Tuesday , May 21 2024
Everyday Is Like Sunday is a dark, indie drama of sitcom length that will soon be released online.

TV Preview: Everyday Is Like Sunday

I recently had the opportunity to view a pilot called Everyday Is Like Sunday, an independently made TV episode that will be streamed online free on January 24th Filmed in Canada, I do not know of upcoming television airing at this time.

It definitely has an indie-vibe that I wouldn’t necessarily see on one of the USA’s major networks, but perhaps an IFC or HBO would be a better placement. The music definitely fit, dark like the tone. It is billed as a comedy, but I’m not sure that I see it as being overly funny. There were a few amusing jokes, but much of it was fairly serious. Though dramas don’t usually clock in at twenty-two minutes, as this show does. If anything, it’s a sitcom length drama.

Basically, the main character, Mark (Michael Sloane, who co-wrote the pilot with director Pavan Moondi) is depressed, and wants to make some sort of change to make his life better. The pilot covers one day in Mark’s life. He’s fed up, something many of us in our 20’s who are disappointed with what our lives have accomplished up to this point, and pessimistic about what the future may do to improve our outlook, can relate to. I find him an intriguing character.

The show also stars Coral Osborne as Flora and Casey Irvin as Jason. All three central actors seemed so authentic, it reminded me of a less vulgar version of Clerks. There is a main plot arc, but that’s not as important as defining who the characters are.

There is definitely some originality here, and a boldness to make a series I haven’t really seen anywhere before. I hope they are picked up soon, as it would be something worth watching.

Everyday Is Like Sunday will be available January 24th at Please check it out.

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