Monday , May 16 2022
Roll Tide!

Verse Chorus Verse: The Outfield – “Winning It All”

Roll Tide!
Roll Tide!
Roll Tide!

There were a lot of options for today's Verse Chorus Verse, but I decided to go with a song that's maybe just a little less well known than more obvious fare like Queen's classic "We Are The Champions" or some of those saccharine, sappy ballads.  "Winning It All" says it all and it does it with some great harmony from a nice power-pop trio. 

On a day when schools were shut down because of less than an inch of snow and some icy patches on the road, I joined a small throng of people who drove out to a local sporting goods' store to buy official Alabama Crimson Tide National Championship merchandise.  We won't risk our ass to go to work, but that's what football means in this state.  Crimson Tide football isn't life or death, it's way more important than that.

There will be people who will try to take the piss out of this moment for me and my brethren in Crimson Nation.  They'll try but they won't succeed.  Life is better when filled with passions.  My life is better because of the passion I have for music.  My life is more fun because of my passion for sports, and football in particular.  It's a cold Thursday night in January for most people in this country tonight.  For me, it's something special.  It's something fun.

I'm celebrating at home, alone (now that my gear has been purchased) but I feel a small part of something bigger.  The coaches and players certainly did what they did without me but that doesn't mean it doesn't mean anything to me. 

Congratulations, Alabama.

Roll Tide!

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