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Hopefully, they have found some peace.

TV Review: General Hospital: Night Shift – “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted”

What becomes of the broken hearted was not only an apropos title for this episode of General Hospital: Night Shift but a fitting question to ask as the season nears its close as broken hearts and shattered dreams have been commonplace in every episode thus far.

This week Patrick continued to soothe his heartache over losing Robin by repeatedly hooking up with Layla. He seemed perfectly content to slip back into his commitment-free, playboy days, but to my surprise, Layla had second thoughts. She told Patrick she had to break it off; relationships distract her and her nursing career is something she’s not willing to risk. As if to punctuate the fact, Dr. Ford later called Layla out on an error she had made in a patient’s chart that could have had disastrous results.

With his pride wounded, Patrick tried to talk to Robin, but the gifted neurosurgeon just can’t seem to get over himself. Instead of offering regret for deserting Robin in her time of need, he demanded an apology. He said she was so wrapped up in Stacy’s baby she couldn’t be there for him. Dr. Drake really needs a reality check when it comes to relationships, and thankfully, Robin didn’t allow herself to be drawn in.

Mac arrived at the hospital to question Lainey again about her father’s death. She continued to hold back what she knew and while Cody watched, she was placed under arrest for suspicion of murder. Noticing the cart of medications near the nurse’s station, he knocked it over while making it look like he was trying to steal the drugs. As the police grabbed him, he caused a scene, blurting out he turned off Roger Winter’s respirators in revenge because Lainey wouldn’t prescribe him pain pills.

Later, when Lainey asked why he did it, Cody said a simple confession timed with her arrest would have been held suspect, so he also provided motive. When Lainey declared she had misjudged him, Cody said he really liked her father… and his daughter wasn’t bad either.

If you have enjoyed the evolution of both Cody and his relationship with Lainey on Night Shift, it’s all good. Graham Shiels will be bringing the character over to the daytime drama after the season ends next week. It will be on General Hospital where Cody faces a trial for the murder.

Spin used Cody’s confession to provide evidence to Jason that Jolene was innocent of causing the other questionable accidents around the hospital, but he was not dissuaded. Especially after seeing her act suspiciously outside of Toussaint’s operating room, he was more sure than ever Jolene was the ‘angel of darkness’.

As Toussaint waited for his brain surgery, Epiphany surprised him with a warm reunion with two members of the Saints. Paul and Rick strolled down memory lane with him as they recalled the good times and only briefly remembering the bad — a fight with Leland over Michelle that ended the Saints. Leland showed up too, but not with fond memories. Still bitter over losing his career and his girl, he said he often wished Toussaint dead and was there to see that desire fulfilled.

Epiphany and Jason also shared tender moments with the admired and loved janitor as the surgery neared. Epiphany recounted a familiar story to GH fans, one we heard during the Eli Love tale of a singer who changed her life. She thanked him for his guidance. What Jason offered was empathy and inspiration to the man who had given him the same before, telling him he has had brain surgery twice and is fine.

The surgery seemed to be going fine until the vessel Patrick was trying to repair burst.

From the chaotic OR and the attempts to save Toussaint, we were drawn into his mind and saw a night club and a stage. An introduction for the Saints proceeded the one and only performance of their most popular song, “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted.” The enthusiastic audience watching was filled with everyone who had touched Toussaint’s life in the twelve episodes of the season. Many of them had died: Mrs. Storch, Roger Winter, Stacy (holding a baby). With them were the staff and other patients of General Hospital.

Every broken heart, whether living or departed, was smiling and enjoying the beautiful performance in very much the same way Toussaint’s presence had bettered their lives. Allowing him to perform was an emotionally touching way to pay tribute to the actor and singer who has played the role. As the song ended, a bright white light engulfed him and then the entire screen, and we were left with the steady buzz of heart monitors in the operating room leaving this viewer hoping Toussaint’s broken heart had finally found peace.

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