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Test your knowledge of the hit television series House, MD -- part II.

(Son of) House Trivia Quiz

Back in March, I posted a House Trivia Quiz to amuse and entertain House fans during the final days of the writers’ strike hiatus. And now as we head into the final month before the season five premiere (September 16, if you weren’t already aware), I offer you a brand new trivia quiz. I hope you all enjoy it, as I set sail for the wilds of Alaska on a very much needed vacation. See you when I return with the answers. Enjoy.

Product Placement

Ah, the ubiquitous product placement: a name on an MRI; a label on a CAT scan machine. Real products in the hands of fictional characters lend them a tinge of realism and a bit of promotion for the product. Name the product and its brand.

1. Favorite bottled water brand in the diagnostics department.

2. House’s energy drink — comes in an orange and blue bottle.

3. House seems to go nowhere without his; Wilson has one too.

4. House listens to his vintage vinyl on this.

5. House is a one-brand man when it comes to guitars.

6. The one with the ginormous scrape.

7. Amber was never far from her mobile phone (before she died, anyway).

8. The laptop of choice these days ‘round PPTH.

9. House’s expensive headphones.

10. A gift from the Arnello brothers.

Now, Where Have I Seen That Face Before? House Guest Stars Elsewhere Seen

It’s always fun to go to the movies and be surprised to recognize a series guest star in the cast. Sometimes I spend half the movie trying to figure out where on earth I’ve seen that face (or heard that voice) before. So, who are these folks and what have they to do with House?

1. Gotham city’s mayor

2. Gotham corrupt cop

3. Been to Guantanamo Bay

4. Mighty Aphrodite

5. May have met up with Wilson’s alter-ego in a 1989 film

6. Paranoid paramilitary guy out to hurt Scarecrow and Mrs. King

7. She watched her husband try to go to the moon

8. The Greatest American Hero, himself

9. Eleanor Roosevelt

10. Playing to type as Toy Story’s animated Sarge

Music and House

The House soundtrack can almost be named as a separate character. It sets the mood and tone of those lovely and dialogue-free montages and gives us insight into what the characters are thinking. Name the episode and situation for these evocative House tracks.

1. “Not As We” – Alanis Morissette

2. “Human” – Civil Twilight

3. “Passing Afternoon” – Iron and Wine

4. “Saturday Afternoons in 1963” – Rickie Lee Jones

5. “Some Devil” – Dave Matthews

6. “Hallelujah” – Jeff Buckley

7. “Nessun Dorma” – Puccini

8. “Good Man” – Josh Ritter

9. “Grey Room” – Damien Rice

10. “Walter Reed” – Michael Penn


House Wisdom

“House-isms” dot virtually episode: quips, remarks, snappy comebacks, and pithy true-isms emerging from the sharp tongue of our favorite brooding doc. But he’s not the only one who has something to say. Although most of these come from the mouth of Dr. House, himself, they’re not all his. Who said it and when?

1. “It’s not what you say; it’s what you do.”

2. “Truth begins in lies.”

3. "Everybody does stupid things, it shouldn't cost them everything they want in life."

4. “It's been established that time is not a rigid construct."

5. "It's one of the great tragedies of life — something always changes."

6. "Everything we do is dictated by motive."

7. "Welcome to the end of the thought process." (And here, I bet you thought that name of my column was original!)

8. "…there's no I in 'team'. There is a me, though, if you jumble it up."

9. “You’d rather show me your soul than your leg.”

10. “That’s why God made microwaves”

House Artifacts and Little Known Facts

Bits and pieces of House knowledge, just to show you’re paying attention:

1. Name two institutions of higher learning attended by House.

2. Name one school attended by Wilson.

3. Name one school attended by Foreman.

4. Name one institution attended by Cameron.

5. Name one institution of higher learning attended by Chase.

6. Where did Cuddy find her date in “Insensitive”?

7. How long has House lived in his present apartment, according to Wilson.

8. Name two countries besides the US where House has resided.

9. How many rooms has House’s house?

10. Where does House keep his old chemistry set?


Patience with Patients: Who Were They and in What Episode

Ah, the patients: the ones that House avoids like the plague (unless it is the plague). Name the episode and the patient:

1. “I finally have a patient with lupus!”

2. A never-before-seen heart defect discovered by House.

3. Her kidney was held up by defective wiring.

4. Diagnosis: “some bad decisions.”

5. Copper

6. The Midas touch

7. Mothballs

8. Rabies

9. Ragged Red Fiber

10. The Plague


In the Clinic

I really mourned the absence of clinic patients in season four. (But I understand they will return in full force next season.) They provide comic relief in the heavier episodes and inspiration for House. (How many times has House had his “epiphany moment” in the clinic?) Name the patient and the episode when these poor souls visited PPTH’s free clinic.

1. Odd presentation of a sympathetic pregnancy

2. Droopy wood

3. Bovine crush

4. Jelly

5. Homemade circumcision (just like Abraham did it!)

6. Swallowed a magnet

7. Orange

8. Incredible shrinking baby

9. Finding Nemo

10. Fond of Fresno

Canon, Not Fanon

We fans love to speculate: How long has House been at PPTH? How many years after House’s infarction did Stacy stay with him? How long have Wilson and House known each other? When did House and Cuddy actually meet? These are the question for “fanon” to answer, because we simply do not know for sure. Canon is established fact. There is no room for discussion or dispute. So tell me.

1. How long ago did Wilson’s brother disappear?

2. How did Cameron’s husband die?

3. How old was Chase when his father abandoned him and his mother?

4. From how many hospitals was House fired before getting hired by Cuddy?

5. Why is an Indian guy named Kutner?

6. What is Stacy’s most treasured object?

7. Who is Chick Webb?

8. How did House and Stacy meet?

9. How many transfusions has House had in the last 10 years?

10. When is House’s weekly poker game?

House Playthings

You may not be able to tell a book by its cover, but you can tell a lot about House from his artifacts. Here are a few of his favorites. Can you name them?

1. Is his a Duncan?

2. Name four objects with which House has juggled.

3. Name three objects with which House has used magical sleight of hand.

4. House’s unofficial spherical consultant.

5. The ancient Egyptians used it to polish ruby glass.

6. Maimed by an cruelly mischievous Wilson.

7. Keeps it in his bottom desk drawer when he feels “The Blues” coming on.

8. Can’t do a diagnosis without it.

9. Never seems to play it, but it sits at his bedside.

10. Useful for grinding up anti-depressants and smashing fingers, House has several.

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