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Wan't to dance and sing with the fish? The waterproof UWater G5 can make that dream come true (dancing ability not included).

Tech Review: UWater G5 MP3 Player/FM Tuner

Picture yourself in the middle of a brisk morning ocean swim, somewhere picturesque under the soft dawn sun where you are at one with the water. Then you think, “This could get better only if ‘Champagne Supernova’ by Oasis were playing right now.” Till now, the prospect of certain electrocution made that pretty much impossible, but no longer.

UWater G5

The UWater G5 MP3 Player/FM Tuner is a tiny, completely waterproof device that can stand depths up to 10 feet. The earbuds are specially crafted to keep water out and sound in. The device holds 4GB worth of music and pumps it out in either MP3 or WMA formats. Plus, you can switch to the FM radio and find out what’s in the Top 40 while whitewater rafting.

During my testing I was amazed at how much such a little device can change your whole experience of being in the water. Swimming back and forth in my pool with my own traveling soundtrack made the workout a ton more enjoyable and the earbuds stayed in place remarkably well. If they do come dislodged, the UWater G5 comes with a few pairs of different earbuds, one of which is specifically made for lap swimming, so you can give those a try.

The whole device is deceptively light at only 21 grams (plus the earbuds). My one big recommendation is it works best when you are wearing either goggles or a wetsuit of some kind to attach it to. There is a painfully secure clip on the back, so it will not come off accidentally. The cord is rather short, so you will need to attach it close to your head, which is why goggles, a swim cap or the strap of a helmet for those more extreme sports will do nicely.

The UWater G5 be set for normal play, shuffle play and FM tuner mode, which allows you to create a workout playlist or something more specific, like a sailing soundtrack. One piece of musical advice: Do not go eight to nine feet underwater and listen to “Don’t Fear the Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult. Sets the completely wrong mood.

The UWater G5 is a simple, straightforward and powerful little device. It’ll change the way you look at getting in the water.

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