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The Stark children have to grow up fast as war has arrived, and maybe some otherworldly forces as well

TV Open Thread: Game of Thrones – “The Pointy End”

The Stark children really had to grow up fast in “The Pointy End,” the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Arya (Maisie Williams) was practicing dueling with her fencing master Syrio (Miltos Yeromelou) while a real sword slaughter was going on elsewhere in the castle. Sansa’s (Sophie Turner) nurse told her to run as she stood her ground against oncoming soldiers with blood-tinged swords. Syrio faced down Lannister soldiers who wanted to capture Arya with a wooden practice sword. He told her to run, but not before imparting one last bit of advice, “What do we say to the god of death?” Arya resonded like a good student, “Not today.” Its unclear what happened to both the nurse and Syrio, but both girls are spared, for now.

Ned Stark (Sean Bean) is imprisoned in a dank dungeon somewhere below the castle. After a talking-to by the political-plotting eunuch Varys he still doesn’t get it. Honor is not the word of the day in King’s Landing. While he is being proud and stubborn, the Hound comes for Sansa and Arya does her first kill and escapes.

Queen Cersei (Lena Headey) and her advisors grill the bewildered Sansa, debating whether the daughter of a traitor should still be allowed to marry Joffrey. She is ordered to write to her brother Robb at Winterfell, ordering him to King’s Landing. she is desperate to hold onto to her position as Joffrey’s intended, but she also wants to save her father, and Cersei is happy to dangle that possibility.

At the Wall dead bodies of soldiers are discovered, and one is missing a hand – the match of what Jon Snow’s (Kit Harington) direwolf found last week. But there is still no sign of Jon’s uncle, Benjen. Bad news travels fast – news of the King’s death has reached the Wall, as well as Ned’s being charged with treason. Jon wants to leave and help his father. No one gets to leave the Wall. As punsihment he is confined to quarters. As he stares at the four walls of his room his direwolf Ghost is spooked by something outside. He leads Jon to to the Commander’s rooms where they are attacked by a zombie – one of the “dead” bodies from that afternoon. Jon’s friend Samwell (John Bradley-West) has been reading about the White Walkers and is convinced they are waking up – and that they also woke up the zombie.

Catelyn Stark (Michelle Fairley) is still at her sister Lyra’s. What is wrong with this woman? Why is she still hanging out in Crazy Town? News of Ned’s arrest has reached there too, and Catelyn wants Lyra to hep her attack the Lannisters. Lyra calls her an idiot and refuses to help her go to war. She may be nutty, but I agree with her 100% on this one.

At Winterfell Robb Stark (Richard Madden) leaves young brother Bran (Isaac Hempstead-Wright) in charge and gathers 18,000 men together to ride and fight the Lannisters. Wilding woman Osha finds Bran in the woods and tells him that the Old Gods have no power in the South, “All these swords should go North, not South.” Catelyn joins Robb and his army in camp and watches as Robb takes charge. He is a lot like Ned in many ways, but hopefully won’t let what he think is right blind him.

Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) and his right-hand man Bron are happy-go-lucky making their way back to King’s Landing – until they are attacked by a group of Stone people. Tyrion’s golden tongue (and a golden ring) get them out of a tight spot. Tyrion and his newfound friends reach his father Tywin’s (Charles Dance) camp. There is obviously no love lost between father and son, but Tyrion wants his father to honor his promise of payment to the group for delivering him safely. He introduces them and his new bodyguard, “Here we have Bron, son of …” Tywin just stares as Bron jumps in, “You wouldn’t know him.” Sky humor surrounds Tyrion wherever he goes. Tyrion is probably the last to know all the Stark/Lannister/Baratheon news. Tywin tells Tyrion’s friends they can have all they want and more if they fight with him against Robb and his men. They agree, as long as Tyrion fights by their side. Poor Tyrion, a lover but not a fighter.

Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa) and his crew are also on the move. They raid a village and the Dothraki start with the raping and pillaging. A horrified Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) is told that the village women will all be enslaved. She orders the men to stop and things get very tense as one of Khal Drogo’s main lieutenants is sick of this blonde chck and doesn’t care who knows it.. Khal Drogo will rip the head off of anyone who calls his woman a whore (literally). One of the women who daenerys saved from slavery reveals herself to be a healer and helps treat Kal Drogo’s wound. He is quickly becoming an enlightened man

Back in King’s Landing Sansa pleads mercy for Ned before the court. Joffrey (Jack Gleeson) seems to actually care a little for Sansa, but tells her that Ned will get no mercy until he confesses and declares Joffrey the King. Can Sansa persuade her stubborn father to do what’s right – for their family’s survival and not for his sense of honor? He’s much more likely to avenge his friend Robert if he stays alive. Will any of this talk of honor matter if the White Walkers make an appearance? everyone is on the move, except Ned and things can only get more exciting next week as battle commences.

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