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Sub Pop Photography Contest

We already know SubPop is the coolest, but how about this bribe, I mean photo contest, as a reminder?

    Do you like to take photos? Do you love Sub Pop bands? Well then, this contest is for you! We’re giving away a FujiFilm Finepix E510 digital camera and a copy of Microsoft’s brand new Digital Image Suite 10 to whoever sends us the best picture of a Sub Pop band. Submitters of four next best photos will each recieve a copy of Digital Image Suite 10.

    Why, you ask? ‘Cause we’re awesome, and so are you. How, you ask, can you win, exactly? Well, I’ll tell ya the rules:

    We won’t help: We won’t get you into shows or get you access to bands. You’re on your own on this one, so don’t ask. Cruel, I know.

    Images must be submitted in JPEG format, a half meg or less in size.
    No more than three pictures per entrant. You should be sending us your best anyway if you want to win, right?

    No more than one prize per entrant. Even if you have three awesome pictures, you can only win once. What, do you think the Digital Camera & Software Cow gives birth more than once a year or something?

    You MUST have the rights to any and all submitted photos. If we find out that you’ve submitted copyrighted photos (and we will if you have), you will be disqualified and a curse will be cast upon your house.

    Entries must be sent to [email protected] and received by December 5th.

    Photo content can be live shots, candid photos or pretty much anything. But please, please don’t get overzealous with our bands! Touring is hard and tiring work, and if they don’t want to pose with you on the back of a zebra we ask that you respect their wishes.

    Winning photos will be posted on the Sub Pop website, and we reserve the right to post any and all submissions (with appropriate credits, of course) to the site.

    Sound fun? Check out the fancy stuff that we’re giving away:

    Fujifilm FinePix E510: According to the product site, “The E510 is only 1.3″ thick, and with a metal front panel, it’s a full features, compact and sleek camera that allows you to capture beautiful images with remarkable versatility.” Mmmmm. Sleek. We wish we could keep this digital camera, but we’re giving it you.

    Microsoft Digital Image Suite 10 Super fancy, brand new image editing software from Microsoft. It features:

    One-click powerful editing tools
    Professional-quality filters — blur, blend and tweak to your heart’s content
    CD Templates — you take the time to burn ’em, why not make them yours?
    Powerful panoramic stiching — link together multiple photos into a single panoramic image!

    Need to find out when your favorite Sub Pop band is on tour so as to catch them with your camera? Check out the Sub Pop Tours Page for the lowdown.

    Now start photographin’, bub, and send your entries to [email protected]. Good luck!

Get on it, shutterbugs.

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