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If last week's episode of 24 Live Another Day was a little tame for you, this week's episode is not for the faint of heart!

TV Review: ’24: Live Another Day’ – ‘7:00 PM to 8:00 PM’

jack1If last week’s episode of 24 Live Another Day was a little tame for you, this week’s episode is not for the faint of heart!  After nine hours, the Al-Harazis have been taken out!  Fans were at the edge of their seats as Margot (Michelle Fairley) and son finally get what they deserved at the hands of our hero within the first 30 minutes of this week’s episode!

Leave it to Jack (Kiefer Sutherland); he always has a Plan B!  While Margot initially believes she has killed her nemesis, she honors her agreement with Heller (William Devane), and begins to destroy the drones under her control.  It doesn’t last long, though, when she realizes that the video of the President in Wembley Stadium is on a loop, thanks to quick thinking by Jack and Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub).  Furious, she orders Ian (Liam Garrington) to recall the last drone and they set a new target–Waterloo Station! “The lives lost will be on his conscience,” Margot utters with pure hate!

Heller is angry that Jack has thwarted his deal with Margot, still concerned she’ll renege on hheller1er promise to destroy the weapons.  Although he orders Jack call Secret Service, Jack refuses the request knowing Margot will be scanning all communication, and instead arranges for Belcheck (Branko Tomovic) to take the President back to the Embassy.

After an update from Chloe, Jack learns that all but one drone have been destroyed and it is headed back inland!  Cognizant that Margot is aware Heller is alive, he orders Chloe to trace the signal from the override device, heller4hoping to get the terrorist’s location.  The best she can do is estimate that they are somewhere in East London, but after enlisting Adrian’s (Michael Wincott) assistance, they are able to pinpoint Margot’s location- she’s at the Tundel House.  Unfortunately, with all the electronic noise (cell phones, wireless devices, etc.), Chloe can’t determine an exact office within the building.  What is Jack’s next move? To cut the power to the building, of course!

He heads to the building via helicopter and en route makes a call to the Embassy, where the Prime Minister (Stephen Fry), Audrey (Kim Raver) and company believe Heller is dead. Jack immediately tells Audrey that her father is alive, and although Boudreau (Tate Donovan) is relieved, the look on his face says it all!  He knows Audrey will forever be grateful to Jack, but most importantly, will always trust him.  The CIA is also in on the call, and he debriefs everyone of the situation, then asks for Kate’s (Yvonne Strahovski) help on the ground to infiltrate and cut the power.  She assembles a team and heads out.

Margot and Ian realize the jig is up and she orders her security to be ready!  Ian sets the missile to automatically launch to give them time to escape; however that’s not what Mommy Dearest has in mind.  She pulls a gun on him as he tries to take off.  “Your step-father stood for a heller7cause.  He didn’t back down.  He didn’t run away.  He was prepared to die for what he believed in and so should we,” she reminds.  Though he wants to leave, out of loyalty and commitment he stays.  “Alright. We succeed or die together,” he agrees. They decide to stand their ground no matter the consequences.

Jack lands on the roof of the building, while Kate and her team fend off enemy fire in a shootout!  Luckily they are able to get close enough to throw a grenade at the electrical box behind the building, which explodes, effectively cutting the power for a few seconds!  Though the back up generator pops on, Chloe is able to ascertain the signal from the override device is coming from the fifth floor, middle office.

As Kate and her team fight their way in, Jack has another idea and rappels down the side of the building!  Upon reaching Margot’s office, Ian fires an array of shots, blowing out the window!  Not sure if he’s hit Jack, Ian slowly approaches. Within a split heller5second, and to Margot’s horror, Jack grabs his arm and pulls him out the window!  With the missile launched, Margot tries to keep it on target, heading straight for Waterloo Station! Jack shoots her in the shoulder, quickly subdues her and with only seconds before it hits, is able to control the missile into the water avoiding a catastrophic disaster!  In a final face to face, Margot warns all the deaths of the day will be on both Jack and Heller’s heads.  “The only death on my head is yours”, Jack angrily returns as he throws her out the window like a rag doll to her death!  The Al-Harazis are dead!

Unfortunately, there is little time to celebrate the victory.  Jack wants Chloe to analyze the override device, however, she feels her job is done. “I’heller2m not coming. Margot’s dead and it ‘s not my problem anymore.  It was nice seeing you today Jack, like old times.  I hope you get to see your family soon.”  Before he has time to protest, Chloe ends the conversation and gets into a car with Adrian! Little does she know she’s about to be in more danger than ever! Though Jack is clearly upset that Chloe has left the operation, he heads back to CIA Headquarters with the device in hand.

