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For the first time, the hopefuls of this reality-based show will depend on the audience's interaction via the various social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

TV News: The CW’s Social Experiment- ‘Famous In Twelve’

Everyone knows how social media has exploded within the past couple years and now, The CW Network is launching their very first social FAMOUS_CASTexperiment. What exactly does this mean?  Executive Producers of Naked and Afraid David Garfinkle and Jay Renfroe, and TMZ‘s Harvey Levin  have searched the globe for a family with various aspirations and in a twelve-week sprint, will follow them as they do whatever it takes to become famous.  Not only have they moved the entire clan to Los Angeles, but each member will be given unique opportunities to shine as they strive for stardom.  What’s the catch?

For the first time, the hopefuls of this reality-based show will depend on the audience’s interaction via the various social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.  It is their shot at stardom.  Each week the public’s opinions will have an impact on just how popular individual family members become, based on calculation and analysis of their “Star Power Meter.”  Question is, how will the audience’s feedback affect their behavior?  Will the stress and pressure of being filmed 24/7 be a factor, or will they use it as a positive?

I spoke to the matriarch of this brave, twelve-member family, Angie Artegia about the intriguing journey they’re about to embark on.

So how exactly does a family make a such a life-altering decision to be on camera 24/7?  On a whim Arteaga’s husband Mike, an extreme reality fan and avid viewer of TMZ, happened to see the announcement made by Levin and decided to take a chance.  Of course, Arteaga figured it was a long shot, but to appease her husband, took the time to write the producers describing the family.  Both were surprised to receive an email that their family was chosen for this new social experiment.

Originally from the small town of Beaumont, California, the family was relocated to Los Angeles and is living under one roof.  Arteaga relayed what makes this show unique, is the fact that everything the audience sees will be live, almost up to the minute as it happens.  Having no idea how they’ll come across, is she concerned it will affect their behavior and decisions?  Arteaga makes it clear none of them are actors by any stretch of the imagination and feels the cameras won’t be a factor or make them deviate from who they are.  She adds the kids have a lot of friends and are well-liked, so this experience allows the opportunity to gain even more friends.  “The best thing they can do is just be themselves.”

Although one of her daughters is constantly on social media, broadcasting the family’s dirty laundry, Arteaga has only been an average user of Facebook and Twitter.  “What I’m finding is that it’s a serious job, a major task.” Since social media will be a major factor for each individual, Arteaga pulled her family into a pow-wow to be sure they understand what they are getting into .  “If you are not on social media doing what you need to do, I want you to feel guilty.  Because this is a very, very serious job.”

With three children ranging twelve and under, Arteaga wasn’t sure how they would react to the cameras following them around. “That was a concern as a mother; I wanted to make sure they would be taken care of. The networks have taken painstaking precautions to make sure the little ones in the family are so happy and having a good time.  They’re constantly entertained.”  Of course, who wouldn’t be excited to have a day at Universal Studios or museum?  Arteaga is happy to report they are adjusting well to the schedule.

So who exactly is this family?  Meet the Arteaga’s…

Interestingly Arteaga (43 ) is a writer of erotica and hopes to make it as a #1 New York Best Seller. Follow on Twitter: @FN12Angie; Instagram: fn12Angie

Husband Mark (33 ) is a DJ, who works in various nightclubs in Southern California who would love the chance to tour internationally. Follow on Twitter: @FN12Mike; Instagram: fn12Mike

Taliah (26) is a single mother to 7-year-old Jordan.  She hopes to become a professional dancer and eventually  open her own dance studio.  Follow on Twitter: @FN12Taliah; Instagram fn12Taliah

JameeFamous1lah (22 ) wants to become a top fashion model.  She’s described as the most flamboyant of the family and a diva. Follow on Twitter: @FN12Jameelah; Instagram: fn12Jameelah

Maariyah (19) speaks English and French, loves music and is striving to be an international pop singer.  She’s described as the quiet one in the family.  Follow onTwitter: @FN12Maariyah; Instagram: fn12Marriyah

Mike, Jr. (17) is the cook of the family and would like to become a pastry chef.   Following on Twitter: @FN12MikeJr; Instagram: fn12MikeJr

Aaminah (12) wants to follow in her big sister’s footsteps and become a model.  Is described as a fun loving beauty. Follow on Twitter: @FN12Aaminah; Instagram: fn12Aaminah

Dove (6 ) usually hangs out with her cousin Jordan or tags along with her older sisters.  She’s the darling of the family.

Jordon (7 , Talia’s son) has a larger than life personality and natural curiosity for a boy his age.

Not only are we introduced to Arteaga’s kids, but her parents are also involved in the project.

Grandpa Joe (63 ) works six days a week in law enforcement.

Grandma Lina (60) makes all of her granddaughter’s pageant clothes and hopes to become a fashion designer.

With three generations under the roof, cameras following them around 24/7, and doors to opportunities opened they might not have otherwise, this will be a groundbreaking reality show.  Premiering Tuesday, June 2 on The CW; be sure to follow each member on the various social media platforms because it’s your voice that will ultimately decide if they can become Famous In Twelve.

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