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It could be nothing more ominous than the folks at the Scientology headquarters having some shrimp on the barbie and floating some illuminated lanterns just for kicks.

UFOs Spotted Over Scientology U.K. Headquarters – Close Encounters of the Suspicious Kind?

There was a recent report that there were multiple sightings of UFOs over the U.K. headquarters of Scientology. We can take these sightings as credible as much as any UFO sightings, but these reports came from pilots of three different passenger planes near London’s Gatwick Airport. I don’t know about you, but pilots should be less likely to exaggerate about these things, and it does seem more than coincidental that this all happened on the same day (December 30, 2012) when air traffic controllers also spotted UFOs on radar screens in the same area.

UFO 1 telegraph.ukThis report was issued by the U.K. Airprox Board which reports on airplane safety issues, most notably near misses. Obviously, it seems like anomalies such as Unidentified Flying Objects also come into play here. Oddly enough, these sightings of “two flat silver discs” were over the East Grinstead headquarters of the church that teaches things that people like Tom Cruise and John Travolta apparently believe in fervently.

What I have read and heard is that Scientology empowers people with the notion that they are ancient or immortal beings. I am also told that the immortality has to do with aliens who came here long ago and, quite frankly, Cruise and Travolta are basically the only two people that come to mind as followers, but I know there are more devotees especially in Hollywood.

So, thinking of the show Ancient Aliens, I am wondering if these guys in the flying discs could be the ones who came here long ago, who gave us things like the wheel to help us get rolling, helped with the building of pyramids, Stonehenge, and Easter Island, and then also inspired us to keep looking at the stars and awaiting their return. There are so many sightings of UFOs all over the world, so it is not inconceivable that there are multiple alien races vying for our attention, and some of them decided that Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard would be the go-to person to start a religion that would be an end to their means.

Were those flying saucers over East Grinstead bringing their leaders for a sit-down to complain to the higher ups in the church that they do not like the way things are going? We have to figure that they know Travolta hasn’t made a really good movie since Bush was president, and perhaps they saw Oblivion and are not pleased that Cruise isn’t making Risky Business 9 the way they originally planned, or it could be that the big cheese Xenu is plotting a return to set things right on Earth. The last time he was here (millions of years ago) he supposedly set off hydrogen bombs to rid the earth of his spawn, so this may be an encounter of the most dangerous kind.

bynes usmagazineBy nature I am suspicious of these kinds of things, so it could be nothing more ominous than the folks at the Scientology headquarters having some shrimp on the barbie and floating some illuminated lanterns just for kicks. Maybe it’s a kind of in-joke that they would try to get people talking about their church by sending these “UFOs” over the building. All I know is if the next sightings are of Amanda Bynes coming and going at East Grinstead, then I am going to start to get really worried.

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