Shirley Halperin & Steve Bloom

A fun book that every toker should get their sticky green fingers on. Read More »

DVD Review: The Tomorrow Show With Tom Snyder – John, Paul, Tom & Ringo

An interesting time capsule, both in terms of the various Beatles careers at that point, as well as world events of the time. Read More »

DVD Review: Inside (Unrated)

Inside fully earns its unrated status. Read More »

DVD Review: Cloverfield

In spite of being a monster movie, at its heart "Cloverfield" is really a love story. Read More »

DVD Review: Juno – (Single-Disc Edition)

Does Juno live up to the hype? In two words, “yes, but…” Read More »

DVD Review: The Upright Citizens Brigade – ASSSSCAT!

Chaos reigns supreme again thanks to the Upright Citizens Brigade! Read More »

DVD Review: The Magic Blade

The Magic Blade is a shining light in the Shaw Bros. catalog. Read More »

Music Review: New Monsoon – V

From the first song to the last this CD rocks. Read More »