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SOL REPUBLIC Relays Sport are the best-fitting earbuds in the market at their price. You will not be disappointed.

Tech Review: Relays Sport In-Ear Headphones by SOL REPUBLIC

When someone uses the phrase, “It fits like a glove,” it automatically brings to mind something of the highest comfort, and that’s what I would say about the SOL REPUBLIC Relays Sport in-ear headphones.

SOL REPUBLIC Relays SPORT - BlackI go back and forth all the time between over-ear and in-ear headphones. Each has its pros and cons. For me one of the biggest factors is how they feel over long periods of time. Beyond doing tech reviews, I do a lot of music reviews and I like to use my headphones to sit through entire album plays over and over. Long-term listening comfort becomes crucial to that.

The Relay Sport headphones are impressively snug: for the first time I was able to lie down and even roll onto my side without the earbuds being pushed into my brain. The backsides of the earbuds are flat and help with the comfort along with the sleek look and low profile.

Since these are also marketed to athletes and performance users, they are made for those people who sweat like they’re appearing in a Gatorade ad. As they are, water and sweat-resistant, you can take them along on that 15-mile morning run (that I will never, ever join you on.)

In SOL REPUBLIC‘s desire to make sure their headphones fit every ear known to man, they developed a new technology called FreeFlex. How it works is a complete mystery to me, but I can attest it works incredibly well.

While the focus is on comfort, don’t think they ignored the sound quality when putting these together. The Relays Sport headphones deliver a solid sound response, definitely up to par with the price range (only $49.99). If you’re looking for a pair of earbuds to replace those default ones you get with any new Apple product, these are perfect for that.

SOL REPUBLIC Relays Sport are the best-fitting earbuds in the market at their price. You will not be disappointed.

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