Tuesday , September 28 2021
Stream an exclusive clip from Matthew Stubbs' upcoming retro classic album Medford & Main, due 3/16.

VCV: Matthew Stubbs – “Double N”

It's a shame that at the same time I say goodbye forever to another former internet presence, Confessions of a Fanboy, I introduce my latest fanboy obsession.  It happens nearly every year.  I don't try to fight it.  I just about invite it.  Something will cross my path and ignite my spirit and set my soul ablaze with excitement.  Without further ado I introduce to you Mr. 2010, Matthew Stubbs.

Stubbs released his solo debut Soul Bender for VizzTone and Medford & Main will be his first for Blue Bella Records.  I know I've talked about him before but I've resisted the urge to preach the word until I could put some samples of the music in front of you.  That opportunity has arrived, so let's get it on.

Stubbs' musical style is style.  He's a soul/blues impressionist.  On "Double N," he's created something of a Southern soul/blues/surf revival with the help of horn ace Sax Gordon.

Before becoming the fanboy I am today, I was the worst guitarist at the University of North Alabama for about six months.  Before that, I read all the guitar magazines preparing myself for my eventual career as a six-string sorcerer.  After all that time, I learned a few things. 

For example, I know cool-sounding gear when I hear it.  No, I don't mean I can tell one guitar model from another- well I can, occasionally, but my ears aren't quite that refined.  I mean looking at the liner notes to the CD, I know what it means to read that on this track he played a '62 RI Fender Telecaster, a '60s Silvertone 1482 with '60s Premier reverb tank and Line 6 mm4 vibrato.  That's retro.  That's style.  

Welcome to 2010.  Welcome to the hip, retro world of a soul revivalist who speaks without words.  Welcome to my latest musical fanboy mancrush obsession.  You're going to hear a lot about him and this record so you might as well get on board now.


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