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The Iveys Colors of Honey
The Iveys. Photo credit: Ferni Ceniceros

Song Premiere: The Iveys – ‘Colors of Honey’

When I first heard The Iveys a decade ago, I called their first recording “a promising debut from a group that could, as likely as anyone, emerge as a Fleetwood Mac for the new century – without the messy divorces.” Since then this quintessential family band has grown from three to five members – four siblings and one husband.

Today Blogcritics is proud to debut the new single, “Colors of Honey,” from The Iveys’ upcoming album of the same name, which comes out in early June.

Hailing from El Paso Texas, the Ivey siblings are fourth-generation pecan farmers. Is it something about the Rio Grande Valley that fosters rich, sunny vocal harmonies? Or just pure talent? The youngest two Iveys, Galen and Jenna, are wrapping up respective film and theater degrees. And don’t get in their faces – elder siblings Jessica and Arlen are blackbelts in Taekwondo.

The Iveys are Americana road warriors, too, with over 500 U.S. shows under those black belts. They’re also in-demand studio talents, with background vocal credits for artists including blues acts Johnny Rawls and Barbara Carr and multi-platinum Mexican rockers Moderatto and Kalimba.

“Colors of Honey,” co-written by Jenna and Arlen, is, as Jenna explains, “a serenade about sharing stories of our youth with words of regret and words of hope.” It came almost unbidden, she says, “one of those songs that flowed gracefully out of my mind, eager to become its own entity and using me as the conduit…To me, this song captures pieces of the erratic relationship between the past and the future that keeps us all caught in the middle and is the heartbeat of our beautifully flawed timeline. I hope that it reminds listeners that we’re all just doing our best to carry on, and I hope it lets them get lost for a while in the beautiful things that make it all worth it.”

Let the “Colors of Honey” flow over you too:

Then check out their videos, follow The Iveys on Facebook and Twitter, and catch up with them on tour around Texas and the Southwest.

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