Thursday , February 20 2020

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Ramones Doc On the Way

“Rights? What are rights? Um, I think we have them.” Despite or because of this level of naive idealism, a documentary about the Ramones may finally come out this summer: OVER the last 15 months, “End of the Century,” a documentary about punk rock’s founding fathers, the Ramones, has been …

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Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2004

The Joey Ramone Birthday Bash is back: An all-star line-up has been announced for “LIFE’S A GAS – THE ANNUAL JOEY RAMONE BIRTHDAY BASH” 2004 to take place Wednesday, May 19th at Irving Plaza in NYC (doors open at 7:00PM). The legendary lead singer of the “Hall Of Fame” Punk …

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Vans Warped 10th

Though they are mainly a bunch of commie pacifist peaceniks with dangerous hair, I love my buds at the great punk label Epitaph. This year Epitaph is providing much of the firepower for the 10th anniversary of Vans Warped Tour. I remember vividly going to the first Vans tour when …

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Thinking About Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain died 10 years ago – his myth is larger and his place in rock history more secure than ever before. Ultimately he was a sad little man who chose the easy way out, leaving his wife and daughter to fend for themselves in a cold, cruel world. But …

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Dead Milkmen Bassist Dave Blood Dies

The Dead Milkmen are best known for their song "Punk Rock Girl," a kitschy ode to punk culture. Their quirky, self-conscious lyrics chronicling the punk life with social commentary and catchy riffs made them cult favorite.

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Political Punks Square Off

For some reason I find this funny as hell: dueling websites from lefty and righty punks, fighting for the souls of the punky masses: Pierced and tattooed rockers are in for a mosh-pit civics lesson this year. Nearly 200 bands are lining up to lambaste President Bush and try to …

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