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Jesse Terry
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Song Premiere: Jesse Terry Leaves His Ghosts Behind with ‘Innocent Ones’

Jesse Terry‘s seventh album, When We Wander, arrives May 14, 2021. It’s the veteran singer-songwriter’s first release since he became a parent, and the theme of family runs through the album – and nowhere more so than in the single we premiere today, “Innocent Ones.”

“I wrote and recorded ‘Innocent Ones’ before the pandemic hit, but the message of the song resonated with me even more during lockdown,” Jesse tells us. It’s about “leaving your ghosts behind, so you don’t hurt the people you love the most. It’s about trusting the wonderful people in your life and not expecting them to pull the rug out from underneath you. Normally there are so many things in life to distract you and keep you busy, but 2020 took away those hiding places for me. So despite the challenges and heartaches, it probably was the most pivotal and important year of my life. I’m so grateful for that.”

In fact, it’s been an incredibly productive period in Jesse’s creative life: he also has a covers album and a holiday album in the works. And for a musical artist, songs and albums are a little like children – you create them, release them into the world, and hope they live a happy life and bring some joy to others.

But “Innocent Ones” gets to the heart of the real meaning of family. “The song is also about raising a child and having a family,” he says. “Once you have a child, there are no more excuses, because all of your actions directly shape this innocent and beautiful little human life. I felt that responsibility instantly, and feel very lucky to have it. I think I was built to be a parent. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful wife who has allowed me to grow as a person over the last ten years and has truly made me a better person. And like the song says, she’s ‘never once let me down.'”

And Jesse won’t be letting his fans down with this catchy and heartfelt track. Listen now, and pre-order the album at his website.

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