Saturday , April 13 2024
Happy Birthday, Mom!

Verse Chorus Verse: The Eagles – “Take It To The Limit”

There are a lot of things I'm thankful for today and I had so many different directions I could have taken today's 'What Would Tiny Tim Do?' installment of  Verse Chorus Verse.  I tried to pick a song that could apply all the way around and I'm not sure I got it exactly right but we'll go with it.

Today is December 5th, my mom's birthday.  While our musical tastes diverge, we both like The Eagles.  My mom was a bigger Eagles fan than I am, but for a good while they were probably her favorite band.  I have vivid memories as a kid of having a small handful of cassette tapes we'd play in a cheap tape recorder around the house and especially at nap time.  One of those was Billy Joel's 52nd Street.  Another was Heart's Little Queen.  We also had one by The Eagles.  It might have been their Hotel California album.  It might have been their first Greatest Hits package.  I'm not sure anymore but I know we had one, and we probably wore it out from repeated listens.

I don't blame my mom for the things that are wrong with me but my love of music and books have stayed with me as much as anything I took from my youth.  I'm sure that love of books has inspired my passion for writing and music is pretty self-explanatory.

December 5th was also the SEC Championship game and my beloved Alabama Crimson Tide put it all the line, taking it to the limit and defeating the Florida Gators for a chance to play for a National Championship.   I've already bought two SEC Championship t-shirts.  It was a good day today, and I'm thankful.  I'm thankful for my mom being here to celebrate another birthday.  Her birthday gift, in case you're curious, will be the new Switchfoot CD.  Yes, music remains a bond between us.  I am thankful for her lasting lessons and influences.  Alabama winning today was a nice little bonus, too.

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