Thursday , January 28 2021

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Literary resurrection

I'm a Dorothy L Sayers fan, so when Sharon on Early Modern Notes mentioned a new Harriet Vane novel, I was on Amazon in a flash.

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Case Closed

Checking out the first volume of Gosho Aoyama's comic mystery manga series. . .

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The Iron Wagon

Norwegian cartoonist Jason adapts a period mystery story - in animal drag.

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The George W. Bush of Crime Fiction

S.T. Karnick thinks he knows why Erle Stanley Gardner (of Perry Mason fame) is still popular and important: This code of ethics is part of something bigger: Gardner’s view of religious faith. Characters pray, and their prayers are answered. In the Ed Jenkins novelette “In Full of Account,” the narrator-protagonist, …

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The Cold Six Thousand in Paperback

I took my son to his bass guitar lesson a couple of months ago. I was sitting there looking at the NY Times Sunday Book Review section, and I turned to page 12 for part 2 of the review of the new Primo Levi biography. My eye drifted over to …

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