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Updates for Adobe Stock Contributor Portal, Windows 10 and more.

The Adobe Report: May 2017 – Adobe Stock, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, Audition, Prelude, Camera Raw, Adobe XD

Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe has recently released new items to make it easier for Adobe Stock contributors to submit and upload their photos, videos, and other assets to the site. Now you can upload from the iOS app Adobe Photoshop Mix, so you can edit your photos on location and directly load them to the Adobe Stock Contributor Portal.

Adobe Stock Contributor Portal has also been updated to help automate the submission workflow. There is now an auto-categorization tool that compares your images with items in the Adobe Stock database. Using an engine powered by Adobe Sensei, it analyzes the image in the context of all the Adobe assets and categorizes it with the top images that compare to yours.

Adobe Stock Contributor Portal
Adobe Stock Contributor Portal

There are improvements in the video side as well. Attaching a CSV file with tagging information to your video upload simplifies the submission process. More information on these new features can be found on the HelpX page.

Adobe XD has rolled out more Windows 10 features this month. Now you can find what you need much faster by highlighting only the layers associated with your artboard. This way your panel stays much cleaner. Another feature is that instead of creating a new prototype when you make an update, you can simply update your latest link. You can also share your assets as a single PDF or as individual PDFs. You can learn more about these features and more at the Adobe XD May Update page.

Finally, Adobe has just released a bevy of updates to several products:

Lightroom CC (2015.10.1)/6.10.1 includes a number of bug fixes and new camera support.

Premiere Pro 2017 (version 11.1.1) has a critical fix and is recommended for all users. It has to do with the automatic management of the media cache.

Audition CC 2017 (version 10.1.1) has an important fix that resolves a potential crash when using Noise Reduction.

Prelude CC 2017 (version 6.1.1) has the same critical fix as Premiere Pro and should be updated by all users.

Photoshop Camera Raw (CC) is the Photoshop version of the Camera Raw in Lightroom and so has added raw support for new camera models.

All of these new items continue to make their corresponding products better and better. Given the rate that Adobe has been coming up with these enhancements, you should subscribe to the Creative Cloud. The products just keep continuing to improve.

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