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Graphic Novel Review: Zombies vs. Robots vs. Amazons by Chris Ryall and Ashley Wood

Because zombies and robots just aren't enough, this new graphic novel ups the ante with Amazons, too. And not prim and proper Wonder Woman Amazons. Oh no, these are some fierce, nekkid, primal biotches with a laser focus on survival. This new story is a sequel to the earlier Zombies vs. Robots that seemingly ended with a nuclear holocaust, but as immediately shown here, the key combatants aren't so easily destroyed.

As evidenced by the title, this is an all-out war between the three tribes, although to be fair it's not really all three battling against each other since the robots team up with the Amazons. Also, there's not really much of anything in the way of character development as the tale by writer Chris Ryall is solely focused on mayhem, not plot. However, there's plenty here to recommend, primarily thanks to the out-there imagery from iconic artist Ashley Wood.

His signature loose brush style liberally adorned with ink splatter is in full effect here, adding a surreal layer to an already outlandish concept. He seems to pay the least attention to the zombie horde, but lavishes added detail on the sexy Amazons and their robot allies and makes his biggest splash with a zombie minotaur. The color palette is nearly monochromatic, eschewing any vivid choices in favor of muted, dull shades that suit the dark nature of the story. Wood's page layout is fiercely fluid with little attempt at convention, but it all works together well to propel the meager tale and delight the eyes of readers with the art's myriad wonders.

IDW Publishing has released the collection in a lush oversized hardcover that's far more art book than graphic novel. As a result, it really feels more like an Ashley Wood art portfolio than a comic book. Fans of Wood's work will clearly enjoy this new collection from a perspective of art lightly cobbled together with a basic story framework, but graphic novel lovers may feel a bit shorted due to the collection's focus on art over exposition and brief length of only 80 pages.

Zombies vs. Robots vs. Amazons includes all three chapters of the original coic book miniseries, Wood's multiple original covers, and exclusive Wood art. For more information, visit IDW Publishing.

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