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Interview: Rajia Sharhan of UNICEF Yemen

Dr. Sharhan gives us some insight into the challenges facing Yemeni families. Read More »

Executive Compensation In Non-Profit Organizations

The Top 25 non-profit compensation packages reveal a different definition of "charitable." Read More »

Could Yemen be the Next Somalia?

Now is the time for this intervention in Yemen, rather than waiting till we have an epic-scale humanitarian disaster. Read More »

Understanding Your Health Insurance: Deductibles

Managing your health insurance deductible in confusing times Read More »

Who Knew That Standing Firm on “Scientific Evidence” Could Be So Controversial?

Recent reports cast doubt on the validity of "scientific evidence" in health care. Read More »

Who Will Win When It Comes To Rising Health Care Costs?

A new regulation that establishes a review procedure when insurance companies seek premium increases has been established that may help to keep helath care costs down. Read More »

Why do Health Care Costs Continue to Rise?

Health care costs continue to rise, placing an increasing financial burden on the average American. Read More »

Medicine Without Compromise

Watching the movie Gigi reminded me that we need not compromise when it comes to caring for our health. Read More »

What American Businesses Need: A Heaping Helping of Legislative Fairy Dust

Businesses make a lot more money when their customers aren't bankrupt or credit-unworthy. Read More »

Ignorance Is Ruining America

Adherence to the Constitution is Necessary to Restore America Read More »