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Verse Chorus Verse: Springsteen Nashville Countdown

It's that time again and it may be the last time.  It will be for awhile, anyway. 

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band are winding down their tour in support of Working On A Dream and I'll be at next Wednesday's show in Nashville, TN.  The show was originally slated for Sept. 10, but was pushed back for reasons that still haven't been revealed.  At the time of the postponement, it was announced Bruce would play Born To Run in its entirety.  If that sounds familiar, you might have seen my review of the St. Louis show where he also played BTR in its entirety. 

For those of you who have been keeping up, I had also planned to take in the Kansas City show the night after St. Louis.  Due to the sudden death of Springsteen's cousin and assistant tour manager, that show — a Born in The U.S.A. show — was canceled.  When that happened, there didn't seem much sense in writing another wrap up of my Missouri adventure.  Everything I had to say on the subject was contained in the St. Louis review, so we begin anew.

Leading up to those shows, I had a Top 20 list of songs I'd never heard the band play that I was hoping to hear.  My tally for St. Louis?  Two, and I knew going in I was getting both of them as they were on Born To Run

I was… underwhelmed, but still I rise.  Once again, my hopes are high.  This time I'll be accompanied by resident good luck charm, the lovely WifeToWhomI'mMarried.  It's an E Street Band show.  You can't go in those doors hoping for anything than the time of your life.  I've been bowed but now broken.  I still want to believe. 

So here is my new revised Top 20 songs I've never heard that I'm hoping to hear.  "Backstreets" and "Night" have been removed.  Everything slotted forward and my two new entries are in the #19 and 20 slots.

20. Incident On 57th Street
19. Zero & Blind Terry
18. The Promise
17. So Young and In Love
16. The River
15. Atlantic City
14. Gypsy Biker
13. Candy's Room
12. The E Street Shuffle
11. My City of Ruins
10. Born in the USA
9. Pink Cadillac
8. Kitty’s Back
7. Adam Raised a Cain
6. Tunnel of Love
5. Because The Night
4. Lost in The Flood
3. Ramrod
2. Thundercrack
1. Across The Border

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