Wednesday , April 17 2024
I'm all for that Supernanny lady.

Tuesday Morning’s Monday Television Night Wrap-up

First up, let me just say that we’re not going to be talking about The Riches today. We’re just not. Come 10 pm last night I had to make an executive decision, and it was The Black Donnellys that won out. We’ll talk The Riches tomorrow, unless the Wii Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 proves simply too fantastically wonderful for me to spare even a moment of my all too precious time. While I hold out ridiculously high hopes for that, I’m still a television guy at heart, I’m definitely checking out The Riches tonight. 

But I digress (usually more than I should, but I have no intentions on cutting back)… As per my usual, last night I caught up with Battlestar Galactica. In case you’re catching up with this bad boy on DVD and not watching the actual show, I’m not going to give away any big things, but I love the developments over the last two weeks. I was getting so tired of the whining and complaining, and we seem to have suffered through the last of it. That, plus the trial of Gaius Baltar starting… it seems like we’re heading for another wonderful cliffhanger ending that is going to drive me insane for six months. I’m excited.

While I saw the first 15 minutes of 24 (I thought that a long time to go without a commercial break, but maybe I’m wrong), I didn’t see all of it, cause I just had to watch Supernanny. There were some people getting themselves worked up into a tizzy about the promo for the show, in which, allegedly, Supernanny comes down against breastfeeding and co-sleeping, and I was dying to find out the truth of this claim (for what it’s worth, the AMA does not recommend co-sleeping, but that’s a different argument). The reality? It turned out as it always turns out and I’ll say this again and again and again: people, don’t complain about a show that you haven’t seen being bad or delivering a wrong message. You’ll only get yourself all worked up over nothing and be embarrassed later.

As it turned out, the parents did not want the children sleeping in their bed, and Supernanny made it quite clear to the mother that if she wanted to continue breastfeeding, Supernanny would help with that, and if she wanted to wean her 14-month-old, Supernanny would help with that too. See, now all those people that got themselves foaming at the mouth and ready to write letters to ABC need to find some nonsensical reason to validate their jumping to a false conclusion. Probably they’ll argue that the conclusion wasn’t false, that the show still did this, that, or the other thing wrong. I like to call this “grasping at straws.” 

And then, there was The Black Donnellys. I like this show. I’ve told you I like this show, and happily, thus far, I can stick by my positive review. It’s always nice when the second and third episodes of a series don’t prove to be a huge, insufferable letdown from the pilot. It says good things about the future (hopefully). It’s not a huge ratings success, but the content and quality are solid, hopefully it’ll prove a success in the long run. I don’t want to imply that there are no problems with it, I’m nervous about the whole Jimmy plotline; the 'strung-out hothead continually screws up his family’s fortunes' stories are going to get old, really, really fast. Actually, it already has a little. Even so, I think there are good things in store for the future.

Remember, tomorrow we’re talking The Riches and 24. I can say that from the first 15 minutes that I saw of 24, it seemed like a good one, I like that Silver Spoons kid.

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