Meanwhile, Navarro’s (Benjamin Bratt) world is about to come crashing down as Kate learns that Jordan is dead and he didn’t die alone! Navarro is unnerved to learn his covert-operative is dead too and once he’s identified, it will be traced back to him!  In a panic, he calls our duplicitous hacker Adrian, who promises to help get him out but only if he steals the override device.  Why does he need it?  He’s tight-lipped and although it will be difficult for Navarro to confiscate it, he has no other option than to cooperate.

Jack returns with the override device, and to Navarro’s dismay, immediately turns it over to the analyst.  Kate clues in Jack on Jordan’s death, wondering if it has anything to do with the events of the day.  She doesn’t believe Jordan was involved, but Jack smells something is up, especially after Navarro neglects to tell him about the second body. Why would Jordan be in the field when he’s a tech Supervisor?  With no ID on the second body, Jack decides to call his buddy Marlow to run the fingerprints.  Navarro attempts to intercept, but the effort is futile and Jack isn’t buying it.  “You have your people run the fingerprints and I’ll have mine.”

In all the craziness, Jack receives a call from Audrey, who again thanks him for saving her father.  “I’m  not ready to let him go”, she admits. The moment is cut short when Marlow (Mark Dexter) calls with the results from the fingerprint analysis.  Marlow ID’s the Operative as James Harmen (Alex Lanipekun), a top level assassin whom they discover is connected to Navarro!

With time running out and the analyst in the tech room alone, Navarro heller6renders him unconscious and quickly takes the device, then heads out of the building! Jack goes after him, and although he’s only seconds behind, Navarro escapes with the override device!  Once outside the building, he contacts Adrian who sets up a meeting place.  Unbeknownst to our girl Chloe, she is about to find out who Adrian really is!

In my opinion, this was the best episode thus far and it really felt like I was watching a movie!  Shoot-outs, helicopters, explosions and finally seeing Margot flung out that window was epic!  We all cheered on Twitter as the face to face moment between Jack and Margot we’d been waiting for, paved the way for one of the best scenes of the season!  I honestly didn’t think he’d kill her, especially after he informs everyone Margot is in custody.  Question is, will that little last minute judgement call cost Jack his freedom…again?  Let’s hope not!  If it wasn’t for Jack, most of London would be in flames and the President likely dead! I’m anxious to see what the Prime Minister says to Jack after all of this.

OnHeller8e of the biggest questions from fans last week was why the clock wasn’t silent upon seeing Heller’s demise?  Now we know…it’s because he wasn’t dead!  It was a great twist that while some of us should have seen it coming, most fans didn’t!

Of course you must know by now that I’m a huge Jack and Audrey fan. The cutest moment of the episode was when she calls Jack and thanks him for saving her father.  You can feel the chemistry and sexual tension between them, even over the phone. The look on Boudreau’s face when he learns the President is alive thanks to Jack, was priceless. Pack your bags Boudreau, you’re done!  I’m really hoping that Jack and Audrey get a happy ending.  Both deserve it.

In chatting with fans on Twitter, one of the conversations I had was that Belcheck might not really be loyal to Jack.  Could this be the case?  He did deliver Heller back to the Embassy as promised, so I’m thinking it’s highly unlikely.  However, anything is possible on 24 so I’m not ruling it out.

The scariest development is that Chloe returned to Adrian! After another adventure with Jack, I was really hoping she’d stick with him and I felt she was finally becoming the old, snarky Chloe she once was. It was a heller9little disconcerting that she chose to continue her association with Adrian.  I cringed when she kissed the creep!  All I kept thinking was ewwww!  Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight? She’s definitely in for a rude awakening!  I think she’s about to get a dose of reality, but question is, what happens when Adrian is finally exposed?  Will his feelings for Chloe matter at all or will she become just another casualty?

So what’s next as we steamroll towards the finale?  Looks like next week we learn that the override device can actually take over any security defense mechanism- nuclear bombs, submarines, you name it, Adrian will have control!  It’s going to be a not only race to get the device, but to Chloe as well, as Jack clues her in on Adrian’s plans.  It’s all up to Jack to save our girl!  I know if it were me in her position, I’d definitely want Jack Bauer out there ready to save me! He’s the only one equipped to get the job done.

I have a feeling the next three hours are going to keep us on the edge of our seats and wringing our hands, so don’t miss a second of 24 Live Another Day on FOX!

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