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Although the premiere definitely reminded Trubies why they love it so much, this week's "I Found You" doesn't quite pack the same punch,

TV Review: ‘True Blood’- I Found You’

Although the premiere definitely reminded Trubies why we love it so much: a bloody massacre, the supernatural, sex, drugs, and all the hot men, “I Found You” didn’t quite pack the same punch, but did set up the storyline for the rest of the season.

tb7The episode begins at Eric’s (Alexander Skarsgard) mansion; Jason arrives, and he’s not there on official police business! The two end up in a liplock and before things get any hotter, Jason awakens! Remember he drank Eric’s blood in season six?  Fans were revved up after this erotic scene, happy to see our bad boy, even if it was in just a fantasy clip!

As the dark of night becomes dawn, we find the residents of Bon Temp still licking their wounds after the Hep V vamp attack at Belfleur’s Bar & Grill.  With all pitching in to clean the mess, it doesn’t take long for scorned runner-up for Mayor Vince (Brett Rickaby) to rile them up into a frenzy, accusing law enforcement officers of slacking on their duty to keep everyone safe.  It doesn’t help that he observes Sam (Sam Trammel) transition from dog to human and of course, as always, Maxine Fortenberry (Dale Raoul) is right in the thick of the gossip claiming to have been suspicious of him in the past.

Luckily, thanks to Adilyn’s (Bailey Noble) faerie abilities, she overhears their thoughts and realize they are headed straight for the police department to confiscate the stock pile of weapons! Although Adilyn and Wade Cleary (Noah Matthews) get there ahead of the mob and warn Deputy Kenya Jones (Tanya Wright), it’s futile as Vince persuades the acting sheriff that it’s their right to defend themselves.  She immediately orders Adilyn and Wade to be put in holding cells!  Jessica (Debra Wohl), awakened upon Adilyn’s peril, is unable to come to her aid until dusk.  Though she attempts to call the precinct, no one is picking up!  It’s a free-for-all, as Vince begins to teach the residents how to shoot!   If Maxine Fortenberry with a gun isn’t scary, I don’t know what is!tb4

Sookie (Anna Paquin) leads Sam, Andy (Chris Bauer), Jason (Ryan Kwanten), and Alcide (Joe Manganiello) to the woman she saw in the woods and they identify her as a resident from St. Alice, the next town over. Unable to reach the Sheriff, they head over there and are disturbed to find there a ghost town!  Windows are boarded up, crude spray painting scream that the news that they are armed with silver bullets, and Sam notices “SOS” written on one of the rooftops.  It’s clear the Hep V vamps have cleaned out the town, and the residents had been left with no outside help from law enforcement or government.  Things get really creepy when they find a mass grave with hundreds of bodies, drained of blood!  All the residents were either killed or taken!

Without any leads, the team heads to the slain woman’s house, where Sookie finds her journal.  Entries tell the story of a romance with a vampire boyfriend, which triggers Sookie to recall tb8her first date with Bill (Stephen Moyer).  In a flashback from season one, she asks Bill to take her to Fangtasia, and though she completely denies it’s a date, Sookie clearly believes otherwise! We see her getting ready for the “non-date”as she picks out the perfect dress to wear. Reading on, it’s revealed the Hep V vamps had completely devoured the entire town! They realize if Bon Temp is to be protected, they are on their own!

Last week everyone was stunned at the death of Tara (Rutina Wesley); Lettie Mae (Adina Porter) was devastated!  Never let it be said that addictive behavior disappears!

Convinced Tara is trapped between worlds and needs her help, Lettie purposefully burns her hand, although her husband forbids Willa (Amelia Rose Blaire) from giving Lettie any more of her blood!  In desperation, Lettie gets a dose of V from Willa, then heads over Lafayette’s (Nelsan Ellis) begging him to summon Tara.  He tries to warn her she is hallucinating because of the V, but she refuses to listen.  Lafayette loses his cool, “You’re a drug addict you crazy bitch, through and through!”  Lettie Mae storms out, hell bent on finding someone else to help her!

Meanwhile in Shreveport, Arlene (Carrie Preston) recognizes one of the Hep V vamps as Betty (one of the school teachers that disappeared). They are able to convince her to help them escape, and she tb1takes over watching the bar while the vampire clan sleeps.  Betty plans to sneak them out, but only after she has a little snack!  Arlene agrees to feed her; however, things get a little scary when it appears she’s not planning to stop!

Sookie and Alcide make it home and while he showers, interestingly Sookie goes to Bill’s.  She asks if he can he still feel her should she get into trouble?  My guess is the answer is no, since in the preview for next week we see her drinking his blood.  Old habits die hard!  Even with all Bill and Sookie have been through, grown apart so much, they still have a connection.  Will we see it transform and their bond become even stronger?  Can we get back to the sweetness the relationship once had in the first season?  I guess we’ll have to keep watching!

Finally, Pam’s (Kristen Bauer Van Straten) long and crazy journey to find Eric comes to an end and fans were ecstatic to see our bad boy alive!  However what the hell is he doing?  It’s clear he’s really weak and has no plans to return to Bon Temp.  What is the place Pam found him in? Why was she so disgusted he was there?  It all remains to be seen!

Last week, the actitb6on was crazy!  Within five minutes our beloved Tara was decimated into goo!  Fans were in an uproar on twitter, devastated that such a popular character was killed so quickly! While my jaw dropped along with thousands of others, I think we need to take a few steps back and breathe! According to an interview with Rutina Wesley, Tara really is dead!  So what does this mean exactly?  Obviously we will see her throughout the final season, but is Lettie Mae just hallucinating or is she really seeing our girl?  Is Tara trapped between worlds?  My guess is Lettie will go to someone else, maybe Holly who is also a witch, to conjure up her baby.  I’m anxious to see where all this leads.

The fate of Bon Temp, in the end, will truly lie in those within it.  Next week Vince proclaims himself the new Mayor, heading up the lynch mob that stops Sam and company dead in their tracks.  This can only lead to mayhem!  With the residents following Vince’s lead, I have a feeling all hell will break loose, especially when the Hep V vamps come out of their dungeon at Fangtasia to hunt for more food.  This week it’s clear the clan isn’t doing so well, with impulsive vampires only worried about themselves and turncoats like Betty the schoolteacher, things are going to get messy!

Last week Trubies got their first look at the NuJames (aka) Nathan Parsons, who did a great job exuding the character’s calmness and non-violent free spirit.  I love when he tells Lafayette tb10there’s no need to get worried or upset, just go with the flow because there’s nothing you can do.  “You are one metaphysical fuck”, Lafyette returns. Obviously, though Jessica is supposedly his girlfriend, I think they are planning to give our Lafayette a love interest which is past due!  After Jesus’s demise, he’s had many lonely nights and deserves a little happiness right? Next week, after partying together, Lafayette appears to be out cold!  Will James be able to revive him?  I hope so! I’m anxious to see James and Jessica reunite as we haven’t seen them together since the season six finale.  Where their relationship will go is a wild card at this point.  I think Jessica might just get her heart broken!

If the premiere is any indication, it’s gonna be a hot summer in the city!  Next week’s episode titled “Fire In  The Hole” will see the return of our crazy religious fanatic Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp) who plans to shed her past;  Sookie enlists Bill’s help in a dangerous plan to take down the Hep V vamps; Jason contemplates a future with Violet and Vince is hell bent on standing his ground against Sam and Andy!  It’s going to be another blood-pumping episode, so don’t miss a moment of the final season of True Blood on HBO!

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