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Sleepy Hollow's sophomore year has begun its' thrill ride, captivating Sleepy Heads worldwide!

TV Preview: “Sleepy Hollow”- Always Halloween In ‘World of Sleepy’

Sleepy Hollow‘s sophomore year has begun its’ thrill ride, captivating Sleepy Heads worldwide!  We’ve already seen Horseman’s of Death and War, Franklin-stein, a regretful Benedict Arnold, Demonic Pied Piper and this week, word is we’ll be introduced to the Weeping Lady.  With all these monsters from past and present lurking, Sleepy Halloween is sure to be quite a scare!  FOX has promised fans just that, with three weeks of heart-stopping, spine-chilling, edge-of-your-seat episodes not to be missed!

Last season women everywhere swooned as Ichabod (Tom Mison) burst out of the ground in this century, bringing with him old-world charms, his incredible eidetic mind and unwavering values.

SH-Weeping-Lady_128This week’s episode titled “Weeping Lady” has a plethora of Sleepy Moments sure to excite hardcore Sleepy Heads!

In season one’s finale “Bad Blood,” Ichabod stumbled upon a re-enactment of the Civil War. Though it is painstakingly inaccurate, he finally found the one place he could replenish his 18th century threads, and sidestep 21st century fashion, including “devil’s trousers.”  Little does he realize that the fair maiden (Caroline, Laura Spencer) keeping him in a never-ending supply, has a crush on him!  Of course who wouldn’t? Or should I say, who doesn’t?  In an awkward moment, she makes her move, to Abbie’s (Nikki Beharie) delight upon walking in on the couple. I believe her exact phrase is “That girl has Crane on the Brain!” To say our hero is embarrassed is an understatement!

Over the summer, we learned fans would get a glimpse of Ichabod’s pre-Katrina (Katia Winter) girlfriend (Katia Winter).  Get ready for some interesting flashbacks as we are introduced to Mary Wells (Heather Lind), whom some may recognize from Turn. Look for her to square off with Katrina as jealousy rears its ugly head! Not only that, but Ichabod and Katrina learn a few things about each other they didn’t know that disturb both! Not only will we see Ms. Wells causing strife for Ichabod in the past, but also present, as she reappears hell bent on revenge!  Meanwhile, newest Sleepy resident, bounty hunter Hawley (Matt Barr), does a bit of flirting with our girl Abbie, who seeks him out to help deal with the weeping lady.  How will his flirtation be received by the single “Lieftenent”? I’m anxious to see Ichabod’s reaction, though clearly married and unwaveringly in love with his wife, especially because she sought Hawley out!

As the debate goes on between Ichabbie and Ichatrina fans, one thing has me a little worried.  The writers have really put Ichabbie’s trust and faith in each other so front and center that I’m concerned in the end one will betray the other.  As Abbie fears putting faith in Katrina’s ability to choose Ichabbie over her own son, could Ichabod be the one to waver?  The singular exchange between Ichabod and Henry thus far clearly showed his love for Henry (John Noble), no matter what has happened.  And remember how he spoke of wanting a son to show him things that his father had.  Last week we all saw Henry grinding up that cursed musical bone, designed to control people.  Could this be the one thing that tears Ichabbie apart?  I don’t think it would be a choice consciously made, but it would be devastating to see the season end on that note. What do you guys think?

While you ponder that question, let’s take a look at what’s coming up…SH-Gazes-Banner2_128

Three weeks of Sleepy Halloween continues October 27 with “And The Abyss Gazes Back.” Zach Appleman guest stars as Sheriff Corbin’s son, who returns from the war, and may actually have a little secret he’s been harboring affecting Sleepy Hollow!  And look who’s trying Yoga! So is this a new experience for Ichie or will we find he already practiced the ancient art of exercise years ago, taught by a zen master? What does Henry (John Noble) have up his sleeve for Irving (Orlando Jones) now?  Will he abide by Henry’s command to ensure the safety and well-being of his family? My guess is he will! But what will it mean and what lies ahead for our doomed Captain? Can his soul be saved?

The final installment of Sleepy Halloween, “Deliverance,” will air November 3.  Looks like Katrina is in dire straits and Ichabbie are in a race against time to get to her.  Plus, it’s voting day!  That’s right, Ichabod will get a taste of what he’d fought so hard for and try 21st century voting!  I can only imagine the diatribe that will spew from our Revolutionary War hero.  So which is he- Democrat, Republican or Independent?  My guess is if he’s done his research, he won’t be happy with any of the parties! LOL

For those lucky enough to be in the Los Angeles area, an adveanced screening of “Deliverance” will be shown at Comikaze Expo!


 Looks like we will finally meet Lori Mills in episode nine, played by Anjanue Ellis. Apparently writers had written a scene to be included in the season two premiere, however, it was so jam-packed, they decided to hold on to it for this episode. We know Abbie and Jenny’s (Lyndie Greenwood) mother supposedly had mental issues and killed herself, but recently learned she knew demons were after them. Sheriff Reyes (Sakina Jaffrey) put her in Tarry Town Psychiatric Hospital. But what exactly does the new, by-the-book Sheriff know and is she really against Ichabbie? My theory is that Sheriff Corbin (Clancy Brown) had confided in Reyes or somehow she realized what was going on and admitted Lori to the hospital to protect her. I guess we’ll have to wait to see episode nine!

Lori Mills

Sleepy Hollow has been a fun ride thus far, and I’m anxious to see how the season continues to unfold. My guess is our Sleepy writers have lots of twists, turns, and a jaw-dropping season finale planned, so buckle up and hold on tight!

Be sure to check out the Sleepy Hollow Addicts fan post-mortem video chat of “Weeping Lady,” and be sure to follow @SleepyAddicts on twitter for all the latest news, spoilers and interviews!

*Sleepy Hollow Addicts podcast welcomes special guest Sleepy Make-up artist Corey Castellano Tuesday, October 21 at 10pm (ET). Join me for a chat with this masterful genius! Have a question for Corey? Post them here and I’ll try to get an answer!

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