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A hilarious crowd pleaser.

Sundance 2013 Movie Review: In a World…

In a World… where the best films of the 2013 Sundance Film Festival… find distribution… audiences across the nation… will be able to bear witness to… In a World… All kidding aside, here lies one of the best films of this year’s festival. If this doesn’t find distribution then there’s no justice this year. Lake Bell has never been one of my favorite actresses, but here she writes and directs, giving herself the chance the shine like she never has before. Bringing her friends (Demetri Martin, Michaela Watkins, Ken Marino, Rob Corddry, Nick Offerman, and Fred Melamed) along for the ride certainly didn’t hurt either as they all contribute to the funniest and most heartwarming film deserving a studio to call home.

In a World… begins with the legend of Don LaFontaine who passed in 2008. Having voiced over 5,000 film trailers, can Hollywood find the next great voice actor? If underachieving vocal coach Carol (Bell) has anything to do it, it just may be her. Her father Sam (Melamed) has just kicked her out of his place, forcing her to move in with her concierge sister Dani (Watkins). Before long, Carol snags a huge recording job from Gustav Warner (Marino). Gustav and Sam also don’t realize that the hottie Gustav is currently bedding Carol. Meanwhile, Carol finds the support she needs from Dani and her husband Moe (Corddry).

When Carol isn’t busy having one night stands with Gustav, she finds herself actually falling in love with Louis (Martin) who’s spending his free time fighting off the new office assistant Nancy (Stephanie Allynne). There’s also a side plot involving Carol and Dani dealing with Sam’s new trophy wife, Jamie (Alexandra Holden).

Bell has written and directed one of the funniest and charming films you’re likely to see this year. If you don’t walk out with a smile on your face you should seriously consider having your pulse checked. Bell never lets the film fall into sitcom farce, never becomes too in-the-know, and the developing relationship between Carol and Louis makes for one of the most believable rom-coms in years.

Everyone is given the chance to shine and Bell uses her connections to make for some of the funniest cameos imaginable; particularly Geena Davis, Eva Longoria, and an uncredited Cameron Diaz. Can Carol pursue her dreams and make time for her personal life? Will Dani give in to the Irish dialectic charms of a flirty hotel guest? Will Moe sneak a peek at their hot British neighbor Pippa (Talulah Riley) when she needs to use their shower? All this and more to come when In a World… finds its way to theater near you.

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