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Versatility, compact size, and long battery life make the Sony Reader a must have.

Sony Reader Adventure: Sealed With a Wish by Lora Leigh

Sealed With a Wish is a holiday-tinged, romantica novella published by Ellora's Cave, a well-know e-publisher of romance fiction that pushes the envelope of sensuality. I was excited to see books from Ellora's Cave on the Reader Store site. The Sony Reader is adaptable and the book would be able to be loaded onto the reader no matter which outlet I bought it from, but buying from Sony's store and syncing to the reader is super-simple and that's important to me.

At its heart, Sealed with a Wish is a story of two people helping each other through feelings of inadequacy as well as fated love and the realization of dreams. Though they meet by chance, Cara saves the First Earth prince Kheelan is guarding from being hit by a car) the two experience an instant attraction that is hard to deny (even though Cara doesn't remember him from the accident). Her low self-esteem keeps her from trusting Kheelan's advances as genuine, but when she submits, convincing herself it will only be one night of pleasure, she is surprised to find both of their feelings run much deeper.

The story is rated E (erotic) and is the mid-grade on the sensuality scale of stories offered by Ellora's Cave. The majority of the story focuses on the one night of passion, but is just as much about the emotional journey both characters travel as it is the physical connection. Readers of spicy romance who like an abbreviated story that has depth and a fulfilling conclusion will enjoy Sealed With a Wish.

In the original downloaded format the font of this book was a bit small, but that was easily addressed. All it takes is the push of one button and the font can be enlarged. (There are three available sizes, but I only had to step it up one for the text to be easily read, even in the lower light of my bedroom.)

As I near the end of my documented adventure with the Sony Reader its versatility has been the key high point for me. The ability to shop for books no matter the time of day and from the comfort of my recliner (with a laptop) is so valuable for someone whose day-to-day life is chaotic. It's also a major plus to be able to load books onto the reader from a variety of sites, but again as with this novella, I was able to do it with the touch of one button from the Sony Reader store. As someone who values reading as important part of my evening wind-down, having a wide selection of books easily accessible for a very reasonable price makes the reader and its store valuable commodities.

Being able to tuck a virtual library into my purse allows me to use time in waiting rooms and breaks doing something I love. Versatility combined with the long battery life – With two weeks of heavy use, only half the battery life was exhausted – and compact size have made the Sony Pocket Reader a must have item for those who enjoy reading and have a busy lifestyle.

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