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Stack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Stacking Kit from Hey Buddy Hey Pal

The Stack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Stacking Kit from Hey Buddy Hey Pal gives fall decorators a new way to safely raise their displays to a new level. Jack-o-lanterns have been a Halloween tradition for centuries, and the scary fun continues to this day with new techniques like painting pumpkins or using sprays to make them last longer. Stacking is a more recent fashion, giving height to decorating where a single pumpkin could not reach. These DIY projects are sometimes frustrating as round pumpkins can be difficult to stack without slipping, and cutting holes for top pumpkins to sit in can weaken the structure. Stack-O-Lantern solves these problems with two reusable plastic stacker plates.

Stackers, Tools, and Lights

The main components of the Stack-O-Lantern kits are of course the two stackers. They are elegant in their design: round discs with pokey plugs to stick into the lower and upper pumpkins and a “basket” for further support as well as to hold a light. The plugs prevent pumpkins from slipping, and the wide foundation of the stackers allows for maximum stacking.

In addition to the stackers, the Stack-O-Lantern kit comes with carving tools for jack-o-lantern making. While the stackers can be used just as easily with painted pumpkins or unaltered pumpkins for an all-fall-season display, many people will want to carve designs or faces into their decorations. The kit includes a scoop and mini-saw in peak Halloween fashion with jack-o-lantern handles and a broad pumpkin face on the scoop’s blade. The saw’s blade is reasonably kid-friendly, although adult supervision is always a good idea. Tools from kits are sometimes flimsy, but the Stack-O-Lantern’s scoop and saw both prove to be robust with a second level of reinforcement to keep them from breaking under pressure.

Along with the tools and stackers, the Stack-O-Lantern kit includes three electric tealight candles. While most jack-o-lanterns have the light at the bottom of the pumpkin, the Stack-O-Lantern stackers and a bonus light holder have the lights hang down from the top. This gives a whole new dimension to jack-o-lantern displays as the light can cast downward shadows instead of always being blindingly upward. Top-notch decorators can experiment with the angles of their cuts to maximize the spookiness or brightness of their jack-o-lanterns from the upper light position.

Tricks and Tips

Hey Buddy Hey Pal’s Stack-O-Lantern webpage offers more tips on pumpkin stacking and jack-o-lantern carving. The trick to a great stack is to have a large, symmetrical pumpkin on the bottom as a solid foundation. From there, decorators can play with different sizes for the middle and top pumpkins. Thanks to the width and sturdiness of the stacker plates, the pumpkins are not limited to the same old “snowman” shape with a tiny top pumpkin. The sky is the limit when it comes to imagination with big, smiling jack-o-lanterns atop one another.

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