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TV Review: Entourage Season Finale

Poor Ari Gold. He’s got everything he wants, save Vince Chase. Does Ari truly have a heart? I’m undecided. The season finale of Entourage was a relatively solid episode, considering how this season has been (good, but not up to snuff). The final scene at Ari’s agency, though, didn’t seem to hold true to his character. I don’t believe Ari would have pitched Vince the way he did. I get that he’s an agent like all the other agents, but I still think it’s not quite true to what was happening in the story at the time; it didn’t seem like the appropriate way to confront an angry client.

I also think folks in Hollywood gossip way too much for Vince to have seen three different PowerPoint presentations that all compared him to a corporate brand on the same day. How did Lloyd’s “gay assistant mafia” not get that Vince had already received the pitch twice?

I guess this is a good example of one of the main problems for the show this season – the show doesn’t hold true to itself. How is it able to get around town that Ari has cancelled one of Vince’s meetings pretending to be Eric? Surely, if that’s happening, the pitch gets around, too. And, as for Bob’s (Martin Landau) flip-flopping on his position with the Ramones project, it's also unbelievable. He goes against Ari, goes back to Ari, and then goes against him again. It was just all too sudden a series of changes for a character that we didn’t get to find out that much about.

My rating for season finale? It gets a "yeah, it was fun, but doesn’t quite hold up to logic." Definitely a good time with friends and/or a few beers.

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