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TV Review: Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Jealousy Abounds

Mid-week Noah noticed the brewing tension between Patrick and Robin and decided to play match maker. When Robin tried to later apologize for being harsh with him, Noah sang Patrick's praises, tried to explain the way he acts, and asked her to have one lunch with his son to see if they could work it out. Robin reluctantly agreed but qualified it with the fact Patrick would never show. The doctor then moved on to his son and after much persuasion Patrick reluctantly agreed to a lunch with Dr. Scorpio.

While waiting for their food, the couple bared their souls and admitted to missing the other terribly. Other hungers rose and the couple retired to Patrick's hotel room for a lunch of passion. As pattern dictates with these two, they were no sooner happy and something went wrong. This time it was jealous insecurities of Dr. Drake.

Other well meaning individuals — identified as Anna by Robin but I'm guessing it will turn out to be someone else, set Nikolas and Dr. Scorpio up on a dinner date. From the same mouth that had just uttered the relationship was sex with out commitments, came a sudden interest in Robin and Nikolas' history. He then countered by brining Elizabeth flowers. Lucky witnessed the exchange, and in his addicted and pain consumed state flew into a jealous rage.

In the knick of time, Carly showed up at the hospital with a predicament of her own, having just took the boys to visit Sonny and seeing his her x-husband's soft and generous side, needed a distraction to keep her from his bed. Of course, she chose Patrick and just as predictably, the young doctor was more than happy to oblige.

I've said it here before – I like Patrick and Robin. I enjoy the up and down tension. I like how each grounds the other when they take the time to talk, and how they complement each other when they are together. Both have their self assured and confident sides and both have their insecurities.

When they're good they're hot and when they're fighting… well, they're still hot. Patrick avoids love and commitment because he doesn't want to know the pain he watched his father endure when Noah lost his wife. What he has yet to figure out is his heart is already gone to her. Look for the introduction of a story line this week that will bring Patrick and Robin back together.

When Carly was using Patrick as a distraction, she was tending to Sonny, asking Emily to keep Sonny happy and away from her, and with Jason's help looking for the proof Ric bought the dress for Emily that caused a breakdown in Sonny. Late in the week she hit pay dirt with the proof. At the end of Friday's episode, Jason was prepared to tell Sonny the truth.

Sonny reluctantly started therapy, having two sessions with Lainey this week. It's a pleasure to say that GH seems to have a pretty good handle on one of it's medical stories, you regular watchers know this is often not the case. I find Sonny's reaction and reluctance very believable and the pain the self-examination is causing him candid. The writers are taking him through the process step by step with no easy fixes.

Lashing out against Jason for reconciling with Sonny, Ric tried to persuade Alexis to arrest him, telling her many of the companies he just acquired from the Escobar's were used to launder money. While Alexis could find all the proof in the world the Escobar's were criminal, she said there was a lack of evidence tying it all to Jason. She told Ric if he wanted Jason behind bars, he would have to get her the proof.

In the meantime, Sam began working for Alexis this week in the DA's office. Her duties include managing her files, and of course, was the first person Alexis suspected when Jason's file came up missing.

Watching this dark side begin to emerge in Ric has been a little thrilling. I'll be the first to admit I always enjoy watching the characters who have depth, demons, and are not completely pure at heart. Come on, who is? And Sam's bitter side that is planning and plotting to hurt both her mother and Jason for the way she feels they betrayed her has been fun as well. However, the story does seem a bit shallow for me. The only part of the plan that has become self-evident is Sam is trying to seduce Ric. Will she succeed? I'm guessing so.

Someone else exposed for their jealous meddling was Lulu. After a talk with Dillon, Tracy figured out the puzzle and confronted her step-daughter. When asked point-blank if she had lied about seeing Georgie and Diego having sex, she admitted she had. Of course Dillon overheard the conversation.

He immediately went to Georgie and begged her forgiveness, but the young woman shut him down. She was glad he knew the truth, but also admitted their relationship had been troubled for quite some time and she wasn't going back to it. Instead she went back to Diego's waiting arms. Even though Lulu pleaded her case with Dillon, he told the young girl they had nothing left between them.

I know it's wrong. I know I shouldn't be rooting for Lulu. She lied and manipulated to get Dillon in her arms, but I just can't help it. Maybe it's because she's an underdog, or maybe it's because I've always found Dillon and Georgie so unbelievably boring, but I want to see Dillon and Lulu work it out. I'm glad the lie is out in the open, but I want them together.

In General Hospital News:
Talk! Talk! About PC and GH is reporting Sharon Wyatt (Tiffany) and John Reilly (Sean) are in talks with GH to return this summer. Meanwhile, Soap Central is reporting Ingo Rademacher (Jasper "Jax" Jacks) has signed a new contract and will be returning to the show next month. Details about Tyler Christopher (Nikolas Cassadine) are also available.

Next week on GH: Dillon continues to try to win Georgie back, Sonny learns the truth about Ric, and Alexis and Carly contemplate what Sonny's Bi-polar disorder means for their children.

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