Saturday , February 24 2024
TiVo and cable on demand are finaly getting together!

Still Nothing on, but More is Coming

Sometimes I feel like the world has my back (not always, but sometimes).  Earlier this week I wrote up a little ditty all about programming and how it didn’t seem to matter how many channels I had there was, quite regularly, nothing on.  I mentioned that there was some free on demand programming but that my TiVo, with its CableCARDs, didn’t have access to said programming.

Well, they still don’t, but the good news being reported today is that Cox Communications and TiVo have made an agreement to allow on demand access to folks with the TiVo Premiere box.  Now if I only had a TiVo Premiere (I have plans to get one) and Cox (I don’t know where I’d have to live to get that) one of my fondest wishes would be fulfilled.

What really excites me about this is the possibility that other companies will follow suit – there seems to be little (if any) technical limitations to the problem, just corporate ones.  I’m not sure if those are harder to fix, but I have my fingers crossed.

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