Saturday , June 15 2024
I am just the kind of person all celebrities should avoid and fear.

Warren Zevon – The Excitable Boy

Warren Zevon announces he has untreatable lung cancer.

I have been a huge Warren Zevon fan for years. My sister dated a guy in college who was very into the whole southern rock genre and I was exposed to this type of music by virtue of being a “hanger on younger sister.” To this day I love listening to Pure Prairie League, Molly Hatchet, Marshall Tucker Band, Rossington Collins and of course this, through various twisted and convoluted paths somehow led to LA Singer/Songwriter Warren Zevon.

When my sister and I lived together in the late 80’s in DC, Warren had a resurgence with “Werewolves of London,” when the Cruise/Newman movie Color Of Money came out. We listened to Excitable Boy just too many times to mention.

Back in July when we attended the LA Blog Party hosted by the incredible AintNoBadDude’s Brian Linse, he pulled me aside and in hushed tones said, “Dawn, we may have a surprise guest. But don’t say anything, I don’t want anyone to be disappointed if he doesn’t show.” I tortured Brian into spilling the beans and when he said Warren Zevon, I almost died.

I am just the kind of person all celebrities should avoid and fear. I will ask them a million questions and drone on and on about how my pathetic life somehow intersects with theirs.

Warren was very sweet really; he seemed to not feel very well and was a bit drained. He did his best to show enthusiasm for my sycophantic drivel. I thought he looked great.

I wish you the best Warren. Fight the good fight. My prayers are with you.

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