Thursday , May 28 2020

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American Cultural Hegemony? Bilge Water

Charles Paul Freund concludes in Reason that reports of American cultural imperialism are greatly exaggerated: mounting evidence suggests that all this fulmination has been entirely pointless, and that cultural pessimists have been as clueless about the processes shaping the world as were their social, economic, and political forebears. In January, …

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This short web film, S-11 Redux, an entrant in the Sundance Online Film Festival, is worth looking at on several levels. From a copyright theory standpoint, it shows the importance of making products of mass culture available for all to “sample” toward the creation of new art. On a content …

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I caution against overweening pride and arrogance from the US, especially the military, but that is nothing compared to the arrogance of the doomed: Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz left Italy on Sunday, capping a visit and a papal audience with an appeal to the United States to listen …

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