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Power Session provides 24 lessons that will take your skills to the next level and have you working like a Photoshop pro.

Video Training Review – Adobe Photoshop: Power Session With Matt Kloskowski From NAPP

Released in June 2007, Adobe Photoshop: Power Session with Matt Kloskowski is the new video training DVD for those who have experience with a recent version of Photoshop and want to learn how to unlock the power. It is hosted by Matt Kloskowski, one of the education and curriculum developers for the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, or NAPP. If you are not familiar with NAPP, please read my review on Photoshop User magazine to gain more insight on what NAPP is all about and why you might want to join.

Adobe Photoshop: Power Session is contained on a single DVD that runs 171 minutes and can only be used on a computer based system. It is aimed at new and relativity inexperienced Photoshop users. The author goes over the material in 24 lessons which are divided into 3 sessions that can unlock the potential of Photoshop.

Session 1:
Lessons 1-3 cover Adobe Bridge 2 which has received a major overhaul in this latest version of Photoshop. Here you will learn all the tricks needed to manage your images, from moving them from your camera, to organizing them within Photoshop. You will learn about viewing them, stacking, sorting, and everything you need to get around in the new interface.

Lessons 4-6 cover the new Camera Raw 4.0. Here you will explore all the new features including working with JPEG's, Tonal Curves, and the new retouching tools that are now included in Camera Raw.

Lesson 7 covers the interface changes that have been included in CS3. These include the new single column toolbar, the full screen mode, and the new palette docking features. The bonus lesson covers the new presets in Camera Raw.

Session 2:
Lessons 8-9 cover making selections. In CS3 there are much improved selection capabilities such as the new Quick Selection tool. There are also techniques such as working with Refine Edge as well as smoothing and feathering to make your selections picture perfect. Lesson 10 explains working with Curves. There are changes to the interface that make working with Curves much more powerful.

Lesson 11 covers the Clone Source palette that allows you to sample layers and clone sources. Lessons 12-13 explores the Smart Filters and how they work as non-destructive filters so that you can even save and close your work and still change and undo the filters at a later time.

Lesson 14 shows you how to work with the new Black and White command panel that now come with CS3. Your bonus lesson shows you how to make the Shadow/Highlights work almost like an Adjustment Layer.

Session 3:
Lessons 15-17 cover the new and improved Vanishing Point, Auto Align, and Photomerge tools. In Vanishing Point you can now define planes and easily wrap around them. The updated Auto-Align tool makes once complex alignments easy with Layer Masking. While the new Photomerge, makes your stitching of photos together a breeze.

Lessons 18-20, show you tips and techniques for outputting your images whether it be to print, web or slideshow. Here you will learn about the improved print workflow, you will see the cool Zoomify technology in action and how it allows you to show large files without eating up bandwidth. The new Bridge Slideshow shows you how to present your images to a client while keeping distractions at a minimum.

Lesson 21 examines those features that are contained in the new CS3 Extended version. These include features for film and video professionals, medical professionals as well as architects and scientists. Finally, the third bonus lesson covers "Everything Else." That is Kloskowski tackles other features such as PDF presentation and HDR that do not fit within the realm of the other topics.

Once again I find my self amazed at how much quality content is condensed into a little less than three hours of video! Matt Kloskowski has put together a lot of powerful information within Adobe Photoshop CS3: Power Session that will take your skills to the next level and have you really working like a pro.

The retail price of Adobe Photoshop: Power Session is $69.99 USD. You can get it from PhotoshopTraining for $62.99 USD, an 11% discount, but for NAPP members it is only $54.99 a savings of 22%. There is an online version as well available from PhotoshopVideos, again $69.95 USD Retail and $49.95 USD for NAPP members.

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